Annie Cries Fake Mews!

Annie Fake Mews
I am still hungry

Dad gives us breakfast super early in the morning. It was like around 3 o’clock am. I was reluctant to leave my cozy warm sleeping spot because…well… it is hard to force yourself out of bed sometimes. Do you know what I mean?

I had to weigh hunger over comfort. Was I hungry enough to feel uncomfortable? No, I wasn’t. Was I hungry enough to jump out from under the blanket and run through the cold house to get a snack? No, I don’t think I was.

But, when I heard my dad calling…”Annie…..Annie.. breakfast”, I knew if I didn’t leap and run that Mercy and Eddie would surely chomp all of my breakfast.

So, I reluctantly left the warmth and comfort of bed and ran out to eat a few bites. I eat slower than the boys. By the time I start they are finished and start circling my plate like sharks.

I ate what I wanted and then zoomed back to bed.

Annie thinking how to get a second breakfast
but now…. I am hungry. I must convince my dad to open another can.

But now….. I am hungry and there is no food on my plate except tiny crumbs left by Eddie. I need to convince my dad to open another can. But, maybe I will try my mom. She might not know we already had breakfast.

Annie thinking about telling a fib
Mom, I am so so hungry. Please can I have some breakfast?

I opened my eyes wide and asked my mom if I could please have some breakfast. She said, “oh, Annie, you look so hungry. Did the boys eat all of your food?” I looked at my plate with my sad eyes and then looked back at my mom. I saw her reaching for the cat food cupboard when I heard my dad say…”They already had breakfast.” My mom asked, “Annie too?” And my dad said….YES. Why did he have to say that?

Annie calling fake mews
Fake Mews!!

Surely you can understand why at that moment I was left with no choice but to cry “Fake Mews!” My mom stopped reaching for the food cabinet and looked at our plates and said, “Annie, I think you already had breakfast.” Ok, might have been able to see the crumbs remaining from a recent meal. But, I was hungry.

Eddie was already circling the plates. I was left with no choice but to look as cute and sad as possible.

Annie, did it work?
Did it work?

So , I gave my mom a wide-eyed stare and I stomped my paw like Gracey used to do when she wanted something. And guess what?

My mom gave in. We got a Sunday brunch. My belly is full and now the warm and cozy blanket is going to feel even better.

Wishing you a day of warmth and snacks too!

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