Meow for Mango

With burns over 70 percent of her body, Mango would not have survived without the help of people who cared. This is her story and why our small paws decided to unite and Meow for Mango!

Sometimes the violence of this world can shock you. But then, just as often, people stand up and make you realize that we can make a difference.

That’s what’s happening in Merced, Calif., where a veterinarian and an animal-rescue group have stepped up to help Mango, a cat horribly burned after somebody poured lighter fluid all over her body.

Mango, who had slipped outside from owner Karen Kiil’s home, suffered terrible burns over 70 percent of her body. Some local boys playing on the street put the fire out before it could get even worse, but it will still take thousands of dollars in surgeries to bring Mango back to health.

That’s where vet Dr. Christine McFadden and New Beginnings for Animals Merced came to the rescue. McFadden saved Mango’s life in surgery, and New Beginnings is helping to pay for her treatment, something Kiil cannot afford on her own.

Mango’s injuries are pretty serious. “Mango’s lost a lot of skin, and the dead areas look like leather,” McFadden told the Merced Sun-Star. “We can’t sew things closed yet because it could cause more damage than is already there.” The tips of Mango’s ears will probably need to be amputated because they were so badly burned. But she’ll survive, something she wouldn’t have done with McFadden, her staff and the rescue organization.

New Beginnings will continue to pay for Mango’s treatment including more surgeries, antibiotics, and physical therapy. Anyone wanting to make donations to help for her care can visit the New Beginnings for Animals Merced website.

To see article by John R Platt, click here.

We received a nice note thanking us for our donation from New Beginnings for Animals, but we too continue to be thankful that there are caring and kind people taking care of our cousins in need.