Anniversary Contest Winners! Hurrah!!!

Lisa, The Pet Book Lady

Pet Keepsake Bracelet

Good news –  The  beautiful bracelet is the August special!  You can purchase a bracelet publishing credit from  Lisa in August for only $29.95! That’s 10 bucks off!

Go to and sign up for a FREE account. From there, you can send Lisa an e-mail to purchase a bracelet credit. Or you can e-mail Lisa directly at

So even if you didn’t win a bracelet in our contest, you can still get your own bracelet on sale from Lisa!  Hurrah!

Friends, We have our Winners in the Celebrate Your Pet in a Keepsake Bracelet!

~Purr it up for Lisa’s pick for the most touching story~

July 21, 2010 at 10:57 pm

I would love a bracelet to show off my furry children. It has been a very bad month for me, as one canine baby (who was 18 years) died, and days after, my beloved sweet kitty disappeared. I have been trying to think of a creative way to display everyone’s pictures, and this just might be it. So, I have two furangels in one month, leaving the rest of us to miss them terribly, but to also celebrate the love and joy they brought to my family for so many years.The other furries, the Fab 5, would like to see their pictures on a bracelet as well!

And our Lucky winner chosen by a Random Number drawing is

Jone Gagnon!

~Purr it up for Jone!

Congratulations to our Winners!

We also have our Winner in The Tiniest Tiger’s De Gracey Code Eyenimal Video.  I chose by random number selection from all the Friends that Cracked the Code and posted here on at the Conservation Cub Club.  The winner of a Paw-tographed copy of  The Tiniest Tiger is

Joann D’Alessandro:

When I have my slanket and can chomp chow, I feel like singing Hakuna Matata.

Hey Gracie, have you considered becoming a professional cameracat?


Joann D’Alessandro!

~Purr Purr Purr~

Can You Crack The Tiniest Tiger’s DaGracey Code

Friends!  The mood music is working now!  Hurrah!!!!  Updated by me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.  Don’t forget to crack the DaGracey code for a chance to win a prize!

Friends, I had picked out some really great spy music, but I could not get it to work. ~sigh~

I wanted to get keep our 1st Anniversary Celebration rolling. So maybe you can hum the Mission Impossible theme tune while watching.

I have placed three secret codes in The Tiniest Tiger’s DaGracey Code that I filmed with my Eyenimal camera. You will have to watch closely to find the codes. Once you find the codes, you will be able to complete this sentence:

When I  have my__________ and I can  ____________, I feel like singing ______________.

When you think you have cracked the code, post your answer below in the comments. We will choose a winner from the correct answers with Random Number.

Oh and the prize is a mystery too.  But I think you will like it!  Good Luck Everyone.



TTT Friends in US Get Free Shipping from Prince!

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

The Eyenimal Videocam

Friends, exciting news!

The French Prince is offering free shipping to the US when you purchase the Eyenimal Videocam!  That is a savings of nearly $33.00 US. (Depending on the exchange rate of course)   When you order your Eyenimal Videocam, you will type in Gracey’s Friend.  That is your code to let Prince know that you are The Tiniest Tiger’s Friend and then he will deduct your shipping.  Isn’t that super?

Hurrah for Prince!!  Even though he is a French Television star and soon to be featured in a major magazine, he is still down to earth!

Prince also said that with the fluctuations between the US dollar and the Euro, that now is a good time to buy the Eyenimal Videocam. (It is about 30% less to buy the now than 3 months ago.)

Who is thinking about getting the Eyenimal Videocam?

The Tiniest Tiger’s 2nd Eyenimal Video

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

Prince, The Eyenimal Coach

Friends, Prince Eyenimal reviewed my work and after a few pointers, we are proud to release to you The Tiniest Tiger’s 2nd Eyenimal Video.   Now with improved camera angles, you will be able to see my whiskers and more of the action than just my feet.  I hope you enjoy my video.


Bad Kitty’s 1st Eyenimal Video!

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

Friends, please enjoy Bad Kitty‘s 1st Eyenimal video.  Notice how steady he is with the camera.  Thanks to Prince Eyenimal tip’s, our videos are improving.  Let us know what you think?  Meow for Now.


The Tiniest Tiger’s 1st Eyenimal Video

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience


Friends, what do you think of my first video?

The French Prince of Paris My Eyenimal Coach

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

Prince, The Eyenimal Coach

Friends, Allow me to introduce you to the French Prince of Paris,

my Eyenimal Coach.

After studying the video that Prince sent me, he decided I was ready to take the next steps towards becoming a cat videographer. I am so excited to tell you that my Eyenimal Videocam has arrived  at my habitat. Hurrah!

The Eyenimal Videocam

I have become quite good at  wearing my Cat Safety® Collar, as you can see.

Another View of my Safe Cat Tiger Collar

After practicing walking around with the Eyenimal Videocam attached to my Cat Safety® Collar, I made my first video.

The Eyenimal Videocam

As soon as I get the approval from Prince, I will share with you!

The French Prince of Paris The Eyenimal Coach

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

Friends, this is my training video from our cousin The French Prince of Paris.   As you can see, Prince  is an expert videographer and his equipment of choice is the Eyenimal . Prince shares his habitat with Paolo and together they created this unique digital camera for us to wear so that you humans  could see the world through our eyes. Genius isn’t it? 

Prince is a celebri-cat in Paris.  This training video was on French television.


Prince gave some in depth insight on how to film the best documentary didn’t he?  Not only is he good looking, but  talanted too.   In just a few more coaching sessions, I will be ready to begin my own The Tiniest Tiger documentary. 

The Tiniest Tiger’s Safe Cat Training Collar

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

Tiger Collar

Friends,  I am in training.  The first part of my mission is to adjust to wearing my new Safe Cat® Collar.  As you know, I am an indoor only cat and that is best for me.  I don’t even try to go outside, because my habitat keeps me healthy, loved and entertained. So I am not used to wearing a collar.

This Safe Cat collar is very comfortable and the buckle  is equipped to release in case I get caught on anything, allowing me to slip fee.  This is the most important feature of a cat collar in my opinion.  The Safe Cat collar is also adjustable from 8″-12″ and that should suit most cats. I will be needing a little extra room around the collar for my mission. I asked my dad to remove the bell because I didn’t like the tinkling noise in my ear.  After the bell was removed, I even forgot I was wearing the collar. These collars come in a variety of cheerful colors and patterns.  I kind of liked the  Daisy Blue and the Checkered Green (would match my eyes) but I settled on my favorite the Tiger! How do I look?

Another View of my Safe Cat Tiger Collar

Now that I have passed my first test, I am awaiting instructions from Prince, my Parisian Cousin. What mission are you on today?

This post is my own opinion about the Safe Cat Collar and was not sponsored by Coastal Pet.