The Tiniest Tiger’s Whoops! Wednesday Holiday Edition

Hurrah for our Winner Kathy Shane!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time,  there will be more Whoops! copies of The Tiniest Tiger in the future!

Happy Whoops! Wednesday Friends!

My mom and I have two The Tiniest Tiger books to give away today. For those of you not familiar with The Tiniest Tiger’s Whoops! Wednesday click here for explanation!

If you want a chance to win a The Tiniest Tiger’s Whoops! Wednesday Holiday Edition here is all you have to do.

Post a comment here below this post about something that happened this holiday season that made you say Whoops!

Now remember, we are a retracted claws only community.* Therefore, no mean actions, or words will be allowed. Bad Kitty and I will be the judges of what is mean.

*Unless you are a Cheetah and you can’t fully retract your claws but we will need to check your i.d.

Lazy Leopard thought we should go ahead and post what The Tiniest Tiger’s Whoops! Wednesday is right here on this post.  So here it is.

My mom and I are both left pawed so today we have another Whoops! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends! I am calling today Whoops! Wednesday II. My mom and I were cleaning the office and we found some copies of The Tiniest Tiger and when we looked inside the front cover, we said “Whoops!”

I will show you why.

Inside this copy the writing is very nice.  You can read the writing and it is flowing the way it is supposed to flow.  My paw-tograph is nice and solid too.

Now here is an example that made us say Whoops!

Even though my paw-tograph is nice and solid.  My mom meant to write the name Avery but for some reason her left paw wrote Abery. Whoops!

Here is another example.

Here my paw slipped while trying to paw-tograph this copy.  I tried to make it better with a second paw-tograph but it just made the messy one look even messier!


So we have decided to have The Tiniest Tiger’s  Whoops! Wednesday

Today we will be giving away 2 copies of The Tiniest Tiger that are Whoops! copies.

There is nothing wrong with the books other than  a little messy hand writing and/or maybe a slipped paw-tograph.

If you would like to win a Whoops! Wednesday copy of The Tiniest Tiger

Leave a comment here on our Conservation Cub Club below this post telling me something little you did that made you say Whoops!

That’s it! Super easy. Just post something that made you say Whoops! this holiday season.

Good luck!