Tiger Challenge! Learn 1 New Tiger Fact Today

Friends, I am super excited that today is

World Tiger Day.

In honor of all tigers, I am hosting the Tiger Challenge here on our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club!

I challenge you to learn 1 new thing about tigers today.  When you learn a new tiger fact, please come back here and post the new fact that you learned, so that we can all learn more about the tigers.

Now don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be super scientific, although it can be, but can be anything that you did not know before today about tigers.  You can post about any subspecies both past and present, anything at all about tigers!

Go out stalking and hunting, then when you pounce on an interesting fact, drag it back here to share with all of us! Everyone that drags back a fact and shares with us by posting in the comments below will be entered to win a super fantastic prize!

You will win a copy of:  The Tiniest Tiger with my paw-tograph,

The Meaning of Meow: Understanding and Caring for Your Cat

And, I might throw in a couple of other fun things too, 😉

Ready, go, pounce!

Congratulations to Amber, the winner of our Tiger Challenge! Amber was chosen by a random number generator.  ~purr it up for Amber!~

Thank you everyone for learning more about tigers.


Cincinnati Zoo Goes Green. Wins Energy Star Award!


The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club is super proud of the Cincinnati Zoo!

Cincinnati Zoo Accepts 2010 Stars of Energy Efficiency Award in Washington DC on September 15, 2010 and is also proclaimed as the Greenest Zoo in America!!

Super Hurrah!  Purr it up for the Cincinnati Zoo!

What can you do in your habitat to go a little greener?


The Tiniest Tiger’s CCC Sponsors Tiger Haven’s Bianca!

Friends, I am super excited to tell you that our Conservation Cub Club has just sponsored Bianca, a Tiger at Tiger Haven. Your support by purchasing great products you need from  Gracey’s Avon for Animals enabled our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club to sponsor Bianca!  I thought that it was appropriate that the purchases of Avon’s beauty products helped us  sponsor Bianca the Beautiful!

Tiger Haven depends on the kindness and generosity  of others to keep our rescued big cousins healthy, comfortable and their chow bowls filled. Sponsoring a rescued Great Cat for one year helps provide the special care our big cousins need!

Super Hurrah!


Smart Cat Box Inventor Chats with The Tiniest Tiger

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series To Clump or Not to Clump? Is Clay Litter Safe?

Friends, I recently had a chat with Sara, the creator of the Smart Cat Box.  I thought that you would find our conversation interesting and am posting it here for you to read in a Question and Answer format.  For those of you that are living with feline diabetes,  this might just seem too good to be true.

Gracey: Sara, I want to tell you thank you.  The Smart Cat Box is the best litter box ever!  And also thank you for agreeing to answer some questions for us. Here is my first question.  We cats are quite clever, is that why you named it the Smart Cat Box?

Sara: Gracey, I called it Smart due to the box’s New Advanced Design. The fundamental difference is that the SMART CAT BOX is an entirely new approach to the way we collect and dispose of cat urine. The new, patented design is amazingly simple. The SMART CAT BOX is a three component Urine Collection System. The top box has a slotted floor to hold non-absorbent cat litter. The bottom box has a slanted floor and drain allowing urine to flow directly into a removable covered urine collection reservoir for easy collection and disposal.

Gracey: That is quite interesting, but to clarify, you do think Cats are clever right?

Sara: Yes, of course! It is a known fact that cats are the smartest species on the planet. I think I heard that from my own cats.

Gracey: OK, just checking.  Most Cats do not like change. With the New Advanced Design, are we going to have trouble adjusting to the change when we switch from our old litter pans to the Smart Cat Box?

Sara: You will  jump into the top box and urinate as usual. All urine passes through the non-absorbent litter and through the slotted floor to the bottom box. Urine flows down the drain into the covered reservoir. The urine can be tested for blood glucose levels, if necessary, and then disposed of down the toilet. Firm feces do not stick to the litter and is scooped out and disposed of. So it is easy and natural for you. Gracey, I must mention one thing. If you live near an ocean please tell your parents to place the feces in a paper bag and dispose of it in the trash. There is something in cat feces that can harm sea otters if it reaches their ocean environment. Of course, if you don’t live near an ocean then the feces can be flushed down the toilet.

Gracey: Can you demonstrate how to use the Smart Cat Box for us via a YouTube video?

Sara: Well, umm, I don’t know… Maybe, with a little help from you.

Gracey: HAHAHAHAHA, Sara I am kidding of course.

I agree, the Smart Cat Box is easy to use. I took to it right away. When it first arrived at our habitat, my mom placed it in the office for me to investigate. At first, I preferred to sleep on top of the shipping box, but what Cat can resist a nap on top of a box? Then my parents replaced one of my litter pans with the new Smart Cat Box. I of course, pretended not to notice it for a period of time, but I couldn’t resist trying it out. My parents were so excited they were high fiving each other and dancing around the house. Why do you think my parents were so excited?

Sara: The Smart Cat Box is much easier to keep clean and the litter stays dry. No more scooping and scraping. The non-absorbent litter remains dry and virtually odor free with minimum maintenance. The litter pellets last for several months.  The Smart Cat Box is inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to maintain. Under normal conditions, with one cat it can pay for itself in 7 weeks and with two cats it can pay for itself in 4 weeks.  Your parents were probably excited to be odor free and to save money.

Gracey: That makes sense.  I admit, at times I can be a bit of a “stinker”. I really like that the litter stays dry. No more icky wet paw feeling stomping around in the clumpy used litter. Sara, I had transient diabetes from pancreatitis. I have recovered, but my parents remain obsessed with checking my pee, I mean urine.  The Smart Cat Box seems ideal for Cats and Cat Parents living with diabetes.

Sara: Gracey it is a great help for Cat parents. While blood sampling may be the best test for diabetes and chronic renal failure(CRF ) and other health issues, urine sampling for blood glucose levels is a much less traumatic second best. It all but eliminates the need for veterinarians to squeeze or puncture the bladder (cystocentesis) to obtain urine specimens for urinalysis.  With the Smart Cat Box you can now test for blood sugar levels easily and naturally at home as often as needed using urine test strips and reporting results to your veterinarian.

Gracey: ~shiver~ I remember my ear and paw sticks. Oh, this is much easier on everyone as a way to monitor blood glucose levels at home.  What is different about this litter that allows the urine to flow through to the reservoir?

Sara: The non-absorbent SAFFFLOWER seed litter is all-natural, ecologically & environmentally friendly, renewable, sized specifically for the Smart Cat Box and is grown in the US. Because it is non-absorbent, the urine flows through to the covered urine collection reservoir which can hold 24 oz. of fluid. This is normally enough capacity for one cat for several days or a few days for multiple cats. The reservoir drawer is easy to remove and easy to replace.  It has a spout so that urine can be poured into the toilet without removing the snap-on lid.

Gracey: The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club cares for all Cats both Big and Small. Our Big Cat Cousins need our help in preserving their habitats. I really like that the litter is all-natural, ecologically & environmentally friendly, and renewable. Using the Smart Cat Box helps reduce the volume of cat litter being dumped into landfills.  That is great for our earth.

Sara: The Smart Cat Box is the only cat litter box featured in the 2009 edition of the Whole Green Catalog 1,000 Best Things for You and The Earth (pg. 341).  As a special bonus to Friends of The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club, I am offering a 15% discount for Starter System & Value Paks. Friends will type CCC15 as the discount code when they order the Smart Cat Box.

Gracey: HURRAH!  That is so nice of you Sara! I have already had several Friends inquire about the Smart Cat Box.  Soon more Friends will be odor-free and saving money and the environment all at the same time. Thank you again Sara, You have eliminated one of my elimination problems.  Hahahahaha, do you get it?

Sara: Yes, I get it.  You are welcome.  Thanks for letting me talk to you about the Smart Cat Box. You can find more information at www.smartcatbox.com.

Gracey: Would you like a Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic Treat?  They are quite tasty.

Sara: No thank you.  I am good.

The Tiniest Tiger and the Smart Cat Box

The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club!

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger photo by Patty Wycinski

Hi there and welcome to The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club where small paws are uniting to make a big difference!

My name is Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger, and I am a domestic cat. I belong to the felidae family which also includes big cats like the tiger, lion and jaguar. I am a lucky cat because I live in a safe and loving home where I have plenty of food, fresh water and toys to keep me healthy and happy.  My  human parents recued me from the dog pound as a wee kitten and  have provided me a safe environment in which to thrive!

But some of the members of my extended family have not been so lucky. Most of my big cat relatives are in trouble. Our humans are competing with the big cats for land and natural resources. People are taking over the big cats natural habitat. Their natural habitat is their home.

Some of our big cats are at risk for extinction! When something is extinct, it means it is gone forever!! But if you take action and help your family and friends realize how important all animals are in the world, we can make a difference. There are many good people working very hard to protect and preserve not only my Felidae family but all animals. I am asking you to do anything you can to stand up for all animals.

I am calling all animal lovers to join my Conservation Cub Club.

As our Conservation Cub Club family grows we will be able to make  donations by uniting our small paws to make a big difference. When everyone gives just a little, it helps a whole lot. We may have small paws, but together we can make a big difference!

Our The Tiniest Tiger facebook community is over 22,000 members strong.  Thank you for being my Friend and for caring about all cats, both big and small.