Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Giveaway for You and Your Shelter

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah for Kenna and PatsyAnne! They are our two winners of the Scratch’n Shapes for them and their shelter!

Imperial Cat  wanted to help me spread some holiday cheer!

So they are offering one of their unique and wonderful  Scratch’n Shapes as a giveaway to one of  our Friends!  Super Hurrah!!  I love my  Imperial Cat Scratch’n Shape Orca and that is why I included it in my Gracey’s Gift Guide.  I scratch and scratch and scratch on my Scratch’n Shape Orca and  it feels really good on my claws. My parents are happy too because I  scratch the  Orca Scratch ‘n Shapes and not the sofa.
And just in time for the holidays Imperial Cat added new designs that will add cheer to your house that both human and  cats will enjoy. The latest holiday themed Scratch ‘n Shapes patterns include snowflakes, festive Christmas trees and plenty of red and green seasonal designs.
Imperial Cat Triangle Tree Scratch'n Shapes

The honeycomb texture of the cardboard imitates natural tree bark so that we indoor tiny tigers can imagine we are wild tigers as we sink our claws into the scratchers.  Our urge to scratch is natural, we really can’t help ourselves,  so providing a great alternative to the sofa and holiday tree is a super terrific idea.

The Imperial Cat Scratch’n Shapes are also:

PURR-fect for the eco-minded:
Made in the USA from 100% post consumer recycled corrugated cardboard and are 100% recyclable after use.

PURR-fect for the holiday fanatic:
Whimsical scratching posts let Cats celebrate the holidays too.

PURR-fect for the playful or restful:
Imperial Cat scratchers are excellent perches for cats  to play or lounge.  I often take a nap on top of mine.

Imperial Cat Vogue Scratch'n'Shape

Here is all you need to do for your chance to win your very own Scratch n’ Shape.

Just leave a comment below this post here on our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club telling me :

  • What your Cat loves to scratch in your habitat!

The winner will receive a Scratch n’ Shape either  from the Modern line or the Holiday line.  It will be a surprise!

And if we get 50 comments, a case of 15 assorted Scratch’ n Bits will be shipped directly to the shelter of the winner’s choice!! Super Exciting!

The Rules

The contest is now closed.  Thank you for your participation!

This contest closes on December 9, 2011 at 7 pm Eastern.  I will put your names into to choose one winner.  The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.  Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. My cats favored scratching places are at the top of the tree scratching post AND (bad kitties) at the entrance to the powder room downstairs.

  2. Nextsubject says:

    Both of mine LOVE to scratch the speakers on my entertainment center…*sigh*

  3. My kitties love to use my yoga mat.  I am constantly replacing it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    our cat loves to scratch the underside of our box spring.  It has all kinds of threads dangling down!

  5. Christine Bowers says:

    KitKat just loves to scratch on the arm of the recliner.  I’ve also noticed he loves to scratch on the carpet in the living room.  Would love for him to try your Imperial Cat Scratch and Shapes and also send one to Columbial Animal Shelter for the kitties there.

  6. Also wanted to mention that Panora P.E.T.S. sent me here!

  7. I have three cats ranging in age from 3-10 years old.  The two oldest cats love to”scratch”, the other likes to knead a lot 🙂  They were unfortunately declawed before I learned how bad it is to do so.  Jemima likes to scratch the carpet and the seams of my jeans when she gets really playful.  Smokey likes to scratch rough things: baskets and the edges cardboard boxes, indoor/outdoor carpet, and those spiky coir welcome mats.  And fluffy Eve is my kneader!

  8. The Plaid Avenger says:

    we ordered a set of Scratch N Shapes scratchers last February, and they’re only now starting to get ratty…and we generally have no fewer than 10 cats at a time on our place, between our own and our fosters.  these are hands down the sturdiest cardboard scratchers i’ve ever seen, and our cats love them too.

  9. Qdriver333 says:

    my legs, lol!

  10. Big Bad Baby Twinkle loved to scratch the corner edge of the box spring. That was a no-no and i discovered that all I had to do was affix a paper plate around the corner edge of the box spring and she went elsewhere to scratch — the bedroom rug, and also her beloved Cat tree. Surprisingly, she does not scratch the sofa or any of the chairs.

  11. those are sooooooo adorable!! The red one is my favorite!!!! My Cody is basically good about scratching but when he does he will often try to scratch the cushions on the kitchen chair, and the carpet in “our” office! Would love to also donate one of these to Kitty City which I wrote about in my blog today!

  12. Cheri Halda says:

    The Halda Cat Kids (Panther, Mittens, Emma, and Toby (foster cat)) are very good kids.  They have access to a rope scratching post in the living room and a flat corrugated cardboard scratcher in every room.  I have no problem with damaged furniture.  I would love to give my cats an elite corrugated cardboard scratcher as I feel it would be stimulating play for them.   It would also be very sturdy for my 18-pound foster cat, Toby.   I had a angled, cheap cardboard scratcher; and the big boy broke it in half by standing on it 🙂

  13. Mtorres731 says:

    Great, now I can buy new furniture and not worry about it being destroyed.

  14. Our cats love to scratch their post (yea!) and the coarse rug outside their litter box.   They also like the bottom of a footstool where they can perch to watch the birdfeeder outside the window.  Our cats are from Panora Pets, in Panora, Iowa, where they take such good care of SO MANY cats and kittens!

  15. Our 3 cats play all day upstairs and like to scratch the box spring of my brothers bed. They wrestle around and they sound like small children wrestling….they’re very loud….LOL. They scratch other things too, but they play with each other alot too.

  16. This morning Lucy came over as I was on the computer, she reached up to do, what she does sometimes, that is “mommy kneeding” – however she began to scratch! YIKES – thank goodness I had on my jeans and then a robe over them – didn’t do much damage but mommys are not scratching posts!  We LOVE the St. Francis shelter in Rock Hill, SC.

  17. Meowmeowchic says:

    A couple of my cats are happy with a scratching post, unfortunately the others are big fans of the carpet and recliner. If I won I would donate the extra scratchers to Arizona Safe Haven for Animals, a no-kill cat shelter that I volunteer at.

  18. Meowmeowchic says:

    Unfortunately my cats favorite places to scratch are the carpet and the recliner.

  19. Randi Stone383 says:

    My cats like to scratch the bedroom carpet, right at the doorway where the tack strip is so there is a nice surprise for bare feet to step on! Out cat without claws likes to scratch it too 🙂

  20. Imperial Cat says:

    We will actually ship a case of 20 Scratch ‘n Bits to the winner’s shelter & throw in some catnip too! And even if you don’t win, you can donate a case of scratchers to the shelter of your choice for $25 with free shipping:

  21. Rockinrcranch says:

    My cat likes to scratch our barn board framing on our walls. It is over 100 year old boarding and she doesnt want to make it another year, lol!

  22. Cali like to scratch on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs!!  That way, we know it’s time to get her toenails clipped!!!!!

  23. Melanie Williamson says:

    My cats, Misha and Charlie, love to scratch the Oriental rug in the dining room. It is super plush and they love to dig their paws deep down, flex, pull, and hear that satisfying RIP, RIP, RIP! lol

  24. S A Sorensen says:

    I don’t have a cat, but my boyfriend’s parents’ cats like to scratch at his mom’s favorite chair! If I were to win, I’d want to donate my Scratch ‘n Shape to a shelter, as well, so they’d get 16 instead of 15. 🙂

  25. My cats and foster kitties are a little fond of my furniture and my wood work unfortunately.  If I have good kitty scratchers, then they will like to use those but with many foster kitties coming and going, cat scratchers come and go quickly too.  Having good cat scratchers help with tension among kitties with new ones settling in, and help my furniture relax a little too!

  26. My kitties love their scratch pad and small post, they would LOVE to have one of these!

  27. I caught Smoki red handed or should I say red pawed in the act of standing on the dining table sharpening her claws on the placemats….;-/.  She was put in time out.

  28. Thepricklypinecone says:

    Our cat likes to scratch boxes and also randomly our bathroom rug!

  29. Jessica C. says:

    i have two scratch boards for my two cats, but only Chunk uses them. Veggie Burger scratches the carpet, and is very particular about textures. She does not like certain clothes or blankets. Chunk loves the boards… she even takes naps on them sometimes.

  30. My cats love to scratch the recliner, rugs and door frame for the downstairs bathroom.

  31. my cat only scratches only cardboards and jeans!(like your legs when wearing a pair of jeans:-))

  32. PatsyAnne says:

    This morning I almost fell over – there was Ollie scratching my canvas tote bag – “no, no, no” I yelled as he casually turned around and gave me an Elvis Presley look. 
    My favorite shelter is the St. Francis Shelter in SC

  33. My cats (October and Ein) like to scratch our carpet, their carpeted cat furniture, and sometimes cardboard boxes. They also love to scratch anything with catnip on it. I haven’t been to any feline toy stores in a while, so I’m sure they would love to have a new toy to scratch. 🙂

  34. My Chaos likes to scratch on the carpet and boxes and sometimes my chair.  Harmony “scratches” on everything, including my leg – but her previous human took her claws before abandoning her 🙁  so I figure if it makes her happy, no harm done.  

  35. My cats love this cardboard  scratcher (shaped like ramp)……….we are constantly buying them fillers. This item seems like it would be perfect for them. If they didn’t have that they would after the couch for sure. Awesome idea to ship these to a shelter

  36. Leroy likes to shred all my furniture, plus the 2 “scratcher things” I bought for him.”…Also plastic grocery bags…

  37. One of my cats loves to scratch anything that I would disapprove of, the rug, the sofa, the shower curtain.. and my other cat loves to get my kids legs.. I’d say if I don’t win this I’d probably need to invest in one.. Maybe my poor kids would feel less wrath 🙁

  38. Unfortunately, my cat likes to scratch my dining room table legs since her scratching post broke 🙁 I’d really like to win one for her and for Blue Chip Animal Rescue, my local no-kill shelter.

  39. Cindy Carlin says:

    Awesome…I think my cats would love this!

  40. Devilofabird says:

    My cat loves, cardboard scratchers, sisal and carpet.  We have a  post that incorporates all three plus 2 perches that is an absolute favorite!  We got one of those cardboard “couches” once and it was well loved in a hurry!

  41. For some reason, the kitchen cabinet under the sink. Only on the upper right corner. Maybe because we had a mouse in there when we first moved in? 

  42. I haven’t been able to find something Lola likes to scratch, so she goes to town on my carpet.  Lexy loves the Alpine Cat Scratcher, but stil enjoys my recliner as well.  What’s a cat mom to do?

  43. Liz201056 says:

    My big tomcat Rugal likes to scratch the corners of walls.  My little kittens like to scratch my boxspring.  Not sure why the boxspring is so wonderful.

  44. Anonymous says:

    My cats scratch everything but a scratching post! Couch, rugs, etc.. They are lucky I love all ten of them!!!!!

  45. My sister’s cat Jasmine loves to jump on the shelf over top of the kitchen cabinets and use that area as a scratching place; hard to get her to stop when she is out of reach.  I’m sure this would be a wonderful gift prize to win for both Jasmine and my sister.   

  46. my diva LOVES her cardboard scratcher which she has in her own room! plus an assortmant of bags and boxes and scratch posts

  47. Our kitties have enjoyed cardboard scratchers for some years now. It’s the one thing they seem to like better than furniture!

  48. Redshedragon says:

    My cats (3) ALL like to scratch on various surfaces but they love the couch the most(sigh).

  49. Charon170 says:

    I definitely need this. So do my sofas!

  50. Shadow & Bella love to scratch on their posts – they have 6 different ones, but sometimes when they are feeling naughty (or want attention), they will scratch on one side of the kitchen sofa.

  51. crazycatlibrarian says:

    My cats love cardboard boxes. We are moving to a new apartment so they are in 7th Heaven with the plethora of boxes!

  52. My cats scratch the door jambs!  They like to stretch up on them, and claw their way back down.

  53. Lisa Montes says:

    Our cat Vogue loves to scratch the couch to get our attention.   She will scratch until we pay attention to her and then she runs around the house like crazy

  54. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    Well as you know there are alot of them!  Most just scratch their scratching posts (there are several of them), turbo scratchers, Cat Power Tower, throw rugs etc, but there are a few that are not so nice. Cian, Bear and Shoshone scratch the couches some 🙁 Duleek likes to pull/scratch the carpeting anywhere in the house. Choctaw and Conamara like to scratch the mattresses 🙁  I could never have to many things for them to scratch, so hopefully we might win 🙂  Thanks Gracey.

  55. My brother and sister cats like to scratch the kitchen chairs..they have ruined them…mom and dad are not happy at they really need to win bol


  56. FaRADaY: oh this is PAWESOME! *raises paw* Me! Me! I likes to scratch things! Maxie & Allie can’t cuz of softpaws ‘n’ stuff but I go au natural around the house. What do I like to scratch – besides Daddy’s back when I launch myself off him? Umm…that’d be the big ol’ recliner in the guest bedroom (and the sofa when Mommy’s not looking *snicker*).

  57. Earl used to love to scratch the arms of the sofa, but he doesn’t do that anymore (thankfully!). He does like to scratch the wooden cabinet Steven made that houses our stereo. What a great prize! I see you got more than 60.

  58. My two cats (whom I like to say rescued me) are Flora and Isis–and they have free reign over this house even though we’ve *tried* to keep them scratching at their little scratch ‘n’ play carpeted toy. They’ve found that they love scratching our computer chairs and unfortunately, both of our living room chairs. But we’re okay with it, they’re both second hand and it’s sort of the price you gotta pay to live with some kitties. 

    That said, I think one of these would be a fantastic addition to our home and maybe a good curb from the furniture! 😀 

  59. Kittyspike08536 says:

    Usually our boys are good about scratching and tend to stick to items that are for them (ie cat trees, etc.) They do however, like to scratch the carpeting on the stairs – which we don’t like. And one of the four has a habit of scratching the carpeting in front of doors until the threads of the carpet come out!

  60. One cat (Moxie) loves to scratch the corner of the mattress. The rest of our clan love this recliner I am currently sitting in or the sistal rope part to their cat tree.

  61. We are four big mancats who love to sink our claws into cardboard. Purrs to Gracey from the Cat Wisdom 101 boys.

  62. Nikki & Ollie says:

    Hi Gracey! What kitty doesn’t love a scratcher? 🙂 The bonus is that they can scratch away without damaging any furniture!

  63. Hi Gracey! Your friend Briley here. My favorite things to scratch in my habitat are the carpet (very quick and easy access) and especially the arms of the sofa. That way i can stretch my back and reach up high, but I can’t understand why the humans do not want me to do this!! Your Scratch n’ Shape toy looks really fun, though, and I would love to try scratching that instead! 

  64. Hi Gracey! My cats love to scratch on their corrugated scratching posts. The different shapes would offer them some fun and variety. We love the thought of some shelter kitties getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful scratch’ n Bits! 

  65. My kitties love to scratch on the furniture, hope these might provide a better alternative.

  66. My cats love to use their scratching post–but, alas, they also like scratch the cushions and backs of the dining room chairs.

  67. Teapot1640 says:

    This sounds like the perfect solution for my cat (and me).  I love her dearly, but she is turning my furniture into lint and toothpicks!  A scratching post mean nothing to her.  She walks around it to sharpen her claws on my couch.  Thanks for sharing, Gracie!


  69. My Gracie uses the door facings in our house, or the carpet covered cat tree or the carpet on the floor!

  70. Maranda mink says:

    Hi Gracey. My cats love to scratch the back of my computer chair.
    I know it is just because they are trying to tell me they love me
    while I am sitting in it. They would really love this toy.

  71. These cardboard scratchers have been a miracle for all my cats – they love them!

  72. Hi Gracey, I could really use one of these Scratch n’ Shapes for myself. Mommie says I shouldnt be using the back of her chair. I don’t have my front claws, but still love rubbing my feet on stuff and my favorite thing is Mommies chair. Thanks Gracey! Have a great Sunday!  Love Goldie Nugget

  73. My cats just love the sofa! o;O’

  74. my kitty boys love their rope scratching post!  I also volunteer in the cat room at Saunders County Lost Pets – the kitties there love the cat trees!

  75. Our kitty likes to scratch the couch, now that she’s completely destroyed her sisal post!!!

  76. Senoritamignault says:

    My cat scratches whatever is around that is scratchable.  She enjoys scratching the couches of course (even those with covers on them).  She also likes to scratch the carpet in areas where it is secured more (ie. doorways) so that she can get a better grip without the carpet coming undone.  (she does this by the fron door and downstairs door)

  77. Traciecheek says:

    I have four furkids..they will use the cardboard scratcher I got them but nothing keeps them off my love seat!! It’s ok though..I bought it used, and knew they’d claw it, so I don’t mind. If anyone gets the new scratchers, I’d sure love to see the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in North Carolina get a few…they do so much good, and could use any help they can get!! I think it’s so awesome that they take in the blind kitties and find them homes!! If I lived closer, I’d adopt one from them.

  78. My kitty likes scratching the rugs .My brothers cat tries scratching my clothes.

  79. P.T. likes to scratch the corner of the “white forbidden couches” (don’t tell his dad!). He is also fond of scratching the corner of the bed at 3am every morning, his little wooden box in his potty room, oh and the arm rest on his blue recliner. 

  80. Tiger scratches on the wood
    post that is in the kitchen and the corners of the bed. Hunter scratches
    the corner of the recliner and the bed as well.

  81. my cats will Scratch mostly our cabinets and walltrim then go to the furniture. our cat would love to sleep or play in the Scratch n’ shape because she loves to get in to stuff.

  82. Destinylaf says:

    My cat doesn’t scratch on things per se…but he sure likes to knead when he’s sitting in my lap! Thanks for the opportunity to win this! : )

  83. My cats like to scratch their posts, and anything else they can get their paws on!  They like to sharpen their claws on our pant covered legs!  Ouch!  Naughty little stinkers, I love my furchildren.

  84. Maggie usually runs to her special climbing fort I made her, and rarely uses the sofa…but she would love anything if it helps others get what they need.  She was very insistent I leave a comment to help the shelter kitties!!!  xoxox

  85. My two furry kids love to scratch their scratching posts and sometimes the carpet. I’m loving the looks of the  scratch n’ shapes. I’m pretty sure these are going on the cats’ list to Santa! And as my cats believe in sharing with their bretheren who are at a shelter, they’ll love to know their former shelter might get a case of these. 

  86. Kathyshutt says:

    This would be great for my cats and i know the local shelter cats would love them too. Poor little shelter cats need the extra little something to play with.

  87. unfortunately, my kitty kids like scratching a lot of stuff. They have 2 scratching posts, but when they get excited, they like to scratch my chairs 🙁

  88. My one cat “Angel” likes to sneak and scratch the wallpaper!  All 3 will scratch the scratching post sometimes or my chair or bed!

  89. Emma Westbrook says:

    These scratchers are the coolest ones I’ve ever seen! They look so comfy for our kitty’s, I bet my 2 boys would love to lounge on & hide in them… I think I’ll buy them each one for Christmas! I wish all the wonderful cats in shelters each had 1 to enjoy this Christmas.

  90. My cats like the landscape posts on the deck, the deck, anything cardboard including the scratching boxes made with catnip, the side of my mattresses, anything carpet including the boxes I had made to put the cat litter boxes in, and of course my furniture if I don’t catch them at it!

  91. Cardboard scratcher on the floor or sisal scratcher attached to the door. She doesn’t scratch the cat tree much at all.

  92. Mr. Jingles, Tony Cat, and Cheeze all use their corrugated cardboard scratchers (size double-wide) 🙂 and Cheeze and my first kitty Cheeseburger had a liking for the legs of my kitchen table.

  93. Sara Underhill says:

    Princess is wonderful, she loves her carpet covered scratching post and never scratches anywhere else!

  94. hnightwoman says:

    Oh boy, shall I send you a picture of the corner of my mattress and box spring? With four cats there isn’t much left of it:)

  95. Paula Irwin says:

    My three furbabies love to sharpen their claws on just about anything they can.

  96. Dsharper98 says:

    My 4 like to scratch anything that doesn’t move…have blankets on everything!

  97. I have two small area rugs that my Bubba likes to scratch.  The rugs are just for him to scratch, too, so I’m glad he enjoys them!  🙂

  98. Thomas likes to scratch the wallpaper in the hallway. He always seems to do this when we are asleep or not at home. Of course since he never gets caught he never gets in trouble. :/

  99. What does Ollie scratch, he loves his cardboard scratchy boxes – must keep those claws sharp! Lucy loves to scratch her cheeks on her cat tower pole – she purrs away and then leans in and scratches and scratches – all the while it looks like there is a smile on her face.

  100. Starbucks2165 says:

    My kitties use their post covered in sisal rope. And they have an emery scratcher I sprinkle with catnip!!

  101. My kitties will scratch anything that’s around at the time they feel the need.  The couch, the chairs, the dining room set…my legs 🙂

  102. Kim White says:

    They love to reach as high as they can on the cat tower post that is covered in sisal rope.

  103. Clara Hargett says:

    My cat loves to scratch our new wool decorator rug.  YIKEs1

  104. My cat loves to stretch up and scratch my legs when I wear jeans!  I keep his nails trimmed regularly so it doesn’t hurt, and it’s adorable!  I say he distresses my denim so I don’t have to buy pre-ripped jeans.  😉

  105. Cathy Peters says:

    All three of my cats love scratching on corrugated cardboard.

  106. My lazy butt cat likes to lay on his back and scratch on anything he can reach from flat on his back….he tends to be a little on the lazy side….lol. There is no bottom left on any of my furniture….silly boy!  Angel’s Vet Animal Rescue in Savannah, Missouri, a no-kill facility, if chosen.

  107. my cat tempest,lies on his back and scratches along the bottom of my bed.

  108. Shortstuff82473 says:

    my cat tiggy likes to scratch on my semi-new chair. oh well, didn’t really like it anyway so i don’t get real mad. both our cats also like to scratch on the comforter on our bed. (at least its not the expensive mattress) the comforter is theirs now. they do occasionally use their scratching tree and we tell them “good boy”

  109. Lilibeanus says:

    We have recently moved and now have a hallway of bamboo wallpaper which has become a big temptation for both Beans & Knuckles.  Knuckles also uses her scratching post…and the underneath of the spare bedroom bed.  Naughty!

  110. My Jazz likes to scratch on his posts.   But his sister prefers the furniture.  Alas.

  111. Clanbaber says:

    Ok, unfortunately the door frame leading into the dining room from the kitchen

  112. Chessiecat65 says:

    Logan likes to scratch anything.  Carpet, drywall (he tore out a section near the front door we need to spackle and paint again), sisal boards and mats, the sofa and chair in the living room, and cardboard scratching boxes especially.
    Squeaks is our indoor/outdoor cat and the first thing she does when she comes in is to start scratching on the nearest cardboard box.
    Jean, the runt and beta female, will wait until the other two have done their part, and will scratch a little on cardboard.  However, when burying the ‘mess’ in the litter box, she has to scrape the toilet, the wall, the sides of the box, and not the litter. 
    The only thing they didn’t like to scratch is this one type that has an emery board like surface.  They’ll lie on it and bat at the feather toy attached to it, but they won’t scratch on it, even with catnip poured on it.

  113. Tosha1976 says:

    My three furbabies love to scratch the carpet. I have two boys I have to keep separated so they play and scratch under the door so my carpet looks like it got hit with the lawnmower. Lol >°°<

  114. Ashleylesley says:

    Sassyfrass and ittybitty looooove to scratch their tree outside and the cat tower here in the house

  115. Jessica Helterman says:

    They scratch on our rugs….

  116. My kitties like to scratch their cat furniture, cardboard scratchers, and my mattress when I’m changing the sheets (something about the texture of bare mattress?). ^_^  Their scratchers have carpet, sisal, and bare wood and they are all used!

  117. Jennifllys says:

    Our calico, Chuck, likes to scratch anything that will get me or my husband to jump up immediately and feed her!