Supporting Bobcat Conservation

Photo courtesy of the Felidae Conservation Fund

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Pallas’s Cat: One of the World’s Most Secretive Cats

Altai Biosphere Reserve

Photo from Camera Trap Altai Biosphere Reserve

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Rarest Cat in the World? Assessing the Javan Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat Hunting in Long Grass Prionailurus Viverrinus

Fishing Cat Hunting in Long Grass Prionailurus Viverrinus – Image Courtesy of Anthony J. Giordano

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Good News For Earth’s Most Endangered Cat

Iberian lynx Fauna & Flora International

Iberian lynx. Image courtesy of Fauna & Flora International

The Earth’s Most Endangered Cat

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Meet Minnow The Cat that Inspired the Fishing Cat Fund.


Minnow Kathy Newton  Fishing Cat

Minnow after a swim at the Cincinnati Zoo Photo by Kathy Newton courtesy of The Cincinnati Zoo blog.

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The Evolution of the House Cat’s Manipulative Meow

Eddie the manipulative meow

Eddie is an effective communicator with his soft, high pitched meow.

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Spotless Cheetah Sighted in Kenya, First in Nearly 100 Years

A rare big cat was sighted by Guy Combes, a British Wildlife photographer after he had heard about several reported sightings of a lesser-spotted cheetah in the Kenyan plains. After looking high from an airplane and low from a Land Rover, Combes gave up trying and went back to Nairobi. After receiving a call that the unique cheetah had been seen, he decided to try again.

This time Combes came within fifty yards of the incredibly rare spotless adult cheetah with its spotted mother. Experts say the last recorded sighting of a cheetah with a plain tawny coat with freckles but no spots was in 1921, nearly one hundred years ago.

Photo by Guy Combes/

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The Tiniest Tiger Loves Leopards Too! Don’t You?


Friends, Bad Kitty, Lazy Leopard and I are having a bit of a competition! We want to know who you think rocks this leopard hat! You can Vote in the poll below. Thank you.

Meow for Now!

Rest In Peace Storm

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you, Storm, a bobcat being raised by Bobbi the domestic cat at Big Cat Rescue, has died in his sleep from a congenital heart condition.

The bobcats were orphaned when a hunter killed their mother thinking he would take the kittens home for his children.

Midnight, Rain and Storm were being raised to be released back into the wild.

Please light a candle in memory of Storm.  Rest in peace little one.


Bobcat Kittens Adopted by Cat & Big Cat Rescue


Friends, What are the names of the Bobcat Kittens Adopted by Cat & Big Cat Rescue

First to answer correctly wins The Tiniest Tiger M&M’s!   Ready? Pounce.

Hurrah for Sharon Jean!  First in with the Bobcat Kittens Names, Midnight, Rain and Storm.