Conservation Cub Club

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger photo by Patty Wycinski

Hi there and welcome to The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club where small paws are uniting to make a big difference!

My name is Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger, and I am a domestic cat. I belong to the felidae family which also includes big cats like the tiger, lion and jaguar. I am a lucky cat because I live in a safe and loving home where I have plenty of food, fresh water and toys to keep me healthy and happy.  My  human parents rescued me from the dog pound as a wee kitten and  have provided me a safe environment in which to thrive!

But some of the members of my extended family have not been so lucky. Most of my big cat relatives are in trouble. Our humans are competing with the big cats for land and natural resources. People are taking over the big cats natural habitat. Their natural habitat is their home.

Some of our big cats are at risk for extinction! When something is extinct, it means it is gone forever!! But if you take action and help your family and friends realize how important all animals are in the world, we can make a difference. There are many good people working very hard to protect and preserve not only my Felidae family but all animals. I am asking you to do anything you can to stand up for all animals.

I am calling all animal lovers to join my Conservation Cub Club.

Our Conservation Cub Club  is where we  learn about  organizations and people that are working hard to protect our wild big cats or  that are working hard to protect our homeless  domestic cousins that are in need.

As our Conservation Cub Club family grows we will be able to make  donations by uniting our small paws to make a big difference. When everyone gives just a little, it helps a whole lot. We may have small paws, but together we can make a big difference!

Our The Tiniest Tiger facebook community is over 80,000 members strong.  Thank you for being my Friend and for caring about all cats, both big and small.