Welcome to The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club, a feline friendly place for Friends to gather, share and discuss their love for all cats big and small.  While the primary focus is on felines of all sizes, our community cares for  all of earth’s creatures so there might be posts about elephants, frogs and even sometimes dogs!

If you are new to the Club, you might not know that Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger was the inspiration behind theThe Tiniest Tiger's family children’s book The Tiniest Tiger.  Urged to develop a social media platform for the book,  Joanne, Gracey’s mom, decided that Gracey’s voice and point of view might be more interesting than her own, and so she set up The Tiniest Tiger’s facebook page.  Joanne decided that since Gracey spent a lot of her time in the office writing with her, she might as well be put to work.

Gracey turned out to be a natural. She was a sweet cat with just enough mischief to keep her parents on their toes. The posts range from her  silly and whimsical antics with her friends, Bad Kitty and Lazy Leopard to educational posts about conservation programs for wildlife.  Product, book and movie reviews  as well as interviews with authors, designers and conservationists are part of our blog. Gracey  chatted about all things concerning  domestic cats, like nutrition, water, health, litter pan issues, toys, thinking circles and play time. She delighted in posting giveaways to our Friends so they can try new products, read books or watch a movie.

Our community is family friendly, so we keep our club open to cats with retracted claws only. (Unless you are a Cheetah, and we will need to see some proof.) No hissing, biting or bullying is permitted here. We reserve the right to moderate all discussion threads and content, photos, videos and links. We want this page to remain friendly and welcoming, any negative conduct including harsh language and personal attacks will be removed.

The Tiniest Tiger also lends a paw to help cats in need.  There have been many small and big cat projects where small paws have united to help those in need.  You can read more about the Conservation Cub Club’s small and big cat projects by clicking on Small Paws United.  We are proud that our community has donated over $27,000 to our cousins in need.

Joanne has a Global Field Master of Zoology degree with a concentration  on big cats.  She spent time in the  field  in Kenya where she learned about the Lion Guardian project,  the David Sheldrick Elephant Wildlife Trust, (elephant orphans), and was privileged to spend time with  some of the Maasai in the South Rift Valley. Joanne also spent time in Namibia at the Cheetah Conservation Fund.  We sometimes write updates from the field  about the interesting things we learn during our travels.

Both of Gracey’s parents love animals and they do their best to participate in events at the The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium and The Wilds.

Jack Hanna at The WildsThe Tiniest Tiger has come a long way since she was rescued from the local dog pound. Her parents thought she was pretty cute when they entered her in the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest in 2010.  Small paws united to vote for Gracey  to win Week 2 of the contest and then she was selected as the Grand Prize Winner by the judges at Bissell.   Gracey realizes how lucky she was to live in a loving and safe habitat.  Her wish is that all animals will be loved and cared for in the best way possible.

The Tiniest Tiger community is growing, with over 64,000 facebook friends from all over the world.  If you are interested in the demographics of  our readers, you can find that information in the Advertising section under the About tab of the blog.  The   2014  Curious Cat Survey is underway with over 500 participants so far  telling us what their interests, preferences and requests for what they would likeGracey with her Blue Ribbon from winning the Bissell MVP to  read and learn about on The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club.

Thank you for stopping by.  We hope you will become part of The Tiniest Tiger’s community.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or worries.