Living With Leopards: How The People of Bera Coexist

Leopards are tree dwellers
A leopard napping in a tree
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Annie and a Snow Leopard

Annie and Snow Leopard
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The Elusive Black Leopard

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Leopards Return to the Russian Caucasus

Persian leopard

Leopard from special breeding center in Sochi. WWF Image

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Villagers Fear Leopards More than Terrorists

Leopards are tree dwellers

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#IFAKEIT For Leopards. Show Your Spots to Save Theirs

Annie in Leopard jacket

Annie supporting Leopards in her Sturdi Walking Vest. #IFAKEIT

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The Leopard. The Clandestine Cat In The Neighborhood.

Photo Credit  @kyslynskyy

Photo Credit @kyslynskyy

 “Secretive, silent, smooth and supple as a piece of silk, he is an animal of darkness, and even in the dark he travels alone.”

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Good News For Leopards One Of the Most Persecuted Big Cats.

Young leopard charging. Photo taken at Rhino a...

Young leopard charging. Photo taken at Rhino and Lion Park, Gauteng, South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Panthera’s Leopard Program Is Saving Lives

Two years ago we wrote about a new idea to help save the wild leopard, one of the world’s most persecuted big cats. The beautiful fur of the leopard is highly sought after and to make matters worse, today the  demand for leopard skin is increasing among members of South Africa’s Shembe Baptist Church, which has adopted the Zulu practice of wearing spotted cat fur, mostly leopard, during religious celebrations. Even though trade in leopard skins is illegal in South Africa, the Shembe’s estimated 5 million members were spreading the practice.

Tristan Dickerson, Panthera’s Leopard Program Coordinator visited several Shembe gatherings to research the amount of leopard skins being used at these events. It was estimated that nearly 1,000 leopard skins were either worn or being sold at just one of the gatherings that he attended.

Tristan spent a  year working with designers and clothing companies to create high quality and affordable fake leopard skins, which he presented at  Shembe gatherings.   At one  event, there was a large number of fake leopard skins being worn by children and elders, and this was a sign of hope for Africa’s leopard populations.

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First Video of Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs in Dens

The Snow Leopard is Asia’s Mountain Ghost

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard’s secretive and elusive nature  combined with the precarious and remote landscape they inhabit have made conservation data collection efforts  difficult and even less is known about  snow leopard cubs survival in the wild. The cat is so evasive it has been given the name “Asia’s Mountain Ghost” by the natives of Mongolia’s Tost Mountains.

Up until now, snow leopard breeding studies were conducted on individuals in a captive zoo environment. Captive snow leopard litters typically consist of one to three cubs but no information is available about litter size in the wild. Wild snow leopard cubs are exposed to not only natural predators and disease but also human threats such as poaching and the illegal wildlife market. The wild snow leopard’s chance of survival to adulthood has only been speculated.

Unprecedented Footage of Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs

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Cat of Different Color The Strawberry Leopard

Cat of a Different Color

African leopards normally have tawny colored coats with black spots, but an unusual male leopard, with a coat of a different color, has been sighted in the South Africa Madikwe Game Reserve. This leopard has a pink tone to his coat and has been named the “Strawberry Leopard”.

Strawberry Leopard

"Strawberry" Leopard" Photo courtesy of Deon De Villiers

One of a Kind Cat

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