Halloween Themed Imperial Cat Scratcher and Toy Giveaway

Halloween  Themed Imperial Cat Scratcher  Perfect for Autumn Decor

Imperial Cat Pumpkins

Fall is in the air, the days are getting shorter and soon if you haven’t already begun, you will be decorating for Halloween.  I know I have officially kicked off theImperial Cat Leaf Scratcher season by drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I noticed that the leaves are just beginning to turn color on one of our trees. This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the cool nights and the crisp morning air.

Imperial Cat Ghost scratcherOne of the first things Annie and Eddie do when they get up in the morning is stretch and then head over to their Imperial Cat Scratchers.  They love the texture that is similar to tree bark and that the material is perfect for visual scratch marking.  This is important to a cat.  Eddie is a horizontal scratcher, so I know he would love the nesting pumpkin scratcher set  and Annie can’t decide if she prefers to scratch horizontally or vertically so she would like them all.   Maggie likes to scratch the woodwork so we are hoping that we will be able to redirect her to scratch on the Autumn Leaves Hanging Scratcher.  This vertical scratcher comes pre-strung so you can hang it on your doorknob right out of the box.  All scratchers come with a bag of certified organic catnip too for some extra incentive to attract your cat.

If you prefer a more Halloween theme over Fall, then you might prefer the spooky M.A.X. Ghost Hanging Scratcher. This ghost scratcher is pre-strung and ready to hang over the doorknob too and is sure to help get your habitat in the spirit of the season.  The hanging vertical scratchers are approximately 15″ x 4″ x 3 1/4″ H.


Trick or Treat is for Cats Too!

Candy is not for cats but that doesn’t mean your feline family member can’t get something in their treat sack on Halloween night.

Imperial Cat wants your cat to have a Happy Halloween too.  They created three toys stuffed with certified organic catnip to keep your cat happy and not in the mood to play tricks on you.  You can choose from a cute Candy Corn, Spooky Ghost or Frankie to put into your cats treat sack.


candy corn catnip toyfrankie cat nip toyghost catnip toy To Enter Our Halloween Themed Imperial Cat Scratcher and Toy Giveaway:

Enter your information in the contest widget and leave a comment below telling us whether you think your cat is a vertical or horizontal scratcher and which scratcher and which toy you would like the best.
The Rules:

This contest will end on October 7, 2013. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say  Halloween Imperial Cat Scratcher Winner  Void where prohibited by law.

Due to shipping this contest is for United States Addresses only.  Sorry!  Don’t worry we will have another great giveaway for everyone soon.

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  • RitaMeow

    My 2 giant cat brothers are horizontal scratchers for sure! We like the pumpkin 1 best :/) And we’d be overjoyed to win the ghost toy! Thanks so much!

  • Gromek

    We are both vertical scratchers here-my dad even made us a big tall scratcher to use! We’d like the fall leaves and the candy corn toy, cuz mom thinks it’d be funny to watch my brofur carry that one around in his mouth.

  • Donna

    My cats are vertical scratchers. My shredded sofa is proof..

  • Alana

    My cats are verticals! Although one sometimes like horizontals, but he’ll take vertical if it’s available. I love the fall leaves! And the ghost toy! So cute!

  • cheriemp

    my cats…i have 7…mostly prefer vertical scratching. i would like the fall leaves scratcher & the candy corn catnip toy. 🙂

  • clenna

    My daughtert has two cats both are vertical scratchers. We’d like the Pumplin nested set and the Frankenstein catnip toy

  • Danielle Murgia

    Reese’s is a vertical scratcher because that is the only thing she has is a vertical cat tree to scratch on. I think she would like the fall leaves vertical scratcher and the frankie catnip toy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Christine Johnston Dutton Beeh

    Clay is a vertical scratcher -on posts. Stewart is a vertical scratcher – on doorways. Grrr. Squeaky is the only girl – adn she is perfect – she is a dainty horizontal scratcher. So I would like the nested pumpkin scratcher for her… and the Ghost toy for Thumper (who is not a scratcher)

  • Holly Beth Jarvis

    Jasper is a horizontal scratcher, unless of course he wants to tear up the end table. Then he bypasses the hanging scratchey and gets to it. So I think the nested pumpkin scratcher is best for him. Also, I think he would be more of a ghost toy boy. His favorite toy now is Mr.Owl (formerly Granpa Owl, Uncle Owl, etc. – I keep the makers of that toy in business LOL).

  • katboxjanitor

    Miss Marbles’ arthritis has reduced HOW vertical she can go for scratching, but eventually we will add a more youthful (compared to her 16 yrs!) companion.

    I have a lot of vertical surfaces, so the horizontal scatcher would male the best addition and would be more convenient alternative for my furry commander. 😉

    All three of the toys are great – but the candy corn would be most visible for the coordination challenged two-legs of the house!

  • Michelle S

    We have both horizontal and vertical scratchers here. We would love the nested pumpkin scratcher, and the Frankie catnip toy.

  • Lisa Acord

    I can’t believe I have to pick a scratcher! I have six cats, so horizontal or vertical would work in this house, but if I must choose, lets go with the vertical ghost. And how about the Frankenstein catnip?

  • Pleshette McGrady

    Definitely a horizontal scratcher….of course it all depends on their level of energy. And any one of them would be a welcome treat. My couch is loosing the battle.

  • Melissa White

    My four kitties would have so much fun playing with these!

  • Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs

    Wow! These are super cute. The SDR kittehs would love to have some Halloween scratchers (well any kind of new scratchers,a s theirs are getting pretty worn out). xoxoxo Pocahontas and the SDR Clan

  • cole

    My cat is definitely vertical but they might like the pumpkin

  • Connie KittyBlog

    PUMPKIN!! I saw those last year and I waited too long and they were gone before I could snag one.. Having multiple cats I have multiple scratching preferences.. and the catnip toy please 🙂

  • Elines

    My kitties like to scratch horizontally. I like the pumkin and the candy corn for my kitties 🙂

  • Julie McDonough

    My kitties vary…some like the horizontal and some like the vertical. I think they would all love this.

  • Cindy Loohoo

    The half-moon ones are very cool. I have a door scratcher and my kitties don’t use it. They prefer floor scratchers. Please and thanks!

  • caya

    My kitties are both horizontal and vertical but I think they prefer horizontal because they can stand on the scratcher while they scratch. MOL They would LOVE the nested pumpkins. Imperial scratchers are great

  • Jojo Shrader

    My cats are both horizontal scratchers. The Ghost scratcher is the cutest and my cats would love the Frankie cat nip toy!

  • Judy Simon

    Most of my kitties are horizontal stratchers. would love the pumpkin one of this! Thank you! The cat toy, i love the candy corn! Thank you!

  • Jennifer Nickolenko

    My cats are horizontal scratchers and would like the nesting pumpkin! The candy corn catnip toy would be great!

  • katsrus

    Mine are mostly horizontal scratchers. I have one that prefers the other. He also likes doorframes. Would love to win a horizontal one and the candy corn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Amy Orvin

    My cats are horizontal scratchers and would prefer the Fall Leaves Scratcher and the Frankie Catnip Toy

  • Janet Collins

    Rerun is both, as she loves her scratching post, but also a rope rug I bought her…not sure which she likes better…and I think she would love the candy corn 🙂 Thanks for all the fun here, also fun to read about other’s kitty’s 🙂 xoxox

  • Marilyn Hamill

    Some of my boys like vertical and some like horizontal scratching. I would like the horizontal ones. They would like the candy corn toy, too.

  • Milene Mittelhauser

    Enzo is a horizontal scratcher and Paisley uses either horizontal or vertical. I love the Nested Pumpkin scratcher and the candy corn is adorable.

  • LostB

    My cat, Cozy, is a horizontal scratcher. She would probably love to lounge on the Nested Pumpkin. And the Frankie catnip toy is adorable!

  • Trish Santaromana

    My Felix will scratch in any direction, and despite the large cat tree, sometimes gets caught scratching inappropriately 🙁 The other 2 cats mostly scratch vertically, but will scratch horizontally when on carpet.

    All of them would love the candy corn toy 🙂

  • LostB

    Oh My Gosh. My cats would die if they saw these. I would love to get it for them.

  • Melissa

    Our boy Poof tends to be a vertical scratcher. He’s partial to the fall leaves scratcher, and he likes the look of the ghost catnip toy.

  • Demonkitten

    My cats would love any of them. The ghost one is super cute.good luck to all who enter:)

  • Rach N.

    I just adopted an 8 year old cat who would love any of these. He’s very athletic for his age and for what he’s been through.

  • kris

    our cats will love horizontal scratchers to lay on and scratchers hack out them and the ghost and the candy corn look for the best

  • Dionna Nalls

    Chloe is a horizontal scratcher; Cleopatra is both, but mostly horizontal. She’s always been a unique girl. I would like the Fall leaves scratcher and the candy corn catnip toy. 🙂

  • Jeanne Owens

    I think Shadow is more of a horizontal scratcher, so I think he’d like the nesting scratcher set. As for toys, I love the ghost one, it’s so cute 🙂

  • Krystal Grohman

    Most of my kitties are horizontal scratchers.. They would love the nesting pumpkin and candy corn..