9 Little Things We Love About Our Cat Annie

Annie's Portrait

Annie Today

Our Cat Annie

Annie came into our lives when we were newly brokenhearted.  I say newly because it had only been a month since we lost Gracey and our hearts were heavy and our spirits  low.  It is true time brings recovery but the heart remains broken, in repair mode and able to function.

Annie's Grayson County Humane photo

Annie’s facebook photo

We first saw Annie on facebook, many of you know Annie’s story, when Gracey was with us.  Annie looked so smart and full of personality.  I asked Gracey if she might like to have another cat to share her habitat and she looked at Annie’s photo and touched the screen with her paw.  But  Gracey fell ill and we lost her.

Annie ready to come home

First time we met Annie

When Donna at Grayson County Humane Society told me  Annie  was still available for adoption, Paul and I decided not to wait any longer.  We had a home, there are so many cats that need homes, why wait?  Donna said Annie seemed to know we were coming to adopt her because she sat bright eyed  waiting for us.  As soon as we opened the shelter door, I saw her little face and  felt a sense of relief.

Annie at home

Sweet Annie!

9 Little Things We Love About Annie

Annie and Eddie have been sharing our lives for nearly 9 months now.  Each cat has their own unique personality and has brought life and laughter back into our home.  I want to take a moment to reflect and tell you about 9 little things  we love about Annie

1) Annie is lion-hearted!  Annie is curious and seemingly fearless.  She is the first to pounce and the last to flee.

2) The way she tilts her head.  Annie has the head tilt perfected.  When she is interested in something, which is basically when she isn’t sleeping, she watches intently with her head tilted to one side.  Super cute.  She makes us smile many times every day.

3) Little cat with big cat behavior. All domestic cats share behaviors of their big cat cousins, but Annie seems to excel at her big cat skills.

annie crouched lions water hole

4) Annie sings.  Yes, she sings.  When she is carrying a favorite toy through the house, she sings.  She trills and chirps and it warms our hearts to hear her.

5) Head bunting and nose taps.  Annie is very affectionate.  She is eager to give head-butts and nose taps many times during the day.

6) The sound of her paws.  Eddie is so quiet, that he could walk into the room and you would never hear him.  Annie, on the other hand, always seems to be in a hurry and we love the sound her paws make on the wood floor as she approaches.  She seems to have a unique cadence to her pace.

7) Protective of Eddie. Although we think Eddie is about one month older, Annie is protective of her brother. When Eddie goes into the carrier for a visit to the veterinary clinic, Annie hops right in for the ride.  She places her front leg around him like a hug and has even been heard giving a growl when Eddie is lifted out of the carrier for examination.

8) Annie has perfected the “I am innocent” look.  The photo below shows you what I mean.

Annie the innocent

It wasn’t me!

9) Annie is good company.   Annie sits on the window sill while we do the dishes, she runs into the bathroom to make sure we aren’t alone in there and curls up on the desk beside me in the office.  At night she purrs and gives us head-butts while kneading the blanket and pillows.  When we have exchanged multiple nose taps, given her chin scratches and stroked her neck and back to her liking, she suddenly plops down,  puts her head on the pillow beside me and goes to sleep. It is adorable and melts our hearts.

Annie sleeping

Annie sleeping

Annie’s Song

There are of course more than 9 things we love about Annie.  She  rescued us from our broken hearts and helped us begin the healing process.  Our love for Gracey enabled us to open our home to allow Annie and Eddie to rescue us.  No cat can ever replace the love of another. But what they can do, is be the glue that helps hold the pieces of your heart together so that you can grow to love again.

Now this is corny and I know it is, but when I think of Annie, I think of the John Denver’s Annie’s Song.

You fill up my senses like a night in a forest
Like the mountains in springtime like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses come fill me again

We are so grateful that Gracey found Annie on facebook and that we were able to bring Annie and Eddie into our lives.

What little things do you love most about your cat?

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  1. Love your story about Annie and Eddie. Annie’s photos are just beautiful and you can just feel her sweet essence through those gorgeous eyes! Your story brought back memories of losing my Angel who passed from renal failure on October 8, 2011. She was my heart and soul and I was inconsolable. A few months later, Olivia Grace (Gracie/Grace) came into my life – picked for me by someone else, but just like when you saw Annie at the shelter you knew she was for you, when I saw a photo of Grace, I fell in complete love all over again. Found out she was born on November 24, 2011, and really feel that Angel picked her straight from heaven and sent her my way. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  2. queencatlady says:

    When I lost my Ms. Phoebe suddenly in January, I immediately thought of when Gracey passed and how big of a shock and grief it was for you. I felt the same about Phoebe, our bond was so intense with her special needs requiring a lot of time and devotion. I truly believe our fur babies who leave us send us another in need when the time is right. I am still waiting to be adopted by another, but have no doubt my angel will send one to find me who will enrich my life as much as she did. Annie and Eddie are each their own cat, yet so devoted to one another and you both, along with the handsome Mercy. You are blessed to have had Gracey and these three are blessed to have you both.

  3. katboxjanitor says:

    Annie is a gorgeous kitty-girl. I love reading about your meeting her and Eddie

  4. wendyworldly says:

    This made me cry. My precious 12 year old ginger boy Pumpkin died 3 weeks ago and I am still heartbroken. I muss his very presence and his companionship. I would love another one right now but will be travelling for 6 weeks in August and don’t want to adopt and then leave him only a few months later. I am going to foster in the meanwhile.

    • katboxjanitor says:

      So sorry to hear about Pumpkin boy, it sounds like he left big pawprints on your heart.
      I am glad you are looking into fostering since you have that upcoming travel. You will help a kitty rediscover a loving home environment while they wait for their forever home.

      Be well, treasure the memories and when the time comes your next feline buddy will make your acquaintance.

  5. Lovely and sweet tribute. I can see both Annie and Eddies puuuursonalities puuuurfectly in your words. Thanks for sharing them with us. <3

  6. Lovely post. I am so glad you found each other.
    Sue B

  7. naturegirly says:

    Annie’s story is not unique. They are what we need at that moment in time and we can only hope to be the same for them. Thank you for all you do. <3

  8. Connie KittyBlog says:

    What a sweet and loving tribute to a darling and innocent kitty..