American Exotic Takes Viewers on Journey Into Exotic Animal Ownership

American Exotic Takes Viewers on a Captivating Journey

American Exotic is a new series about the ongoing exotic pet issue from the makers of the runaway hit documentary, The Elephant in the Living Room.  We talked about The Elephant in the Living Room here in our community when the documentary was first released, and Michael Webber so appreciated your support that he asked if I would share their new project with you too.

Director  Michael Webber and host Tim Harrison, two of the nation’s leading experts on dangerous captive animals, are back to take you on a captivating journey deep into the heart of this rarely seen or understood subculture of exotic animal ownership.

You will watch Tim Harrison on some of the most unimaginable animal rescues.  Everything from rare primates to the largest and most dangerous snakes in the world.  You will be taken behind the scenes as Tim travels the country, rescuing exotic pets but also as he works hand in hand with  the exotic animal owners to help make life better for the animals and safer for the general public.


Tim Harrison at State House in Ohio

Tim Harrison stressing the importance of the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act

 American Exotic Creators

Michael Webber is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and experienced motion picture producer. He has produced numerous films for 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate and is producer/director of the runaway hit documentary The Elephant in the Living Room. Praised by critics as one of the Best Films of the Year, the movie went on to win 5 Best Documentary Awards and became the #1 Independent Film in the nation for three weeks in a row – remaining in the Top 10 for nearly a year.  Michael has been a guest on many radio and television talkshows including  The Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, ABC 20/20, NBC Nightly News and Nightline.

Tim Harrison is a decorated Ohio police officer, firefighter and paramedic. He is a world renowned exotic animal advocate and director of the non-profit organization Outreach for Animals. In his career, he has captured, rescued and relocated literally hundreds of dangerous exotic pets, has been featured in countless national television, radio and magazine stories and has written two books on his experiences.

I  had the pleasure of meeting Tim Harrison at the Ohio State House last summer where Tim spoke at the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s meeting in support of the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act.   Tim work tirelessly to help not only the animals but the people that find themselves caught is a difficult situation as the owner of an exotic animal.

Michael and Tim are committed to producing the American Exotic series outside of  traditional television because they will not  compromise their integrity and  refuse to agitate an animal just to create sensational television to draw ratings.  I think this is admirable and we need more people like Michael and Tim  to help this country work through the exotic animal crisis.

 Please Consider Supporting this Project on KickStarter

American Exotic with Tim Harrison is live on Kickstarter.   You will find more detailed information about the project on that page and develop a deeper understanding of why this project is so important for exotic animals and their owners.  To learn more pounce on this link:

American Exotic on Kickstarter

Thank you for caring about all animals big and small.

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  1. I think I would need a box of kleenex with this film but; I still would love to see it. I didn’t realize there were so many in the US. Really is sad to know that. Looked like a lot were in small cages or areas. Kudos for them for sharing this and caring about exotic animals.
    Sue B