Nurse Cat. Annie Helps Me Recover From the Flu

Annie's paw on my hand

Annie, my nurse.

After we lost Paul’s mom, we both came down with flu and are now on the road to recovery. I had  the respiratory flu and acute bronchitis and spent the better part of 10 days resting and drinking a lot of water.  I don’t remember being this sick since I was a kid.  I am recovered now with just a lingering cough and a bit of fatigue.

Throughout the ten days, Annie remained by my side.  She took short breaks to romp and play with Eddie and Mercy but she quickly returned to monitor my progress.  Eddie and Mercy visited too, but they allowed Annie to be the chief nurse.

When Annie took a break from watching over me, she made sure that Paul was getting plenty of rest too.  Mercy and Eddie kept watch over Paul from the ottoman but Annie made sure to snuggle close.

Annie and Paul on the sofa

Annie keeps guard of Paul

Easter Sunday, even though Paul and I both felt a lot better, we decided to rest.  What we thought would be a short nap, turned into a three hour nap with Annie on my chest, Eddie on my legs and Mercy by Paul.  We must have been more tired than we realized and the cats knew what was best for us.

Annie sleeping close up

Sweet Annie

I watched a lot of Netflix during my recovery and most of the time, when I looked over to my side, I would see my sweet Annie keeping me company.  When I took a shower, she was my lifeguard standing outside the door.

Anyone who says that cats don’t love and care for their family members, must have never shared their life with a cat.

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  1. Retta Shanahan says:

    They do love & care for us! When I got home after my transplant surgery, Timo & Tuula would not leave my side! I think they have had a big part in my recovery so far.

  2. Dick Gabor says:

    …. Still don’t know who Dick Gabor is….

  3. Dick Gabor says:

    So sorry to hear you were sick! You were in my thoughts during the Tridium.

  4. Subhadhra Gunn says:

    What a beautiful, sweet story about your “nursemaids”. Our furbabies really know when we’re down or ill and comfort us in their fluffy way.
    I do hope you and your family are in much better health. Well…. how can you NOT be, with “catness” all around you?

  5. Cats really tune in. It always amazes me, even though I know it is true. I hope you are both recovered now.

  6. pilch92 . says:

    Annie is a sweetie, I am glad you are feeling better.

  7. I hope y’all are feeling better now. I had a cat Nani who used to be a nurse to me when I was sick. She didn’t care about anything else that was going on or even get up to eat. She would stay by my side to make sure I was ok. One time I fainted and when I came to, she was licking my face. I think she was trying to wake me up. I sure miss that girl.

  8. sandy weinstein says:

    pets make the best nurses because they love you. i hope you are better and have a speedy recovery.

  9. Aw, sweet Annie! I am glad you are feeling better.

  10. We kitties make the best nurses!

  11. Hope your feeling much better. Cats are wonderful.
    Sue B

  12. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    Annie…just sayin….but it sounds ta uz like sum onez mom and dad; knead ta buy sum one….. a new cat tree ….bee coz ……… ???

  13. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Aweee how sweet!