The New Triple T Studios Cat Walk Tote Giveaway

Cat Walk Tote with black cat

The Cat Walk Tote was the most popular handbag at CatConLA 2016.  The classic style features a happy cat walking with their tail up and curled!
Cat Walk Tote sewn cat on front
The Cat Walk Tote was designed by Triple T Studios and is made exclusively for us. The back of the tote features a whimsical trail of cat paws creating a pretty pattern across the bag.  The cat and the cat paws are carefully stitched in place.
Cat Walk Tote sewn paws
This tote is winter white with a black cat and cat paws and black trim on the inside top with black shoulder straps.

New Features on the Cat Walk Tote

cat walk tote with strap

We added  a detachable adjustable shoulder strap at the request of our customers.

Cat Walk Tote Paw feet

We also added our design patent-pending cat paw shaped protective feet to the bottom of the tote.  These adorable cat paws will not only make you smile, but will protect the bottom of your tote.The material for the Cat Walk Trio has a softer hand-feel that you are sure to love.

The Cat Walk Tote features:

  • Sewn Walking Cat design on front
  • Sewn Cat Paw design on back
  • Double top handles, 8.5″ drop.
  • NEW! Cross-Body Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Open top with a hidden magnetic snap closure.
  • One inside zip pocket
  • Three inside slip pockets.
  • 14″ w x 10″ H x 4″ D
  • NEW! Our Patent-Pending Cat Paw Protective metal feet

The Triple T Studios New Cat Walk Tote Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win the New Cat Walk Tote.  You can find more information about the New Cat Walk Tote here: Fashion With a Passion™

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win. Leave a comment below this post telling us; What do you like the most about the new Cat Walk Tote?

This giveaway is open to everyone.

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  1. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I like the size and classic look of the bag

  2. The cat walk tote looks like a work of art.I like the design ,the cat pattern concept along with the adjustable straps and the dimensions.
    Its a combination of good design and functionality. perfect for a day out with friends in the city!!

  3. Dyana Hulgan says:

    I love the black cat! I have a black cat. And love the protective cat paws!!! Adorable!

  4. It’s simply adorable! Very versatile!

  5. Debbie Snell says:

    Everything it really is so cute and fashionable and purrrfect 🙂

  6. Rajeeva Jayaratne says:

    its beautiful.

  7. baby cake says:

    Everything about the tote is adorable!! But the paw prints on the back are the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  8. I love the cat on the bag and the size of the bag.

  9. I love all of the paw prints! This bag is gorgeous-would love. love, love to win! Thanks.

  10. I Love the cat and the contrast

  11. Trinh Lam says:

    I like how the tote is white with the cat logo on it.

  12. Maria Appleby says:

    I love this tote because it is simple and elegant! Perfect for cat-lovers like me!

  13. The purse is really cute. I love black cats. I especially like that it has a cross body strap. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. It is a beautiful bag. Love cute cats 😀

  15. I think it is beautiful! Love the happy cat and the paw prints! The size is also purrrrrfect.

  16. I like the metal paw prints on the bottom so the bag doesn’t get scuffed!

  17. jody buhagiar says:

    I love that its bigger enough for all my daily needs, the style and colour are fantastic!

  18. shannon fowler says:

    i like thats its black and white because it goes with everything, and i love the size.

  19. Mel Borhi says:

    love the creativity and design of it.

  20. Gloria Tretiak says:

    not only do I love cats, but the purse is also very roomy

  21. I like design and it’s easy to carry

  22. Margaret H says:

    I love the size and the design

  23. theponyhalf~ says:

    i love how cute this tote looks

  24. Love black cats

  25. It reminds me of my kitty JC

  26. Shelley Joy P says:

    What I like the most about the new Cat Walk Tote is the trail of cat paws creating a pretty pattern across the bag 🙂 Adorable!! This is such a beautiful tote!

  27. Dominic Cloutier says:

    Meow? Meow!

  28. Irena Matkovi? says:

    I love that cat!

  29. This is so perfect for weekend travel!!

  30. Debi Zika says:

    its so cute

  31. Well, as you can see, I am totally helpless in the face of little black cats >^^<

  32. Vickie Kohn says:

    The little black cat. It reminds me of my Batiatus.

  33. Lori Woods says:

    I love the black kitty on it and the feet at the bottom.

  34. Alli Johnson says:

    I Love the Paw Prints on the Bottom and the handles are the purrfect length for me!!

  35. Ruth Morrow says:

    I absolutely love the additional strap, plus it is the classiest cat tote out there!

  36. Kitty Catty says:

    I love the new shoulder strap and feet! TY!

  37. Daniel Scott says:

    I like the black cat and the long handles. It is a pretty tote for my wife.

  38. I love anything with a black cat on it!

  39. chantz428 says:

    I love that there are several cat motifs, and the paw print feet are an awesome idea!

  40. Maiarebecca says:

    that looks just like my kitty!

  41. Christine Snyder says:

    Awesome tote

  42. The paw prints on the bottom are just adorable!
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

  43. Robyn B. says:

    I love the Sewn Cat Paw design on the back.

  44. Beth Padgett says:

    Just the fact that it is a cat is enough for me. I love anything and everything CAT. I have five in my room with me at all times.

  45. Evelyn Chuter says:

    I love the black cat on it because it looks my cat Minnie. I also love the paw prints on the tote.

  46. Dana Matthews says:

    I love the cat paw shaped protective feet to the bottom of the tote! And, it’s modern looking

  47. LauraRichardson says:

    I love the feets!

  48. sandy weinstein says:

    i love the paw prints and the size and opening. easy to get into and it has pockets on the inside to put things.

  49. Missi Stutes says:

    I love how classy it looks.

  50. Kathleen Austin says:

    So classic looking. I love the black cat

  51. Krista Shull says:

    Love the striking look and the paw prints are the best! Great Bag!

  52. I love the design & the kitty paws

  53. femmekatz says:

    I love everything about this bag, but I especially like the addition of the shoulder strap. Love the pawprints!

  54. Judy Simon says:

    i love the 3 little storage pockets inside & most definitly I love the paw print “feet” for the purse! Adorable!

  55. I love anything cats !! This is not a childish silly bag as many cat items are !!! This is a sophisticated tote you could take anywhere especially love the feet !!

  56. Cleo's Mama says:

    I love the “cat-itutde” of the cat on the front.

  57. I like the black and white color combination and the adjustable shoulder strap. The metal feet is super cute too.

  58. Marilyn Hamill says:

    Nice looking tote.

  59. Julie Baker Parlacoski says:

    I love the size and the cat shadow design. very versitile

  60. The colors are awesome – black & white. Goes with everything! Size is just right. And the cat is unique in purse design.

  61. Tracy Shafer says:

    I love that it’s roomy for everything I need! And the kitty! <3

  62. Cindy Loohoo says:

    Well, of course… the cat paw feet! The best! 🙂

  63. Ann Rayfield says:

    I love the cat paw design.

  64. Lorena Keech says:

    I love the cat’s posture, he or she is obviously a very cocky feline.

  65. This is just so elegant in its simplicity. It is truly beautiful.

  66. I like the protective feet on the bottom. Cute! 🙂

  67. Christine Ecklund says:

    I love everything! The black cat on the white looks elegant and the paw prints on the bottom of the purse are classy. What a great item! Would Love to have this!

  68. I can’t decide what I love the most, there are several things about it I love. I love the black cat against the white purse, I love the shoulder strap added, the footprints on the back, that it’s the perfect size for me. It’s just very classy looking.

  69. I love the feet on the bottom but think I like the cross the body strap more.

  70. Deborah Zarett says:

    The added shoulder strap and metal paws on the bottom!

  71. Judy Thomas says:

    I love everything about it! Love the paw prints, it is gorgeous and so handy.

  72. I like that it rests on little cat feet, as the poet put it.

  73. Lisa Pecora says:

    I like that the bag is white and the cat is black on it.. good color combo

  74. Valerie McMullen says:

    So cute! Paws are crossed!

  75. The paws on the bottom

  76. Barbara Consbruck says:

    I like all the pockets inside and the cat paw prints.

  77. Wendy Schmeckpeper Woodruff says:

    Have the handbag would love be the tote!!!

  78. The paw prints on the bottom of the tote are fabulous! The entire design on the bag is adorable!

  79. Jennifer A says:

    I like that you can wear it as a cross body or by the handles!

  80. The Island Cats says:

    We love the paw prints on this bag.

  81. leighnichols says:

    I love the adorable paw prints!

  82. pmessing says:

    This is gorgeous! Love the black and white, AND we have a black kitty (who is gorgeous!).

  83. wetnosegang says:

    I love the feet on the bottom

  84. Jeanne Owens says:

    I love it all, but especially the cat design, the detachable shoulder strap, and the protective metal paws

  85. Sharon A. Allen says:

    Love the idea of the metal feet at bottom. Also the the 2 strap option, And what’s not to love about cats!

  86. Mary Friedling says:

    First, the cat silhouette. Second, Cat Paw Protective metal feet.

  87. Courtney says:

    I love the color options!

  88. Patchycat says:

    Too cute! Love the practical inside pockets as well!

  89. Cheryl Young says:

    The shoulder strap and the cat!

  90. pilch92 . says:

    Great giveaway. It looks so well made with the paw prints sewn on 🙂

  91. Theresa Spaid says:

    I like the looks, and I really like that it has a shoulder strap and it is large enough to carry everything I carry around.

  92. would love to be stylin with this adorable cat tote, especially all the paw prints,which I love

  93. I love the black cat on the tote. I also have a tattoo of a black cat on my wrist, I would match the bag,

  94. The actual style of the bag…and of course the cat

  95. Connie Lee says:

    I love the cat paw tracks, like the kitty just walked over your bag!

  96. Love the metal cat feet!

  97. Mary Jo Krause says:

    I love all the paw prints!!!!! On the back they look awesome and on the bottom what a fabulous idea to protect the bottom of the tote, love it!!! The whole design is amazing!!

  98. Kristi Kellberg says:

    In addition to the classic design and cute appliques, I love the paw print feet on the bottom.
    They are so fun and they protect the bag from contact with floors and counters.

  99. Cat Fleming says:

    The feet! Definitely the metal feet!

  100. Karen Genna Nadeau says:

    The feet are really cute. What a great idea.

  101. Raine Dawson says:

    The added feet are also my favorite addition. They are so adorable and perfect for being able to set your bag down without ruining it.

  102. I think the cat paw metal protective feet are so cute! Great detail!

  103. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says:

    Love those metal cat feet and the bottom and cross body steal great idea!

  104. Sandra Gaultois says:

    I love this bag. The size is great and the cat paw protective feet on the bottom are so cute and practical! Great to have the removable strap. Love the black and white which will go with anything. As a cat lover I would proudly take this everywhere 🙂 <3

  105. Vanessa Mortensen says:

    As a music teacher with cats, I love the black & white colors with all the stitching around the paw prints. I love the choice of straps, making it flexible and usable for all purposes.

  106. It’s very elegant, yet practical. And I LOVE the cat paw prints on the back!

  107. Carol Turner says:

    A perfect size with a perfect cat. Beautifully presented.

  108. A very stylish tote. Like a work of art wrapped up into a tote. I love the hand-stitched cat prints. Simply a beautiful tote. I would love to win one as I am a total cat lover. I have two kittie cats of my own. It would be great to own such a piece of art inspired by my favorite animal on earth.

  109. ClickClick says:

    I love everything about it. I like the simple black and white colors.

  110. What’s not to love? The style is classic. But the cat on front really stands out to any cat lover.

  111. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love a cross body option..and it is so cute!

  112. Mary Kay Beattie says:

    I really like the cross body strap!! That makes this tote more functional for me. The little kitty paw feet at the bottom of the bag to protect it when you sit it down are TOO CUTE!!! I love this bag!

  113. susansmoaks says:

    i love how adorable this bag is, i am a cat lover and i will carry this everywhere.

  114. The black cat on the front. It reminds me of my dear Precious, whom I lost last month at the age of 20. It’s been difficult without my familiar.

  115. atcmaikai says:

    Undoubtedly adorable, but the cat paw shaped protective feet on the bottom is genius.

  116. What I like the most about the new Cat Walk Tote is that it honors black cats, who are fabulous, elegant companions that are sadly often subject to discrimination as a result of unfounded prejudices. I see handsome Mercy’s influence at work here. =^.^=

  117. Chocolata Majora says:

    I love how neat and crisp it looks and oh yeah, it has a cat on it! 🙂 The cute little feet protectors on the bottom are adorable too.

  118. I love the black cat the best on this. The attention to detail on the bottom with the paws, though is very adorable.

  119. katsrus says:

    I like the paw prints. Very pretty.

  120. I love the design and the detachable strap!

  121. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I like it because it’s just adorable, what with the cat silhouette on it.

  122. tannawings says:

    I like it because it has CATS on it! Its cute and stylish too!
    ellen beck on form