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Our Cats Light Up Our Lives

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations have been packed away, winter takes over and along with the bright days with snow glistening, there are the dark sunless cold days where the grey looms until nightfall.  We had several of these gloomy winter days in a row and generally I am able to work through them without feeling blue.  But for the last couple of days, when I felt that melancholy tug at my heart, I had three little cats to help pick up my spirits.

Mercy in the holiday spirit

We left the JOY pillows out in the sunroom, and how could you not smile when you see little Mercy?

Or when I see Eddie sleeping in his favorite place.

Annie sleeping close up

Sweet Annie

I found this post I had written almost  18 months ago and it holds true today.  Annie is my moon.  This is what I wrote.

Cats Comfort Us

For many of us, our cats are our moon.  Annie is my moon.  She was there for me with her bright eyes shining during moments of overwhelming sadness after losing Gracey. When I am blue, I feel a little cold nose and Annie’s soft fur against my neck as she nestles in under my chin. When she gets settled I wrap my left arm around her and she purrs me back to comfort.

Gracey was there for me when I lost my dad.  I don’t have the words to fully explain the comfort that our cats bring to us, but if you are reading this, I think you know exactly what I mean.

Most days I go along and smile when I see reminders of loved ones around our home.  When there is sadness, Annie seems to know and  comes to comfort me.  Annie is my moon.

cat moon quote

I thought your cat might be your moon too and now would be a good time to repeat the Cat Moon Necklace giveaway.

The Cat Moon Necklace

The Cat Moon Necklace pays tribute to your cat companion who is always there for you.  The necklace is made in the cabochon style from a zinc alloy and is lead and nickel free. The cabochon pendant measures 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter, not too big and not too small.

The necklace comes with the 20 inch  (50 cm) chain with a 2 inch (5 cm) extender and a lobster clasp and weighs about 10 g.

The Cat Moon Necklace comes in a pretty organza draw string bag and is gift boxed.  Included is a small card with the image above of a cat reaching for the moon and quote by an unknown author.

The Cat Moon Necklace Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive the Cat Moon Necklace.  If you can’t wait, you can learn more about the necklace here Triple T Studios.

How to Enter

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Leave a comment below this post telling us:  How has your cat helped you through your darkest hour or a rough time?

This giveaway is open to everyone!  Void Where Prohibited.

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  1. really cute necklace

  2. That Kitty reminds me of my Khloe she was so sweet and loving, I will always treasure her in my heart

  3. Lisa Gibbs says:

    I would love the necklace for my current fur babies and in remembrance of one’s in the past that have crossed the bridge.

  4. Gail Goldsby Reid says:

    My cats don’t tell my secrets. I can tell her anything.

  5. My babies helped me not feel so lonely when my son started pre-school.

  6. My cats seem to know when I am upset, down in the dumps or just plain not happy. They nudge my nose, my face & give kitty kisses. Simon will sit on my lap & Alice will lay a paw on my hand. They are always there for me through thick & thin <3

  7. My cats are always the best nurses. When I had pneumonia they stayed with me almost night and day. They left to eat, but that’s about it.

  8. Tracy Shafer says:

    She just loves me so much and is always by my side.

  9. ClickClick says:

    All my cats help me. I am so busy taking care of their needs, that mine are minor. They are all so old. It’s like assisted living at my house.

  10. Callie follows me every where and lays on the couch next to me, she will not let me out of her sight and she is 6 years old

  11. Connie Tucker says:

    Our oldest was a good cuddle bundle and stayed by my side when my mom passed.

  12. I moved across the country without knowing anyone there and my 2 cats helped me feel more at home in a new place.

  13. CATherine says:

    My beloved Oreo is in at a year & a half point of having cancer in his spleen & intestine lining, but he’s gained 1/2 pound. Yea .. that’s how he’s here for me .. always. He loves me with his entire being and me, him with all of me. As long as this sweet rescue is by my side, I too want to continue living .. he is my strength .. my sun .. my moon. xo

  14. My cat, Roger, always seems to know when I get one of my bad migraines. He will jump on the bed and nuzzle my head. Sometimes he will lick my cheeks and then curl up around my head and purr me to sleep.

  15. Gosh, my cat helped me so much when I had to have my first dog put to sleep. And they were buds. My cat layed with my dog all night the night before. So beautiful.

  16. Janice Crespo says:

    Pepsi used to follow me everywhere. When I needed to chat, she would lay down with me and hug me. She was the best cat.

  17. My cat has helped me through my darkest hour by listening to everything I had to say about what I was going through.

  18. One of my cats hates to be alone, she follows me in the house no matter where I go and waits for me to leave and she will lay beside me on the couch

  19. Dari Lambertson says:

    My Princess is there for me every day, I don’t get to see my 2 children or my 5 grandchildren a lot. I live alone in a Senior Living House, so it is very lonely. Yet at my lowest point each day she is there cuddling with me. She wipes my tears away, no really she reaches her paw to my cheeks and wipes them away. She makes me laugh so hard when she brings me her favorite soft ball, she wants me to throw it and then she brings it back.

  20. my cat was awesome he’d go everywhere with me even off roading. he loved to sit on my shoulder

  21. nickie burke says:

    My cat helped me through plenty of rough patches

  22. Aarone Mawdsley says:

    by being cozy

  23. Sharvia Sultana says:

    My cat has helped me so much when I had problems. She will always be there for cuddles. Sometimes I feel like she knows whats wrong when she sees me sad.

  24. Rebecca Scolari says:

    When I felt like I was the family scapegoat and getting the heat for everyone else’s drama each wonderful cat I’ve had has helped me by being there for me. So all of the cats I’ve ever had have always been able to help me by just being there and sometimes being the distraction I’ve needed.

  25. One of my cats has to be with me no matter where I am

  26. My cat helps me through my depression

  27. After my husband died 2 years ago, my cat, Squeaky became my Therapy cat, he is
    very good company

  28. Holly Thomas says:

    Oskar calms me down when I am upset, he senses my mood change and snuggles with me.

  29. Cats always help no matter how good or bad things are. But I need to be especially kind and patient when things are at their worst, because cats can’t understand human frustrations.

  30. Joyce Peace Hutson says:

    My post is below

  31. Joyce Peace Hutson says:

    Dot and Tigar Rose has helped me through my dark hours by just being them. Dot is the Body guard, when I move she moves. She was my Mom’s body guard before she took her “promotion” . Tigar rose is the Diva Cat, she just chills and wants hugs and rubs. They have a way of know and gives me their love.

  32. When I am not having a good day, he seems to know and cuddles with me

  33. sillykittygirl51 says:

    My 2 oldest cats lay themselves gently on my heart when I am having a panic attack until my breathing goes back to normal. I know that I would not be on this planet without them. Cats rule my heart 🙂 xo Best of luck to everyone!

  34. Sandi Busha says:

    When I lost my sweet Magoo at age 18, my Husband took me to the local shelter. After playing with lots of kittens I chose my Zoey. She has been my angel ever since.

  35. katklaw777 says:

    My 3 kitties always seem to know when I am feeling down.
    When my parents passed within 2 months of each other, they were there to comfort me.

  36. Sheila Smith Sasser says:

    My Ertha Mae is my moon. She was my comfort after losing my Circe girl and she always knows when I’m feeling down. She sleeps on my chest at night, follows me around the house. I am her person.

  37. When both of my cats passed away last year, I was severly depressed. I was diagnosed with Broken Heart Syndrome. They died 49 days apart from each other. I had to focus on one very important person in my life, give all of my undivided attention to and that was my newborn son. After I put him in bed at night I wrote in my journal, to each of one my cats, of how my day went without them as tears streamed down my face. “Dear Storm..tonight wasn’t the same without you tucking me in at night, I miss you so much… Dear Scooter..the house seems so empty without you here by my side…I miss you so much…” Between April and June is when I cried the most, until one day this kitten appeared in my newsfeed and I knew that I had to have her. I brought her home exactly one month after Scooter passed. Gracie was a “gift” sent to me to help me learn how to love again and recover from my broken heart. She is my baby, I am happy again and most importantly she is growing up with a buddy.

  38. They always seem to know when I’m down.

  39. My Kitty wasn’t, and isn’t, a real cuddler. A few years back, she had her favourite spots to sleep and I had my bedroom. However, one day I had a very upsetting experience. I was crying and really stressed and panicked. That night, she came and curled up on my bed, the first time she had ever done it. Plus, she did so on the pillow right next to my head. Her presence close by really did comfort me during that very difficult time. It was amazing to me because it was clearly a special behaviour at an unusual time. Somehow, she knew that her family member, me, needed support, and she gave it to me.

  40. Vickie Kohn says:

    They were there to comfort me when my husband went away to basic training for 4 months

  41. Nancy dehm says:

    I love love love this beautiful necklace I’m glad we can enter to win it. I hav admired since the first time I saw it

  42. Tracy Brewer says:

    So beautiful

  43. After a forced move to this location due to divorce, we were here about a year when we lost our beloved “elder statesman”, King Nicolas I, who I often described as “22 pounds of yellow cat” in his prime. Some time after this, I adopted Corrie from a local shelter. Not long after she joined us, I lost my beloved father. A week after this, we lost our Corrie angel. She was not with us for long, but she left an indelible mark on our hearts and was definitely one of my moon cats.

  44. When I was hospitalized for 16 days, my husband had to work, keep the household going, take care of the kitties and me. I didn’t remember doing so, but when I finally got home, there were many messages from me to the kitties on our answering machine – in my darkest hour I wanted them to know how much I missed them and loved them.

  45. Brenda Nemec says:

    My 10 rescue kitties help me through every single day as I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. They are my little furry therapists, I swear! The most important example of my babies love is when I lost my precious mom to suicide 10 years ago. I was an absolute mess for a long time, and at least 1 of my cats were always by my side “protecting” me and comforting me during this horrible time. I can not imagine life without my precious little angel babies!

  46. really cute necklace, thanks for the chance to win it

  47. No truly dark time, but after some surgeries he was always with me to take my mind off the discomfort.

  48. Melinda Wright says:

    Felix is my buddy. When I am ill or feeling down, he will be at my side. He will meow until I let him under the covers then sleeps on my chest purring to let me know everything will be all right.

  49. My dark times have been limited, but anytime I am home from work sick, my Jynx is by my side. Maybe to watch over me, or maybe just to suck heat off of me, but I always appreciate the company and purrs.

  50. McGuffy Ann says:

    I am alone most of the time. My cats are always there. ?

  51. When I’ve had a long day and can barely drag myself up the stairs, seeing their little faces waiting for me at the door, and then the leg rubs once I get in lift my spirits greatly. And the purrs! Oh the purrs!

  52. So many ways … one being they give me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, even on those days when I don’t want to.

  53. Carrie McCarthy says:

    my cats always know when something is wrong and they will just sit with me(they never do that) and let me cuddle them

  54. Deborah Zarett says:

    I have several cats. They all help me just by their presence. When I feel hopeless, I remember they are my family.

  55. My cats came to me when i was going to live alone. my mom passed away, my children went on there own and i was afraid. These 2 babies have made my life so happy. they r there when im sad and crying. they give kisses, hugs, lick my face, sleep with me. i now never will feel alone as i truly enjoy the chatter , it can be 9am or 3am it is heaven to me.

  56. katboxjanitor says:

    With the simplest touch with a paw with claws withheld, a cool damp nose or a cuddle. Sharing a little love with each touch, mouthful of fur (accidentally) and a fabulous purr.
    Somehow when I need it most…a little silly play happens.

    I just love the ‘help’ each kitty has offered at just the right moment.
    I can only hope I give them half the comfort when they need.

  57. LauraRichardson says:

    Ironically enough, my Sunshine was my moon. He was with me through nineteen years of good and bad, and I miss him every day.

  58. Beth Ackerman says:

    My cats are definitely my moon. I have some health problems and spend most of my time in bed. The kitties spend all of their time with me – cuddling, talking, kissing. They comfort me in the best possible ways.

  59. Judie Cooper says:

    I was laid off 9 months ago and am dealing with having fibromyalgia, through all of this my cats have been there, butting me with their heads, snuggling and otherwise making me feel less alone. They will be with me through my next adventures of moving to a state where I know virtually no one and starting a new job. They are my constants.

    • Super Hurrah! Congratulations Judie, you are the winner of the Cat Moon Necklace. We will be shipping your package via USPS. Is your address still the same as you entered? We are so happy you have your cats with you to help you through this difficult time. We are sending you a hug and best of luck with your new job. Thank you for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  60. Candi Ausman says:

    My cats have helped me through dark times, but I must admit I was worried about losing them every time I would get laid off of a job and faced homelessness a couple of times. I’m more worried about them potentially having dark, confusing times if something goes terribly wrong.

  61. Barbara Consbruck says:

    My cats are always there to comfort me when I need it. They just seem to know if I’m sick, feeling down or upset. Cats are very wise creatures.

  62. wetnosegang says:

    I found Pearl in 2009, and I am convinced she must be one of the cutest, sweetest, goofiest cats ever. I have three cats, and am always struggling to make ends meet. Whenever I feel the blues, having a cat like Pearl is a lifesaver

  63. Linda Johnson says:

    When I am sad or upset or sick my three cats are always there for me. Shortly after bringing my rescue cat I was choking on a pill I was trying to take and I was alone and couldn’t clear my throat and was starting to weeze and panic. My little rescue jumped up onto my shoulder and reached with her paw and patted my cheek. It was enough to calm me down and with one more cough out popped the pill. My cat saved my life that night. I rescued her and she rescued me in return. That necklace says it all.

  64. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Two years ago, I had five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats (one of who actually belongs to the daughter who still lives at home, but he’s as much part of the family as the others). It was on January 2nd, 2015, when my deaf hound girl, Ran, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Less than four months and nearly $3k in vet bills later, we lost her. Then, last year in February, while I was struggling with the worst flu I’ve ever had, my senior cat, Konwko, unexpectedly passed at our house. In April – exactly one year after losing my Ran, I lost my senior Coonhound girl, Suki. While Koneko and Suki were old, it was still hard. Harest was losing my Ran, who was only five. I love all my furbabies, but our house was feeling a bit empty. On July 6th of last year I found a tiny feral kitten. At just two weeks old, she needed to be bottle fed and now, at 7 months old, she’s the sweetest, most loving little cat. I was hurting from losing the others, but Kotoha has really helped me get over things.

  65. Gloria Tretiak says:

    when I was really sick and they brought me home from the hospital , my cat would not leave my side. Where ever I went she went and at bedtime she curled up beside me for the night. She was a great companion

  66. They love unconditionally. They make my house a home. I will never live a day without a kitty (or twelve) by my side.

  67. Nancy Hoover says:

    This is a gorgeous necklace!!! LOVE the colors and the design! I have no necklaces at all and haven’t for awhile now. Would like to start wearing them again starting with this one. My co-workers would love it!

  68. The darkest of my days come when my medical disability sets me back from achieving a goal, going to an appointment or fulfilling a needed thing (paying a bill). To better understand how my cat helped me through your darkest hour… he use to meow till he got someone’s attention, and this often happened when I was younger and got my relatives to come; now he does the same but he lay by my side with a paw over my heart or atop my head with the front paws separated by my head where he often looks around… till a person’s present – all the while his brother would lay atop my feet!

  69. Cheryl Young says:

    They’re always there for me whether good or bad!

  70. Rajeeva Jayaratne says:

    i don’t have a cat.

  71. The Island Cats says:

    We always brighten the mom’s day.

  72. Jennifer A says:

    We adopted ours (rescued her really) shortly before I was scheduled for surgery for precancerous cells. She was right there snuggling me during my recovery and was a great kitty nurse

  73. tannawings says:

    How has your cat helped you through your darkest hour?

    I could give many examples, but here is one… you will notice my avatar has wings and is a siamese cat. His name was Tan’na. He passed from cancer about 15 years ago now. He brought me through deaths , he inspired me to advocate for ferals. he soaked up so many tears and was always there. I have people who ask why I dont change this avatar since it is here and on twitter. I never will………… he was my cat with a slightly crooked halo, but was certainly an angel in cat form. He will never be forgotten.
    I have 5 current cats, who know my moods, will cuddle and curl up. Tan’na though was the once in a llifetime cat.

    ellen beck on form.

  74. Vikki Billings says:

    I do not have a cat but my daughter has two cats and they helped her through her father passing aways, they are such loving cats.

  75. My cats are all good and loving, but there was one that I lost 5 years ago who was like my shadow. She was constantly by my side no matter what. Even if I was sick, she wouldn’t even worry about eating. She just wanted to comfort me. When I was going through sad times, she would lick or headbutt me to let me know she was there for me. I miss her every day.

  76. My cats are pretty in tune with when I’m stressed or upset and would benefit from their extra love. I don’t get bombarded with all the cats, though. It’s like they take turns consoling me as needed.

  77. My cat knows when I am blue or sad, and she will lay beside me when I am watching tv or if I am on the computer she will lay on the printer so as not to be far away from me

  78. Theresa Spaid says:

    My babies are getting old now and have always been there when I was down or upset. I have been trying to comfor them in their old age and it’s been hard to see them going through the old age illnesses they are having.

  79. mary potter says:

    My cat Ben gives hugs

  80. Judy Thomas says:

    Whenever I have been sad I have found one of my cats will sit next to me and cuddle up with me. I have a lung disease and whenever I cough my cat Aio comes running to check on me from wherever she is in the house 🙂

  81. My last cat, Dodger, was by my side when my marriage fell apart, never letting me sleep alone. My current cat, Saffron, has taken it on himself to keep the dog in line during my recovery from two brain surgeries and multiple angiograms. (Hip incision + terrier = bad combo lol)

  82. The cats I’ve had were, and have been, there for me with quiet support. They know when I am down and come to cuddle. They seem to be reassuring me.

  83. Mary Friedling says:

    I am unable to take anti-anxiety meds due to either allergies or other adverse reactions. Pink comforts me while Joe and Squeaky do their utmost to keep me laughing with their antics.

  84. Shelley Joy P says:

    Shadow was always there for me when I needed her most. She wasn’t an affectionate cat (being a semi-feral rescue) but she seemed to always know when I needed her. She would stay around me, brush up against me and even let me pick her up and pat her. I felt blessed and grateful to have her love at those times.

  85. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says:

    Ginny was there when my Mother passed away and the remaining family fragmented! I don’t what would have happended without GinnyCat acting as my heartbeat!

  86. My 3 foundling cats were a great comfort after my husband’s sudden death. Two of my cats sleep on my bed and one of them always gives a massage before I go to sleep. I really like it when he massages my lymphedema affected arm. Thanks for the giveaway. I love the necklace

  87. Laura Sellers says:

    All of our 14 kitties are rescues and each has his or her special way of rewarding us with their delightful antics, purrs and cuddles. They are family for my husband and me and couldn’t ever part with any of them! They keep us warm on cold nights and are ever loyal to us.

  88. Meg Bennett says:

    I can’t imagine life without cats. They provide unconditional love and are always there for you. I guess that’s why I live with forteen rescue kitties. They rescue me every day.

  89. Jayedee Halpin Dewitt says:

    My cats have literally kept me alive in my darkest hours. In the horrible days following my son’s death, i actually considered the unthinkable. The thought of my cats being lost, alone and possibly turned in to a kill shelter, kept me here.

  90. Kat Poling Olmstead says:

    I found my cat in a shelter. I was looking for a cat to help ease my anxiety. Gracie was the last cat for me to look at and when they put her in my lap she immediately curled up and began purring. That was 8 years ago and Gracie found her forever home with me.

  91. Recently we had a dog & cat with cancer. We had to put them down on the same day. The remaining pets (cats & dogs) were more than happy to snuggle with me while I cried.

  92. Erica Weaver says:

    my cat was there to give me love and affection

  93. Cats instinctively know when you need love and support, and they stay close and listen attentively without making a sound beyond that of a comforting purr. That is a great gift, as well as being a great lesson in how to truly relate to one another. =^.^=

    • Marlene Chapman says:

      CATS are the absolute best ‘white-noise machine” Just a few minutes of listening to that purr, and the world’s problems seem miles away! :3