Year of Zero Grain Chicken & Potato For Your Cat Giveaway #NutrishPets

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The Leopard Is More Vulnerable Than Previously Assumed

Lagadema, Eye of the Leopard

Lagadema, Eye of the Leopard photo by Beverly Joubert

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Cats In Sun Puddles

Sweet Annie in a sun puddle
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Our Message to Gracey After Three Years

This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series Messages to Gracey
crouching gracey 600

Gracey, My Heart Cat

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The IDEXX SDMA Test Will Help 1 in 3 Cats. Is Your Cat The 1? #AskYourVet

IDEXX image three cats

Image courtesy of IDEXX

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Cat Paw Lace Tote Giveaway

Cat Lace Totes with Kitten in middle

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Must Love Cats, Toads and Frogs

Dr Kerry Kriger Save the Frogs

Dr. Kerry M. Kriger Founder of SAVE THE FROGS!

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Rescued South American Circus Lions Find Sanctuary in South Africa

Rescued Circus Lion

Photo courtesy of SF Chronicle

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Cat Collar Translates Meows Into Words

Eddie the manipulative meow

Eddie is an effective communicator with his soft, high pitched meow.

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Two Mythbusting Facts About Mountain Lions

Teton Cougar Project image

Photo courtesy of Teton Cougar Project

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