Cats Shed for Hairball Awareness Day #PetHairSolutions

Annie with FURminator

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Living a Greener Lifestyle #PawNatural

Annie with Trees in background [Read more...]

DIY Easter Egg Puzzle Feeder for Your Cats

Eddie Easter Egg Puzzle Feeder

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Wild Oats and Walmart Launch More Affordable Organic Food

wild oats

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People and Animals Living Safely #BetterWithPets

Better With Pets Banner

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Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter Giveaway

Simple Solution 30 day litter

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One Thing You Should Never Call a Cat

Super Handsome Eddie

Cats Are Not Things, They Are Living Beings

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How To Remain Hopeful. Happy Birthday Jane Goodall & Thank You.

Jane Goodall

The Human Spirit is the Greatest Reason for Hope

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The Cat and The Cactus Annie Follows in Gracey’s Paw Prints

Annie and the CactusThe Cat and The Cactus

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American Exotic Takes Viewers on Journey Into Exotic Animal Ownership

American Exotic Takes Viewers on a Captivating Journey

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