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The Tiniest Tiger has Cat Clout

The Tiniest Tiger has cat clout and is a top influencer when it come to launching and promoting your  feline friendly products to cat parents.  The Tiniest Tiger is an award winning site that has grown a fierce following that is in a class of its own when it comes to all things cat.

Quick Facts:

  • 99% trust The Tiniest Tiger’s opinion
  • 87% trust other members of The Tiniest Tiger community
  • 50% live with 2 or more cats
  • 30% live with two cats
  • 20% live with one cat
  • 30% also share their home with a dog.
  • 81% Indoor only cats, 19% Indoor/Outdoor, 0% Outdoor only
  • 64,000 Facebook likes
  • 13,000 Twitter Followers
  • Over 20 million reach through friends of fans.
  • The Tiniest Tiger’s Community members believe in pampering their pets.
  • 82% Female Readers.  HHI 75K and higher

The Tiniest Tiger’s site and facebook page  are averaging 1.7 million post views per month proving  loyal readers are engaged and participating.  You are guaranteed to reach targeted consumers for your pet products. The Tiniest Tigers reach is extensive at over 20 million through Friends of Fans.

The 2014 Curious Cat Survey is underway. Results of the survey will be available upon request soon.
The Tiniest Tiger’s Curious Cat Survey* 2011 results show that 99% trust the opinion of The Tiniest Tiger and 87% trust the opinion of other members of the community when making a decision to purchase a new product for their cats. This loyal following and Gracey’s influence combined, make the community second to none for marketing to cat lovers.

The community provides a feline focused opportunity for you to promote, introduce, sponsor giveaways, and have your new and current products reviewed. Take advantage of knowing you are hitting the target for reaching pet passionate cat owners by participating as a sponsor of the blog via posts and/or badge placement.

Blue Ribbon Gracey

The Curious Cat Survey 2011 was posted on The Tiniest Tiger’s community asking for willing participants to answer questions about the cats in their care. With over 500 participants the results proved a loyal and interactive feline friendly community interested in learning about new products and purchasing what is best for their cat.
*The Tiniest Tiger’s Curious Cat Survey was posted in the first quarter of 2011 asking for willing participants to answer questions about the cat in their care. With 502 participants, the results proved a loyal and interactive feline friendly community interested in learning about new products and purchasing what is best for their cat.

The goal of the survey was to determine what The Tiniest Tiger readers were most interested in reading and learning about on the blog. In addition to demographics, the survey succeeded in gathering compelling data demonstrating that The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club  provides a lucrative promotional opportunity for every category of cat product, service and feline information.


The Tiniest Tiger reader is truly concerned about the quality of her cat’s food. 71% of the readers never purchase their cat’s food based on what is on sale. This consumer understands quality and is willing to pay more for top quality for her cat.  She also desires to learn more about new healthier food options for her feline companion.


100% of our readers provide toys for their feline family members, and the majority are interested in learning more about the latest greatest cat toys on the market. The Tiniest Tiger provides the perfect place to showcase both your current and new products to the market.  With access to over 24,000 feline fans in one location, your opportunity for focused attention is exceptional.

Please contact us if you would like detailed results from The Curious Cat Survey.

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