Petco Star Wars Pets Unleashed at BarkWorld & Our Giveaway

Petco’s Star Wars Pets Collection is Unleashed at BarkWorld

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image
Super Hurrah and Congratulations to R King

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Cats and Aquariums Both Reduce Stress and Anxiety

What do cats and aquariums have in common?

Gracey visists the Georgia Aquarium

You are feeling very sleepy......

Aquariums reduce stress and anxiety

Both cats and aquariums have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in humans.  That’s right, research concludes that aquariums have the ability to lower blood pressure,  calm the nerves, and clear the mind.   Aquariums create a soothing environment and are thought to have a hypnotic effect on humans.

Lazy Leopard’s One Minute Relaxation Video Test

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