Memory Star Giveaway

A Mother’s Work Stained Glass Stars

Memory Star Image

In our kitchen window, we have three stained glass stars. When the sun shines through the window, our kitchen is filled with beautiful color and we can’t help but smile. These stars are the work of a dear friend and that too makes them special.  Over the years I began to give the primitive stars, from A Mother’s Work, to friends that suffered the loss of a loved one.   When my father passed away, a close friend of ours gave us one of Cindy’s beautiful stars and it dances on the window sill with two other stars.  Every time I look at them I feel better.

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Imperial Cat Holiday Scratcher Giveaway

Annie and Eddie Reindeer games

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PetCareRx Customized Holiday Paw Stocking Giveaway

Enter to Win a Paw Stocking Customized with Your Cat’s Name

Annie and Eddie Stockings


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Buy The Tiniest Tiger Book Get Coloring Book Free

Have you read The Tiniest Tiger Story?

This holiday season, I have a special offer for members of The Tiniest Tiger community. When you buy The Tiniest Tiger Paperback, you will get a The Tiniest Tiger Coloring and Activity Book FREE!


The Tiniest Tiger bookThe Tiniest Tiger Book Description:

Children and adults will revel in this charming and brilliantly told tale of a forlorn and scruffy little kitten with a black stained nose and a striped tail that tries to find a home among the “big” cats that reside at the local zoo. Young readers will especially delight in this truly literary and fully illustrated lesson that advocates the protection of endangered species. When a stray kitten loses her way and is displaced from the only alley she has ever known, she squeezes her tiny body under the fence at the zoo and begins a long and tireless hunt for a home. Her search leads her to a tiger and into a lion’s den by way of a cheetah, clouded leopard, puma, jaguar, bobcat, and an ocelot. She learns a lot about what she isn’t, but gets no closer to finding a home until she is spotted by the zookeeper’s daughter and learns that there is truly a special spot for every cat—even the tiniest tiger—under the sun.

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Walkin in a Kitty Wonderland Photo Contest

Walkin in a Kitty Wonderland Photo Contest

Decorating with your cat!

In my habitat, things are beginning to get a bit more interesting. Lots of shiny objects are coming out of boxes and twinkling lights are being strung across the mantle.  Even my sunroom takes  on a winter wonderland feeling when the blinking star garland takes it’s place and the Christmas tree is adorned with  ornaments in the shapes of many of my favorite animals.

Gracey looking at the Christmas Tree

Admiring my tree with my animal ornaments

My parents make sure all the super shiny glass ornaments are resting out of my reach and they place the soft satin and other unbreakable ornaments on my little tree in the sunroom.  This is better for everyone, including me, because after all I am a cat and when the lights are twinkling and the glass ornaments are super shiny and interesting to touch, sometimes the glass ornaments leap off the tree and crash to the floor.  Shards of glass are not good for any of us.

Walkin’ in a Kitty Wonderland Photo Contest

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Our Welcome Home Snowman

Our Welcome Home Snowman is Glowing Bright!

Gracey and Snowman

My Snowman Friend and I waiting for my parents

The holiday season is in full swing.  I can watch pretty twinkling lights outside my window at night and my window Snowman has come back to visit with me for awhile.  He shines brightly in the early evening and slowly changes colors from red, to blue to green. At night whoever is home first, either my mom or dad, they make sure they plug in the snowman to greet  each other. We have a code for the snowman’s colors, green is for my mom and me because we have green eyes, blue is for my dad because he has blue eyes and red is because we love our family and friends.

After the snowman is twinkling bright, my mom or dad scoops me up and holds me so I can see out the window and we watch as the car pulls into the driveway and wave  a happy welcome!  This makes us all laugh and I squirm to get down so I can run to the door to give a proper greeting.

Last year, our poor snowman wasn’t feeling well and he lost his glow.  We were super sad.  We thought about getting a new snowman but that didn’t seem right after all it wasn’t his fault  he lost his ability to twinkle.  My dad tried to find a replacement bulb for him, but wasn’t having much luck.  The snowman sat in the window with me, but he just didn’t seem like himself.

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