To Clump or Not To Clump? Try the Smart Cat Box

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Friends, after the original post To Clump or Not To Clump?, I received a message from our Friend Jone suggesting that we try the Smart Cat Box.  Jone said that she uses the Smart Cat Box for her cats and that she likes the following features:

  • easy to test the urine (insulin) that collects in the reservoir
  • easy to pour urine to flush in toilet
  • scooping the poo with seeds and flushing in the toilet
  • cats don’t deal with any toxins, perfumes or dust
  • minimal tracking and what does track are tiny little seeds, easy on feet
  • easy to clean

As you might remember, my parents are obsessed with my pee after my recovery from transient diabetes.  So this sounded like an ideal solution for Cats like me  that need to have their pee analyzed.

My mom contacted Sara the creator of the Smart Cat Box and we received one in the mail to try.

After I began to use the Smart Cat Box, I sat down with Sara and we had a chat about the Smart Cat Box ‘s features and benefits.  I will be posting our chat for you to read through to see if you think the Smart Cat Box might be for you too.

The Tiniest Tiger and the Smart Cat Box

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