TTT Friends in US Get Free Shipping from Prince!

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The Eyenimal Videocam

Friends, exciting news!

The French Prince is offering free shipping to the US when you purchase the Eyenimal Videocam!  That is a savings of nearly $33.00 US. (Depending on the exchange rate of course)   When you order your Eyenimal Videocam, you will type in Gracey’s Friend.  That is your code to let Prince know that you are The Tiniest Tiger’s Friend and then he will deduct your shipping.  Isn’t that super?

Hurrah for Prince!!  Even though he is a French Television star and soon to be featured in a major magazine, he is still down to earth!

Prince also said that with the fluctuations between the US dollar and the Euro, that now is a good time to buy the Eyenimal Videocam. (It is about 30% less to buy the now than 3 months ago.)

Who is thinking about getting the Eyenimal Videocam?

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  1. The DOGTEK Eyenimal pet video camera is now available in USA.

    For more information please visit


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