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The Tiniest Tiger’s Whoops! Wednesday II

~Purr it up for Bobbi Coates and Lana Reynolds!  Bobbi and Lana are the Whoops! Wednesday Winners.  Hurrah!~

My mom and I are both left pawed so today we have another Whoops! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends! I am calling today Whoops! Wednesday II. My mom and I were cleaning the office and we found some copies of The Tiniest Tiger and when we looked inside the front cover, we said “Whoops!”

I will show you why.

Inside this copy the writing is very nice.  You can read the writing and it is flowing the way it is supposed to flow.  My paw-tograph is nice and solid too.

Now here is an example that made us say Whoops!

Even though my paw-tograph is nice and solid.  My mom meant to write the name Avery but for some reason her left paw wrote Abery. Whoops!

Here is another example.

Here my paw slipped while trying to paw-tograph this copy.  I tried to make it better with a second paw-tograph but it just made the messy one look even messier!


So we have decided to have The Tiniest Tiger’s  Whoops! Wednesday

Today we will be giving away 2 copies of The Tiniest Tiger that are Whoops! copies.

There is nothing wrong with the books other than  a little messy hand writing and/or maybe a slipped paw-tograph.

If you would like to win a Whoops! Wednesday copy of The Tiniest Tiger

Leave a comment here on our Conservation Cub Club below this post telling me something little you did that made you say Whoops!


Tiger Challenge! Learn 1 New Tiger Fact Today

Friends, I am super excited that today is

World Tiger Day.

In honor of all tigers, I am hosting the Tiger Challenge here on our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club!

I challenge you to learn 1 new thing about tigers today.  When you learn a new tiger fact, please come back here and post the new fact that you learned, so that we can all learn more about the tigers.

Now don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be super scientific, although it can be, but can be anything that you did not know before today about tigers.  You can post about any subspecies both past and present, anything at all about tigers!

Go out stalking and hunting, then when you pounce on an interesting fact, drag it back here to share with all of us! Everyone that drags back a fact and shares with us by posting in the comments below will be entered to win a super fantastic prize!

You will win a copy of:  The Tiniest Tiger with my paw-tograph,

The Meaning of Meow: Understanding and Caring for Your Cat

And, I might throw in a couple of other fun things too, 😉

Ready, go, pounce!

Congratulations to Amber, the winner of our Tiger Challenge! Amber was chosen by a random number generator.  ~purr it up for Amber!~

Thank you everyone for learning more about tigers.


Bali’s Tigers Lessons Learned?

Today is World Tiger Day!

Will you think about what you can do to help save the tiger


Rest In Peace Storm

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you, Storm, a bobcat being raised by Bobbi the domestic cat at Big Cat Rescue, has died in his sleep from a congenital heart condition.

The bobcats were orphaned when a hunter killed their mother thinking he would take the kittens home for his children.

Midnight, Rain and Storm were being raised to be released back into the wild.

Please light a candle in memory of Storm.  Rest in peace little one.

The Tiniest Tiger Tuesday Imitation

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Look to the left.  Now to the right.  Which is the Lion.  Take your time. Look to the left.  Now to the right.  This is like an eye exam isn’t it?  If you think you see an E, you better refill your thinking beverage, or take a nap, or both.   There is no hurry.  This photo will be here all day.   When you are ready, tell me if you think the lion is on the left, or on the right.   This is one of my favorite imitations.  What do you think?  Do you like this one?


Cincinnati Zoo Goes Green. Wins Energy Star Award!

The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club is super proud of the Cincinnati Zoo!

Cincinnati Zoo Accepts 2010 Stars of Energy Efficiency Award in Washington DC on September 15, 2010 and is also proclaimed as the Greenest Zoo in America!!

Super Hurrah!  Purr it up for the Cincinnati Zoo!

What can you do in your habitat to go a little greener?


“Scare Your Way into a PetSmart Commercial”

Friends, this is super spooky!  Your parents can enter your photo in a Halloween costume in the “Scare Your Way into a PetSmart Commercial”

Ok, now I know it sounds horrible  to me too, but listen.  If you can just tolerate wearing a costume long enough for your photo to be snapped, I promise the costume will come off and your ears and whiskers will be able to move freely again.  It might be worth it and here is why.

You can win a PetSmart Gift Card!!   There is a weekly $500 PetSmart gift card giveaway for the photo with the most votes and one daily, random $50 PetSmart gift card prize.   That is a lot of new toys and treats!  So is it worth wearing a costume for a few minutes to win great toys and treats?  I think so!

I wouldn’t ask you do something that I wouldn’t do so I, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger am going to show you my Halloween Costume Photo.

Pharaoh Gracey

Now don’t pay any attention to the look on my face, but just know that it is really not that bad. The details are in the flyer I have posted for you at the top of this page.

Go to the PetSmart Facebook page.  “Like” the page.  Click on Contest. to get started.

When you get your link to your entry come back here to our page and post in in the comments below this post.  I will then enter your links into The Tiniest Tiger’s PetSmart War Room on our Facebook Page.  That way we will all be able to vote for you so that will increase your chances to win!   What do you think?    Are you ready?

Let’s not let this contest go to the dogs!

Here is the link to my PetSmart Entry.  I am #292

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

and here is Tinkerbell’s PetSmart Entry #9944

Tinkerbell’s Tutu

and here is the link to Mylo #5883

Mylo #5883


Tigers in Distress! Will You Help?

If Tigers are to survive in the wild, they need massive human intervention!


Our Friend John Vaillant, author of The Tiger asked me, Gracey The Tiniest Tiger to help spread the word about this very important initiative to save our Big Cat cousins, the Tigers.

Wild tigers   are   on the verge of becoming extinct in the wild. And that means gone forever.

In the past 100 years, 97 percent of the world’s wild tiger population has been wiped out, largely due to poaching, prey depletion, and habitat destruction. Worse yet, there are only 1,000 breeding females left.

It’s hard to imagine a future without the tiger. But there’s something we can do right now to prevent that from happening.

The Global Conservation Act of 2010, now under consideration in Congress, would be a major step in combating wildlife poaching and environmental destruction. The bill’s passage would also send a powerful message to world leaders, who will be gathering at the Global Tiger Initiative Summit this fall to negotiate a plan to prevent tiger extinction.

Write to your lawmakers now and urge your representatives in Congress to co-sponsor this bill. Just click the link below:

Photo by Julie Larsen Maher

Please will you help save me?

You can show your support here by leaving a comment sharing your love of the tiger.

You never know, I might surprise one or two of you.

Thank you everyone!


Tiger Teeth

Happy Tiger Imitation Tuesday.   This imitation of mine proved quite difficult for most of you. I am taking the opportunity to show you my Tiger Teeth Imitation  so you can try again.   I know, I wish I could help you out a little more because our teeth look exactly the same, don’t they?  And our chins, and whiskers, and even our stained pink noses, same, same, same.  ~sigh~  Do your best and take your time.  I have placed a subtle hint to help those of you that are feeling hopeless.

Many Friends have asked me about their own Cat’s teeth.  I want to refer  you to our good Friends at Paws and Effect. There you will find an interesting article “Why does my cat’s breath smell like fish?   Great information for your parents to know about keeping our teeth in working order. As you know chomping chow is one of my favorite things to do, so keeping my teeth healthy is important.

My breath doesn’t smell like fish because I don’t get to eat fish ever because of my allergies.

Alright, now try and decide which is me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.

Am I on the left or the right?

And if you smell something fishy, check out Paws and Effect’s post for some fresh breath tips.  If you smell something fishy because you have found a dead fish wrapped in a newspaper in your bed, well I don’t know if I can help you.  You might need to ask for assistance from one of our big cat cousins, I am thinking Jaguar.

Thank you everyone.  Meow for Now!


The Tiniest Tiger on Meditation

Friends, sometimes there is too much stress in our lives.  Stress can stalk you or it can pounce on you out of the blue.  Today, Lazy Leopard and I have decided to take it easy.  We are going to meditate and soak up some sunshine.  Even though we have a lot of things to do, we think  it is important to take a time out for ourselves.  Maybe you can do the same.  Just take a little time out from your day and relax and think  Hakuna matata with us.

Ready, set…. relax.

“No Lazy Leopard, not medication! Meditation.”

Friends, I am sorry about that interruption. Lazy Leopard thought it was The Tiniest Tiger on Medication.  ~heavy sigh~ He can’t help it, he really can’t.

Besides, look at him, he thinks he is prince of the palace with the new pillows on my sofa!

Deep breath in……slowly exhale out.

shhhhh! meow for now.