The Tiniest Tiger Bissell Box Inspector

My Bissell box arrived today!

Wow!  This is really me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger on the box of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Hand Vacuum. It is hard for me to believe!

The box is looking good.  I wonder if I could operate this little vacuum.  It looks like a good size for me.  Then when I throw dirt out of the fig tree, I could clean it up before my parents find out.

Hey!  I bet I get a bite of roasted chicken tonight when my dad sees my photo on the Bissell Box!  What do you think?


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  1. Wow! That is so cool Gracey! You are a star! Your picture is all over that box! We are so happy for you! Congrats & have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Well, you are a stah!

  3. Woohoo, conga-rats Gracey!! You look just beautiful in the photo on the box, and you look just beautiful whilst sitting ON the box too. 🙂 Purrs, Flippy in Melbourne, Australia.

  4. Yes, Gracey … I think your mishaps with the potato chips & roasted chicken will be forgiven … and your Dad will give you a bite or at least a taste of roasted chicken … No, forget taste … that would just ‘tease’ you … a bite is much better … I mean your famous now and your parents must be very proud … oh, and I bet ‘America’s Next Top Model’ will be calling … so I hope you like posing for photos!

    Thank you for taking care of all your cousins at PurrEver Ranch … Miss Rita takes very good care of them & I know they LOVE you … ewe … and now your so famous … they must be soooooo excited & telling everyone they know that they are related to you <3

    hugs & kisses

  5. Janet Collins says

    VERY COOL Gracey!

  6. I really think you deserve a piece of chicken for all that hard work you and your Mom and Dad do!

  7. Look at you, you beauty! And a new box to play in…bonus!