The Tiniest Tiger Stalks the Office Cactus

I am sitting waiting patiently, like a tiger,  for the opportunity to pounce, I mean check on the condition of the office cactus. It might be in need of water you know. This type of plant, the Christmas cactus, is not a true cacti, but originates from the tropics. So we must be careful not to underwater this plant. This type of plant does not do well with super dry soil.

And certainly after this long winter, it is in need of sunshine. Bad Kitty says this plant likes indirect sunlight the best and that works out just fine for Bad Kitty because he likes to sit close to the door.

I really feel like checking the soil, but as you  know, the cactus is off limits to me, and for some reason, that makes it even more  appealing.

This plant is not innocent in all of this either.  Can’t you see how it throws itself over the jardiniere? Dangling its stems in front of my nose?  I think it teases me on purpose.  Bad Kitty thinks that I am making excuses to attack, I mean check the cactus.

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger Stalking the CactusI think the opportunity has arisen for me to finally check the soil.  My mom has gone to the kitchen and left me alone in the office.  That doesn’t happen very often. Now is my chance to chomp, I mean test for soil moisture.  I have maneuvered myself very close to the plant. Now I simply need to stretch up and reach my paw into the planter and pluck a…wait… uh oh.

Gracey trying not to move a whiskerI hear my mom’s footsteps approaching the office. Friends, I am frozen in fear…I mean I am calling on my tiger instincts to remain camouflaged by my surroundings.  If she catches me in action, I will be exiled to the sunroom for the rest of the day.  As long as I don’t move a whisker, I can’t be seen.  Oh no, my tail movement feels restricted.  I need my tail to maintain my balance. I can hear my mom calling my name.  She thinks I am somewhere in the house and not in the office.   ~phew~

Gracey using her powers of invisibilityI don’t want to brag, but we cats are masters at achieving invisibility.  My mom is calling for me from  the kitchen and I am here stalking my prey..I mean studying botany.  Wait.  Calling for me from the kitchen?  I might get a snack or it might be a trap for an ear, claw or tooth inspection.  What to do?

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  1. Your mom is just trying to keep you safe, some house plants although non-toxic to humans CAN be poisonous to the pets we love!!!

  2. Oh Gracey! You are going to get into big trouble!! Your mom knows what you were doing!!! So just tell her that you were studying botany and maybe she will believe you!!!