Adopt the Internet day!

Congratulations to Fiona, our winner of The Tiniest Tiger Logo Canvas Bag!  Super Hurrah!  Thank you to everyone that participated in Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day!

March 15  is Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day! So today a whole clowder of cat bloggers are going to join paws with stories about pet adoption and happy endings. And as if that isn’t super exciting enough, you can participate too of course!  We want to get the message out to Adopt a Pet!!

Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day

Variety is the Spice of Life!

If Variety is the Spice of Life, then I must be super spicy.  On my record at the Morris Veterinary Clinic, I am listed as a domestic short hair-mixed.  That means I am made up of more than one  breed.  My parents were super lucky to find me and I am so grateful to have a loving home. But, there are thousands of our cousins  still looking for their forever homes.  The Adopt the Internet Day is to help spread the word about our cousins that are waiting to be adopted!  And if you go to the Adopt the Internet All-Stars page, you will see every variety of  cat and dog and other pets  that you can imagine!  Each one unique, smart and full of love to share.

Will you take a moment and go to the Adopt a Pet Canter and find a cousin in your zip code and then share the link on your facebook page?  You never know if the cat you choose will find its forever home just because you shared a link.    I will post my link to Gracie in Logan, Ohio on our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook page.

The Tiniest Tiger Logo Bag

The Tiniest Tiger Logo Canvas Bag

If you post the name and location of the cat up for adoption  that you shared on your Facebook page, and  then you share a happy  adoption story of how your cat came to live with you in the comment section below, here on our Conservation Cub Club, you will be entered to win a The Tiniest Tiger Logo Canvas Bag!  Super Hurrah!

1) go to Adopt a Pet Center.  Choose a cat in your zip code.  Share the link on your facebook page.

2) Come back here and post the name of the cat and zip code you shared and tell us a happy adoption story of how your cat came to live with you!

Now Let’s Get Our Cat Cousins Forever Homes!!    Thank you for participating.

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  1. Hi Gracey! I shared a kitty named Querida near my zipcode of 11421.

    One day I was looking through facebook to find help in catching a feral cat behind my building when I came across a picture of a very sick cat with a desperate plea for someone to help her by giving her a home. This cat was rescued from a kill shelter (after being found in a dumpster) and was so sick she only weighed 3.2 pounds. She was being medically boarded at a vet by the wonderful woman who saved her. I was intrigued by her picture and knew I had to help her. I went to meet her and instantly fell in love with her. After she began to recover and started eating on her own I brought her home and she is now my beloved Lola (AKA Lola the rescued cat). She is now 9 months old and weighs 7 pounds 5 ounces and sleeps on top of me every night.

  2. I picked Fuzz Buzz, 42104 and he IS ADORABLE!!! Gracey, why did you ask me to go there…now I think I need more cats again… 🙂

    My sweet Maggie came from CA. She was roaming around the mountains behind where my parents lived, and they were able to catch her. (they were afraid the coyotes would get her) She was one of several kitties…but they could only catch her…anyway, they brought her to me, here in KY. and I have had the love and happiness of almost 15 years with her!!! I love her very much!!!

  3. I shared on Facebook The kitty I found is older and is name is Senor Gato. I sure hope someone adopts him. Wish I could. My kitty Charlie’s owners through outside after they didn’t want him anymore. Daughter found him and brought him to our home. He is a very loving cat and he has been with us for 9 years.

  4. I’m afraid I cannot participate this year, but my heart is breaking, as I am trying desperately to find a new home for one of my own cats and that is where all my energy is right now.

    But best of luck to the kitties already out there looking for forever homes. And if you or someone you know are in SE Michigan or northern Ohio and are looking for an adorable ball of energy, please msg. me via Facebook.

  5. I shared a post about Linus, a FeLV positive in zip 37918. I have successfully raised several positives, so this should not deter someone from adopting him.

    The first cat I ever adopted was Gizmo–who tested positive at 6 weeks old. We adopted two litter mates from a rescue at the same time, and lost one of them two weeks later. However, Gizzy became a member of our family. When he was about a year old he got sick and the vet suggested we put him to sleep–instead we went to a different vet. The new vet felt differently and started treating his illness–which turned out to be just a virus and had nothing to do with his being positive. Gizzy recovered and we we lucky enough to have him for almost 16 years. 26 years later we still use that same vet and have raised numerous rescues that many would have considered “throw away” babies–but not to us.

  6. Anonymous says

    PS: Here is the link to Elvis’ page on the Humane Society Silicon Valley’s website:

  7. I shared Midnight in Hermitage, PA (16148). She’s in foster care right now and looking for a forever home.

    I got my Chaos as my “passing the bar, getting a job” present to myself. Right after I moved into my new apartment, I went to the local animal shelter to get a cat. I was overwhelmed by how many cats and kittens were in the cages. How could I pick just one. Well, Chaos picked me. He kept pushing past his cellmates so he could reach out to me and as soon as I reached in he started rubbing while the others backed away. I brought him home that day. He was about 4 months old and he has been my constant companion. He is napping right now with one paw around my neck, tucked under my arm as I type.

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi, Gracey! I shared a kitty named Elvis, who is near my zipcode of 95132. I volunteer at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, which is where Elvis is waiting for a forever home.

    All of our kitties are adopted from various shelters, the most recent one being Lulu; she also came from Humane Society Silicon Valley. My husband fell in love with her on the website and brought her home, just in time for Christmas 2009.

  9. I posted a beautiful male fella named Sami on my Facebook page.
    I am the “Mom” of the neighborhood when it comes to stray cats. Unfortunately, with the economy as it is, Renters often leave behind their pets when they move. I have noticed alot of strays finding their way to my home more then ever before. My “Kids” get a meal 2 X a day, and fresh water. I have turned a huge wide flat screen TV box into a condo for those cold winter nights. I have adopted 2 surviving boys whose mother was killed by getting hit by a car. Both Boys are doing fine, and happy as ever. I also have 2 other Boys one who was found at a gas station, and the other beauty we adopted from a rescue home. My Goal now is to get help in spaying and neutering as many feral cats as I can. God love the kitties, they make wonderful companions!

  10. Hi Gracey. This is a wonderful idea to help our animal friends. Posted on my Facebook page is Storm, a handsome 9 year old boy looking for his forever home. After losing my boy Cheeseburger in May of 2008 I never thought I would have another cat, but have since adopted Mr. Jingles from a rescue group, Tony Cat from a local animal shelter, and Cheezeburger, who was found wandering near a restaurant called Cheeseburger in Paradise – that being the reason the shelter named him Cheeseburger. My daughter found his picture in the newspaper and read he was up for adoption. We of course took it as a “sign” and Cheeze joined our “pride” the week before Christmas 2010. They are all special unique souls and we’re fortunate they are in our lives. “I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.”
    Jules Verne

  11. Carol Baisinger-Criddle says I posted on Twitter also. Here’s to wishing this fuzzy fellow gets a good home!
    Throughout my life, I have always adopted homeless pets–they are drawn to me, and I to them. One of my fondest memories is of my friend Luna, whom I met at the Humane Society in the ’80s. I was looking for a new partner to share my abode. After looking in each little cage for a sign of interest, the lady working there said “Have you met Luna yet? He’s been here a while. His sister was adopted and he’s been lonely ever since.” She took him out of his cage and handed him to me and he immediately put his arms around my neck and started to purr. We instantly bonded. Without hesitation, I knew he was my friend, a friend for life and I adopted him. As soon as we arrived home, I opened up the carrier, and unlike most cats who want to survey their new surroundings, Luna just walked out, stretched, sat down and started to purr. He was HOME. He lived to be over 15 and had a long, loving, and content life. I will never forget my friend, companion, and soulmate, Luna.

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