My Dad is a Healthy Snackasaurus

Upon our return from the Global Pet Expo,  my mom came down with a cold and we are not sure but maybe a touch of the flu.  So she and I have been huddled together reading about Korean Pine Forests and the Amur Tiger. This is super interesting stuff, so we sometimes read for a few hours at a time and then we might even take a nap to think about what we have just learned.

Today my dad said that he would go out hunting for a few groceries so that my mom could stay home resting and reading with me.  He asked  her if she wanted anything special and she said maybe some oranges and he said he was going to get my grandma a dozen eggs and maybe some sort of “healthy” snack for himself.

Gracey stalking her dad's snacks

When he returned from the grocery store, he checked in on us and we were thinking really hard about what we had just read.  I was thinking with one eye open.  So when I heard my dad in the kitchen I decided to stalk him to see what he was up to.  I found him trying to sneak this pie into the oven.  And he had a back up snack of  Hostess Ho-Ho’s just in case the pie was not enough. That is a Code Green on The Tiniest Tiger’s Chow Code Alert Chart. Not one to pounce to conclusions,  I looked up the word “healthy” and it can also mean “large in amount or extent or degree”, so maybe that is what he meant by a “healthy” snack.  Anyway,  I couldn’t believe he couldn’t see me or even feel me watching him especially since I was laser focused on him, as you can tell by my eyes.  He is going to have to double duck me to get me to keep his secret.

My mom woke up from thinking about pine trees and when she came into the kitchen my dad was preparing lunch.

Gracey wathcing her dad make Tomato SoupHe told her that he was just going to make a little bit of tomato soup for his lunch because he was not that hungry.  Well, I guess not after chomping down two Ho-Ho’s in the twitch of a whisker.  And, he forgot to throw the wrappers away too. They were hiding in plain sight right there on the counter.  My mom is not the type to notice things like that though, but if I were doing something I shouldn’t at the other end of the house I would hear this “Gracey Lou!”, yep  that is just how it is in my habitat.

Gracey's dad bribing with m&m'sWhen my mom went into the office, my dad crouched down and tried to bribe me with a pack of his m&m’s, plain not peanut.  Even if they were peanut, I don’t  eat them. I was not going to settle for anything else but extra duck and pea.  He knew when he got into the cupboard, that he risked my mom, who has ears like a fox, hearing us pull open the can.  And I get super excited when the can opens so I usually shout with joy.  I told my dad to “Be the Tiger”. Think like a tiger and move quietly and stealthily towards the cupboard. Then wait for the right moment like when a crazy loud commercial comes on the television to crack open the can.

My dad is a snackasaurusWe moved closer and closer to the cupboard. We were both standing squarely in front of it and I was being quiet as could be, only my chin was quivering with excitement. Then my dad opened the cupboard door and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,  He had a secret stash of Oreo cookies too.  Friends, I think my dad is a Healthy Snackasaurus.  This is going to provide me with days of extra duck!

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  1. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Hi Gracey. Have you tried EVO cat food. They have it in Duck also.

  2. Elizabeth Flynn says

    I think I saw your Dad at the store yesterday when I was getting my Oreo cookies!

  3. Ladylvsnyt says

    this is why most Moms go to the store even when they are sick!