Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat for PurrEver Ranch

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  • Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat for PurrEver Ranch

Iams Premium Protection We have a total of 400 Meals for PurrEver Ranch! Please help us get to 500 today!

Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat is committed to the well-being of cats and dogs and knows how important it is to keep pets  healthy to live a long and happy life as members of the family. Just like Rita at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary works hard and is committed  to  ensure  the senior cats  in her care live a great life.  This commitment to  cats living long healthy lives inspired Iams nutritionists to work with veterinarians to create Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat.

This formula has PreBiotics that work inside the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses. Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat chow  has a 2-part fiber system for healthy digestion and contains high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for healthy joints and mobility that enable us to keep leaping like tigers!

They enhanced this chow with L-Carnitine to help keep us at a healthy weight and added high levels of the antioxidant vitamin E, to keep our immune systems strong. All cats need taurine to maintain  heart and eye health, so they added the right amount to the Premium Protection formula.

Iams added the optimal amount of protein, from nutrient-rich chicken by-product meal, to keep our muscles strong too.    The Senior Cat formula is 100% complete and balanced with no added fillers or artificial colors.

I started thinking about our cousins at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary and all the work that Rita does to take care of them. I know from speaking with Rita, how much she loves and appreciates everything that others do to help her help the cats in her care. Then I thought about our post earlier this year Iams Asks: Are You Eating Age Appropriate? where Dr. Katy Nelson, DVM talked to us about how we decide which food, when and why.

So when I told the nice people at Iams about  our Pouring Love on the Cats at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for the month of April and May, they said they wanted to help us help the cats at PurrEver Ranch too because the Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat is perfect for our older cousins.

I need your help to feed the cats Iams Premium Protection for Senior Cats.

Here is all you have to do.

Leave a comment telling us; How does your cat let you know it is supper time?

Iams will donate  1 Premium Protection Senior Cat Meal

to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for every comment.

And if you upload a photo of your cat on The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook Page , tag* Iams, and say

Thank you @Iams for helping us feed, our cousins in need!

Iams will donate another Premium Protection Senior Cat Meal to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.  Super Exciting!

*Make sure you “Like” Iams Facebook Page , Then upload your cat photo on our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook Page. Type  Thank you, then hit the @ symbol.  You will see Iams come up as an option to tag.  Click on Iams.  The word Iams will appear blue in your comment if you have tagged correctly. Then finish typing for helping us feed our cousins in need!  Your comment will look like this:

Thank you Iams, for helping us feed our cousins in need!

Super Hurrah!

Please help feed the senior “kittizens” as Rita calls our older cousins at PurrEver Ranch by leaving a comment. Then share this post with your friends!Rita at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary

I want to thank you too so I am offering some great prizes for our  Pouring Love on the Cats  at PurrEver Ranch Chip In,

For every $20.00 donation, you will be entered to win a Prize box full of The Tiniest Tiger logo items, The Tiniest Tiger books, and Gracey’s Avon items worth $250.00!

For every $5.00 donation, you will be entered into a drawing for a Bissell Corded Pet Hair Eraser with my photo on the box.

Gracey on the Bissell corded pet hair eraser

For every donation, you will be entered into a drawing to win a paw-tographed hardcover copy of The Tiniest Tiger.

All $20,00 donations enter you into all three drawings. If you give more that $20.00 you will get one entry for every $20.00 donated.  For example, if you donate $40.00, you will receive 2 entries.

I think we can do it!  I am super excited to see what we can do for our older cousins.

Thank you everyone for your consideration.

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  1. Mine usually let me know by following me around. One starts trying to chew everything. One will run to the door, paw at the knob and meow looking between me and the door knob!

  2. I have three cats,we sleep together every night…

  3. My cats will meow and meow and meow until I get them their food….once it’s there, then they are happy!!!  They don’t like tuna, though, which is different.  However, they love their treats that they get from time to time!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Super Hurrah! Let’s keep the @Iams:twitter Premium Protection Senior Meals coming for our cousins at PurrEver Ranch. Now we can upload images too. Super Exciting! Upload a photo of your cat with your comment here too.

  5. Lisa K. says

    Munchie wants to eat all day long staring extremely intently at anyone eating or drinking anything in her presence!!!

  6. Krystinagrant says

    My Karissa, who is now 10 years old, meows and then jumps all over me when she needs food. 😀

  7. Beatrice says

    My cats, Fred and Ginger, like do a “song and dance” when they want to be fed. Fred will find me no matter where I am and let out a loud howl of a meow and Ginger will stand on her hind legs and thump on a closed door ( for example, a closet door). The amount of racket they both make gets the job done!

  8. My Precious meows, rubs and nips me until put the evening meal in her dish. (even though she always has some dry kibble out at all times) Now give some food ro Purrever Ranch!!

  9. Peg Robey says

    I have 12 cats and when it’s time to eat They follow me everywhere, until I get to the food dish and they sit and watch me fill it. After they’ve eaten they all go back to lounging at the windows,on the tables and just generally ignore me since I’ve fulfilled my duties to them all 🙂

  10. our cats come and bug us, meowing and rubbing against us, generally getting in the way of whatever we’re doing, when they want to be fed. 🙂

  11. purrxlots says

    All of my furry family let me know it’s time to eat in a different way. A couple of them meow a lot and a couple of them sit by their food bowls. Then some of them know it’s about the same time everyday – morning and night and
    they are just sitting and waiting. Love you Gracey and hope that Rita will get the help that she needs. She is doing great work.

  12. My Bella reserves her sweetest meow just for dinner time. She knows she gets canned dinner in the morning when I wake up and canned dinner in the evening. She will weave around my legs and follow me everywhere till I go into the kitchen. I am totally trained!!

    • I forgot to mention that she nips my hand to let me know it’s time to wake up and feed me! Not the best habit, but she gets results because she is so persistent.

  13. Our cat, Rosie, will come and get us (anywhere in the house and purr and head butt us to come and feed her when she is hungry). Sometimes she just cries and we know she wants a snack.

  14. Sherree Smith says

    Whenever I come home from the grocery store, no matter what time of day it is, my cats thinks it’s supper time! They love to snoop in the grocery bags to see what kind of treats I have bought for them! Then they dance around my feet and cry until they get something!

  15. Sending out major love and prayers to the PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary and Rita! I am so happy to be a part of this, I love being able to help out with our precious furry friends in anway that I can 🙂

  16. My cats just yell at me, but my mom’s cats yell at her then run into the kitchen. Come back out, yell at her, then run into the kitchen. (for going on to the porch, same thing except they go to the front door.) As she says, “Well, you couldn’t say it any plainer talking.)

  17. How does she let me know its supper time? She likes to catch her own supper but at breakfast time she meows and meows and scratches my bed and jumps on top of me until i get up to give her food. And people think it’s hard to sleep when you have a baby? I know all about it with my Nita.

  18. Sweetlily6 says

    Nick will get ever louder and louder (she has a very loud voice!) and follow me around trying to lead me to her food bowl until I get the “hint”. If it’s the morning, I get a gentle paw to the face…or eye if I’m not waking up fast enough. I love my baby girl!!

  19. Lots of meows and pointing at the bowl.

  20. I have three. They all meow at same time so they are sure that I can’t ignore them!

  21. My Boofa is a 24lb domestic moggy who tends to run out of food in middle of night. He lets me know he is hungry by sticking his paw down my throat while I sleep. Not exactly a nice way to ask if you want to be fed at 3am!

  22. Mamma, my 9 year old, sits really close to me and stares at me. Brandi, my 3 year old shelter cat, comes to me and meows one time – very loudly – then walks to the kitchen. Lilly, my 1 1/2 year old stray who’s been with me since she was 4 months, would never stop cuddling to eat unless I told her it was time.

  23. Solitary Angel says

    My Oscar & Bitsy get can food twice per day. They know breakfast comes after I turn on the coffee maker & supper comes when I get home from work. They sit where they are always “served” and watch my every move with big loving eyes. My Forever Fabulous Faithful Feline Furbaby Familiars =^..^= !

  24. My cat Ziti seems to think that anytime that I go into the kitchen it means I’ll give her food. (I usually do. She’s sweet!) And she’ll follow me in and Mrrr-raw at me and reach up my pant leg and tap me with her paws really softly.

  25. My Oriental, Tuula, usually lets me know that she wants to eat FIRST by sitting in front of the dog’s food dish. She won’t let him eat until I feed her! LOL!

  26. We have 6 beautiful kitties and they gatherer in the bedroom every morning, wake us up and then run to their own dish and wait for their food to be delivered to them.

  27. I have several cats, all rescued. They each have their own way of letting me know it’s time to eat, but most of the time, they all gather ’round me, patiently sitting on the floor, staring up at me and watching my every move. The most recently rescued cat, Big Boy, can get somewhat verbal at times.
    E. Bambas

  28. My boys will take me to the kitchen and my 13 hrs old Pharoah will meow till dinner is serve and my youngest little girl,Precious,will join in,my other 2 eat when they feel like it !

  29. I used to have a cat who would stand on my chest in the morning until I woke up.

  30. Dan_lindadj says

    we feed or cats iams n omg they r the best cats.. a little crazy when they play but they are cats love to death

  31. Buddah, my largest cat (think 12 lb. dark grey bowling ball with legs and paws) sits in front of the bowl and looks up at me wearing a scowl, whiskers turned down. Next, as if on cue, my other cats – Smokey, Bear, Darth, Luke, Misty and Murphy – line up side by side next to Buddah and proceed to meow until the bowl is magically refilled. It’s annoyingly cute *lol*…

  32. All my kitties come equipped with Mickey Mouse wristwatches, they know dinner time to the minute!

  33. My cats wait in the middle of the kitchen and won’t leave until they get their food!!

  34. We make a pot of coffee for ourselves at 5PM. One of the 4 cats hears it and calls the others.

  35. I shared this on my profile as well. Although I don’t have a lot of money to financially support or care for the strays that were born under my house a couple years ago, my husband and I do leave cat food & water out for them every day. There is one stray tom cat who is very sweet, and he comes in two-three times a week; sleeps for several hours, and eats inside. He even “tells” me when he needs to go out. But that’s all I can do.


  37. Maggie’s cousin, Stewart, will hurl himself in front of where you are walking, and lead you to his “eating table”…meowing all the way 🙂

  38. Sevenveils says

    I love hearing about the kitties at the PurrEver Ranch. They do such good work! 🙂

  39. Darkmynkee says

    One of my cats gets excited and throws herself on the ground LOL she looks like one of those fainting goats when she does it because she goes stiff and *whumf* onto the ground, squirming, rolling around, and being cute for her supper. My other cat meows and gently pats my leg, probably saying: “excuse me, if you wouldn’t mind terribly hurrying up? I’m ever so hungry” ;D

  40. Josie Tyrrell says

    My cat Toby is a very quiet meowler. He just comes up to me and puts his two paws on my legs whether I’m sitting or standing and meows very quiet. It’s a nice sound to hear. Not loud at all but I know that he want he wants his food because he stops after I get up to get his food ready. He patiently waits and watches while I fix his food. That’s my boy,lol

  41. Kelly will stare me awake. I’ll wake up and she’s just sitting there not blinking. It’s actually kind of creepy.

    • haha My Shelby does the same thing! She’ll stare at me, then look at her bowl, or run to the kitchen and sit and stare at me and sometimes when i wake in the morning she’s sitting next to my bed just staring at me. I just love my Shelby!

  42. She brings us mice, and meows her special HUNGRY! meow. Much louder and more emphatic than her usual meow which sounds like more like a cricket. >^..^<

  43. I have a sceamer!! She jumps onto “her” chair in the kitchen and she will scream MEOW until she has her dinner.

  44. When I come in from work, most of the kitties greet me with mews and meows. Some like to smack the other kitty sitting next to her, just because SHE CAN (to get attention), it is alot to get in the door with 12 furbabies all waiting to have dinner!! We have alot of fun. They really love to dodge in between mommy’s legs to get to the kitchen & FAST!

  45. There are a couple that like to sit in a row on the dining room table & all meow and show me their sweet little faces while curling their heads around, saying “look how cute we are”

  46. I have been tripped by a tag team, if not heading directly to the kitchen from the bedroom in the morning…

  47. I have been screamed out with MEOWS!!! and pacing..

  48. We have 12 kitties, so there are a few different ways we are told when it is beakfast & dinner time. I have been awakened with 1 claw in a nostril, being pulled up in bed…

  49. Dawnbertollini says

    My cats all start yowling at each other..if that does not work, then they yowl at me! I can tell by the time too! :o)

  50. my mums cat sits on the floor and stares at us, telepathically telling us “Feed Me”

  51. My Maizy will often sit in a chair by the kitchen table and yowl loudly if we’re in the kitchen and don’t take time to feed her. She’s quite demanding!

  52. mine 2 cats will miauwing and run upstair like some supercats and wait till i’m upstair as well and walk miauwing in the way when i go to their bowles and put some kibbles in it 🙂

  53. ‘Mantha says “NOW!” Loudly. Bico & Barney just sit by their food bowls and sort of stare at me looking as pitiful as they can manage.

  54. Raeannsgranny says

    have 3 e.b, spike, fuzzball all i have to do is open the closet, flip the food top, pour in bowl and bam here they all come

  55. My 14 year old Amandy can just give me a ‘look’ and a little ‘mew/meow’ and I know intuitively it is kibble time!!! In da middle of da night I can hear her crunch crunch crunching on her treats dat we keep near da bed for midnight snacks!!!!

  56. Carol Halbert says

    My Amandy can just come over to me and give me a certain look and a little ‘mew/meow’ and I intuitively know it is time for kibbles!!!

  57. Bmulligan says

    When my two boys hear the scoop hitting their dish, they come running. Seriously. I think they’ve seen those commercials for the other brand one too many times…

  58. Cali meows and circles my husband’s feet! And demands to be fed!!!

  59. Darthrainville says

    I’m on vacation, but my boys don’t realize that! They had me up at the crack of dawn this morning to feed them. I went back to bed, and then they joined me for a post-breakfast nap later on 🙂 Life with cats is good!

  60. My two Senior Kitzens sit in front of their dishes and howl if I dare to sleep in!

  61. Steph_Kris says

    Lola runs in circles around my feet to remind me that it’s dinner time. If she doesn’t get to eat, then I don’t get to walk!

  62. Cats that are rarely seen show up and look for human contact.

  63. In the mornings, my rescue kitty Cy starts patting my face with his paw if I don’t move quickly enough when the alarm goes off. In the afternoons, either he or his sister Athena sit in the front window, waiting for my car to pull in. Cy waits at the door & then heads for the kitchen as soon as I come in.

  64. Kkoman125 says

    add another Premium Protection Senior Cat Meal to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for me!

  65. Sugar, LuLu, and Ranger all say thanks

  66. Ewilsonswkr says

    Thanks Iams, for helping the kitties!!

  67. My cat unfortunately has passed into cat heaven, but he used to weave between my ankles as soon as I got home from work to let me know that NOW was the time for dinner. Miss him so.

  68. I am usually at my computer at dinner time and look down to find a very stoic, hungry and unwavering gaze staring up at me. He is relentless and will not stop until I get up and feed him.

  69. Mark Greune says

    She playfully knocks small items or paper from the tables. Usually right in front of you as you are telling her not to do it. luckily unbreakables or whatever you just set down.

  70. Cat Cheryl says

    How do my 5 babies let me know it’s suppertime? I work all day, so they greet me at the door & keep trying to trip me till I feed them. Can’t go to the bathroom, change clothes, sit down for a minute, NOTHING till hungry, empty tummies are filled.
    And for breakfast, if I try to sleep late, one of them starts chewing on my fingers & toes till I get up!

  71. My cats gather in the kitchen to let us know that it is feeding time.

  72. Raven Gulley says

    My cat Sandy lets me know when its suppertime whenever she tries to get food on the table and whenever she jumps on the table for food. Sometimes she will lead me up the stairs sto her food bowl.

  73. Noodle does the usual yelling thing, but Mouse will just sit and look at you……..well, glare at you actually, making you feel SO uncomfortable that it becomes impossible to do anything other than go feed her!!!

  74. The3meowsandme says

    Giving me a soulful look and a soft meow

  75. my cats either will eat my food or find the bag and rip it open and eat what they can…. thats when i know its dinner time!

  76. I HOPE this is where I comment to HELP feed kittizens!!!

  77. Msmystdragyn says

    Chester thinks breakfast time is at 4:30 am, my husband however thinks kitty feeding time is 6 am. Chester will come to me and climb right on top of me and STARE at me, which is silly because my husband is the “food human”. (that way kitty isn’t getting fed a million times a day lol) Apparently Chester has figured out that when the female human speaks to the male human things get done, hence if he wants something he comes to harrass me until I make the “food human” feed him lol He will stare at me incessantly, then if ignored he will try to push my head off the pillow, nuzzle feet etc until he is so annoying he gets a reaction and the food human feeds him a treat or dry kibble to tide him over until wet food time. And some think cats aren’t smart lol

  78. Niina Kuorikoski says

    Our beast uses all her charm, voice and pull when she is hungry. She goes around you, rubs herself on your feet, furniture, corners and whatever is close. She purrs, meows and just makes her presence very much known. 🙂

  79. My cats will meow at me from the kitchen and if I am sitting down they will walk all over me. Sometimes they will follow me around the house.

  80. J Thorsen says

    My big, fluffy, black and white cow spotted cat will give me the look and start walking toward his food plate. If I don’t get the hint, he repeats until I do!

  81. Sherry Black says

    What Rita does for her ‘herd’ is absolutely amazing, considering that she does it all by herself and all by donations from animal loving people. No government grants, etc. Rita rocks!!!

  82. Imagine two old cats who rarely socialize together. And yet, at dinnertime, they both try to lead me to their bows, tails in the air, with lots of meowing, to boot.

  83. My kitty is so happy it’s spring! She gets to look out the screen door of our patio and watch all the critters that live around here. Usually the birds flying by or sitting on the telephone line. Occasionally a squirrel will come running across and that’s a real treat!

  84. My kitty Mufasa really only meows when it’s feeding time, but when I travel everything gets all messed up!

  85. At one point, my cat learned to “tell time” by watching the clock on the wall behind his automatic feeder. He learned that when the hands were in certain positions, his food would come out! He would start about 20 mintues before, sitting in front of the wall, staring at the clock until it was “time”. I didn’t believe that he actually knew the “time” until we reached Daylight Savings Time; he went nuts when the clock said that it was time but his feeder (which auto-adjusted) didn’t dispense the food!

  86. Keiko lets us know it’s dinner time by coming up as sitting on the arm of the couch and staring at us. If that doesn’t work, she then starts to meow. If that isn’t good enough to get our attention she then begins rubbing her face our ours and stepping onto the book one of use is reading so she can get right our faces.

  87. Orlovsky Robert says

    Its all lovely to read all this coments about cats, we have 3 but Iams is the company where young vet recorded what’s really happening in there and this small thing on fb won’t change how real pet lovers feel http://www.iamscruelty.com/ people please open your eyes…

  88. Emilypark78 says

    My cat Hondo has learned to claw the mattress on my side of the bed and when it wakes me up, he runs toward the food bowl like Lassie!

  89. They send Zippy in to rattle the dish and meow loudly. For a six pound cat she is LOUD.

  90. Theh2obaby says

    1st she sits quietly in her Please Feed Me spot. If no one notices, she finds ankles in the kitchen to twine around. If that doesn’t work, she marches around the house shouting.

  91. My 12yr old (4/21 Birthday almost 13!) has no teeth, so he gets canned food. I realize he’s hungry when he sits on the sofa staring at me. Some of the other cats walk up to me and Meow, or sit partially on my lap.

  92. My cat will follow me around meowing and acting adorable until I feed him. If I’m in bed or watching a movie or something he will cuddle and purr until I get up. My rabbit will clang the metal gate between the kitchen and front room to let me know it’s dinner time!

  93. Christine Myers says

    To let me know they are hungry when I’m sleeping my kitties climb on my head and meow. When I’m awake they run back and forth between me and their food bowl meowing and trying to get me to follow them. They seem to think I’m pretty slow in the head and need lots of instructions to do what they want me to do.

  94. Well, first of all, according to my diabetic cat, it is ALWAYS dinnertime. He has trained his younger brother and sister that meowing LOUDLY and REPEATEDLY is the best way to get mom’s attention.

  95. dinner time is 4 cats sitting on the counter looking at their bowls and meowing! yes I am hurrying as quickly as I can!! opening the cans! lol

  96. One of my cats, Harrison, will climb on the bed, sit or or near me & stare… if I don’t wake up (followed immediately by feeding them) as fast as he intended, he will *pee on* my bed! Smart & naughty. Who wouldn’t get up that moment?

  97. Linda-monti-oscar says

    I have three cats and each has their own way of saying it is supper time. One sits on top of the cabinet where the food is kept looking all lady like and pretty and softly mews. One walks around the room meowing at the top of his lungs and the third one usually finds the most effective way is to sink some toenails in my leg if I am sitting at the computer and not paying attention.


  99. mamckeeman says

    Well…Oliver screams bloody murder, Gopher dances all over my lap, Lucky tries to trip me by making sure she’s firmly planted wherever I want to walk (unless it’s the kitchen), and Hemi sits sweetly next to the cabinet where the food is until I get out the bowls. 🙂

  100. Sharon Bell says

    My cats sit and stare, and stare, and stare until the bowls are put down…

  101. Lisaspetsitting says

    One of my cats, Missy Boo, knows how to tell time…she will sit on the dining room table, looking pitiful and sooo cute and SCREAM at the top of her lungs until I give in and feed her and her siblings…even if it is a little before dinner/breakfast time! For a 7 pound little girl, she has a really loud voice that demands to be heard!!

  102. My male cat will find me wherever I am in the house when he’s hungry and just stand and yell at me with his loudest, whiniest, most demanding meow he can do. Basically a “Feed me, or else!” attitude. But the look on his face is too cute to resist! The two girls just weave around my legs and play cute when they know I am getting ready to feed them.

  103. Mine talk to me very loudly!!

  104. Lawalker72 says

    I am glad you are helping the “kittizens” and Rita. At meal time we get all the sad “please feed me” looks and lots of glances at the food bowl.

  105. Lawalker72 says

    I am glad you are helping the “kittizens” and Rita. At meal time we get all the sad “please feed me” looks and lots of glances at the food bowl.

  106. Meow, Meow, Meow and if for some reason I don’t hear that I get MEOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

  107. Fabulous! our two fur friends let us know it’s supper time by meowing like crazy whenever I open either the fridge door or the cupboard door that their dry food is in …. so they like to tell me supper time for them is all the time!


  108. The3meowsandme says

    They try to trip me and meow until they see food ?

  109. Katyclarke2004 says

    They try to open the cabinet under the sink by themselves. One of them can do it, so I have to tie it shut. They make such a mess when they feed themselves! 🙂

  110. Moxie, the cat in the bedroom starts giving me dirty looks, like “Close the door already I’m hungry!”
    Our other cats have a gravity feeder so it’s rarely empty. But when I pull the treat bag out, you can bet they come running even if they are in the basement or attic!

  111. My 2 will talk to me. The more I ignore them the louder they get until I clue in:)

  112. Melissa McMillan says

    Thanks for helping such a worthy cause!

  113. If I’m working, all three will line up by my desk and “stare” at me until I go feed them. If I’m in bed, the oldest (and biggest) sits on my head and paws at my face until I go feed them.

  114. If I’m working, all three will line up by my desk and “stare” at me until I go feed them. If I’m in bed, the oldest (and biggest) sits on my head and paws at my face until I go feed them.

  115. meowmeowmeow meow MEOWmeowmeowmeowmeowMEOWMEOWmeowmeow…….

  116. Hnightwoman says

    If I am working on the computer, one of my cats takes over the keyboard until Mama gets up to fill the chow bowls.

  117. Well Bailey will walk circle around me until I get her food then she is very happy. Mozart seems to always be hungary.lol But she will come up to me and meow a few times and rub up against me.

  118. my cat sits by me at dinner time and meows sweetly. If she thinks she’s being ignored, she’ll also tap my leg or pull herself up (standing on back legs) and reach out towards my plate. Yeah, I know, she’s begging for whatever I’m eating, but she lets me know she wants me to share it with her!

  119. pleshette says

    At 6am they pull at the covers to get me up to feed them. It’s like my personal alarm clock.

  120. I get soulful looks at supper time.

  121. My cats meow, and wait by their food bowl. they also rub on my legs and meow.

  122. Bella walks between my feet, then when I’m heading toward their dish, she takes a step, looks back to make sure I’m following. Another step, looks back…and so on till I get to her dish.

  123. Jdesjardins32 says

    According to my cat it’s always dinner time…lol

  124. my cats dont leave me alone til i pay attention to them and feed them, then their happy.

  125. Freddy yells, and scratches at the doors. If it takes too long, he headbutts my husband and then leaves.

  126. Sparky_atomic_kitten says

    If I’m not up by about 8 a.m. then one of my cats Cricket will jump up on the bed and start patting my face…..if that doesn’t work then she starts kneading on my chest. If I still haven’t gotten up yet she will sit on my chest/head until I do get up.

  127. Anjellicle Cats Rescue says

    HI GRACEY. we would like to share with you our seasonal Newsletter. it was crafted with lots of love. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO to help all of us kitties! please share

  128. Sugar Dial says

    How do I let my mama it’s time to eat?? I sit and stare…….she hates it!!!!

  129. How do my cats get my attention when they are hungry? Well, Trixie gets in bed with me and looks me in the eye and if I don’t open my eyes, she taps me on the nose. Repeatedly. Claude will yoooowwwwllll and moan like he is starving to death. He also does this when he is in serious need of some play time, too.

  130. Lrb123@ att.net says

    One of my cats jumps on the hutch where the food is stored and paces back and forth and won’t get down until I fix her food!

  131. Darcy, the boy in the family is the most vocal … he’s just over a year & usually lets us know he’s hungry or feels his bowl is running low in the morning by meowing & walking up & down the hallway … if no one gets up, he jumps on the bed, chats a bit & headbonks me with kisses … Bella is about 5 and is absolutely adorable, she doesn’t really meow, she chirps & paws my arm to let me know she’d like her special food from our Veterinarian & Abbie, who’s 10 is very lady like & just sits & waits patiently next to the bowls in the kitchen … if any of them are napping when one of them has let me know, the other 2 come running from all directions when they hear the dry food container

  132. I love cats!!!!

  133. Marion Hughes says

    Tiger starts first by crying at my feet. When I stand up, everyone else runs to where the feeding bowls are, suggesting quite loudly better ways to open the cans, such as more quickly.

  134. I sits on ma humanz chest and stares herz awakes. Derz no sleepin in when der r kittehs to be feedin!!!

  135. Queeniejosephine says

    My cats know when I turn off my PC that it is time for their supper!

  136. Queeniejosephine says

    My cats know when I turn off my PC that it is time for their supper!

  137. Krazy Scribbler says

    One of our cats will go into the kitchen and start rattling the cupboard doors. The other will follow us around crying until we tend to the empty dish.

  138. Ratboy the cat follows me everywhere and if I am sleeping, he gets his face right by mine and meows meows meows

  139. Brooke Warrington says

    She puts her front paws up on our lazy susan, and looks up at at the cabinet that has her dinner in it 😉 She’ll always give out a long meow, and purr when we take it out, it’s so cute ;D

  140. Ashes lets me know it’s time to eat by standing on me in bed…Raven sits on me…and Felix just stares… That’s for breakfast… Dinner…well, I’m usually tripping over all 3 of them in the kitchen until they get their food! 😉

  141. Bubba will flop on the floor in front of me, meowing his desire to be fed. If I walk into the kitchen without his dish, he will yowl indignantly and lead me back to the bedroom to retrieve his dish. Should I happen to be sitting at my desk or on the couch, he will voice his demands to be fed, stand on his hind legs, and reach for my arm with his right paw, claws extended. Once I have filled his dish with canned food, he will race me to the bedroom, then trip me right about the time I put his dish on the floor.

  142. My cat Moony waits patiently for dinner, but he lets me know it’s breakfast time (at 5 AM) by sitting on the back of my easy chair and rattling his paw in the metal mini blinds! And if I don’t get up quickly enough he does it again!

  143. Gerry Hoffman says

    If wessie’s bowl is empty and she wants to eat she will start chewing whatever plastic bags are about since she knows i hate that. then if i miss the clue somehow she will start knocking things off the table or if i am asleep she will come into the room and get playful- whatever she has to do to get my attention and sure enough if i check the food bowl area she will just come and sit there and wait for me to get with it and fill it. i love her very much and try not to let the bowl get empty if i can help it.

  144. My cats now pace back and forth crying and staring with those big beautiful eyes. But my cat growing up, he would bite the back of my calf when he was hungry….never someone else’s calf, just mine. Thanks for taking care of our geezers, Iams!

  145. Penelope and Kozmo know its supper time by when I finish work. When the light goes off over my desk, they are awaiting me in the kitchen. One strops the legs while the other meows plaintivly.

  146. Oh how wonderful. Cats should not be hungry.
    Goats either

  147. Robbie MEOWs nice & loudly, it’s definitely a “FEED ME NOW” sound!

  148. Mine like to stare at me until I give in! Or, if I leave the house, it doesn’t matter what time I come back, as soon as the back door opens, they think it’s time to eat. Sillies.

  149. Gatorsfann says

    My felines are always telling me it’s dinnertime! They meow and look up at me with wide, expressive eyes like they’re trying to telepathically send me the message to feed them. When I am actually getting their dinners ready, a couple of them will jump up on the counter to supervise. They must make sure I get it right!!! What cuties!! I love them so!

  150. My cats know it’s time to start eating the minute I come home from work…or when I get up first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter if I come home from work two hours early or get up long before their feeding time; when they see mommy up and about, it’s time to eat!

  151. Amberlynn90_87 says

    I think this is great, to donate to this cat sancutuary for leaving comments, The best idea ever!!

  152. Ratmaniamom says

    My cat tommy likes to headbutt me when he is ready for his dinner

  153. My crew rushes me like a bunch of defensive players on a football field. They seem to have worked out a cue and work as a pack. Twelve cats running at you all at once is not a small hint that it is dinner time! They all crowd on the sofa and yell at me to get up and at it!!! NOM X 12!!! lol

  154. My cats know when it’s time for the 4pm wet food session. They come find me & start circling! The Maine Coon is the most vocal.

  155. When Shadow decides its suppertime, he will jump on the counter (he is fed on the counter, and Perry is fed on the table, so the dog can’t get their food.). Then he’ll do “happy feet” and look even cuter than usual. Then we show him two cans, and he selects the one they’ll dine on that night by rubbing against it. Perry doesn’t care which it is, he’s just happy to eat. He does, however, look very excited and lick his chops as we bring the bowl to him.

  156. My girls will wake me to feed them by trying to stand my head. Zena sticks her paw in my ear and tries to lick the insides of my nostrils. Keesha pokes me with her paw until I wake up. Then they follow me to the kitchen to be sure I don’t get distracted somewhere along the way.

  157. One of mine just comes and stares at me intently – she is older and can’t jump up to where the food is because we have to keep it up from the dogs, so I have to help her get up there. Two of them just wait for the other noisy one to come yell at me that the bowl is empty – she doesn’t stop until I go fill it back up! It’s amazing how different 4 cats can be – a brother and sister and then a mother and daughter!

  158. She sits next to me wherever I am and stares. Just stares. No pets allowed. No fooling around. This is serious. Cat hunger. TIME TO EAT LADY! lol

  159. Purr it up for Iams!

  160. Jeanne Owens says

    When Shadow is hungry, he will hang around underfoot and start meowing to get attention, and when he has it he’ll run into the kitchen and continue meowing. If it’s morning, he’ll jump on the bed and start purring in my ear and licking my eyelids and/or ears until I wake up so I can get up and feed him.

  161. P.S. My 2 babies try stare me into submission when they want food. Meowing loudly at the same time.

  162. I think it is a wonderful place that cares about senior cats so much. They need and deserve a great quality of life just as much as the younger ones. Their last years should be spent with love surrounding them. I have adopted several senior cats and they have been the most wonderful “kids” you could ever want.

  163. My cat Bella is so excited waiting for me to open her can of food, she continually bites my calves, bats at me and meows! She almost makes my legs buckle sometimes with her nips!

  164. Gymrat5042 says

    Kudos to Iams/P&G for their generosity and concern for our furry kids. As they get older they, like their human companions, sometimes need more care and this is an opportunity for them to get it. Many thanks!

  165. SKittySkat says

    Furfeather sits behind me and goes ‘unh’ very quietly, over and over. If that doesn’t work he sends in Kalypso who does the most convincing banshee shriek!

  166. Buddysmom says

    Our Siamese cat, Max, likes to have his breakfast early. He starts his routine by running up and down the stairs several times, all the while meowing loudly. After a few times, my husband gets up and prepares his meal. During the day, he is more subtle. He just walks to the pantry door and looks at us imploringly.

  167. Susan Brown says

    My cats come running when they hear me remove the lid off the can of cat food, or when I shake the bag of cat treats. Sometimes I just call out the word “treat!” and they scamper into the kitchen.

  168. My cat, Muffin, plants herself in front of the refridgerator and stares at me until I feed her. She usually gets her way within seconds, if not, she follows me everywhere and meows until she gets food. She’s a smart gal!

    Thanks for doing this Gracey, and thank you Iams for your generosity!

  169. Heather S says

    My cats turn into “lassie” as we round the corner into the kitchen. But in this case the food bowl is the hurt little boy, lol.

  170. Ollie is free-fed, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t let us know when it’s treat-time. He gets treats when we leave for work & when we get home. It all started after we had to begin giving him eyedrops 2-3x daily for uveitis. The treats got rid of the nasty taste the drops left. He got so conditioned to going to his treat mat at those times, that even after the drops ended, treat-time remained. He even has this “pity the kitty” routine where he goes to the mat in hopes of getting extras. He’s too cute, so I give in, sometimes….

  171. Squiggy's Mom says

    My Squiggy will do something naughty, like scratching the couch, or scampering over my computer keyboard. Then he runs away with his back hiked up and his ears flattened- straight to his food bowl- where he meows, and gives me an innocent look.

  172. I get “the look”. Their food bowl is rarely empty though unless our Australian Shepherd snags a bite or two or three passing by.

  173. Liawriter says

    It depends on if it’s a weekday or weekend. On weekends he gets wet food, and I wake up later. Since he somehow knows it’s a weekend, and the wetfood treat is coming, he nudges me awake with his paw, or by climbing all over me! On weekdays, his bowl stays full of dry food, it just needs a refresh when I get home from work, so he’ll meow at me until I pet him first, then I can refresh his bowl!

  174. Lisa Defilippo says

    It starts at about 4:30 AM with a gentle paw tap on the face. It then escalates to pouncing until they wake up everyone and get the dogs started too. Then it is time to get up and feed everyone!

  175. Scotchesk says

    well of course a clever cat has more than one method of conveying the all important message that it is time to eat depending upon ever changing circumstances but I will share just two methods our cat employs to expedite feeding time… Each morning Joe feeds our cat Fitzy and if he thinks things are taking too long he has a special meow that actually sounds quite a bit like “Joe”! hahaha as for me, well, Fitz knows just what to do to speed things along very effectively… this is a tactic he pulls out when it is actually very early to be fed… he very quietly sits in the door way and waits for me to look at him and then he does his “silent meow” it is SO adorable that I can’t resist and quite often give in and feed him early!

  176. Our cats will come out of nowhere around 4 o’clock to let us know it is time for them to be fed. They will then pester us until they are fed.

  177. My little calico Omelet sits and stares at her bowl, then looks at me, then back at the bowl. Very cute.

  178. As soon as I walk into the kitchen to make my supper, there are four little pointy faces at my feet meowing, so I guess it’s more a case of me telling them that it’s supper time!

  179. Gracey, I loved your movie. Now I know why my cats get upset if they can see the bottom of their bowl through the kibble. You cats really think ahead.

  180. My kitties sit and stare at me. Then the little one climbs onto my laptop and blocks me from typing. Then they just stare…

  181. Such a phenomenal cause…WTG IAMS FOR SUPPORTING THEM!!

  182. Hnightwoman says

    When mama doesn’t get up when we think she should to feed us breakfast, it’s stomp on her head and whiskers in her nose!

  183. Chats wil start to push the bowl around. She was homeless in her other life and I think once she can actually see the bottom of the bowl she gets all nervous. Sasha depends on Chats on to keep the kibble bowl full.

  184. I have 2 cats with way different PURRsonalities! Lenny tells me its time to eat by talking to me. If it’s breakfast, he tells me by pawing at my arm or giving me head bonks on top of my head! Benny, on the other hand, never tells me he’s hungry. He just goes to the bowl when I put food down 🙂

  185. I think this is wonderful what you are doing Triple T! <3

  186. My cats think it is supper time as soon as the first bird chirps in the morning even when it is my day to sleep in!

  187. Suppertime, breakfast time, and well, lunchtime too although my 5 cats don’t really get a noontime meal…the minute I get up from my bed, my desk or the couch, they race in front of me, not intentionally trying to trip me but sometimes succeeding. They proceed to the kitchen, yelling ‘Hurry, hurry…we are hungry!’

  188. All of our cats (10 to be exact) free feed, but they enjoy their treats too. Our oldest cat, P.J., will get on the counter and start meowing for treats and this signals everyone else to come running. P.J. was away at the vet for a couple of days getting treatment for his thyroid and that whole time none of the cats ‘asked’ for treats but as soon as P.J. came home he ‘asked’ for treats and everyone came running just as usual. He apparently is the spokesperson for the cats!

  189. My cats begin stampeding up and down the hall until we get up and feed them! 🙂

  190. My cats just won’t stand for having their food dish any less than half full. If it gets below that mark they come run to my husband and run back and forth between him and the food dish until he fills it completely. They’re super paranoid about running out of food! lol

  191. Stephiej57 says

    In the morning my two boys (who are asleep on the bed with me) start headbutting me an meow loudly. If I don’t get up quick enough They will kneed the dough or lay on top of me. When I get up They run around my feet tripping me on the way to their food bowls. At dinner time they just come in from wherever they have been lazing and look at me and rub my legs and meow~<3~ Yea for PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary !!!

  192. If the food bowls become empty while I’m asleep, some of my cats (especially Benjamin) will poke me with his claws until I get up and refill the bowls. Needless to say, I usually make sure my babies have plenty of food before I go to bed!

  193. Three cats, no waiting says

    Suppertime? That one’s easy: there’s a great deal of meowing and twining around my legs. I’ve tried to explain that the leg-twining part is actually a pretty bad idea, since if I trip over one of the three of them and break my neck (or some other useful part) then it’ll take LONGER for the food to reach the bowls. (Hardly the effect they wish to achieve, wouldn’t you say?) Sadly, they remain unconvinced.

    Breakfast is another matter entirely. >^..^<

  194. Mamaverano says

    My two fur kids have been eating Iams for years. When it’s time to eat Pickles, the orange fellow, goes to the container and starts pawing it. If I don’t fill their dishes right away, both Pickles and Misty (his little black sister) will start meowing until I come to the kitchen.

  195. Dawn White says

    Lexy will follow me around and meow. If that doesn’t work she runs around the house. She will also attempt to wake me up at 5:00 am for breakfast by scratching the bed or sniffing my nose.

  196. My spooky little black cat Wednesday lets me know it’s mealtime by squeaking at me repeatedly (she has a tiny, kitten-ish voice) and by darting back and forth between me & her bowl. You know, just in case I’ve forgotten where it is..

  197. Anna makes loops between me and her food bowl. Once I realize she is hungry I wait until she is back by her bowl and then I pat the arm of my chair. Anna comes running, jumps up, lets me give her a quick pet, and then she runs back to her food bowl. That is how Anna tells me she is hungry and ‘works’ for her food. Abigail just stands in front of her food bowl starring at me. She won’t look away until I feed her. 🙂

  198. When Jelly wants dinner, you never hear the end of it. It’s also like that when he wants breakfast, lunch, snack and treats. Its also like that if he disapproves of his dinner, breakfast, lunch, snack and treats. Sometimes my mom will try several flavors until he is satisfied. Talk about spoilt. Chelsea never complains. She just vaccums up her share and crunches on. She knows Jelly does enough complaining for both of them. Breakfast is 9am, lunches around 12 and 2, dinner 4 and 6, treat time is whenever … somehow they manage to maintain healthy weights, they are in excellent shape and are 16 and 13 years old, neither of them is overweight. I think it’s because Chelsea is athletic and Jelly doesn’t really eat all that much, he just wants noms in his dish at all times. He enjoys the complaining more than the eating. Yes, they are very spoilt!

  199. My cats meow until they are fed..or they just rub up on me and try to eat whatever I’m eating

  200. My cat wraps his tail around me and “Purr-meows”. Can’t describe it, but it’s like he wants to purr and talk at the same time! 🙂

  201. I don’t tell them, they tell me.

  202. They always have food available so no dinner requests. But they do get mushy food for breakfast so if anyone stirs around 5 or 5:30 in the am they better be going to the kitchen!

  203. By standing at their bowls and staring at me!

  204. Pandora wakes us up at 5am by meowing and walking all over us on the bed for her morning feeding. For her 5pm feeding, she materializes in the kitchen from whereever she spends the day to meow and pace the kitchen until we feed her. She definitely knows how to tell time.

  205. Juicymcgoo says

    my comment is very short…<3 to all for the generosity!!!!

  206. May cats all start letting me know it’s suppertime at 4 p.m., lol! They walk around meowing and just generally getting restless, and the restlessness keeps growing until the food finally arrives. In the morning, they let me know it’s breakfast time too. Our smallest, little Ingrid, wakes me up by putting her face into my face with a loud purr, then walks around meowing at my feet as if to herd me downstairs.

  207. I have 3 cats and when it’s dinner time, they start circling and meowing!

  208. My Kitties, Hoops & YoYo scream and follow me around until I feed them!

  209. One of my babies sits ever so patiently with big yellow eyes watching me and purring. (he’s 20 years old!) One paces from the counter to the windowsill and back, one waits from a distance watching everyone to make sure no one is left out and two run frantically around in circles begging! They know when I get up they get breakfast and when I get home they get dinner.. and they are soooooooooo there!

  210. My cat Bebe likes to open the cupboard where her food is. The door opens very easily so she slips a paw in there and lets it bang against the frame to get my attention. If that fails there is always the “I’ll pretend I haven’t been fed in three months and will faint any minute now” look. She’s such a spoiled brat! 🙂

  211. That cat that lives with me is very nice to our staff. All she does is find where the closest staff person is and then meow meow meow meows at their feet until she gets her dinner. If she really has to ask, she stands on her hind legs and reaches up to grab the staff’s hand all while meow meow meow meow meow meow meowing.
    Thanks Iams for looking out for the senior kittizens at Purrever Ranch!

  212. Harvey knows it’s suppertime as soon as he hears the food hit the bowl, which he can hear from 2 floors away. Thomas, on the other hand, tries not to let anyone SEE him eating, drinking or doing anything else that makes a hasty escape difficult. He was a stray and was friendly, but skittish then. I’ve had him for 12 years and he’s never lost his skittishness. He was between 1-2 when I took him in. I don’t know who hurt this beautiful boy, but I intend to take care of him and let him know he’s safe for all the years he has left.

  213. My cats know it’s suppertime when they hear the food hit the bowl. Harvey will come from anywhere. Thomas, on the other hand, will rarely let anyone actually SEE him eating, drinking or doing anything else which makes a hasty escape difficult. He was a stray and even then was friendly but skittish. Although I’ve had him for over 12 years, he’s never stopped being a skittish cat. I don’t know who hurt this beautiful boy, but I will continue to show him love for all the years he has left.

  214. Amber Dawn says

    Cleo will stand perfectly still until she knows I see her…then she’ll take off on a mad dash to her bowl and start walking around in circles with her tail straight up and her paws lifting higher and higher. It’s almost like she’s dancing for her supper!

  215. my two older kids follow me around and meow, but god help me if the youngest is hungry and i’m not out of bed! he likes to either lick my face awake, or lay on top of my face until i wake up from lack of oxygen! hiding under the covers won’t help, either… he’s figured out how to tunnel under and get to me!

  216. So I made the mistake of teaching my cat to say “Hello” (sounds like “Herroh?”) after watching some YouTube video of a “talking cat.” He now takes that to mean “Stand in hallway outside bedrooms where you get the best echo in the house and start howling Hello! around 5 am”! It’s so cute I can’t get mad, and so loud I can’t stay asleep.

  217. This is great!! I am glad that there are still some people out there who will care for the least of these~

  218. Kodi is the one that makes sure they are all fed on time. When he thinks it is close enough to dinner time he comes over to me and meows. When I tell him it is not dinner time yet, he starts with the pawing and meowing. Every few minutes he does this, jumping up against me, pawing at my arm and meowing. He gets quite insistent about it. lol When I pick up the cat dishes and go to the kitchen all the cats, I have 4, follow me in there to make sure I am in fact getting their dinner for them. It is quite comical, at this point Kodi stops meowing at me and Gizmo starts in. He will rise up on his back legs, stretching way up with this front legs to let me know he is supervising. His meow is moe demanding than Kodi’s. The other two just sit there patiently waiting. 🙂 Cats are a never-ending source of joy!!

  219. PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary says

    The Kittens think it is meal time all the time 😉 but when I say “Eat” the herd comes migrating down the halls, wake up from their cat naps & come charging to the bag of IAMS. The Senior Kittizens are super excited over having such a healthy meal to look forward to. Thank you, Gracey, IAMS & Joanne. We love yall to pieces & purrs. rita & The Senior Kittizens

  220. Sophie the Tuxedo says

    I use the time-honored practice of poking my human in the eye until she gets up. Not to worry I don’t use the claws, except to grasp her arm to make my point if she refuses to get up.

  221. My kitty falls down and ‘dies’ when it’s dinner time – he sprawls out on his back on the floor as if he’s gone weak from hunger and does it right in front of you to make sure you are looking! (bear in mind that he’s incredibly spoiled and wants for nothing)

  222. I let mom know by telepathically sending her a message. If that doesnt work, I knock the can opener over…MOL….In a rare instance, since she has had training now, I sometimes just sit on the can until she opens it…

  223. My cats apparently have an internal alarm clock that tells them when it’s time for dinner. If I don’t appear when I should they come to find me and pester me by meowing and jumping on and off my lap until I go to feed them. As soon as I ask “Are you hungry?” they run to the kitchen and wait at their bowls. They have me very well trained. 🙂

  224. Tippy lets me know it is supper time with her demanding yell. She is a talker 🙂

  225. Karen Nichols says

    We have a stack of plates at the upstairs cat food station. When he’s hungry, Skeezix sits at the station and uses his nose to knock plates off the stack. Works like a charm.

  226. My cats race me to the kitchen meowing and tripping me the entire way when they want food. Which is every time I go into the kitchen! LOL!

  227. Anonymous says

    This is so great!! My cats are very talented and can read the clock. Five minutes before feeding time they start going crazy. They want to help because they think Mama can’t tell time.

  228. Mine always think it is time for supper!! They jump up on the counter and purr and rub up against me. They meow alot and dance around the kitchen floor. i have seven of them and it’s like the whole herd comes running from all over the house. They love their cat food!! Sometimes they get real chicken, they live that too.

  229. Mine always think it is time for supper!! They jump up on the counter and purr and rub up against me. They meow alot and dance around the kitchen floor. i have seven of them and it’s like the whole herd comes running from all over the house. They love their cat food!! Sometimes they get real chicken, they live that too.

  230. Well, right now my cat, Precious, is dancing around my legs, popping her head in my lap…which bounces my laptop PC…and demanding bits of my Smoked Gouda cheese. She gets VERY insistent when I have Smoked Gouda, her favorite cheese. She only wants a couple tiny bites, but HAS to have them.

  231. Teresakittykat says

    My kitties know it food time just by the sun I think! They know start to harrass me about half five, and they get fed around six, so they just seem to know!

  232. ‘Mantha says, “Now.” Actually, what she says is more like “***NOW!!!***”
    Bico just sits by her bowl and stares at me with a pitiful expression on her face.
    Barney rarely says anything about his regular food, but will sit by the refrigerator and meow at me when he wants a couple of square inches of sliced turkey.

  233. kathy shane says

    One of my cats bites my leg. My youngest does her yoga all over the floor until i open a can. My oldest won’t stop meowing until the dish is in front of her. My tuxedo will just stare at me. So many vibes!!! LOL

  234. Elizabeth Flynn says

    My cats start off at 3:00 AM by running around the house like a herd of elephants. If that doesn’t get me up they start pouncing on me. As soon as I get up, they all scramble into the kitchen making sweet little sounds until I dish up the breakfast. In the afternoon, as soon as I get home from work, everyone is waiting at the front door. Then they immediately take off for the kitchen. If I do not follow the come back looking for me. No detours allowed. By the way, they eat Iams too!

  235. The way my 9 cats let me know its meal time is they all come together around the bowls and sit meowing at me. If its breakfast Patches (one of my cats) will get in bed and meow if that does’st work she starts to nibble at my nose. That does the trick. All 9 are so special. I love each one because each is so different from the others. I have 9 cats with 9 different personalities. Thanks Iams for all you do for our feline friends……Kim Worsham, Virginia

  236. Eddie and Stella will gently begin to brush by me whether I’m standing or sitting and lightly meow at me. They will also stare at me to see if I’ve understood the message they’re sending me. They’ll escalate their attempts by jumping on my lap, jumping on my laptop, knocking over objects on tables, and increasing the volumes of their meows until they are sure I’m in the kitchen and filling their dishes with food.

  237. Mommakat900 says

    My cats will meow and follow me everywhere walking under my feet and between my legs, tripping me and being so annoying in general that I HAVE to feed them….. regardless of if it is feeding time or not! LOL

  238. I have six cats, so when the food bowl is empty or down to crumbs, my kitties hang around the bowl and with their tails waving, pace in figure 8s until I refill/refresh it. One bowl is downstairs, which for some reason is the food bowl of choice for one of my kitties…when it’s empty, she paces at the top of the stairs until I notice and then she bolts downstairs looking back to see if I am following her.

  239. Digeronimoa says

    My cat Milo waits until I look at him and then runs to the kitchen and sits there and waits for his food! 🙂

  240. Oops, posted this in the wrong place. Sorry to those of you who are seeing it twice, but I wanted to help get the donation: Pebbles sits on the cat tree when she is hungry, then waits for a human to go by so she can tap them on the shoulder and look pitifully toward her bowl. Owl & Piglet just meow loudly and do their circle dance until food appears.

  241. Sherree Smith says

    I always give my kitties a treat at supper time–I give them a taste of cooked chicken breast. They look forward to this treat, so every day at supper time they jump up on their window perch and “dance” until they get their treat! They won’t even attempt to eat their supper without getting their chicken first–I guess they have to have an appetizer! LOL

  242. Angel stands on his food box and yells very loudly.

  243. Anonymous says

    My cats start meowing at me, then running down the hallway to where they are fed. If they don’t get fed immediately, they come back strop some more — and meow some more! One of them starts pawing at my leg if I don’t hurry up enough to suit him!

    Thanks for all that you do, Gracey, to help your kitty cousins, large and small. I shared a photo of my Lulu-kitty on your FB page. 🙂

  244. My dog sits in front of me every day at 3pm and gazes deeply into my eyes. Dinnertime!

  245. Janetmitchell86 says

    I arise in the morning to head butts long before sunrise as my darlings want their food. At night I arrive home to a chorus of Iam hungary from the resident furballs.

  246. Sheree1022 says

    My cat Cindy will hang out in the kitchen and meow at you when you go in there telling you it’s time for dinner. She’s very persistant!

  247. When Bella and Shadow think its eating time, they will sit by the cupboard with the food in it. Shadow will meow everytime someone walks by. If Bella is really hungry, she will sit on the food mat!

  248. I’m not a cat owner(yet) because I am allergic to them but I am catsitting for a friend! Her cats free feed, so as long as the bowl is mostly full they don’t complain. They do however enjoy getting on the table when I’m eating and try to paw the food I have in my hand in the general direction of their mouth. It was fine with french fries and crackers, but when there is a kitty paw print on your scoop of icecream it gets a tad ridiculous. 😛

  249. My cats will just sit in front of their food bowls looking down into them, as if to say “where are you, food???” When I walk by, they will follow me into the kitchen where one of them opens the pantry door with her paw while the other one jumps up on the counter next to the pantry and meows. (If my husband finds out she jumps on the counter, he will put us all out of the house!!!)

  250. Please continue to feed the senior cats. I have two of them myself!

  251. My Pauly (who is 10) lets me know its time for his dinner, by nudging my hand with his head while we watch some television. So I go to the kitchen to get his bowl of food and he follows me to the point where he almost makes me fall over him…I love him any way, even when he makes me fall. Thanks Gracey for all your work with our senior kittizens..

  252. My cat has learned to knock on my bedroom door. OK, it’s a paw tap, but he sticks his claws out just enough and the door is hollow wood that it sounds like a quiet knock. Funny thing is, if I’m not in the room bec. I got up early, he still goes and paws the door!

  253. Spydee starts off very quietly … she’ll sit and just stare a hole in me until I acknowledge her. She’ll rub against me, or get in between me and whatever I’m doing. I’ll ask her if she wants something, and she’ll just look at me like I’m supposed to know. I can ask her 20 different questions about what she wants and she’ll keep quiet … but when I ask “Are you hungry?” she immediately answers and gets every excited. If I ask “Want some dinner?” she’ll run to the cabinet where the canned food is kept and pace back and forth in front of it until I get there. Then she’ll yell at me the whole time I’m fixing it. My other cat, Sassie, however … eh, if the bowl’s there, cool. If not, cool. She’s so laid back!! Personally, I think she bribes the little one to do all the dirty work for her!!! 🙂

  254. KansasWanderer says

    My little old Kali girl jumps on the kitchen counter and begs. She will only eat her soft food in one spot on the counter.

  255. MALIA RAGAN says

    My 9 year old, Smoki, always has chow in her bowl but she loves Iams treats. She follows me around giving me meowing and giving me the ole leg rub tactic until I will follow her to her bowl where she sits patiently for her treats.

  256. I have 1 elderly cat, 1 slightly elderly, and one getting there that way. And I love all the crazy stunts they pull.

  257. My cats,I swear have a built in clock! They know when it is time to eat, even if I am busy and lose track of time. They will come to me and just sit and stare at me and if I do not respond they start meowing and are practically “glued” to my feet as I move about until I give them their food!!!! AND they do eat Iams!!!!!

  258. Bromi7961 says

    Bromi will meow at me or sit in front of the food dish looking like he is starving. Max will paw at my arm and meow.

  259. My kitties will just start hanging around the kitchen. But a past kitty I had would make it very clear…he would go to my microwave cupboard where I had my spices, get up on two paws, and start knocking my spices off one by one, looking at me while doing it. I’d say “Stop it, Raz,” and he’d look at me again, and “plink,” another spice on the floor. I think Razz Matazz was the most “vocal” of my past and present cats in looking for his meal. 🙂

  260. One will come up and rub his nose all over my face while the other paces back and forth on the bed and over me…unfortunately it’s usually about 4:00 a.m. on a workday!

  261. My cats go to their food dishes and stare at us when it’s suppertime!

  262. Edlucky56 says

    Lucky will look very sad! She will sit still and pout! Every time I get up..she will also! This will continue until I head towards the kitchen! The she becomes a happy cat!

  263. Our 4 furbabies follow us around constantly if there is not a full bowl of food. Won’t be able to do anything, cook, go to the bathroom, check mail, anything until they have their bowl filled.

  264. Our start following us around as soon as they see us and the bowl isn’t full. Can’t do anything without our herd at our feet if there is not a full bowl!

  265. Kelly_m_mcguire says

    She will jump in my lap and nudge her nose on my chin then she runs to her bowl and meows.

  266. My cats let me know it’s supper time by butting my hands or face with their heads and singing a chorus of feline agony at me. If I’m working at the computer, they walk back and forth across my desk in front of my monitor. They also try to stop me from going anywhere except the food cabinet by running around and between my feet.

  267. There is much meowing and wailing and when they really get hungry and heaven forbid I’m ignoring them, they’ll start attacking each other. They know THAT will get them fed faster than anything. I think they set it up in advance, who punches whom. No one’s ever gotten hurt, or even lost a fluff of hair, so I KNOW it’s a set up.

  268. When feeding time (4:30pm) arrives, my oldest cat, Lyle, will come and get me wherever I am in the house and lead me to the food dish. He’ll keep attempting to lead me there until I capitulate and open up the can of wet cat food 🙂

  269. My cats have food available at all times, so it’s always supper time. 🙂

  270. Raiderkat says

    I letz my peeps know I iz hongry by rubbing der legs to get da wet food. Sometimes I letz dem know I want to eat der food by jumping on da dinner table

  271. Cali stares at me!!! Since she knows it makes me nervous, she’s very intent!!!!!

  272. Blmcgonagl says

    Hobbes lets us know its dinnertime by leading us to his empty bowl and looking up sadly.

  273. Ruth Millican says

    My cats circle around the food bowl the minute they hear the puppy go into his kennel. The oldest will insist that I hurry with several loud sharp meows.

  274. Kristen B. says

    My cats will sit in the kitchen and stare you down until you feed them. At some point in time, there is also a medley of “meow’s”.

  275. Meow meow meow whilst turning round and round in circles and rubbing against my legs

  276. My kitties run to the kitchen and start rubbing up against my legs.

  277. Luna sits at our feet and stares. That’s all. Just STARES. It’s really cute. ^_^

  278. Hi Gracey, HOW WONDERFUL of IAMS to help Rita!!!! Maggie stands guard at the refrigerator to let me know she is ready for treats!

  279. Our Eric, who’s 14, appointed himself food-bowl monitor among our cats a long time ago. When the bottom is visible in even one of the bowls, he goes to my daughter (who is primary cat feeder) and nags her. He sits and stares at her and repeatedly utters an emphatic “Mow!” After every few “Mow!”s my daughter will respond “What?!” and eventually things such as “Just minute, Eric!” and before long she’s off to the kitchen to check the bowls and refill them if it’s truly needed.

  280. We no longer have a kitteh, but Mr. Booger used to come give me headbonks when he was hungry – or I’d see him walking by with a lizard in his mouth! LOL

  281. My cats are pretty calm about suppertime. But they do sometimes stare at me.

  282. My little siamese, Sasha, jumps up onto the island beside the fridge and walks back and forth meowing and purring. My other 3 just sit by the dishes patiently.

  283. Hurray for Purrever and thanks to Iams

  284. Hnightwoman says

    How does my cat let me know it is suppertime? I have multiple cats. They post themselves at different places and just stare at me. Still as a statue, staring…………

  285. My 14 yr. old male cat will follow me around the house SCREAMING at me. He walks in front of me, almost tripping me all the way to his food bowl. He’s not very patient!!