When I’m a Little Stinker it’s Bissell to the Rescue!

We cats are super fastidious about being clean.  And I like my water fountain and my  bowls to be pristine. I also like my chow bowl to have plenty of food and my back up water supply to be filled to the rim.  I like my rugs, blankets, thinking circles, chair cushions and pillows to be washed and smelling fresh and nice. When these things are in order I know I will have a great day.

I have two Smart Cat Box litter pans.  One is located in the laundry room, which is across the hall from our office. My other pan is in my Master bathroom which I agree to let my parents share with me, the bathroom, not my Smart Cat Box. I  like my boxes to be super clean too. But when nature calls, and I listen,  my boxes  can get a little smelly.ewww from Bissell Pawsitively Clean Line

Sometimes  when my mom walks by my box she makes a face and she says “ewww”  just like the name of a product from Bissell. So when  I’m a little stinker the  ewww pet stain and odor remover  from the Pawsitively Clean line  helps me clean up!  ewww has powerful enzyme action to tackle those odors and the fast acting deodorizing agents start to work immediately. It is super easy to use and  when my box has been cleaned my mom goes from saying ewww to ahhh!

Sometimes,  I get super nervous  when my parents leave me  in charge of the habitat for a little while. When I get nervous, I chomp my chow too fast. Then my stomach gets a little angry  and I  end up spitting up my chow on the rugs.  And there have been times when I  sneak a chomp of the fig tree leaves, oh so yummy going down, but not so much coming back up.

I don’t know why, but I always seem to place my mess on the Persian rug. After a while, the pattern started to look a little different and my dad even wanted to throw the rug up, I mean out.  But my

Bissell ProHeat 2X

Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Deep Cleaning System

mom got out the Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet Deep Cleaning System and she used the Bissell Professional Deep Cleaning Formula with Scotchgard.  She ran the cleaner over the rug a few times and like magic, the design reverted back to the original one.  My mom must have been having such a good time with the cleaner that she decided to run it over the master bedroom rug too.  I forgot to tell you there were a couple of spots on it too.  They disappeared and the rug looked like new.

About a week later, when we were having a super spooky thunderstorm, I got too nervous and I chomped my chow too fast.  My stomach was yelling at me and I

Bissell Professional Deep Cleaning Formula with Scotchgard

Bissell Professional Deep Cleaning Formula with Scotchgard

relieved it on the bedroom rug.  When my mom found the mess she used some paper towels to clean it up and to her surprise, the rug was not a bit dirty or stained.  She

couldn’t believe it.  The Scotchgard in the Bissell Formula was protecting the rug with an invisible shield.   My parents are really pleased with the results and I am happy too because I like it when my habitat is clean and tidy.

So if you are sharing your habitat with a furry family member, these two products can help you clean up super fast and easy.  We don’t mean to make messes, we really don’t but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.  Just like when you track dirt in or spill something on the sofa or floor. Messes happen, but they can disappear as fast as they appeared.

Tell me about your habitat.   Are you a little stinker too?  Tell me your stinky story for your chance to receive a sample of ewww to try in your habitat!

I want you to know that we received the Bissell ProHeat 2X Pet Select Deep Cleaning System when I won week two of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest in 2010.  We purchased the Bissell Professional  Deep Cleaning Formula at a local retailer. We received a sample of ewww in our Blocktail Party Bag. We are a member of the Bissell Pack of Pet Lovers.

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  1. LadyLvsNyt says

    Dear Gracey, my Merlin is also known as the Kak-Master in the House of M (Magick, Merlin, Mystick, Medea.) He comes up with such inventive and unique places to kak. One of his best was last winter when he hung his head over the side of the desk in the kitchen where his food bowls are and he let it all go right into the heater vent. I did not see this happen, but for days kept smelling cat kibble “baking” every time the heater came on! By the time I found it, it was a solid mass, easily picked up from the duct, however it makes me want to kak every time I open a new bag of kibble now and smell it! I must hold my nose! There are also new plastic vent guards on the heater vents.

    • Anonymous says

      Oh my!  I bet that didn’t smell too good.  Plastic vent guards are a good idea!

  2. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Hi Gracey,  This is very informative.  I guess I will need to invest in these Bissell products because there are a lot of us at out habitat and we like it to be really clean too 🙂 

  3. Oh Gracey, RERUN is the little stinker this way!!!  She is always in a hurry, and OOPS…!!!!!  I know she doesn’t mean to, and can’t help it, she just has SO MUCH TO DO, you know!!!  🙂

  4. Malia Ragan says

    Gracey, my Smoki occasionally chomps her chow a little too feaverishly or eats grass when she goes outside and will almost invariably wait until she gets back inside to  “toss her cookies”.  Since most of her habitat has hard wood or tile, it seems she stratigically aims for the carpeted master bedroom to toss it up.  Smoki’s litterbox is located in the laundry room on the way to the quest bath and she and I both love a clean litter box. So if I’m home and walk by to that ever so dreaded stink, I immediately clean up the litter box and freshen the laundry room with room spray.  We’ve never tried the ewww spray by Bissell but it may be a product that would make our lives a little easier.

  5. my two girls can be stinky cats sometimes.  Sasha washes her self on a regular basis and sometimes she over does it and spews hair balls.  She tries really hard to hit the linoleum but sometimes she just does not get to the kitchen in time and she hits the carpeting.  I never get upset cuss at Shrek says better out than in.  Chats is a long hair and sometimes she has trouble with keeping her back side cleaned up and when she gets annoyed wiht herself she will sometimes do the carpet shimmy.  I try to stay a few paws ahead of her so we can avoid having to go to the v-e-t-s for a clean up.

  6. Pwycinski says

    Very interesting and informative Gracey. It seems that I must invest In this product as well as my Brutus gets an upset belly when he gets stressed!

    • Anonymous says

      Yes Aunt Patty.  Brutus told me he needs more snacks to ease his upset belly.