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Water Crisis Can we send a truckload of water to Kenya?

Friends, I have something very serious to talk about with you. It is the water crisis in Kenya.

Imagine being super thirsty. Then imagine that you can’t just go to the faucet, the fountain or reach for a bottle ofGracey, The Tiniest Tiger water. Imagine that you are tired and feeling desperate because there is no water for you and that you might have to walk for hours and even a couple of days to reach a water source.  Imagine you have small children dependent upon you in this desert, with no food or water and you have to walk for days in search of relief.

Take a moment and try to Imagine

There is a water crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Right now an estimated 10.7 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are trying to survive the worst drought in 60 years.  Families are forced to walk as long as 30 days to find food and water. Herds of livestock, the primary livelihood  for many of these families, have perished in the drought.

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Tidy Up Tuesday! Prize Winners Announced.

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Welcome to our first Prize Winners Announcement Page.

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*For Cat Eyes Only* The CIA May Have a Mole!

Warning! The contents of this post may not be suitable for Senior Cats and Small Kittens.

Temptation Cat Treats

Flat Gracey with the Evidence

The CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency) may have a Mole. As hard as this is to believe, but based on recent activities and sightings, the consensus is that a Mole may very well have infiltrated one of the most secretive and powerful agencies in existence, the CIA.  Friends this is not to be taken lightly.

As recently as this past weekend at blogpaws, I  had a near incident with my own mom.  I sent Flat Gracey and my mom to attend the pet event of the year known as blogpaws, being held at Tysons Corner, VA.  Everything was going just perfect until my mom won a session from Temptations with Sonya Fitzpatrick, the Animal Communicator!  (These are one of the treats that my brother Mercy chomps and he says they are very tasty.) My mom was super excited. She has wanted to talk to Sonya Fitzpatrick ever since the raccoon fell through the ceiling above my chow chomping area. But this was just too risky for me!

As you can see, plain as day, even a Mole can see, it says boldly,

WHAT DO CATS REALLY THINK? Find out and get to know your cat better.

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BlogPaws Highlights! The Year of the Cat!

This past week-end was one of my favorite events of the year! Blogpaws was created  for the online pet community. They focus on bringing together pet bloggers for education, networking and creating change for animals in need.  This year’s conference was held in Tysons Corner, Virginia. And it was a fantastic event even though HurricaneWelcome to blogpaws Irene tried to put a damper on the festivities.

I sent  my stunt double Flat Gracey with my mom to cover the event.   Flat Gracey was provided to me courtesy of Flat Tyler!   Fluffy Tyler’s mom PetCareBev is the genius behind My Flat Pet.  Flat Gracey travels much easier and without anxiety.  This provides me a way to attend events from the comfort of my habitat.

Here I am with some of my Flat Pet Friends. Flat Tyler is the handsome Bichon to my left.  Preston is the handsome Westie to my right.  Fluffy Preston, from Preston Speaks was also in attendance at blogpaws.

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Gracey & Mercy Weigh In Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

Sometimes to be honest, I find myself a little envious of Mercy. He doesn’t have any food allergies and he doesn’t have feline diabetes. This means that he can pretty much eat any food he desires.  My diet is limited to low allergen prescription chow and wet limited ingredient duck and pea. Now keeping two things in mind, Mercy doesn’t get to run amok in the house and eat anything he finds, and I actually like my duck and pea and my chow so most of the time I am ok with things.

However, Mercy gets to try all the new snacks. Last month he got to chomp  some Innova cat treats, and he gets to eat Greenies.  He gets to snack, snack snack! In fact, Mercy, like my dad, could be classified as a “Snackasaurus” !

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Take Your Cat to the Vet Week: Overcoming Cat Carrier Chaos

Today is the start of Take Your Cat to the Vet Week!

Our Friend Jane Harrell from created a Take Your Cat to the Vet Week public event on Facebook inviting pet parents to take the pledge to make sure their felines get the medical attention they need and deserve.

Did you know that there are 15 million more Cats ruling habitats in the United States than there are pet dogs? Yet Cats only go to see the Veterinarian half as often as dogs. Since Cats are in charge of their homes, this is part of the problem, our dislike for the cat carrier, the stress of travel, being out of our element, and worse yet not being in control.

Listen, we Cats need preventive care too and regular check ups can help find any health issues that might be sneaking up on us. This is super important, so has provided helpful Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Vet. If you take a moment and peruse the tips, I think you will find them very helpful.

I, need help with learning to like my ~shiver~ carrier.  So I read through Jane’s ” Get Your Cat to Like His Carrier”. Jane lists 10 tips to help ease cat carrier anxiety.  These tips are helping too. Did you notice that I didn’t

Gracey in Cat Carrier

Me, in my carrier. Don't I look relaxed?

shiver when I typed cat carrier that time?

My cat carrier is accessible to me most of the time.  During the terrifying thunderstorm season, which is still going on, my carrier is open and ready in case we need to make a mad dash to the basement.  When my carrier door is open, there is a nice soft blanket inside and usually one of my favorite toys, like Teenie Sardini.  Sometimes when my parents aren’t looking I even sneak inside the carrier and take a little nap.

I will admit that I need more practice with the closing of the door, and being picked up inside the carrier.  And then I will graduate to the walk around the block, and a short car ride while I am inside my carrier.  I  will tell you that being inside my carrier is not on the top of my list  of things to do.  But going to the Morris Veterinarian Clinic is very important for both my and my parent’s health.

It doesn’t help that Mercy is like an angel in his carrier either.  He really just gets in the carrier and sits quietly until we arrive at the Clinic.  He is a cat of few meows.  Whereas I yowl and whine and foam at the mouth almost the entire time.  There it is, I said it. Now I will make an effort to do better.

How does your Cat like going into the carrier and riding to the Vet’s office?

The Cheese Stands Alone.

Gracey Eyes The Cheese

The Cheese Stands Alone

It is Sunday Evening at my habitat and tonight my dad is doing the cooking.  He has decided to have pasta with a nice marinara sauce.  I know this because there on the counter, where I am forbidden to trod, the cheese stands alone.  Now, you might be thinking that I wouldn’t like this particular cheese, and you would be right. But the fresh mozzarella that my dad is preparing on the far counter is quite tasty. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about a morsel of that cheese.

I am pretty well out of focus at the moment so I don’t think my dad will even notice me.  I will be quiet as a mouse.   I can only hope that he places the plate with the nice mozzarella right down in front of me. I am sure he would not notice if I swiped just a nibble.

Gracey watches her dad cooking pasta

He doesn't see me. This is awesome.

He doesn’t see me. Oh, I am so getting some cheese.  If he saw me, he would be chatting to me.  He would say, “Gracey Lou! You know you are not supposed to be up on the stool.” He would say this loudly for the benefit of my mom who is in the office so that she wouldn’t think he was a big softy that lets me do anything that I want to do most of the time.

But what he doesn’t know is that my mom sometimes lets me sit on his stool in the morning while we have breakfast.

Gracey ready to pounce on counter

Maybe I will swipe a couple of nibbles

It looks like he has finished preparing the plate with the mozzarella cheese. And he has not seen me.  Oh happy cat!  I think I will swipe a couple nibbles if he sets the plate down right in front of me.

Or should I knock the whole plate  off the counter over my chow chomping area?  Then the cheese might fall in my bowl.  That would be good, because I could pretend that is was an accident.

Uh oh! I think I have been spotted.  No, not like Lazy Leopard is spotted but I  think my dad has realized  I am sitting here on the stool. Maybe not because here he comes with the fresh mozzarella cheese!

Gracey looking sideways

I am not moving a whisker.

He is setting the plate down beside the green bowl.  I can’t believe my good fortune.  Now I must wait until he turns around and heads back toward the stove area.

Wait, he is coming around the counter towards where I am sitting.  He must be going to arrange the plates or something.

What is he doing?

Gracey jumping down.


Oh Rats!

Meow for Now.

The Tiniest Tiger’s Gotta-Read 7 Blog Links:Paying it Forward: Tripbase Blog Post Project

I was tagged by our friend Carol Bryant of Fido Friendly to be a part of The 7 Links, Tripbase Blog Post Project. I was honored to be tagged by Carol to share 7 links from our Conservation Cub Club blog.  This took me some time to decide which posts to choose for each of the categories.  I hope you like the posts I have chosen.

At the bottom are 5 blogs I have tagged to take the torch and run with their 7 best links.  Thank you for reading The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club.


Lion Guardians Give Each Lion a Maasai Name

Lions from the Lion Guardians ProjectIt was super tough for me to choose, but I chose this post with all the African Male Lions as the Most Beautiful. Our  wild lions are in trouble and the Lion Guardian Project is showing great promise for the conservation of the big cat. One of my favorite things about the project is the naming of each lion. The naming and telling of stories about each lion emphasizes the individuality of each cat. It is also much easier to forgive the lion for preying on livestock when you know the name and unique traits. I asked  the readers to tell me which lion caught their eye and why. They are all handsome, don’t you agree?

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Black Cat Appreciation Day! Mercy Me

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

We are celebrating with my brother Mercy today.  He is a beautiful sleek and shiny boy with three white diamond

Gracey's brother Mercy


patches at his chest and on his underside.  He has big  green eyes and a black nose.  Mercy is super sweet, he really is. I think we look alike around the eyes don’t you?

In honor of my brother,  I decided to tell you how Mercy came to be adopted into our family.

Mercy’s Story

Before we moved into our current habitat, we lived in another  habitat, that was a loft style apartment.  There was an alley that ran behind our building, and in this alley lives a feral colony of cats.  Now these cats were taken care of by a few of our neighbors and my parents.  We would feed the cats every day and if we were late, they would come up and knock on the door to remind us.

Not all of our neighbors liked the alley cats.  There was one lady in particular that was super mean.  One day she even had the Mayor trapped in the alley telling her that the cats were ruining her flowers. Now you might think that could be possible, cats will be cats,  but I must tell [Read more…]

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Friends, I created this new image so that it will be easier to locate the winners of our The Tiniest Tiger giveaways. Sometimes I go back and post the winners but it has been a little difficult for many of you to locate the lucky recipients.  So I thought about how to remedy this situation and I came up with this eye-catching image.  From now on, when you see this photo with The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner seal and the Hurrah! flag you will know that the giveaway winners names will be listed just below the image in beautiful green font.

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