Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Cats by Bossy Backyard Blue Jay

Recently Bossy Backyard Blue Jay came to visit me in the  Sun Room to  turn in his bird food inventory request list for me to give to my parents. As the weather turns cold, our bird friends rely on us to fill their feeders with all kindsGracey, The Tiniest Tiger and Bossy Backyard Blue Jay of treats including, sunflower seeds, peanuts, suet cakes, cracked corn and more.

Well when the birds are more dependent upon the feeders, something else happens. Our outdoor cat cousins start to go on the prowl.  My little feathered friend wanted me to remind all of you to keep an eye on the cats that share your habitat.

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay mentioned that it is already October and that means we are fast approaching Halloween!  Many of our human and canine friends wear costumes to celebrate Trick or Treat night but most felines, myself included are reluctant to don apparel whether for Halloween or for any occasion.  I especially do not like anything that restricts my ear movement. ~shiver~ I can’t hardly stand to think about it. In any case, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay told me he had come up with a list of what he considers to be both creative and outstanding ideas for cat costumes this Halloween season. He asked me if he could guest post again on our Conservation Cub Club and I obliged.  Remember, his opinions are not my own.  I asked him to narrow his bird brain ideas, I mean his clever costume list to the top 5.  Without further adieu, here is his list.

The Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Cats by Bossy Backyard Blue Jay

1) Colorful Clown Cat

Your cat will look adorable sporting the Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar.  Not only will your furry feline be cute as a button

Birdsbesafe Cat Collar

Look how adorable your cat will look in a Birdsbesafe Cat Collar!

for the Halloween festivities, but we birds  will stand a far better chance of surviving the “witching hours” also known as whenever you let your little demon, I mean  kitty out to prowl and pounce upon poor birds just trying to get a bite to eat.

The Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar is highly visible to songbirds because the birds’ eye anatomy has evolved to see bright colors in all light conditions. Because a bird’s eye has more rods and cones than a human’s eye, colors appear “super bright” which is an adaptation that helps birds find berries, flowers, a mate and  your sharp clawed cat sneaking up on us in his brightly colored Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar.

Oh yes, this is why I think that a Colorful Clown Cat is an ideal Halloween costume for your cat!

2) Bad Celebrity Cat

What other species is better suited to pull off the Bad Celebrity attitude than a member of the feline family? Am I

tagg pink collar

Bad Celebrity Cat Attitude sporting a pink Tagg, The Pet Tracker

right?  Yes, we all know that the ancient Egyptians treated cats like royalty, but we birds have a few things to shake our tail feathers about too, after all it is a Phoenix that rises from the ashes and Homing Pigeons have been delivering messages for centuries. Ever try to get a cat to deliver a message on time? Well, our Friends at Tagg The Pet Tracker have just made it possible for your cat to text you when she goes all “Lindsay Lohan” on you and breaks out of her boundaries.

Here is all you need  to keep your cat under house arrest as a Bad Celebrity Cat for Halloween. Tagg, The Pet Tracker! This lightweight GPS cat tracking device attaches to most collars and let’s you track your cat at any time of day using a computer or mobile device. The simple set-up procedure allows you to create your very own Tagg zone, the area that you allow your cat to spend their outdoor time. If the little devil, er uh darling gets too close to the bird feeders or out of their yard, you will get a text and email! This makes me want to sing. G-e-n-i-u-s.

Breaking news! You can enter the These Paws Can Text Photo Contest before October 12, 2011 @11:59 p, (PDT) to win your own Tagg The Pet Tracker system.!

3) Ringmaster Under the Big Top

Let’s be honest, most cats are natural born ringleaders, so the Ringmaster Under the Big Top costume is one that

Kittywalk Carnival Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Kittywalk Carnival Outdoor Cat Enclosure is perfect for the Ringmaster Under the Big Top Costume

your fussy feline will be able to pull off without much resistance.  And keeping the little carnivore contained is music to a bird’s ear for sure.

Simply place your pride and joy inside the Kittywalk Carnival Outdoor Cat Enclosure and  your cat’s Ringmaster Under the Big Top costume is complete.  Kitty will enjoy the great outdoors from the safety of the big top and the wild bird population will entertain them for hours as they  fly, feed and frolic in freedom from oppression from Felix and friends.  This enclosure comes complete with bell topped colorful flags adding to the costumes appeal.  Don’t forget the peanuts.  What circus is complete without peanuts? And Blue Jays  love peanuts.

4) Cat in a StraightJacket

This costume may not work for all cats, but I tested this out on Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and it worked perfectly. You might know that a straightjacket is a garment shaped like a jacket, that is used to restrain a person who may

Gracey The Tiniest Tiger in a Martha Stewart Pet Tshirt

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger being a good sport and modeling the Martha Stewart Pet T shirt. Isn’t she pretty in pink?

otherwise cause harm to themselves or others.  It is the harm to  OTHERS, in this case back yard birds like myself, that made me list Cat in a Straightjacket as one of the top 5 Halloween costumes for cats.

All you need is a super cute shirt from Martha Stewart Pets™ from PetSmart®. Now this may not produce the same results for all felines, but when Gracey wears a shirt she immediately lies down and behaves as if she can’t move. Of course she can move, she just decides to be overly dramatic and pretend that she can’t move.  Don’t tell her I told you this, but in the photo to the right, she even looks a little mental doesn’t she? Oh don’t worry, she wore the shirt all of a few minutes.  She is just fine.  But in those few minutes that a cat “thinks” they can’t move, a bird is free to move safely about the yard.

5) Air Traffic Controller

Gracey the Air Traffic Controller

Gracey in her Air Traffic Controller costume atop her Cat Power Tower

Last but not least on my list is the Air Traffic Controller.  We know that cats love to watch birds flying about their habitats and that cats like to think they are in control so what could be a more fitting costume for the kitty than that of an Air Traffic Controller?  Here is what you will need.

A Cat Power Tower placed strategically in front of a window so that your cat can climb up the tower and have a “bird’s eye view” of the flurry of feathered activity in the back yard.  Your cat can think they are controlling the take off and landings of all the birds in their air space all from the comfort and safety of their tower that is enclosed inside the home providing maximum security and safety to the avian community.  Ground control to Air Cardinal. You are cleared for takeoff.

I hope you like my list of the Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Cats.  Remember, the most important thing when considering a costume for your cat is safety!   Please keep both your feline and the wild birds safe this Halloween and every day.

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. love it. the straight jacket works on Kip too! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are great!  Even though my cats don’t go outside, I think Cosmo would look extra cute in the orange collar 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t go outside either Angie.  But many cats do roam around and we need to keep our wild birds safe.

  3. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    Oh Gracey, you look so unhappy in your *straightjacket* shirt from Martha Stewart 🙂  That is the same way my kittehs feel about outfits!  If they could talk (like you) they would say that clothes are for people, dogs and monkeys, but kittehs should be in the *buff*.

    • Anonymous says:

      I must admit that i was overreacting to the shirt.  There is another photo that is even worse.  hahahahaha.  Yes, clothes are for people, dogs and monkeys.  😉