Bossy Backyard Blue Jay’s Preoccupy the Cat Giveaway!

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Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Lisa Anne, the winner of

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay’s Preoccupy the Cat Giveaway!

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay's giveaway

Season’s Greetings from the Bird Community. Gracey has informed me that many of you have asked over the past year, how to entertain your cat when you are away from the habitat or even when you come home at night to roost, I mean sleep.

Well, I have spent a bit of time pondering how to preoccupy the feline mind. So, I have put together a few items that I think are just splendid for you to keep your furry friend mesmerized, engaged, and then ready for a nice long nap. And let’s be honest, Cats are cutest when sleeping. Aren’t they?

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay's giveaway

I have included the Amazing FroliCat BOLT™ from Brilliant Pet.

I really think there might be Birds on the Brilliant Pet advisory board because they really came up with the perfect toy to preoccupy the cat.

The FroliCat ™BOLT™ is an interactive laser toy that provides hours of distraction, I mean fun for your feline family members.  You can hold in in your hand or place it on a flat surface and enjoy watching your little bundle of fur pounce, chase and bat at the exciting laser patterns.

Here are the terrific product features:

  • AUTOMATIC MODE – Moves laser in random patterns for hands-free play session
  • TIMER – Automatically turns off after 15 minutes
  • ADJUSTABLE – Adjust the mirror to aim laser across a variety of surfaces
  • MANUAL MODE – Hold in hand to create unique laser patterns

This is a Bird’s dream come true toy for cats!

If you would like to see the FrolicCat BOLT in action click here!

I also added the FroliCAT™ TWITCH™ that allows your cat to play while you are away!

This toy automatically bounces and swings an enticing teaser toy!

Here are the fabulous product features:

  • SUCTION CUP allows attachment of TWITCH to any smooth surface
  • ELECTRONIC BEEP signals to your cat that a play session is about to begin
  • BOUNCING TEASER TOY with ball, feather and bell entices your cat to bat and swing
  • SINGLE PLAY MODE launches a one-time 10-minute play session
  • Play While You Are Away™ Mode pre-schedules multiple play sessions throughout the day

If you would like to see the FroliCat™ TWITCH™ in action, click here!

And when your cat is worn out from play, what could be better than a nice place to curl up and nap? I can’t think of anything better than a cat napping. Makes me want to whistle with glee  just thinking about it. So I have included the :

SUNNY SEAT -Window Mounted Cat Bed.

This video shows you the Sunny Seat far better than I can explain:


Am I right?  Your cat is indoors safe , snug and soaking up the sun while we feast at our feeders.  It is really a perfect scenario.  Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger is my friend and I think that we have maintained this close relationship because she guards the backyard from the shelter and safety of the sunroom.   I would like to see your cats enjoy bird watching from inside their habitats too.

Wait what is this?

peanuts for BBBJ

That is really very thoughtful of Gracey. Gosh, makes me want to be nice for the rest of the day. The Tiniest Tiger makes sure that all of our feeders are full through the winter, even the squirrels and white tail deer too. Now I can’t help but get into the spirit of the season.

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here below this post on our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club™ telling me Bossy Backyard Blue Jay™ how you keep your cats preoccupied and how much you love birds.

The Rules:

This contest is now closed!  Thank you for participating.

This contest closes on December 21, at 1 pm Eastern. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email, so make sure you leave a full name and email address for me. Due to the weight and size of the package this contest is open to US habitats only.  I am super sorry.  Void where prohibited by law.

Don’t forget to enter to win a free bag of Science Diet Ideal Balance! Pounce here!

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  1. Kate Skilton says

    The FroliCat ™BOLT™  is what me and my baby, Rogue, are after! She likes anything colorful that we can play fetch with…

  2. Sharon Hipley says

    My cats love to look out the window and watch the birds but with 5 cats we can always use more perches plus as the weather turns cold the birds always need more food and care its like a bird video the cats love to watch the squirrels who need food also.

  3. My cats usually stay occupied by tormenting the dog…they like to stalk him and pretend to be terrified when he chases them.  But they are both right back for more, so I don’t think they can be too scared in reality…
    The dog would really appreciate it if they had something different to do.
    And the birds…we love them too!  We do have 3 parakeets of our own, but we love to watch the outdoor birds, too!  The cats know the parakeets are off limits, but they think that maybe outdoor birds are a different story.  They join our 3 year old son in watching and talking about the birds.  And we have our own bossy blue jay who loves peanuts! 🙂
    Gracey, you are so generous!  🙂 

  4. Inky Penedo says

    Inky loves to watch birds from the windows. She chatters at them when they come near.

  5. Before we moved into this tiny apartment, I tossed birdseed out on the patio and kept a tree hanging bird feeder by the back fence. My cats (3 at the time, sadly two have moved on, but a new kitten graces us) would sit and stare out the window and watch the birds and squirrels fight over the seed.

    One night, there was a huge wind storm, and we woke to find the tree feeder on the ground. All the of the birdseed was in a HUGE pile! I have never seen so many birds and squirrels working together to eat it all! Of course, my cats enjoyed the show, too. 🙂

    T. Morrison

  6. Living in the mountains, we have plenty of wildlife that pass around. Watching KiWi KaTT watching them out the bay window makes for even more pleasure and fun. Keeping the wildlife fed though is a constant chore so they can visit and say hello but well worth the efforts. I dont really know which I enjoy the most, watching the wildlife myself or watching KiWi watch them!!

  7. I just love animals, and watching them be happy is my joy.

  8. I absolutely LOVE birds and squirrels. I have two birdfeeders and a giant birdbath in which I fill everyday. My 5 indoor only cats love to watch them from the window and the screen porch. That surely keeps them occupied.

    Amy Orvin

  9. Kittyspike08536 says

    My cats stay occupied because they have very tall perches at all windows in the home. We also bought a bird house that we put in front of the patio, to encourage birds to nest. They could certainly use an interactive toy, however, for when my husband and I are at work all day.

    My husband loves birds, parrots in particular. We have a dove that comes to make a nest in our patio every spring – we don’t mind the mess she makes on the patio at all, because it’s pretty cool to be able to watch her so closely. The cats also really appreciate her visits. 😉

  10. Hi, BBB!  Because I love birds, I keep my kitties inside!  They have lots of toys to play with.  Thanks so much!  Sharon Cathcart, fiona64 at livejournal dot com.

  11. My cats love to look out our patio door and watch the birds. We make sure the door is locked to make sure the birds are safe.

  12. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Wow Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, you are getting into the spirit too with this nice giveaway.  And that is so nice of Gracey to keep your feeder full all winter. My kittehs are almost all indoor, except the barn kittehs, but they don’t bother the wildife, like birds or squirrels.  (A few gophers and mice aren’t so fortunate though if they come in the barn). They are too well fed and too lazy! The indoor kittehs do especially like to sit in the windows on their condos or on the *ledge* to watch the birdies taunt them and to have their sunny spots to sleep in.  We all really love to watch the birds.  We have the pudgiest little sparrows and the cutest hummingbirds in our yard.  We have crows too, but they mainly stay in the pasture area.

  13. I have placed birdfeeders on our patio and call the patio door “kitty cable.”  The kitties can WATCH the birds, but are not allowed outside to harm them.  Sometimes when the cats fall asleep in the window, it is fun to watch the birds get up close to the window because they feel safe!

  14. I love birds so much that my three rescued kitties are indoor only kitties! They have toys and beds all over the house to keep them preoccupied while we are not at home. Thank you!

  15. All us kittehs stay safe inside and watch u birdies from our window perches. No birdie nommin at ma house dats fur sure!

  16. jennifer sprinkle says

    i keep plenty of toys for my boys to play, i also love all birds, they are so cute to watch

  17. Well first off, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay I would LOVE to thank you for thinking of our kitties as well as Gracey! My kitties have Bossy Backyard Blue Jay’s as well and LOVE to watch them eat at our bird feeders. We also play laser light and jump rope with “monkey boy” which is a stuffed little monkey on a string. Have a Merry Christmas BBBJ and keep being friends with Gracey!

  18. Oh! These are so cool and our cats would love them, especially now that we have decided to keep them indoors all the time so they can’t harm the birds, other creatures, or themselves! They only have a couple toys, so they can get into trouble getting into stuff they are not supposed to! But they are usually good kitties, and have each other to chase around. My daughter and I are making those peanut butter and bird seed covered pinecones to hang in the trees for the birds for Christmas.

  19. I keep my cats occupied by their favorite cat toys.  My male loves this particular toy that is only sold at Christmas time.  So this year I stocked up so he would have some all year long.    We love birds a lot.   We have bossy backyard bluejay’s cousin living in our yard.  

  20. I miss living in the country. I had many bird feeders. I love watching the birds. Here in town my grandkittygirl, Beatrix, sits in the window sills and “nerfs” at birdies. That’s one of her most favorite pastimes. She loves to play fetch with little springy things (spiral shaped kitty toys) and loves bouncey balls. But only if they are hard and heavy. They tend to bonk her and that scares her. Beatrix is also a catnip addict. But we only give it to her once a week. I want her to be able to enjoy catnip for many years to come. She’s grandma’s girl. 🙂

  21. Lisa Anne Mayfield says

    We keep our cats busy playing with laser pointers, feathered toys, toys with catnip, as well as wads of paper that they chase around, shoestrings they chase and they all love the pointer on my laptop too. Our cats are very happy with the ways we play with them. We live in a 3 story apartment building in Tempe, AZ so they see a lot of birds when we open the door or if they sit in the windows and they really enjoy it. It’s fun for me to sit and watch them pay close attention to the flight and movements of the birds and those birds are totally safe from harm because we keep our cats strictly indoors. We’re not trying to hurt any animals just so our cats are amused, we love animals and do our part by rescuing the cats that live with us and by giving time, energy and money – when we have it – to animal causes. To win more toys to keep all 6 of our cats busy would be great! Best of luck to everyone who enters!!!

  22. Becky Hendricks says

    Our Alan love the laser pointer! He runs and runs and runs. Our other kitties like catnip and feathery things — not birds! just feathers that were abandoned. We have many birds we like to watch for in our yard through the year, including cardinals, woodpeckers, robins — and blue jays!.

  23. My 3 kitties and I just moved to this 3rd floor apartment with a balcony on Sept. 1st.  It’s the first time they’ve been able to see the birds and squirrels up-close.  In fact, we’re visited by 2, sometimes 3 squirrels on a daily basis.  They come right up to our balcony door window.  Not afraid at all, so someone must have been feeding them.  We love to feed and watch the birds and squirrels…so exciting for my kitties.  Also, I know they’d love a Froli Cat toy.  Good luck to all!

  24. My cat actually gets intrigued by the pointer on my computer moving around when he’s sitting next to me, right up against the front of the computer, LOL.
    As far as birds, I used to have a parakeet. He lived to 14. Died Christmas Eve. : ( I had brought him with me to the parents house since I was sure he wasn’t going to make it much longer. Was petting him as he passed away. He was a great pet.

  25. Lori Miller says

    The cats love to play with feather toys of all kinds! They also love to watch the birds through the window. Humming birds in the summer make them crazy! Lol

  26. Edwina_hilner says

    My cats are preoccupied by watching birds out the windows and there toys.  We have several bird feeders in front of the house and back so the birds dont go hungry. 🙂

  27. My three have several bossy bluejays and lots of other friends they would love to share this with.  They even have an owl at night but the three of them don’t know that they want to meet him.  They only listen to him.

  28. My cats are all indoor only, so they can’t hurt the nice bird friends outside (they do enjoy watching them though).  One of my cats’ favorite things, that really occupies their time, is watching the “Cat Sitter” DVDs.  They love the one with the birds, fish, squirrels and other small animals. 

  29. MotorMouth Meadowlark would really like our three feline overlords to win this prize.  🙂  The overlords have many toys, but especially love to play in boxes and bags.  They have two thrones (perches/climbing towers) at window level to spy on your cousins that come to visit the birdfeeders.  That makes MotorMouth Meadowlark very nervous, which you have probably figured out. The overlords also loooove catnip.

  30. Nancy Foulke says

    I crochet catnip toys for our kitties, plus I hide treats around the house for them to find.  One of our cats loves to play with crafting pompoms and will actually bring me one to throw for him to retrieve. The both love playing with feather toys I make for them as well as chasing each other thru the house and under the couch! Cheetah loves to sit in the window and watch the birds outside eating the birdseed (although he would rather be out trying to catch one of them).  Fizzy runs and hides when she sees a bird!!  We usually spread the seed on the walkway and porch steps for the birds (we keep Cheetah in until the seed and birds are gone LOL).  We also make pinecone bird feeders to hang in the maple tree in the back yard.  The birds love this, Cheetah hates it because he cannot get to the birds!!!

  31. We live in sunny warm Florida, so we get birds in the backyard all year.  That Sunny Seat would be great for our sliding glass door so the inside only kitties could have a better view of the great outdoors and all the birds.

  32. Malia Ragan says

    Well, BBBJ,  Smoki has gotten so lazy in her old age that your bird cousins have nothing to fear. She just lounges on the patio glider and watches them feed from the feeder just a few feet away, lol.  She also preoccupies herself by sleeping, so that gives your cousins ample time to feed on the ground; gathering up seeds they threw out of the feeder.

  33. My cat Maya absolutely *loves* to chase and leap for the red ribbon I tied to a dowel.  I play with her quite a bit in the evenings after work.  My other cat Sam loveslovesloves catnip toys.

  34. Dear Bossy Backyard Blue Jay,  The best way to keep my cats entertained is to feed my backyard birds!  We have quite a variety and always keep the feeders full, so they can spend their time in one of the windows watching.  They also have many indoor toys to play with.  Merry Christmas to you!

  35. My goodness – Oliver and Lucy are glued to the windows on sunny days – they love the birds, the trees swaying in the breezes and just the sunshine.  I do believe they think it was turned on just for them.  I’ve often looked at these beds since I think they’re great – but never bought one – Oliver and Lucy would LOVE to lie in the sun in a special sling bed – like a mini vacation!  The birds and birdfeeders are stuffed to overflowing daily – and I say that in plural simply because after filling birdfeeders, the birds are stuffed to overflowing… happy winter birds up here in rural NY.  Cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers, sparrows, mourning doves, chickadees, cat birds, etc. the list goes on and on – not to mention the flocks of wild turkeys, chipmunks and grey and red squirrels.  Plus white tailed deer and bunnies – and at times Bald Eagles, perrigrin falcons and turkey vultures – a busy sky and back yard in snowy winter.

  36. My living room looks like a playroom most of the time.  When I gather the toys in one place, one of my kitties, Oliver, spends the rest of the day removing them one by one with play time for each toy in between.
    All three cats love their pirate ship, which is a good place to take a toy for play time and a quick nap afterward.
    We also love birds and have several feeders and bird baths.  In the winter, we have a heated bird bath so they always have a water supply. 

  37. Dear BBBJ,  I have 3 wonderful felines who enjoy watching their bird friends from inside.  My name is Birdie so I take issue with catching them!  My cats/kids are very special friends to me, and they protect me from Rodents and Spiders!!!!  When I am away I leave extra toys on the condo (cat house) steps, also of course full food and fresh water! They always have open blinds to look thru, as I got tired of replacing them, and the bird feeder in the tree gives them a spectator sport!  Thank you for considering me, and my kids/cats!  My e-mail address is………Merry Christmas!

  38. Beth Cunard says

    Dear Mr Bossy Blue Jay,
    We keep our kitties busy playing with catnip toys and a hand held laser that the kitties love to chase ! They also enjoy sitting in the windows watching your cousins outside !
    We feed your outdoor cousins. I have several feeders that hold suet cakes and bird seed feeders,sunflower seed feeders and we also have a suet ball feeder ! We love to watch your beautiful cousins eat and have a full tummy in this cold weather.

  39. Oh my, the sunny seat looks like a great idea!!!  Maggie LOVES her sunning time, and with her being an older kitty, she seems to enjoy it even more.  Very safe for all the birds too, as it keeps her on the INSIDE 🙂

  40. Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, this is awesome. I keep my three kittens preoccupied by giving them different toys to play with each day. That way they don’t get bored with the same old toy.  I also make sure they have a clear view into their backyard so they can enjoy interacting with your cousin blue jays, whom we call Heckle and Jeckle.  

    Billie-Renee Knight

  41. Wavie Barton says

    They have cat scratching posts,catnip mouses,paper towel and cardboard boxes with catnip sprinkled in it. For our feathered friends we have bird feeders,bird baths,sunflower seeds and pine cones with peanut butter and peanuts for the squirrels and we even let them have some bird seed.