The Tiniest Tiger Prepares to Walk the Red Carpet

The Tiniest Tiger community’s motto is Small Paws United  Can Make a Big Difference! Over the last couple of years since we began with our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook page we have grown to over 24,000 strong and have generated over $30,000 to help both our big  and small cat cousins in need.

When I was in my thinking circle a few months ago, I started to dream about a way to help more of our cousins. I didn’t want to keep asking you for donations because you have all been super generous.  I wanted  to reach outsidecat outline my circle and try something completely new. I thought about my mom and her friend Maureen. Between the two of them they have about 9 Lives worth of experience in product development, production, sales and marketing. They came up with all kinds of wild ideas, but finally when I showed them my sketch of a cat walking with her tail in the air, Triple T Studios was born and I am the CEO, Cat Extraordinarily Optimistic.

When you are on the right path, the pieces start to fall into place. Have you ever noticed this?  I batted the idea in the direction of making a super fun, yet classy line of handbags with a feline finesse.  We wanted to have the bags made in the United States, and if it could be close to my habitat, even better, because you know I am not so fond of traveling in my carrier.

I received an email asking if we would be interested in participating in the Red Carpet Lounge Celebrity Gift Swag for the 2012 Academy Awards. I had Maureen sniff out the details  because she lives in California so the event is closer to her habitat.  The Red Carpet Lounge donates money to select animal non-profits, so we were happy to be included.

Lots of details were sewn up before the first needle and thread hit the material.  Last week, we had the honor  of being on site in Indiana when The Tiniest Tiger Hipster went into production.

The Tiniest Tiger labels

Here I am with Bob's hand holding The Tiniest Tiger labels. Triple T Studios even has their own supply cart!

Well, it was super exciting to see our The Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club labels ready to be sewn onto the Hipster bags.  Bob and Joyce did a great job trying to get the details right.  Felines are finicky and they are both dog owners so I sure appreciate how patient they are with us.

The Tiniest Tiger Hipster.

The first pieces are sewn together. ~exciting~

There are many steps in the process of making The Tiniest Tiger Hipster. I sat in awe of the sewing skills. I don’t know if I could do that great work even if I had thumbs!

Sophia, Maureen and Bob with TTT Hipster

Sophia, Maureen and Bob with the first The Tiniest Tiger Cross Body Hipster

Sophia is a super genius.  Because we have the cat profile on our bag and we had decided to go for the classic tone on tone, with the black fabric and black thread, this made the sewing a little more complicated. You see it was hard to tell the front from the back of the fabric. Because our cats are walking to the left, (my mom and I are left pawed), Sophia told her team members to remember that the cats on the bag were heading to the break room!  That made the team laugh and helped determine which side to sew.

The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag with Cat Quilt Profile

The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag with Cat Quilt Profile

The first The Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag was finished and it turned out even better than I had imagined.  The cat quilting is purr-fect.

Triple T Studios Hang Tag FrontTriple T Studios Hang Tag Back

Our tag ready to be attached to The Tiniest Tiger Hipster bags that are going to the Red Carpet Celebrity Gift Lounge for the 2012 Academy Awards.   Join me for all the Red Carpet Cat Events for your chance to win your own The Tiniest Tiger Hipster filled with feline fun!  The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Limited Edition will be available for sale.  Sign up for The Tiniest Tiger Free Newsletter to be among the first to learn the details.

Academy Awards Poster 2012

I never dreamed that I would be part of the Red Carpet Celebrity Lounge when I was an abandoned kitten on the cold cement floor of the dog pound.

Dreams can come true!  I dreamed that I would be adopted into a loving forever home and that came true. Now I dream of helping animals in need both big and small.  A portion of the net profits  from Triple T Studios™ benefits global conservation projects.

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  1. THis is so absolutely awesome and brilliant!    The Hipster bags are really gorgeous.      

  2. Sandra Paul says

    I love the stamps they look awesome great Idea is it possible to get them in Australia to buy I would love to have a few .

    • Hi Sandra, The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag will be available towards the end of February! It will be possible to get them in Australia!  xoxoxo  

  3. Gracey, These are so beautiful!  And the fact that you are helping others, with a portion of the net profits, just makes them that more amazing. I am so glad they are made in the USA too 🙂 You are the BEST! You ROCK little south paw.

  4. Incredible, Gracey!  You surely are an inspiration and one of the most generous cats I have ever met…and you KNOW I have met a few!!!  I love you, because you are ALWAYS cheerful and wanting to reach your little paw out to help others!!!  I am always happy to be able and partner with you to help others, when I can also!!!  xoxox

  5. Julie Bradshaw says

    Gracey, you are so inspiring and amazing.  I am proud to be a friend and supporter. <3

  6. I’m so proud of you! You deserve this and more good things, which I’m sure will come your way.

  7. You never cease to amaze me, Gracey.  This is so ingenious!  Please don’t forget about us when you become famous!

    • Thank you Malia!  I could never forget my friends. We are all in the feline friendly family. xoxo

  8. Ingrid King says

    The bag looks fabulous! What fun!

  9. I always knew that you’d be on the red carpet!!!!!  You, after all, are a STAR!!!!!!!

  10. Laura Davis says

    Gracey, what a great fundraiser idea!  I hope that we, your loyal friends, will also get a chance to buy these bags, and that they’re not just for the swag tents!

    • Laura, you will absolutely get the first chance to buy and watch for a special discount code too! 😉 Did you sign up for the twitter party? And don’t forget the Red Carpet Blog Tour.

      • Laura Davis says

        Wish you were coming out, Gracey.  I can’t be bothered with the celebrity humans on the red carpet, but I’d drive over to Hollywood to give you some skritchies!


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