Thundershirt Helps Relieves Anxiety for Cats

Gracey in Thundershirt for cats

Gracey in her Thundershirt. 

My name is Gracey and I am a Scaredy Cat!

Spring is a favorite time of year for many, especially when it arrives after a long cold dark winter. But thunderstorms are one thing about Spring I don’t like. I admit to being terrified when the house shakes from a loud clap of thunder, but I don’t even like when thunder rumbles either.

My parents have a storm plan for me. When the thunder rolls, I head into my safe place in the master bedroom.  My parents move my food and water into the bedroom with me.  I have one of my thinking circles and a few of my favorite toys too.  I have access to one of my Smart Cat Box litter pans in the Master bathroom.  If the storm is  strong, they come into the bedroom with me and close the door.  If the storm is super strong, my cat carrier is ready and waiting in case we need to go to the basement.

Storms are not the only anxiety causing thing in my life. I don’t care for car travel either.  I don’t mind visiting my Doctors at the Morris Veterinary Clinic, but I sure don’t like the ride. The nice people at Thundershirt asked me if I would like to try the new Thundershirt for Cats.

Thundershirt for Cat logo

The Thundershirt has already helped hundreds of thousands of dogs and now with its gentle, constant pressure, the calming effect for cats is now available.  Thundershirt says it works to calm cats because anxiety experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system and may release calming hormones like endorphins or oxytocin.

Thundershirt is designed for easy on and off.

Thundershirt is designed for easy on and easy off, because there is no need for pulling anything over the head and ears. I really don’t like my ears to be restricted or covered. And there is no  threading our legs through leg holes. Super Hurrah!  The secret is in the fasteners straps.

Three sizes are available, small, medium and large. Cats come in many shapes and sizes so you might need to go up or down a size. I am a small cat, but I feel more comfortable in the medium shirt. I weigh just under 8 lbs. now which is a perfect weight for me.

Fitting Instructions

Thundershirt for Cat

Thundershirt for Cats!

1. Place the Thundershirt on your cat’s back with the Thundershirt logo facing up. Lightly wrap the Neck Straps around the front of the cat and secure with fasteners.  Should be able to easily slide two fingers inside the Neck Straps.

2. Wrap the Long Flap under the torso and secure with fasterners onto the Short Flatp. Make a comfortable, snug fit.

3. Wrap the Top Flap down onto the Long Flap and secure with fasterners. Adjust to improve the snug fit and keep Thundershirt securely in place.

In some cases, and I must confess I am one of those cases, your cat might need the Initial Fitting and Conditioning.

“The Freeze & Flop”

When first wearing a Thundershirt, some cats, like me, will behave as if they are immobilized and may even “fall over”.  This is me.  My favorite designer is Mother Nature, so I am not a cat to clothe myself in the latest fashions. The Thundershirt is not causing me discomfort, I just need to take my time to adjust to new things. We cats are super sensitive to touch and sometimes we require a little more adjustment time than our canine compadres. But this also means that we cats are more responsive than dogs to the gentle, calming pressure of a Thundershirt. What can I say, it is just one more thing where we cats excel over our canine compadres.

Thundershirt for Cats

The Thundershirt straps wrap gently around your cat.

Disclosure: I was given a Thundershirt by the company for review.

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  1. Pam Sumner says

    We have a one year old cat that we found as a kitten. Her eyes were swollen so bad that it looked like two marbles under her eyelids. her eyes have since went down, she has no vision in her right eye. we think she sees shadows with her left eye, its still there, but looks like a crinkly film over it. she is a fierce huntress. I cannot walk thru my house without her attacking my legs. she draws blood each time. so I bought one of these thundershirts, it should be here this Friday. hoping it helps.

  2. what a great idea my cat requires a lot of comforting with the numerous rain showers and  other disturbances  such as boats docking and  even other cats this is genius. and  will  help her .

    • thetiniesttiger says

       Thunderstorms scare me too.  I have not been around a boat docking but I bet that would be spooky too.

  3. Vegasbroad says

    My cat is literally scared of her own shadow…and there is me thinking I can explain it away to her. She’s also scared of paper, my comforter, me moving my foot. If she could go for one day without actually jumping in the air, it would be a good day.

  4. Yat Yee Fong says

    My calico kitty has major anxiety issues when people come to visit.  I would love to try the Thundershirt on her!!  

  5. shaunna mckee says

    My kitty is my pride and joy!! Got him on my bday. We have this amazing bond. Never thought I’d have a bond like this with an animal. He knows all my emotions and its like he can read me like a book. He’s very well trained. When he does something he’s not supposed to I only have to say no one time. He cuddled with me all the time. He’s definitely my cat cause I’m the only one he will come to and do all this with. He’s scared of strangers and will hiss growl bite at scratch at and run away and hide. My husband and kids wanted a puppy. We got a cane corso italian mastiff!! Big big puppy!!! He’s only 8 months old and around 100lbs!! So he’s big for his age. But he’s the biggest baby!! I recently bought him a thundershirt and waiting to see the effects. Got it today actually. But my kitty isn’t liking that one bit cause he’s an indoor and outdoor dog. He’s had the run of the house for over 2 yrs and now this big puppy is invading his territory. So u can imagine how he’s feeling. When I leave he knocks over trashcans. He urinates in the dogs kennel every chance he gets. And they’re constantly fighting like siblings. He sheds alot more since we got the dog. I’m thinking due to stress/anxiety. And his eating habits have changed. Also just his overall personality. I’ve done what i can to help him be more comfortable and not so stressed and all but its just not working as well as I’d like it to. He’s always been an indoor cat. Hates going outside and never would no matter what. Can leave the doors open and he will just sit in the doorway. U can take him outside and he would jump out of ur arms and run back inside. But now for some reason since we got the dog he keeps trying to run outside. And I really don’t want my baby to run away!! I’d have a meltdown!! He also has a problem with being picked up and held. Even if I do it!! And car rides…forget that!!! He pants cries sweats looses fur goes crazy!! And then of course its wonderful Oklahoma storm season!! He’s not thinking its so wonderful obviously and has torn a hole in the bottom of my box springs under my mattress and hides. With my husbands job he travels. And me and our two children like to visit him every chance we get. And it makes it hard when my baby does this when we take him with us. But I can’t leave him home. And then him still trying to adjust to the new addition to the family. And two young children that have lots of friends coming over constantly and how he’s scared and nervous about strangers. Especially when we have family get togethers here or something. Anywho….both my pets r like this but this contest is for kitties. So this is y I think my lil kitty poo would benefit from the thundershirt. Thank u. And good luck to u all!!

    • thetiniesttiger says

       Shaunna, maybe you need to provide a place of refuge for your cat away from the big dog.  Provide a high perch where the dog can’t both the cat too.  It sounds to me like your cat is afraid and under a lot of stress.  xoxo

  6. My cat is a 12 year old calico that my family adopted as a kitten. She has had anxiety for her whole life and we are not sure why. She is very sweet and vocal though, and has the loudest purr ever! I purchased a Thundershirt for my dog and it really does help her during Thunderstorms. I would like for my calico cat Chloe, to experience life with less anxiety with the help of a Thundershirt. She shows no signs of slowing down and it would really help her to live life more to the fullest. Thank you, Thundershirt!

  7. Mr. Peabody says

    I need this for my brother, Smarty Jones!  He’s afraid of everything, and now he’s just been real sick so he’s worse than ever, hiding all the time because he’s scared he’ll have to go to the Vegetarian again!  I’d love it if this could help him!  Mewmity! 

  8. Jordan W. says

    I have a 12 year old female cat Scamper that has been spraying for years due to high anxiety issues. We can’t put her on any anxiety medications because that’s become super expensive. She’s afraid of almost every noise around the house. I’ve had the carpet in my ENTIRE house replaced multiple times and I have 6 cat boxes in a three level house. No sprays and litters have been able to help also. I used to be a manager for Petco and these have always worked miracles for dogs and I’ve been dying for them to come out with a cat line! The Thundershirt would be amazing to have since I wouldn’t have to keep buying her expensive prescriptions that don’t work! 

  9. Kaitlyn Heideman says

    My amazing Piz, the first cat I’ve had, puts up with the comings and goings of living with a college student but needs some help!

  10. My name is Lolita & I’m afraid of everything. I hope a Thundershirt will help me feel better.

  11. tracipresley says

    My persian kitty is Sodapop and she suffers from dementia and has lost most of her hearing, she is a rescue and believed to be almost 20!  I have had her for nearly 6 years now and just cannot comfort her at night when she roams around the house yelling and  looking for me.  Even though she can jump up in bed, she forgets that I am there!  It makes for a long and interrupted night of sleep for both of us.  Several people have recommended a thundershirt. I have this feeling that it will work wonders because Soda is the kind of cat that would let you carry her all day long!  Thanks! 

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Our Hazel also wandered at night meowing.  What size do you think Sodapop would wear in a Thundershirt?

  12. Tara, the newest addition to our household, is afraid of almost everything. Perhaps a Thundershirt would help her adjust better to living with us.

  13. Debbe von Blumenstein says

    My name is Jooui and my previous owners abandoned me. Miss Debbe took me in even though she is already caring for so many cats because the Humane Society kill rate for cats here is over 40%. I like my new home but I do get anxious exploring outside (will I still have a home)?… and the others cats are very understanding but still I am trying to fit into the family and have some anxiety. I hear we have thunder storms here even in the summer and then there’s a thing called 4th of July. Can you please help me feel better?

  14. My name is Rogue. I used to be brave about going to the vet, but I had a bad experience, and now I have to be sedated to go…and even then it’s just too upsetting for me. I could really use a hug from a thundershirt to help me be brave.

  15. Cattitude says

    My name is Lucy and I am very shy.  It’s taken me over 5 years to start coming out from behind the couch and see mom and dad.  I am scared of the other kitties in the house, they pick on me because I rarely come out.  I only come out to eat, drink, and use the bathroom.  Otherwise I am behind the couch or sometimes under the dining room table on a chair where I feel safe.  Loud noises, the other cats, pretty much everything scares me.  I would like to join the family on the couch getting attention and watching Animal Planet, but I am just too scared.  Do you think a Thundershirt can help me?

  16. Mark_pattystein says

    I have a snow Bengal that jumps at the sound of a fly in the room. We call all spooky sounds the boogey monster. I need thundershirt to comfort me. My parents are getting ready to travel in their RV and I always go with. I talk a lot to everyone and everything.

  17. MsTaterHed says

    My cat’s name is Tribble, as in ‘the trouble with Tribbles is Tribbles are trouble’. He’s a very active and affectionate cat, but he’s a scaredy-cat! Strange voices, the phone ringing, thunderstorms, the security alarm talking, anything makes him jump 3 feet in the air!  He hides under the couch, the bed, the dresser, the bookshelf, anywhere he can fit! I try to find him but he isn’t easy to find, even though he weighs 17 pounds and isn’t a small kitty!  I still don’t know how he manages to fit under some of the furniture, but he manages! Sometimes he can’t get back out, though, and I have to lift the furniture to let him back out. I would love to see if the Thundershirt would work for Tribble!

  18. Mjust65492 says

    Hi, I’m Little Girl. I am scared to death of thunder! First clap of thunder and it’s off to the basement for me to hide in my mom’s old footstool. I think I don’t like thunder because I was a stray “outside” cat and was in the scary weather until my new mom took pity on me and gave me an “inside” home. I still don’t like all that noise though and have to go hide. I’m afraid all that nasty flashing and clapping is going to chase after me. Maybe a Thundershirt would help me cope with all the noise!

  19. One of my cats, Max, is afraid of thunder. Any time there is thunder I take him into the bathroom (he decided where his safe place was and that is the bathtub) and lay a towel or blanket in the bathtub for him. I sit in the tub with him until he gets comfortable and then I can check on everyone else. No one else is really bothered though. I check on him every 5 – 10 minutes. One of my other cats will sometimes snuggle with him in the tub while it is thundering. I think the Thundershirt would help him a great deal.

  20. I found my ChaCha living with a feral cat colony about 4 years ago. She had apparently been left on her own and was trying to fit in with the crowd. She was very young and came right up to me and stood up as if to ask for help. She is a special girl and is very loving but she is very afraid of thunder. She disappears at the slights sound of thunder and is now where to be found until long after the storm. I would really like to try a Thunder Shirt for her to see if she would calm down.

  21. If Rita’s stress during vet visits and nail clipping could be alleviated with this thundershirt, she’ll be one happy kitty!

  22. I think this would be good to try, especially for transporting to and from the Vet’s office. Nobody likes to ride in the car. Probably would opt for the medium, if we won.

  23. Sharon Lake says

    Our names are Toothpick and Shovel and we are really scaredy cats too! We don’t get thunder very often but when we do, we run and try to hide somewhere and our Mom has a frame bed with no way to go under!! We are both about 16 pounds of love. We wonder if we are too big for a Thundershirt. We also HATE going to our wonderful vet and think that the Thundershirt might help!! Our Mom is going to go check out their website to get more information on them. And Gracey, you are a beautiful petite little lady. We love your website very much especially when Mom allows us to get on her desk to read it!!!

  24. Marilyn Hamill says

    Would also be good for Fourth of July “celebrations”.

  25. I have a bran cat rescue. I adopted her from the barn because all it took was one eye contact from both of us and we knew we belonged together. She is the most gentle sweet cat, she caused no problems at all coming home to me with two cats already in my home. But, she is extremely shy and will go under the bed if there is a loud noise or a new person she hasn’t met yet. She really hates it when there is a storm on the coast in HMB. I thin she would benefit from a Thundershirt! Her name is Isabella Stevens (Izzy) from a Grey’s Anatomy character on TV.

  26. My cat Tubby would benefit from using one of these. He is afraid of the tornado siren, thunder, fireworks, vacumn. Anything that is real loud. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  27. Rose59saunders says

    I would love the chance to win.My kitty Antonio loves to hide under the bed when the thunder starts.I guess he feels saver there.I try to give him loves to calm him down but that doesn`t work.He leaves my lap and runs under the bed.My name is Rose and I don`t like the thunder either at times it can be so loud.When the storm hits at night I put my pillow to my ears so I hear it as much.

  28. AmberAndHannah says

    To say my cat buttons needs this is an understatement! She is so darn jumpy its not funny!

  29. Squee is a chicken kitty supreme. We would love to guinea pig this!!!

  30. Irene Acosta says

    My name is Cukis and I too am a scaredy cat! I am a Ragdoll so I already have nature against me since we Raggies are so docile and non-aggressive to begin with. Unfortunately when I was first bought from my breeder the people also bought a pair of very friendly Bengals. My mommy that I have now tells me that they were just trying to play but I felt ganged up on and was so traumatized that I stopped using the litter box so my then parents put me in the dark garage. Luckily my breeder found out and took me back and then my mommy found me. But I am still very anxious and skittish. I think the Thundershirt would help me especially went my mommy goes to work. 

  31. Both of my cats are rescue cats and little things often send them scurrying under the bed.  Sadie is the worst though — I would love to try something like this!  Thanks!

  32. Hello! Dropping by from #UBP12. I’ve been looking for pet-lover blogs in the party and I’m really glad I found you.
    Hope you can visit me and my little kitty Arya too. 🙂


  33. I think Cole would benefit from a Thundershirt because he is a scaredy cat in EVERY way.  Cole is a 2 1/2 year old kitty that was born in our apartment to his stray kitty Mom that we took in.  Though he has spent his whole life with us, there are days that he gets terrified at the site of me or my husband (or simply the loud walk my husband has,) and he runs and hides.  I think a Thundershirt would help to boost his confidence so that he could be fearless and social like our other two cats.  He really is the sweetest kitty, but people don’t get to experience him as much because of his timidity.  Any sudden sound or movement sets him into hide-mode.  And it would be nice to offer him comfort that I haven’t been able to thus far. 

  34. My senior, asthmatic kitty would benefit from a Thundershirt because she is at risk of having an asthma attack when she gets scared of loud sounds. This would be so helpful. Thank you for the chance!

  35. I have a 6 to 8 lb petite little girl who is scared of thunderstorms.  As soon as the thunder starts, she comes looking for either my husband or myself and then tries to get us to go into the bathroom where the lightening isn’t as bright.  The other night we were getting ready for bed as a storm was starting, my husband was alread in bed and she went running in, jumped up next to him and settled in as close as she could to him so he could “protect her.”  I’m thinking the Thunder shirt is just what she needs.

    I am also on the board of an animal shelter in Oak Park, IL and I’m sure that we could use one or two there to calm frightened cats that are new to a sheltr environment.

  36. My cat Tetsu is afraid of plastic bags, thunderstorms, raised voices when we call to one another in separate rooms, and even the echoey sound of water running or talking in the bathroom. He is probably the posterchild gor your product! He will definitely need a large as he is an anxious eater ad well. 🙂

  37. Pannebyron1 says

    I am Oliver’s mommy and he really needs one of these.  Ollie Hates, HATES thunderstorms – all that banging and bright lights and house vibrating – the booms can do scarey things to big boy cats.  Also he is a big, football playing, half-back boy so a size large would be perfect for him. 

  38. Maria soroski says

    Vancouver orphan kitten rescue that i am vice president would benifit greatly from a thunder shirt to relieve anxiety of the dear kittys we just rescue off the streets
    for your consideration
    maria soroski

  39. So fare my cats are not crazy about a harness that looks like this, a bedrobe and a coat that all
    resemble this but they might be too busy fighting with me to get it off to notice the thunder!

    • Ok, pardon the typo spelling mistakes, I am too tired after chain sawing the heck out of my trees!

  40. Hi Gracie,

    I’m a vet and I try to find all different ways to help cats manage anxiety and noise phobias. The unique design of the Thundershirt for cats and the benefits of managing some cats without medication make it a great option for the young and the elderly cats we love. 

  41. I would love to try this out on my cat Bella. She is a rescue and has always been a very nervous cat. She used to run and hide from almost any loud sound, but she has gotten a lot better after living with me in our home. Still, she has the occasional freak out and I would welcome ways to comfort her. 

  42. Maggie Pierce says

    WOW!!! My name is Mickey and I would sure like to have one of these shirts. My poor “Mom” can never find me when it rains,sleets,snows,if the wind howls too loud,or the doorbell rings…but THUNDER is the absolute worst!!! I shake and shiver and hide until the storm is over.Maybe this is the answer my “Mom” has been looking for. Thanks for listening.

  43. Julie Bradshaw says

    My name is Roo and I am afraid of thunderstorms which is a bad thing in NE Ohio because we get a lot of them.  I get so scared that sometimes I wet myself and it takes hours for me to stop shaking after Mama finds my hiding place and cuddles with me. Maybe its because Mama rescued me and had to bottle feed me but those storms scare the bejabbers out of me. I would love to train with you Gracey  <3

  44. Danielle Murgia says

    My cat lost his pal to diabetes right after Christmas.  He often walks around and meows looking for his friend, he doesn’t get along well with our cocker spaniel.  A thundershirt would benefit him greatly to help with the stress.  We thought about getting another cat but he’s very territorial.  

    • thetiniesttiger says

      I am so sorry for you loss.  I am living with feline diabetes now.   Sending you a hug.

  45. I have four cats. One of them is so nervous all the time – I don’t know why. He is a rescue cat so maybe he had a rough previous life. He’s very sweet and loves laptime – but you have to accept that if he gets scared by something – a sneeze, a loud noise on the tv, or something known only to him – he might leap out of your lap, accidentally scratching you in the process. It would be interesting to try this thundershirt on him… if I can get it on him.

  46. My Booga Boo is scared of everything, I am even trying to find somewhere to take him to vacuum, it is aweful for us both, I feel bad because I know he is freaked out and he just doesn’t know what to do. Any noise he is not used to, he jumps and freaks out. I would LOVE to try this thundershirt, if it works I would be in such amazement!

  47. I think my little Lady Athena would very much benefit from wearing a Thundershirt.  While she just adopted me a few months ago, she’s made known that she is terrified of storms.  We had a thunderstorm during a snow storm (she had been content to watch snow fall) but at the first rumble of thunder she was off that window sill in a shot and under the bed.  It took almost 4 hours and the promise of treats to get her to come back out.  We live near a major league ballpark and I really dread the 4th of July for her.  Thank you Gracie for considering Athena.

  48. I just read Pamela’s comment, and if *I* lived in tornado alley, *I* would need a Thundershirt!!!!  Anyway, one of my boys, Andybelle, lived the first 5-6 years of his life outside in a small feral colony where he was born.  He’s been with me for 7 years now, and he is just as petrified of storms now as the day I brought him home! Even a refreshing (to me) rain will send him diving for cover. Storm season is coming to FL very soon (possibly this weekend from what I’m hearing), so I would love to see if this would work for him!

  49. My cats are very afraid of thunder and loud noises.  We live in tornado alley.  In fact an EF3 tornado hit
    our town three weeks ago.   My cats run and hide in a closet or under a bed or couch.  Which makes catching them before a tornado hits a little hard.   

  50. Out of all the cats which I have owned & loved (all rescues), I have NEVER had one upset by rain, thunder or other such stimuli. Now my DOGS, on the other hand, were a different story.

  51. My Piewackit, as she gets older has a harder time in dealing with storms. I think she’d benefit greatly from having a Thundershirt!!   Being held and comforted always calms her down. This sounds purrfect!

  52. My Raven was rescued as a young feral kitten – she was cowering under a bush.  She has always been very antisocial with other cats and people.  There are three other cats living with Raven, she doesn’t like having them around and if they approach her “personal space” she will screech and flatten herself until they move away, Raven is also very fearful of thunderstorms, car motors and other loud noises, she will run and hide herself, there is no comforting her during these times.  We have feliway in the house which may work to help her a bit.  I would like to see her feeling more comfortable, she is 7 years old now.  I do not like to see her upset, she is my sweetheart and soulcat.  I also love my other furbabies and do not like to have to segregate them all the time – It would be nice to have Raven feeling more harmonious.

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Our Hazel was an outside cat when she was young.  She learned to tolerate me.  I hope the Thundershirt for Cats will help Raven too.  xoox

    • thetiniesttiger says

       Super Hurrah!  You are the winner of the Thundershirt for Cats!  Please look for a message from me. 

  53. Earl Gray really isn’t fazed by thunder. I do know a lot of kitties who are though. If I won, I would donate the shirt to my local shelter.

  54. Several of my cats hide whenever loud noises or storms occur. i’d love to try this to see if it helps.

  55. I think my cat would benefit from this for car rides for vet visits. Can’t hurt to try, right?

  56. My cat, Emmy, has always had a lot of anxiety. She is very skittish around the other cats & cowers at any aggression. I have a Thundershirt for one of my dogs who has thunderstorm anxiety and it has been great. I would love to have one for Emmy.

  57. My little Pixie is very afraid of storms. I would like to see if this works for her.

  58. Urbanlady says

    My Ryan cat was rescued from Last Chance….he was on Death Row. Thousands of dollars and one major operation later, he’s a fat and sassy orange stud fluffin who loves to chirp at birds and demand belly rubs from his human staff. However, he still hides under the couch when there is a thunderstorm. Perhaps this is the answer?

  59. Janinelinder says

    Great. Would love to try on our cat! Silly Golden already is benefitting. And he is a case!

  60. With 9 kitties in the house we really need more than one, but our sweet Hawthorne is a permanent resident here at the rescue.  He was pulled from a hording situation, so thunder isn’t the only thing that sends him through the roof or under the lowest piece of furniture.  We would love to give it a go!

  61. Ashadowdncr says

    Zelda is our timid torti.  Thunderstorms wreak havoc on her emotionally and us physically.  We would love to give the kitty thundershirt a try.  We have some doggy friends who swear by them!

  62. My name is Kayenne, and I am very scared of the rain.  As soon as I hear a raindrop hit the roof, I have to hide under the bed.  It is even worse when it thunders.  I will hide for hours making my mom and dad worry about me.  Maybe I should try a thundershirt to see if it helps relax me a bit. 

  63. My cat would benefit from a thundershirt. She and I will hide out in my walking closet which had no windows. I’ll usually cuddle with her and hum a bit to drown out the loud booms and hugging her seems to help which I’ve read is the thought behind the thundershirts. Wished this would work for her and we would help spread the word for thundershirts 🙂

  64. Tip is terrified of thunder and fireworks.  He also hates car rides – it’s the only time he actually makes a sound when meowing (he usually has silent meows or little squeaks).  I would love to see if a Thundershirt would calm him.

    • thetiniesttiger says

      I agree with Tip on all these things. I don’t like thunder, fireworks or car rides. xoxo

  65. Dmitri can’t take loud noises, and thunder is the worst of those.  A shirt that will calm him would be great.

  66. I’ve seen the ads for Thundershirts and wondered why they don’t make a feline version. Now they do! This would be great for my kitty Sunny. He has anxiety issues in general and is absolutely terrified of storm. Even the sound of rain makes him panic and dive under the bed.

  67. Mythepoeia says

    My poor Ember takes off at the first rumble of thunder and hides in the basement. She doesn’t like the sound of rain either. We don’t see her again until she’s sure the storm has gone. I would love one of these to ease her fears. <3

  68. Enzo is afraid of loud noises so the Thundershirt would be great for him.

  69. Buddy, the oldest kitty of the house is always scared of storms. 🙁  He cant stay big for the babies, but Mommy(me)  hides under the blanket with the kittens until buddy can get over it!

  70. Stormyiz66 says

    We have 5 cats one is super sensitive and I think this would help him relax more

  71. Lpbowlingdvm says

    I’m a vet and have struggled with several anxiety remedies for my three cats, especially when it comes to traveling! It would be wonderful to have a completely natural way of calming them down for trips or storms. I’ve heard of the Thundershirt for dogs and often lamented that cats did not have an option like this!

    Thanks, Graveyard!

  72. My Pocky is the alpha cat of the house, except when it thunders. The others never seem to be bothered, but she dives under the couch when the thunderstorms move in. What’s weird is we live near a major railyard, and sometimes to us humans, the train noises sound like thunder. They don’t bother Pocky; she’s able to tell “train thunder” from the real thing and she’ll only react to the real thing, even if it’s quieter! I also wonder if dealing with her fear issues might make her a little less of a bully. We have this discussion about human children, so I think it might be true of our fur children, too.

  73. My Marya is not only afraid of storms but also afraid of people. The thunder shirt might help with both.

  74. Hi Gracey,

    I love that your Thundershirt is helping with your anxiety.  I have two cats (out of four) that could benefit from a Thundershirt.  The first is my diabetic cat, Pumpkin.  He is very, very, very good for insulin shots but is absolutely horrible for blood sugar testing and at the vet’s office.  Charlie is my other cat.  He is an absolute doll to humans but just filled with anxiety around other cats and lashes out in a violent way. Now that I know that they make Thundershirts for cats, I think I will need to get them each one.  Thanks for posting.  I hope that you are calm and relaxed during the next storm.

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Jenna, did you know that I have feline diabetes too?  That ear stick is not my favorite thing either.  Do you have a glucose monitor for home use?  Please give Pumpkin a big hug and kiss from me.  xoxo

  75. Wow, Gracey, what a great invention! I think Briley would definitely be helped by the Thundershirt. He is a very anxious kitty when it comes to having to leave the comfort of his habitat. When he has to see the doctor, I have to push him into his carrier and get the door closed quickly. He hates the carrier because he knows it means he is going outside. Once he is securely in the carrier, he cries for several minutes straight. The Thundershirt might be just the thing to help him feel safe and secure during his big trips away from home!

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Eric, I do not like to travel in my ~shiver~ carrier at all either.  Sending a hug to Briley.

  76. We went through bad storms this weekend ran and hid when the thunder and lightening came.   A thundershirt would help us come out of hiding sooner! 


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