Cats Love KatKabins! ScracthKabin Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah and Congratulations to J.M. Blanchard the winner of the ScratchKabin.

I am a Cat and I love my ScratchKabin™

Friends, when I told you about the ScratchKabin™ the nice people from KatKabin® gave me to try, there was such a positive reaction, they decided to give a ScratchKabin™ to one lucky member of our The Tiniest Tiger community. Super Hurrah!

KatKabin ScratchKabin Giveaway

My Safe Place in a Storm

The ScratchKabin™ arrived at my habitat and I could not hardly wait to hop inside. I feel snug and cozy inside.    The top is curved just perfect for me to scratch and scratch and scratch.  Now when  people come to visit, or we have a mild thunderstorm, I can dash inside my ScratchKabin™ and feel safe and secure.

Super Stylish Too!

And my parents like that it is stylish and fits just perfect under the end table. The new ScratchKabin™ comes with a washable KatKushion, (which my over protective mom washed right away) a free toy hanger and  sisal mouse toy and is available in three colors; Oatmeal, Blueberry or Cocoa.  Mine is the Oatmeal.

The ScratchKabin™ Giveaway

How to Enter

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for your participation.  Stay tuned for other exciting giveaways.

Pounce on over to the KatKAbin© website and tell me below in the comments which color you would like to win.  Then tell me if you think your cat would like the ScratchKabin™ as much as me.

The Rules:

Contest closes on Tuesday, May 8 at 5 pm Eastern. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say ScratchKabin Winner.   Void where prohibited by law.

Don’t forget to enter our Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control cat food giveaway! Pounce here.

Disclosure: We were given one ScratchKabin™  by KatKabin®.  No other compensation was awarded for this post.

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  1. Gracey, who won?

  2. L. Sample says

    My gray kitties Chloe Belle and Daisy Mae would love to relax in a gray Scratchcabin! You look very comfy in yours Gracey.

  3. I would like the oatmeal colored one to match our earth toned decor.  I think my cats would love this.  We have one very rambunctious cat that they sometimes need time away from when he is being too pushy.  Our cat Hemi has a seizure disorder and will only take his pill twice daily while safe inside his cat tent.  But since it can collapse, sometimes the others will pounce on it while he’s inside and he won’t take the medicine easily.

  4. Lori Morin (Love All Cats) says

    Hey Gracey! Your ScratchKabin sure looks cozy! I know that my four kitties would love to cuddle up in one since they like their privacy now and then, they wouldn’t have to fight over the cave at the bottom of the cat tree any longer if they had a ScratchKabin to share!

  5. Lori Morin (Love All Cats) says

    Hi Gracey!! Your ScratchKabin sure looks cozy! I know my four kitties would love to have one to share – they do like to have their privacy now and then and I know that they would like to cuddle up in a ScratchKabin just like you do.

  6. Pumpkinpuddy says

    I’d love a blueberry one. I could hide in there from my fursibs. I would just love to have one.

  7. PinkyTwinkie says

    Mmmm this seems to be the purrfect place for me, the legendary Miss Pinky Twinkie–to hide out and watch my younger housemates play. I have been ruler of my humble abode for over 15 years and would love to have a nice place to lay and scratch. My mama hates when I scratch on her good furniture. But what can I say, I love how my claws, even when clipped feel, digging into her sofa. Muhahaha! I love the color of the Cocoa. I will help me to blend into my surroundings when I don’t want to fool around with the kiddos.

  8. Hi Gracey! We would love to have an oatmeal KatKabin! Today a homeless pregnant kitty,I have been feeding had her kittens in my shed. She hasn’t allowed me near her, but I was able to get her kittens and she followed me into the house. An hour later, she was purring in my lap and kittens safe and sound. Lost kitty’s find their-way to my home. Over 40 of them we have found permanent homes for. We have several in our kitty family right now.

  9. Charlotte says

    My kitty would love a stylish blueberry KatKabin.

  10. MarmotFL says

    My cat Crystal would love the oatmeal colored ScratchKabin. She loves to scratch, especially on her sissal rope wrapped cat tree. I have no question she would adopt it as her home right away.

  11. Mahshtay says

    I’d love to get the oatmeal one! The design in adorable and would look great in our house.

  12. My kitties Lunchbox and Cupcake , was well as myself, would LOVE it in cocoa! Right now they share only one scratching post and bed so I’m sure they’d be thrilled!

  13. kcuddle says

    I thought I left a comment earlier but; I don’t see it.

  14. I think our baby bengal would love the cocoa so she can stalk and hide like she loves.

  15. Oh those are so cute! Our 6 would definitely love this! They can’t get enough hidey-holes! I like the Blueberry color. It’s a nice break from the traditional gray or tan.

  16. Emily Park says

    Well I know my kitties would love one, but I bet the kitties @ the rescue I volunteer at would love one even MORE! 🙂 And I’m sure they’d take whatever color you gave them! 🙂

  17. Phoerauf says

    Chloe & Moe say they need the Starlet Red KatKabin! They know they will love it a ton.
    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. Kcuddle says

    I know my cat’s would love the KatKabin.  I have two cat’s one is called Willow, and one is called Socks.
    Willow is a rescue cat she is very sweet.  Socks always find’s trouble.  They are both wonderful cat’s I try to give them as much entertainment as I can.  Like getting toys but; you never know what a cat will like.  I do beleive they would like the KatKabin. Any color would be great

  19. Bearhair says

    My cat Edwin would love a ScratchKabin in Cocoa. He would require me to place it at one end or the other of the hallway, so as to lay in wait for his two dogs to walk by. And then, Wham!, he’d reach out and smack her, knowing he was safe from mauling!

  20. Banananutmufin says

    Me and my kittehs would like the cocoa please.

  21. Jqscorpyo says

    hi Gracey! my cat Sunshine would love a ScratchKabin in oatmeal. She loves little hideaways where she feels safe but can observe everything going on. Sunshine is still a bit shy around loud noises or busy going ons since she seems to have been abused as a small kitty before we adopted her.

  22. I was just adopted by a darling new kitty about 6 weeks ago after two lonely years without a kitty. My new kitty’s name is Bud E. He is such a sweetheart and he needed a home so badly as he was about to be a throw away. He would just love to have a Katkabin, I am sure. He is just soooo greatful for every little thing that comes his way. Please let my little Bud be the winner, and any color would be fine with him. He really isn’t very picky in that fashion but I would like oatmeal or cocoa myself. 🙂

  23. Pwycinski says

    I think my Brutus would like the oatmeal color. He likes to hide in places, or under tables. He thinks he is invisible. I’m sure he would drag all of his little mice friends inside to join him while he’s hiding from his mom!

  24. Patchycat says

    My Siamese mix Lola would look lovely in the Oatmeal ScratchKabin!  She loves to hide then pounce on the other kitties!

  25. Oh gosh, nermal would love one of these KatKabins so she could hide from her dog brother who annoys her to death and the hedgehog that scares the crap outta her.  She is really very shy but tries to act tough.  Blueberry would be cool.  It might be dark enough for her to hide in so she can plan her sneak attacks.

  26. cat_cheryl says

    My 5 babies would love the ScratchKabin.  My beautiful girl Meowser loves to scratch on my mattress.  She has so many other things to scratch on, which she uses; but when I’m in bed & she wants me to get up, the ScratchKabin could take up residency in my bedroom & maybe my mattress & bedsheets could be immune from the scratching as Meowser will use the Kabin.  We also have Tyke, Purrgy, Gargoyle, & Spot who would enjoy a new toy & hiding place!  And they would absolutely love the blueberry Kabin.  Thanks for this chance to winning something cool for the babies.

  27. Teri Ehrich says

     Hi Gracie, we would love to win a blueberry Kabin!   I think all three of our kidz would love this 🙂  

  28. cstironkat says

    Yoshi would like the oatmeal KatKabin, and he is crossing his paws hoping to win. Thank you.

  29. Hi Gracey!
    I just had a meeting with my 6 year old cat Harry Potter, after his 2nd power cat nap of the day.
    In the Humane Society where he came from,
    They had big plastic pipes, but never anything THIS nice to lay in or on!
    He’s never seen anything like it!
    He says he would absolutely LOVE the Cocoa ScratchKabin™, but would take any color, he’s not picky!
    He also says any will look FABULOUS in contrast to his long black fur as long as it is put where HE wants it!
    He is SUPER psyched, it looks big enough to stash some of his favorite catnip toys in with him too!
    His cardboard scratch pad as it does not stay put when he gets frisky or has to take out his fustration.
    He really would LOVE to win a ScratchKabin™ to use as his own Clubhouse from…. the dog.
    He would LOVE to win one, and show all his people relatives and friends who have cats too, so they can buy one for their Kitty Kings and Kitty Queens of their house!
    Harry Potter would LOVE one!
    PICK ME he says!

  30. My name is Mittens and my mom would like the Blueberry. Even though I use the scratch post the most I suppose i could share with my brother KitKat. Even though he is bigger, I rule the roost. Meow!

  31. Tiggers and Chloe says

    Hi Gracey, we would love a KatKabin in Oatmeal.  It would hide us from the doggies that my crazy owner decided to adopt.   My older sister Chloe hidz out in the laundry hamper while I (Tigger) hidz out in the bedroom window sill.  Plus, it keep us out of trouble with mommy since we won’t be scratching up her furniture anymore if we got a new bed with scratcher like the KatKabin. 

  32. Heather says

    Hi Gracey!!! I think Kali and Lucy would love a KatKabin!!  Lucy can take her beauty naps in it, and Kali can hide in it when she wants to get away from her dog sister Bella.  I love the color you have Gracey!!

  33. My Kitties say Blue please! (Meow)

  34. My kitties would love to sleep in the oatmeal KatKabin.  It would also be a good place for one of my cats to hide when the other starts playing too ruff.

  35. Denise Mullen says

    Hi Gracey!  Pea and Becca would love a KatKabin!  They love to scratch and they love to hide in cozy little places.  I think an Oatmeal one would match one of their little cat blankets perfectly.

  36. Tanya Redfield says

    Gracey, my cats are so jealous that you are a celebrity and get all the fun stuff!  They thought their cardboard box was fine until they say your Scratchkabin!  Now they want an upgrade!  They really like cocoa color the best, although they think all the colors are great!

  37. Our sweet Chester would love to have a KatKabin in cocoa.  This is a great idea and just what Chester needs  after a long day of looking at birds and squirrels through the window.  Thank you. 

  38. Michellekrash says

    My mommy would like any of them, I’m sure.  I like the oatmeal because it matches my furr. Me and my feral siblings are always running around and playing hide and seek and scratching and this would make momma smile.

  39. My kitties would love a KatKabin!! I have 3. Milkshake, Stormy, and Bacon! Bacon is a little younger and always hates storms, he hides under the couch. I think this would help him lots! Im sure that my FB page Milkshake The Cat would happily do a review on it as well!

  40. That’s a great design.  Trying to get my three cats accustomed to a smaller place is not as easy as I thought.  They would love this!  My favorite color is blue…so blueberry.  

  41. Preston says

    I think my brother and sister cats would like the Cocoa but I have to ask..what if they are plus size like my brother Ashes..he won’t get stuck in there will he?  If he did that would be so funny hehehehe

  42. Amelia =^..^= says

    Hi Gracie! My family and I are moving to a new habitat soon and I would love to have the KatKabin for my own little space! And, I’d like oatmeal the best! Love your friend, Amelia =^..^=

  43. KatKabin, now this sounds like something new…. and intereresting! Love the idea! <3 all the colors are excellent, as most kittys are colour blind…. but in my house, i have an almost even amount of males and females, 3 males and 4 females… ugh… lol… but i love them all the same.. now for boo boo scratching my walls that are nice wood, ah, i dont like that, thats why there is a scratch post and a tower, but he likes my walls better! 🙂 Good luck to everyone! May the best kitty family win!

  44. Luvdaylilies says

    Just love the KatKabin! My sweet boy would love the Oatmeal color=)

  45. I would like to win one in the cocoa color, since it goes well with my living room colors. I know my cat would love a ScratchKabin because she loves to burrow in to small places and hide. She feels safe and enjoys watching what’s going on in her surroundings. Thanks for the pawsome giveaway Gracey!

  46. Dvdgossett915 says

    We like Black! My persian cat, Moses, would love it! He likes to have a place to hide when people come over

  47. Tina Renee Barker says

    Olivia, Zoe, Abigail and Petie would love the ScratchKabin! I know my couch would get a rest if only they had this! Cocoa would be an awesome color but any shade would do!

    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  48. My kitties would love the cocoa one.  Do you think all 7 of them could fit in it at once?  LOL. 

  49. Hmarthaler says

    Hi there Gracey!  What a wonderful thing – you and your ScratchKabin!!  I know my 9 furkids would love one, just as much as you love your’s!  All of the colors look great, so if we were to be chosen, the color could be a surprise!  Take care!!!

  50. The blueberry one is beautiful! My Juliet would love it!!

  51. Mine would like the cocoa one. would give them a place to both hide and sleep. Pretty please?

  52. I don’t know what color my cat would like but I like the Oatmeal color. She loves her own little spaces and would love this.

  53. Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey says

    OMC!! We love this and must insist that you let us win it!!! The oatmeal would be purr-fect and this is completely the cats meow!!!

  54. Theresa O'Connell says

    These are so cool, my kitties would love any color, but we think the cocoa is our favorite! Thank!

  55. Jessica says

    I like the cocoa ScatchKabin.  One of my cats gets really scared of storms and any sort of loud noise.  I think this would be the perfect place for her to hide and feel safe.  Plus I really like the cute and stylish design.

  56. Zyrhelda says

    My new kitty likes to hide whenever he hears new sounds. He’s a Humane Society Rescue kitty like you, Gracey =:)! He’s only eight months old and sometimes seems scared of the world around him. But he is a curious little guy, of course! It’s in your nature! The new ScracthKabin would be a perfect place for him to hide in when he feels intimidated by the new world around him =:)! Super Hurrah! He likes the cocoa colored one… it sort of matches his pretty Siamese/Ragdoll buff/cream/chocolate colored coat =:)!

  57. I would love to have the blue one. My kitty is afraid of new people and this is just the place to hide and watch them. Also it would match her beautiful coat.  She is a Russian Blue with green eyes.

  58. amyorvin says

    I like the SkratchKabin cat bed cat scratcher in Blueberry. My cats would just love this!

  59. I know June Buggie would love that blueberry kabin, but I’d really like to have one of those outdoor ones for them feral kitties to sleep in.  

  60. Cvanderb says

    I have 35 rescue cats.  They would all love this!  Any color would be wonderful!

  61. I think the color of the one you are in is the best color for a bi-colored cat such as me (and you.) BTW, Gracey, you look fabulous in yours. It really brings out your eyes. You look like you really enjoy it. 

  62. Joan Chavez says

    Buddy would like the oatmeal one, Gracey b/c he wants what you have!!  MOL!!  Buddy has 2 doggie sisters and they love him dearly but sometimes Buddy needs time to himself.  The puppies are always in his face and the ScratchKabin would be the perfect hideaway for Buddy.  It would be so comfy with the washable cushion.  When I told Buddy all about it, he also liked that it has all the bells and whistles-namely toy hanger and sisal mouse and esp. that he can use the top to scratch!  Buddy is crossing his paws and dreaming he is going to be the lucky winner!  

  63. Shelley P says

    Very cozy! My cat would love the ScratchKabin! She loves to sleep behind the TV stand in a small corner (hidden away) so I know she would love to sleep inside the bed part.  It’s great that she would have a place to scratch as well.

    I like the Oatmeal colored one! : )

  64. That would be super cozy in the winter. We’d love it in black.

  65. Nancy Foulke says

    Both of our kittys would love to sleep and play with the new scratchkabin in Blueberry color!!  Fizzy would be the one to sleep in it and Cheetah would definitely scratch on it!! Both would love being able to be entertained with a hanging catnip toy!!

  66. Lucaskaren says

    Oh, oatmeal would be perfect for my four cats to ‘share’!

  67. Lisa F. says

    I like the cocoa colored one!
    I think my cat would love this. He already has a little tent in the basement he’ll hide out in when I have dog visitors. This item would stay upstairs and he might just stay up and still feel secure with the dogs.

  68. Sharon Lake says

    I, too, like the Cocoa KatKabin! It would go well with the carpet in the bedroom. I could put it right next to their cat tree where they like to look out the window! That way, both Toothpick and Shovel would have a place to sleep! It also would assist me when I go to look for them…I might be able to find them!!! I love this KatKabin! 

  69. Hi, I have a new kitty, Evel Knievel who told me he would love the ScratchKabin in blue. He needs a hide out from my Doberman, Wile the Coyote. Evel is a newcomer to my apt, even though he has been here since November.                                                                                                                                                           The Alpha cat, Piggy (RIP) left the building in September of last year. Since then, my Doberman thinks he is the Apha. Piggy the cat would wack the Doberman with his paw on his nose.                                                    Wile the Dobe would keep his distance. Since Wile has his Alpha back, he bugs Piggy’s brother, Chewbacka a little bit to let him know the new order.                                                                                                         When Evel arrived in a crate held by my ex, the Dobe decided to get on his hind legs to peak at what was in the carrier. Evel the cat started growling and hissing. SO that is when the games began.. Evel’s nickname now is the Roadrunner because Wile the Coyote never catches him. Evel comes out when Wile the Dobe is asleep. If Wile see’s Evel the cat, it is just like watching the original Roadrunner cartoon. The Coyote never winds.       I wanted Evel to give the Dobe a little scratch on the nose, but it has not happened.  Yesterday, Evel had enough, I saw a paw with claws shoot out from under the Bed and Wile almost got it.
    If Evel got the ScratchKabin, he would love it. Ha, the Coyote could not get him, and Evel could giggle.

  70. Oh wow!! This is too cool!! This is Cody from Cat Chat and I would LOVE the blue one!!! OH WOW!!! This is the coolest ever! Heck yeah I would like it as much as you!

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  71. Oh Gracey! That looks like a wonderful spot for my furbabies to snuggle and feel safe, especially my fraidy cat Ishmael! He gets nervous when he hears the lawnmower or vacuum cleaner and he really doesn’t like storms! I know he would love a KatKabin in Oatmeal, just like yours! Thanks Gracey! ?

  72. My babies would love the oatmeal color.  They love any place they can curl up in and not be bothered!  Love that it is a scratching post as well!

  73. Love the oatmeal color that you have, Gracey.  I am sure that all three of my kitties (Max, Lucky, and Oliver) would love it, but it would be a special favorite for Oliver.  He is a very big boy, and this looks like a good “fit” for him.  It would also be handy for him to use to ambush his brother, Lucky. 

  74. J.M. Blanchard says

    My kitties promised they would no longer scratch the furniture if they had this KatKabin. My wife and I would be thrilled to see any color at our house. katKabin might just save us a ton of money for furniture. Thanks from the “FAB 5”..Reese Cup, Hershey, Chunky Charlie, Skittles, and Snickers all thank you. 

  75. I think my 5 cats would like the katkabin in blueberry, between the 5 of them I think they would love it as much as you gracey!

  76. Cali says blueberry!!!!!  And this would be the ideal place for her to hide from all the thunder we’ve been getting!!!!  What a cool Kabin!!!!!

  77. I think my girl would love a ScratchKabin just like your Gracey does!  Sasha is getting up into her golden years and would like a little bed to call her own where she can hide from the Florida thunder.  I told her we’d be happy to get any color but she likes the blueberry one the best.  >^..^<

  78. Gracey, Princess Woodgie would love to be seen (or not) in the oatmeal colored one. It would go with MY carpeting…

  79. Sweet Cee Cee Tortie sez “Mrrrr…. I wudd LUV da ScratchKabin in BLUE!!! I hab BEEEOTIFUL claws, and I Most Emphatically FORBID Meowmie to Klip them — and although I use my Cardboard Scratchers happily, my Fahionista Side would be grateful for something BEAUTIFUl to scratch upon– hence the ScratchKabin.”

  80. I like the “cocoa” one. It would look fab in my apartment. I think both Malcolm and Teva would like this. Teva is a cat who loves to hid, so she has numerous hiding placed and would love one more. Malcolm loves to get inside anything. He is a big cat and I worry that he is too large for the little condo opening on our cat tree, but he still gets in it all the time. Maybe something like this would work better for him. 

  81. My 4 cats would LOVE this! Any color would do! Black, Purple, Grey, Red, Tan … all would match my home…and my cats wouldn’t mind any of those colors either!  🙂

  82. My five cats have learned to take turns with new toys.  They would love this.  Good luck everyone!

  83. I would love the KatKabin in Oatmeal. My boy Boots would love this! He loves climbing into boxes, so I think he would see this as a very cozy box. He may have to fight his sister Bruin for it though! She is my skittish kitty, and loves to hide in tiny, cozy places, so I think this would be perfect for her!

  84. Lucy Kiphart/Judy Simon says

    Hi Gracey! Oh boy we would absolutely love a KatKabin! Mom likes the brown or any color actually! We need more beds and scratching posts. Dere are 11 ob us and we just need more beds and scratchers & this doubles! I just love it! It will look so good wiff me, Lucy Kiphart laying inside…:)  I would share dis wonderful product wiff my broders & sisfers. Oh pwease we would love one <3

  85. I am sure there are several of the SDR Kittehs that would love one of these. I think they would like the Oatmeal the best.  You look sooooo cute in yours, sweet Gracey!

  86. I would like to win the cocoa colored ScratchKabin. Anything with chocolate-related is good, and this looks so comfy.

  87. OOOHH! A cocoa colored scratchkabin!  My 5 kitties want one!!!

  88. Marilyn Hamill says

    My guys would like the cocoa one.  They really need something else to scratch.

  89. Lynnewellen says

    My kitty would love the oatmeal one. She loves to scratch and hide while watching the world go by.

  90. Sbritnell64 says

    I took a vote and 4 paws went up for the cocoa ScratchKabin.  Now the cats are drawing straws to see who would get to try it out first!!!

  91. Pamela C says

    I like the White one that is pictured but if you are giving away the standard one the Hot Pink is nice! One of the Kindle is always looking for a way to be quiet and away from the rest for a little me time.

  92. Connie Skoruppa-McDonald says

    Hi Gracey.  All us cats here in the Skoruppa-McDonald household would love the ScratchKabin™ .  Mom says Oatmeal would be the best color to co-ord-in-ate with our kitty room – whatever that means?  Anyway we’re already lining up to see who gets to hang out in there first.  Of course I get to go first – cause I’m the oldest.  Just had my 17th birthday party a few weeks ago you know.  Anyway, hope we win.  Take care Gracey – come visit us some time.  ~ Bailey 

  93. Tmschnake says

    My cat Thailand, who is blind in both eyes, loves new things to discover! And because he is blind, I have to constantly find new things to stimulate him. Someone dumped him on the road to my house one night in 2005, and I found him and brought him home. I took him to the vet first thing in the morning, he was covered in fleas and had a high fever, and was diagnosed with juvenile cataracts when he was only 4 months old. He is 7 years old now, and doing great. p.s., He is siamese mix and would look stunning laying in the oatmeal colored cat cabin…..

  94. Marilia Bavaresco says

    I´m not a cat and I love your  ScratchKabin!!!!

  95. You look so cute and comfy in your Oatmeal ScratchKabin, that’s the one we would like to try out as well!

  96. Kshane004 says

     Gracey: All 6 of my kitties would love the tan ScratchKabin. From my 18 lb. boys to my 2- 2 lb. rescue kittens!!!

  97. My kitties would love this! It would be lovely dual b-day gift for them, their birthdays are in April and June.  
    The cocoa one would look fabulous with my two black kitties,  Thanks!

  98. I would love to win the Cocoa colored ScratchKabin!  My older cat Cookie would love this as a place to hide from our young kittens!

  99. We recently acquired an older cat when my mother had a CVA.  She’s still a bit skiddish and would absolutely love a place to hide out and call her own.  I don’t think she would care what color she won, but I’d prefer something neutral, either oatmeal or cocoa.  Thanks for the opportunity and her paws are crossed. 

  100. We recently acquired an older cat when my mother had a CVA.  She’s still a bit skiddish and would absolutely love a place to hide out and call her own.  I don’t think she would care what color she won, but I’d prefer something neutral.  Thanks for the opportunity and her paws are crossed.

  101. Roger and Rafa woukd have a blast in the ScratchKabin! Any of the colors would be just fine with them! 🙂

  102. my Tess would love this !!!! Oatmeal for her 🙂

  103. Hi, Gracey!  My kitties would love the ScratchKabin in Oatmeal.  They use their post regularly, but it is kind of raggedy now.  One of my kitties also loves to hide and play “surprise!” with the other cats, so that would be great fun for her.  I am grateful for the opportunity.  fiona64 at livejournal dot com.  Thank you!

  104. Linda Lee says

    This is soooo cute, I have four kitties and I am sure they would love this so much that  this would keep them from clawing on the carpet.  I would probaby have to buy more than one though…
    The blueberry would be a great color to start with.

  105. Jerzeecat says

    We like the cocoa. I think my kitties would love that. I like it as well. It’s very cool looking and the scratch pad is great!

  106. Wow this would be cool to win for my mom’s cats. She loves cats so much. I think she might like the starlet color. I bet the cats would really like something like this to sleep or hide in. 

  107. Sillysailorcat says

    The chocolate color is nice to blend in with any decor. My cats would love this thing. They like to get in things, climb on things, and scratch…

  108. My senior Manx, Tuchis, loves to snuggle in quiet little places and I’m sure this would be a favorite, especially in thunderstorms! He could also use it as an escape from his little sister, Kozy, a k a , the delinquent. The oatmeal would be very nice.

  109. Durango & Trevor would love this! Forest Green would match nicely. Both would love it as they like to hide in places and scratch. The furniture would love it too (lol) as Durango has been a bit destructive with his claws. This would be the perfect thing… 

  110. Sarah H-L says

    The ScratchKabin looks great! Our cat Jackson enjoys both scratching and snuggling himself into small places, and this would be a perfect place for him to go to in the event of loud noises. I think he would prefer the cocoa. 🙂 

  111. Hutson Paula says

    I don’t think they would be picky about the color, but I would think blueberry might go with their decor. 🙂

  112. Milo's Mommy says

    Milo would love Scratchkabin in cocoa. Not only is it beautiful but functional too.
    Whenever there is a siren or thunder and lightning, Milo would always run and hide.
    This would be a great place to go to feel safe and secure.

  113. Hutson Paula says

    I have two little furry babies that would love this! Callie Ann was born under my back porch 9 years ago to a stray that made my back yard her home. 🙂  And Zoe LaRue was a shelter rescue last year, we think she is about 2 or 3, very playful and entertaining! 🙂 

  114. My cats love to hang out in padded carriers with the doors off, but they can’t scratch them!  They’d love the added amenity, not to mention the upgrade in appearance.  I can’t decide between Oatmeal and Cocoa Bean, but Gracey, you sold my cats on the Oatmeal.

  115. Oh my – I think my baby girls (Buffy & Bridgette) would love to have the oatmeal.  Bridgette growls at our mail person, then runs under the bed – how cool this would be to have a new safe place for her to run.
    Good luck to all! Thanks KatKabin :O)

  116. Kathleen says

    ooooo…this ScratchKabin is just the thing for my Mika.  She loves to snuggle in little places, and her scratching post is well worn.  I was about to get a new one, but this would serve a two-fold purpose.  I do believe the Oatmeal color would suit her best!  What a super treat it would be to win this for her.

  117. Debbie L says

    I would love the Blueberry. My kitty would just adore this. Very cute design.

  118. We’re going to be bold and pick Blueberry!! I just hope my little blueberry-bottomed Pocky can fit her backside in it, lol! 

  119. What a cool idea!

  120. Heathermarie0 says

    Oatmeal is a cute color. 😉 my cats love to hide out in small enclosed spaces so this would be perfect! My oldest loves it under the endtable. This looks like it’ll slide right in!

  121. Kristen says

    I think my kitties would love to have an Oatmeal colored Kat Kabin. Gracey you look so very cute in yours. 

  122. Slinky J Cat would love to do some power napping in an oatmeal ScratchKabin!

  123. Jeniferbrantley says

    Wow!..My cat would LOVE this ScratchKabin!…He likes to sleep snuggled under stuff in my home all the time so we would like one in Oatmeal too!

  124. Kittyspike08536 says

    I’d like the Oatmeal pleas, since yours is so snazzy 🙂 I know my cats will love this – they adore places where they feel safe and secure! Plus, they can scratch on this!

  125. How cute.  We would love the cocoa colored one.