Cat is Young at Heart

Emily the cat is an Iams Play Young Stay Young Honorable Mention.

Emily is a much loved member of her family. She hasn’t slowed down in the twelve years since she came to live in her forever home.  As you can see in her photo below, she keeps a watch over the house to make sure she doesn’t miss any action.  The Iams team noticed Emily too and chose her  as the Iams Stay Young Play Young Honorable Mention Cat this week.

Emily Iams Play Young Stay Young HM

Beautiful Emily Is Young at Heart

Emily’s mom Roni,  from Spencer, WV says:

Emily is a calico. She runs, chases the dogs, and jumps on the table and the counter (even though she’s not supposed to), chases her tale, speeds out the door (again not allowed). She hasn’t slowed down since we got her, 12 years ago. She was an adult when we rescued her. She was abused by some children. She is disabled, but  that doesn’t even slow her down. She’s an amazing cat.  She has been with us longer than any animal that we have. I just don’t know what life would be like without Emmy. And  I don’t want to find out!

The Iams Play Young Stay Young Contest

For the past few weeks the team at Iams  chose one cat and one dog 11 years of age or older that refuses to act their age. Participants only needed to submit a current picture of your cat or dog and tell them how or why they refuse to act their age. Winner received  a year’s supply of Iams Senior Plus by entering the Play Young Stay Young Contest.

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  1. brenda wertz says

    emily you are sooo cute she reminds me of my cat mittens. (momma’s baby girl)

  2. She is beautiful.

  3. Marilia Bavaresco says

    OMG Emily!!!! You´re so gourgeous and your profile are so cute!

  4. Awww…. such a sweetheart Emily is!! I can see why Iams chose her!