Black Cats Bring Good Luck. Here’s the Proof

Black Cats Bring Good Luck

Mercy Gracey Halloween Collage

Mercy and me in my Mercy Costume

The Scottish believe that the random appearance of a black cat at your doorstep foreshadows prosperity. Since my mom is of Scottish descent,  she and my dad must have known that when my brother Mercy was just a tiny little kitten fending for himself in the alley behind our old house, he was going to bring joy, love and happiness into our family.

Mercy, a black cat, was born into a feral cat colony that occupied the alley behind our house. He was a  super tiny little kitten when he first popped up by the feeding rock. This was a rock hidden from the view of a mean neighbor that didn’t like that my parents were feeding the alley cats.   My parents were smitten by him.  My dad said that he would jump up on top of the rock and shake his back end from side to side to keep the other cats  two to three times the size of him off the rock until he got his share of the food. My parents couldn’t stand the thought of little Mercy  fending for himself in the alley, so they caught him, got  him cleaned up and off to visit the doctors at the Morris Veterinary Clinic.  Mercy was a healthy kitten and Dr. G even said that if we didn’t want to keep him,  he would take him because he could already tell that he was super smart and was going to be a great cat with a sweet personality.  And Dr. G was right!

In fact Mercy was so nice, that when he went to visit my grandma, she asked if he could stay over night at her house. Grandma never asked if I could stay overnight. Then Grandma asked if perhaps he could stay a little longer, and my parents agreed because they could see how happy she was with little Mercy to keep her company. Now Mercy is super spoiled rotten.  He gets all of Grandma’s love and attention and my parents visit him every day too.  Sometimes Mercy comes to visit me, but Grandma always takes him back to her house.

I have heard my parents and Grandma say how lucky they were to find Mercy. So you see, black cats bring good luck. Mercy is living proof.

This Halloween I am standing up for my brother Mercy

Please remember that it is our responsibility to be myth busters for our black cat cousins.  Research supports the existence of black cat syndrome, where black and brown cats are less likely to be adopted than cats of other colors. Let’s be the voice for our cousins and stop the folklore and media sound bites that perpetuate the myth that black cats are bad luck. Black cats are awesome!

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  1. We have always had at least one black cat. Right now we have two, and when my daughter comes to visit she brings the third one! They have always found me, I’ve never had to go get one. We love our black cats—and our red tabby too!

  2. Oh, you are so right Gracie! We have three black cats! We love them here on the farm!

  3. Michele C. Hollow says

    Out black cat, Gigolo, was so special. He actually help me break into my locked house! So he was super smart! Everyone loved him, and he brought up loads of good luck. We found him and his sister, Belle, in a newspaper office that I worked in.

  4. What a wonderful story! We have had several black cats over the years, and I agree that they are wonderful! How sweet of you to dress in his honor, Gracey!

  5. sparky spitfire says

    he’s a handsome guy. but I bet Grandma loved you too.