Remembering Mr. Collins. Dear Friend and Animal Lover

Remembering Mr. Collins.


Mr. Collins with Rerun

Mr. Collins with Rerun wearing his “library shirt”

Something wonderful happened when we started The Tiniest Tiger’s facebook page.  We met and became friends with many people that we would not have had the opportunity to meet without the power of social media.  Our page was created to unite friends that love and care about all cats big and small.  But we don’t limit our love only for cats, we care for all living beings.

Mr Collins and his wife Virginia with Stewart.

Mr Collins and his wife Virginia with Stewart.

From the beginning of the page, when we only had a few members of our community, we had the good fortune to meet Mr. Edward Collins, through his daughter Janet when they clicked Like on our facebook page.  Over time, we have become friends sharing happiness and laughs but unfortunately, also sadness and tears.  As we make our way through this world, we all know that no day is promised and we must remember to do the best we can to be kind and loving to everyone that shares our lives.

I am super sad to tell you that Mr. Collins crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 14, 2013.  One thing I know for sure is he was greeted by  his special best feline friend Saber and Janet’s Maggie, and many more cats and animals that he loved so much.

Mr. Edward Milton Collins was a perfect example of living his best life for those he loved.  Mr. Collins was a man of faith and a devoted husband, married to his wife Virginia for 62 years. A great father,  his daughter Janet described him as a true dad, always strong and loving.  He loved being a student and a teacher with four college degrees including a Master of Art in Library Science.

Mr Collins with his daughter Janet

Mr Collins with his daughter Janet

Mr. Collins  was so passionate about books and making sure that everyone had a chance to learn to read that he established libraries not only in the United States but also in Ghana where he was teaching and in Nigeria where he became the Librarian.

Sometimes when I would be writing I would be thinking  I hope Mr. Collins likes my story.  His daughter Janet would show him our posts

and when I was being a little mischievous he would say “Oh that Gracey.”  Thinking of this now makes me smile.  I am so happy that I could bring a bit of joy into his life because he sure brought a lot of joy to many people.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. His spirit and love will live on and  that is what gets us through the difficult times.  Remember the good and happiness.  That is something I think he might have said to us.

Would you be so kind as to join us in lighting a candle in honor of Mr. Collins?  He was one of my first friends when we started The Tiniest Tiger community and will always be in our hearts, even if our hearts are broken, remembering him and his love for all living beings will help us heal and go on.

Click Here to Light a Candle.

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  1. Such a wonderful Tribute. I did not know Mr. Collins, but I do know his daughter, Janet, from Facebook as well. If he was half as kind as she is, he was an amazing person. My thoughts and Prayers go out to Janet and her family at this difficult time.

  2. He seemed like a very nice sweet and gentle man…In our thoughts

  3. Marilia Bavaresco says

    oh! So sorry about your lost.

  4. PetsWeekly says

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend… It sounds like he was a very kind man and the exact type of person we need more of in this crazy world. RIP, Mr. Collins.

  5. You have garnered many friends over the years who have connected with this beautiful site. I know it is true for me that reading this site connects me with you.

  6. Beautiful tribute to such a giving, caring, and loving individual. Thoughts & prayers to his family and all those that loved him.

  7. There’s a saying among librarians – “Old Librarians never die, they just get reshelved.” May you always have a book to read and a cat to love, Mr Collins.

  8. Rip Thank You for all you have, RIP. This candle is lit in Honor of Kind and Gentle Sir.

  9. May he rest in peace and in heaven he care for all cats that has also made it to the rainbow bridge.

  10. Rest in Peace, Sir

  11. Very nice tribute. Always sad to lose someone so loved.