Heartbroken and Healing

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Heartbroken and Healing

We lost our little Gracey yesterday morning.  She passed peacefully in my arms.



Gracey was in multiple organ failure from complications of diabetes and pancreatitis that she had been living with for a little over 4 years.  We were able to mange her diabetes with two injections of ProZinc per day and she was happy and healthy until this past week.  Her doctors are wonderful and worked super hard doing everything possible to see if we could get her strength up and she could recover but it was not to be.

Paul and I needed yesterday to grieve and to gather the strength to begin the process of celebrating her wonderful life with us.  We are so grateful that Gracey chose to share her life with us and she will live on in our efforts here on her The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club.

When Gracey won the Bissell MVP Contest in 2010 we were thrilled to donate the $10,000 to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary.  Rita works so hard to rescue older cats and cats with special needs, just like our Gracey.  When I told Rita about Gracey she said:

PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary’s cat flap remains open. Our doors would have closed and the purrs would have ended without Gracey. That pretty little girl’s heart is responsible for so many homeless unwanted cats who’s hearts would have stopped beating without her help. Life simply is better because of Gracey. We live because she did. Thank you our darling Guardian Angel. We always knew she had wings.
The world didn’t get darker when she passed for her little bright light shines in all of us. I love you. And I love Gracey.


Gracey was an amazing little cat. From the time we rescued her from the dog pound she showed her sweet and mischievous personality. She was the inspiration for the book The Tiniest Tiger and for us taking the journey to complete a Master of Zoology to learn more about how we could help all cats big and small. Her community has grown to over 50,000 members and she would want us to continue helping her cousins in need.

We are heartbroken.  Gracey was with us every moment of our days in our home.  Paul designed the sun room windows to be the perfect height for her to look out over the back yard where she spent her days visiting with Bossy Backyard Blue Jay in the company of Lazy Leopard.  When I was in the office, she was with me keeping me company and inspiring me.

We know that Gracey would not want us to stop the work she inspired us to begin. Leaving the hospital, a local rescue group was in the lobby talking about how they hoped their fundraiser would make enough money to buy food for the cats in their care over the weekend. As it turned out, my Jeep was full of cat food, toys and other items that I was planning to take to a shelter but hadn’t made it yet.  We like to think Gracey was working her magic by us being in the right place at the right time.

When I came home and was washing up a few dishes, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay came and sat on the perch outside the kitchen window.  He had not done this before.  I chatted with him and he tilted his head and looked at me as if he understood.  Then he flew around the yard and settled in the apple tree.

There is so much we would like to say, but the sadness is too much for us right now. Gracey was and is the light of our lives. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community and for loving our little girl too. I hope you will join us in celebrating Gracey’s life and continue on the journey to care for all cats big and small.

Joanne and Paul



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  1. For some reason, I haven’t been getting your posts as I was in the past,
    so I just now saw that you lost Gracie. I read this a couple of days
    ago, and found myself crying, a lot. I know part of that is because I
    just lost my boy Thomas 2 weeks ago & my emotions are very raw on
    the subject. But it’s also because, through “The Tiniest Tiger”, you
    have shared Gracey’s personality so well, that it feels like I’ve lost a
    cat I knew well. Thanks for what you do, I’m sorry that you lost
    Gracey & glad that you’ve found more cats to share your lives with
    and to share with us.

  2. David McAuliffe says

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I always enjoyed reading about Gracey’s adventures and misadventures. Will light a candle when I get home.

  3. I was lying in bed on vacation, catching up, and read of Gracey’s passing – I am so sorry. She meant a lot to all of us. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  4. Momfrog Lorita says

    Just found out about beautiful Miss Gracey. I know Miss Sassie is playing with her over the Rainbow Bridge. I am just so heartbroken, but grateful for all the love she showed us how to share. My posse (Spydee and Katie) send purrs, meows, headbonks and gentle rubs. Thank you for bringing such a bright, shining light of love into our lives.

  5. Trini Ramirez says

    I just found out about Gracey and am shocked and so sad about her. I hope you are doing better but of course will never forget that sweet girl. She was and is still amazing and a blessing and inspiration to anyone that knew her or of her. Peace and love.

  6. Joanne, I am so sorry about Gracey. I just read the blog about Maggie. I am sure Maggie misses Marie as much as you do Gracey and Marie. And you are right, you will help each others hearts heal. I am thankful you shared Gracey’s story with all of us.

  7. Tanya Beckel Redfield says

    I hadn’t been on facebook much lately, and just tonight read about Gracey’s passing. I’m so sorry…I know what a hole the passing of a beloved pet leaves in your life! Dear Gracey won’t be forgotten, however! What a difference she has made in the world, thanks to you being her voice! 🙂

  8. Monica Hitt says

    I am so sorry, I was afraid Gracey would pass too early due to diabetes. Our cat Daryl had the disease too, and I think he died of the same . He was not famous but the people at the pharmacy where we got his insulin were sorry about his death. And his buddy cat Steve died 2 days later, we think Daryl’s death broke Steve’s (bad) heart. Hope Gracey meets Daryl and Steve and they have the fun they deserve! Bless Gracey and her humans! Peace to all who loved and love her.

    • Thank you Monica. I am so sorry for your loss of Daryl and Steve. It is heartbreaking to lose our loved ones. Gracey had a few health issues and we did our best to give her the best life possible. She lived an additional five years past her pancreatitis and the onset of diabetes. We were lucky to share our lives with her.

  9. Rebecca MacIsaac says

    I am just reading this now – I am so sorry for the loss of your inspiration Gracey. I too have lost my sweet little Merlot from dry FIP on the 10th of May – he now has become my inspiration to help find a cure for this terrible disease. I am sure Gracey is happy you are continuing on the journey you started with her. I feel your pain. Merlot I am sure welcomed her with open paws and is showing her all the best catnip gardens.

  10. I am so very sorry for your loss. Gracie’s blog saw very inspiring and she will be missed as if one of my own companion cats.

  11. Trish Ann B says

    Oh….so so so so so sorry……. I’m so heartbroken, and so behind on my favorite FB pages… me and The 3 MusCATeers will be lighting a candle in her memory tonight – and imagining how our Panda greeted her with open paws….. Sending big healing hugs and love to all of you!!!

  12. Joanne and Paul,
    It is so hard to find words to comfort you in the face of losing Gracey, your own little tiniest tiger. But perhaps knowing how many people knew her and also miss her, and how much good you were able to accomplish through her, will ease your pain to some small degree. And hoping that with time, your happy memories of time spent with Gracey will help to ease the pain of losing her, Deepest condolences to you both.

  13. Heather Bigler says

    Having just read about Gracey’s passing, I am deeply sadden. She was a beautiful, sweet cat who touched so many lives thanks to her incredible parents. My heart aches for you, and I hope time will heal your loss. I will give our Whiskers an extra snuggle and cheek rubs tonight.

  14. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Dear Joanne and Paul, I am so sorry. These words can not express the depth of my sadness over the loss of sweet Gracey. I am heartbroken. I love her, just as if she was one of my own. Please know that you are in my thoughts and Prayers, as always. xoxoxo Elizabeth

  15. I am so sorry to hear about Gracey. I have been enjoying your newsletter for the last year now. My prayers and my heart are with you. I have an 18 year old tiger boy that I am sure will be joining her in heaven soon. Thank you and Gracey for the all the great reading of your newsletters.

  16. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Gracey had a special place in all our hearts.

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about Gracey… She was a beautiful little soul and I enjoyed reading about her. She will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Once again, I am so sorry about Gracey… Heaven is now a brighter place with this sweet angel’s presence…

  18. I am so very sorry to hear that Gracey is no longer with us. She & you have been an inspiration to many. You & yours are in our thoughts & prayers at this devastating time.

  19. Marilyn Hamill says

    I’m so sorry to hear of Gracey’s passing.

  20. I am so so sorry to hear that you lost your beloved. She is at the Rainbow Bridge, playing like a kitten but she is watching for you. She loved you and wants you to be strong to keep on with her work. It is hard right now and I feel your pain. I have a gray handsome boy and he has FIV. He’s only 8 years old and I love him so much every day since we came together back in 2009. Cats give us loads of love many people don’t or believe. To have a cat chose you to share a life with is a great honor. Gracey is with you now, purring and nuzzling to help you get through this. I pray for you, to help you through this sorrowful time.

  21. Susan S Smith says

    Many, many prayers for you all. I am so very sorry for your lost. Having lost my sweet, little Mia in March, I understand the pain and loss.
    So glad you will carry on with Conservation Club and keep support for all cats. Gracey will be smiling down on you.

  22. right_wing2 says

    I’m so sorry for your loss of sweet little Gracey.

  23. Rest in peace Gracey. 🙁

  24. Joann D'Alessandro says

    My deepest sympathy go out to both of you in your time of loss. God gathers the most beautiful flowers for his garden, so he has brought her home. I lost my own Trixie to pancreatitis stemming from undiagnosed diabetes, so I was really proud of you for bringing the importance of weight control into more public awareness in April. You and Gracey have done innumerable amounts of good for all cats, both wild and domestic. While no one would dispute that Gracey was irreplaceable, I hope that after your grief subsides you will consider another visit to your local shelter; another furry soul is praying for a home as beautiful as the one you provided for Gracey.

  25. Bonnie Koenig says

    Chey and I are very sorry to read about Gracey’s passing over on Mousebreath.

  26. I’m heartbroken too. I’m so sorry.

  27. Kenna Nauenburg says

    I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Gracey was just a joy! I have made so many wonderful friends thanks to her, and I’ll be forever grateful. She truly is an Angel!

  28. Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey says

    Dearest Joanne and Paul – my heart aches for you, but clearly Gracey has been on a journey since the day your eyes locked and you brought her into your home and hearts. She has inspired such good and the heartfelt sentiment shared by PurrEver Ranch brings such a smile to my face, despite the deeply sad circumstances. Gracey will live forever in our hearts and souls and she truly is a Guardian Angel. I am grateful you were able to be with her to allow her to pass as peacefully as possible and my thoughts will be with you.

  29. http://mickeytheblackcat.blogs says

    We are sorry to hear about Gracey going to the Bridge.

    We send comforting purrs as we know how hard it is to

    lose a beloved kitty.

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,

    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  30. I am so devastated by this news. Gracey was indeed special. God bless you both.

  31. So sorry for your loss. Such a pretty little cat and I have so enjoyed her posts, pictures and views. She will be missed. My heart goes out to you.

  32. Michele C. Hollow says

    Dear Joanne and Paul, I have enjoyed hearing about Gracey’s many accomplishments over the years. While I have never met Gracey in person, I feel as though I have known her through your beautiful writings. You and Gracey have built such an important community, and I am glad that you will continue to honor her through your work and kindness. I know I speak for so many of Gracey’s and your’s fans when I say we all feel the sadness over her loss, and the gratitude for your work. Thank you for keeping it going.

  33. Many of us heard this sad news at BlogPaws and as soon as we knew, the room was just filled with so much love for dear Garcey and you and Paul. It was so sad and beautiful at the same time. She is loved by so many. Love and hugs to you and Paul, and our deepest sympathy.

  34. Everycat says

    We are so sorry to learn that beautiful Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger has passed to The Bridge. What a remarkable little cat she was to do so much for other cats in need. The hurt must be awful right now, so we will just leave you with lots of love and rumbly purrs to help.
    Run free Gracey, there will be many friends to greet you
    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

  35. I’m so sorry for your loss. I too heard about her passing at Blogpaws. I’m sending prayers and healing energy for your grief and the Hotties kitties send a ton of purrs. Blessings upon Gracey’s sweet soul.

  36. I was totally shocked and terribly saddened to learn of Gracey’s passing, and my heart aches for both of you.

  37. I am just at a loss…there are no words I can say to express what is in my heart upon reading this post. I am so shocked and sad and want you to know that I share in your sorrow right now. I thank you and Gracey so much for all that you do for all cats. Gracey was so lucky to have lived a life where she was very much loved and where she knew that she was helping to make the lives of her feline brothers and sisters around the world much brighter. Though I never met her, I love Gracey too and know that her light and spirit will shine forever in your hearts and within everyone whom she touched. I will say a prayer for her and for you and may you feel peace in your healing,

    All my love,

  38. I am so sorry to hear about Gracey. I am sure she is at Rainbow Bridge, out of pain and suffering and has joined Fred. As they are running, jumping and having a time of their new life. One day you’ll be reunited and smiles on all faces will be the ultimate of all. God bless you for what all you could do for her.

  39. You are truly remarkable people, and Gracie was a remarkable kitty. Take the time and space you need and know that we will be here for you, and that Gracie will always be remembered for what you did together.

  40. Jennifer Lamb says

    I’m so sorry! I’ve been through the loss of a very special pet, too. And without Bonnie, my blogging has come to a standstill. I found Gracey because she looks so much like my Victor. He is my tiniest tiger and has encouraged me to volunteer with a local shelter specializing in “feral” cats. I am so, so sad about Gracey, though. She had a wonderful, full life with you. I share your pain, even though I never knew her in person.

  41. Kevin Hattori says

    We are so sorry to hear that Gracey had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for loving her so much, and for sharing her with all of us. Hugs.

  42. My deepest, deepest, condolences on Gracey’s passing. She touched so many people and your work has inspired many. Gracey’s page was one of the first I liked on FB after starting Lola’s page, and I am deeply saddened she is gone. I pray your happy memories of her will heal you both. Gracey is a beaufitul angel watching over many. She will always be special to many of us. ~Dawn~

  43. Jan's Funny Farm says

    We are sorry for the loss of your Gracey. She was evidently a precious kitty and much-loved.

  44. Joanne and Paul we were stunned to learn the news and our hearts are deeply broken. Gracey was so dear to all of us as you are) and we are deeply saddened. We are praying for strength for you and Paul in this most difficult time. We also send our love, Caren, Cody and Dakota

  45. Sending purrs & condolences from all of us at Purrchance To Dream.

  46. Karen Jo Gray says

    I had never met Gracey, but she sounds like a wonderful cat and I am sure you miss her terribly. I am so very sorry that she had to go.

  47. Curlz and Swirlz says

    Joanne and Paul,

    You and Gracey were in our thoughts this weekend at BlogPaws and we gathered for a quiet moment in her honor, knowing that your journey together is not over, but will go on…love shared is never lost. May you find peace and calm soon, when you think of her and your life together.

  48. Holly Wadas says

    My Boyz have not been blogging for a few weeks due to their dad’s sickness but luckily I received the email from Ann and was saddened to see that adorable Gracey was called to the bridge. We sure are blessed to have these lil angels in our lives and someday we will cross that bridge and go home to them forever.

    For now she will always be in your heart and in many others. Peace and comfort, Holly and the Boyz

  49. Sherlock,Ash and Traveler says

    We are so sorry for your loss and offer our deepest condolences.

  50. Orion, Sammy, Emily says

    We are so very sorry to read that Gracey has passed, but glad that she is completely healthy at the bridge. Sending purrs, prayers and hugs in this time of sadness.

  51. Deb Harvey says

    I am so sorry for your loss. Reading about Gracey, and all that you have done is so inspirational.
    Sending you hugs and purrs

  52. Thinking of you and Paul xo Gracey will be missed but live on in our hearts as will all her work.

  53. I was shocked to read about Gracey. I had no idea she was so sick. Gracey was my first cat friend on FB. Frankly, if it were not for my cat friends, I probably wouldn’t bother with FB anymore. Gracey was a gorgeous and special cat. May God comfort you in your loss. Your memories of beautiful Gracey will sustain you as you continue your generosity to so many other cats in need. You are a wonderful writer, Joanne. I love the “thinking circle,” Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, and Lazy Leopard. There were some great stories like the one about the old apartment and especially the one about finding Gracey. Thank you both for being kind and caring people who help others so much. We will all miss Gracey and always remember how special she was.

  54. So sorry for your loss! Purrs and hugs!

  55. Danease Gresch says

    So heartbroken for you two! I know that feeling all too well of losing that sweet furry family member and soul mate. It brought back a memory from almost 3 years ago and losing my sweet Big Girl Cat. I can’t even describe the pain as I know you cannot right now. Know that you gave her a great and happy life and I for one believe God knows how much we love our animals and that we will see them again some day. Happy Rainbow Bridge romps Gracey. Say hello to my Big Girl!

  56. Candice S. says

    I’m so heartbroken reading this. Gracey was a bright little light who inspired you and everyone around her.. You were so lucky to have found each other, she truly left paw prints on your heart and everyone else’s she touched.

  57. I am so sorry…. I know how hard it is to say good buy, but you are right, Gracey was working her magic then and she will continue to do so….. She will always be with you…..

  58. Sending many tender thoughts to heal your sad heart during this time of immense loss.

  59. Dear Joanne and Paul, I am so sorry to hear of Gracey’s passing. Reading of her adventures always brought a smile to my face. A candle has been lit for her. Please take some comfort in knowing how many people’s (and pets!) lives she touched. Hugs to you both.

  60. Vicki Stringfellow Cook says

    Joanne – I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose your best friend and your muse. My thoughts and prayers are with you. xo

  61. I am so very sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family.
    Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  62. Old Kitty says

    We are so sorry to hear about angel Gracey. We send you all many purrs and hugs and know that graceful Gracey’s light will continue to shine brightly and beautifully. Take care

  63. We are so very sorry to hear of Gracey’s passing. She is an inspiration to all of us, and we know her light will continue to shine. May the happy memories of the times you shared together bring comfort to you. ~Socks, Scylla, Fenris, Tuiren & Alasandra

  64. Oh we are so sorry to hear about Gracey. It sure sounds like both you and Gracey are such a super addition to the cat and animals world. That was so kind of you to give those winnings to that shelter. We sure are proud of all of you. Our Mom is a big fan of helping homeless animals. Gracey certainly was such a good inspiration. We sure send lots of purrs and some big hugs too.

  65. Carolyn Retallick says

    We heard about Gracey going to the bridge from Ann at Zoolatry and are so sorry for your loss. Sending purrs and prayers for you. Gracey’s work and her memory will certainly live on. Hugs and purrs from Caro and Austin of CATachresis xx

  66. Brian106sc says

    I heard this last night at BlogPaws and am still crying. Love and hugs to you both.

  67. Ingrid King says

    My heart is breaking for you and Paul. I know that Gracey will live on in everything you will do, but for now, just be gentle with yourself as you mourn your beautiful girl. Much love to you.

  68. So sorry to hear of Gracey’s passing. Have lost two tribe members in the last couple of years. They gave me all of their love, then passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Their three cat friends continue to give me love and companionship every day and they are such a blessing. Thank you for your continued work with cats in need.

  69. Pam Hoerauf says

    Joanne, my heart is breaking for you and Paul. I know that there no words that can ease your pain, but please know that I am sending love and peace to you both.

    Hugs & love,
    Pam & Oskar

  70. My heart aches right along with you. Gracey always felt like she was part of my family; my car keys have her picture on the chain and I carried her HIpster all over Europe. So much love to all of you.

  71. Dear Joanne and Paul, reading about Gracey’s passing was a shock and a heartbreak, tears have been shed throughout the day since and continue. Like so many, I feel she was a friend and enriched my life with her tales. To read about her adventures was a joy and a delight. My own Amelia sends kitty prayers to you as do I during this difficult time. May you both find comfort in knowing how much joy Gracey brought not only to you but to the feline fans. She was a true ambassador and will be missed. May you find solace in the knowledge she’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is at peace. It’s been an honor to know Gracey as I have. This very day, my husband has planted a rose with it’s official name being: Sunshine Day Dreams. We’ve now named it Gracey. Love, light and blessings.

  72. I am so so sorry! I have been worried sick over my Ben with his IBD and lethargy and weakness and I will have to drink a lot of booze when I have to put him down.

    PLEASE know I send you my love and sympathy!

  73. I am heartbroken to hear of Gracey’s passing. God bless you and Gracey for all of the work. We will pray for peace and comfort for you and Paul. Tomorrow, as we celebrate the life of our beloved Casey Tripod (It is his birthday and he passed Christmas Eve), we will be thinking of you and of Gracey. Thank you for being my friend…..

  74. I am so sorry for your loss. Gracey was adorable, and I loved reading about her adventures. The work you do is very inspirational. She was a cat with a mission, and she will live forever in the work you do in her name, and in our hearts.

  75. I’m so sorry she is gone, I understand the pain you are feeling. Thank you for adopting her and loving her and for following the inspiration she gave you. I’m sure it was wonderful life and will be a heart felt memory.

  76. OMG!! Joanne!! I am sooo sorry for ur loss!!! <3 I send both u and Paul love and light during this difficult time!! I am in shock and sadness right now!!! I know that my Bosco, Goldie and Tinksey are greeting her at the bridge with open paws!!! Blessed be to u both and to Gracey!!! So sorry to hear this!!! RIP My sweet angel Gracey!! We love u and will continue ur crusade to help the animals big and small!!! 🙁

  77. Sherri In St. Paul says

    I am heartbroken for you, Joanne and Paul, and am sitting here crying my eyes out as if she were one of my own cats! Gracey just held a piece of my heart in her little paw, and in her quiet, sweet way, she made a big difference in the world. She will live on in all the ways she inspired us to help our cat cousins and friends. Bless her, and you, for all that you did for little Gracey – and us.

  78. Jerzeecat says

    Joanne and Paul,
    I am so sorry and heart broken for your loss of beautiful Gracey. I will miss her daily adventures. Thank you for sharing her lovely life with everyone. May God continue to bless you always for all you do for the animals and for being the highlight of so many our days by sharing your friendship through Gracey. I feel as though I have lost one of my own. God bless you Gracey. Rest in peace my friend.

  79. I am so very sorry for your loss, but so grateful for your generosity and huge heart. Gracey was very lucky to have been loved and cared for by you.

  80. I heard of this through “Covered in Cat Hair” – you will be in my thoughts and Prayers. We all know the how these precious, wonderful and sassy (smile) fur-babies wrap themselves around our Hearts. My Heart hurts for you. I am so sorry for your loss.

  81. Jean and the Tux says

    Gracey will always have a place in our hearts. May the memory of her sweet spirit help carry the burden of your loss. I will make a contribution in her memory. May her legacy live on.

  82. I’m so sorry. I recently lost my beautiful 19 year-old calico Casey, after a 4-year struggle with CKD. She, too, was happy and healthy until the weekend before she crossed the Bridge, and we also did everything we could to help her bounce back one more time. He vets called her a miracle kitty from all the bounce-backs before! So I know very acutely the pain you and Paul are suffering. I know Gracey is watching over you and will help you be in the right place at the right time many more times to come! You and Paul will be in my thoughts.

  83. Bobbie Coker says

    From reading this, it appears like sweet Gracey still had her paw in taking care of kittycats yesterday, as you were leaving the vets office.
    Fly free beautiful girl, We will all meet again.
    ~ Mom Bobbie and The Bunch

  84. Thank you for sharing Gracey with all of us. I for one will never forget her. Our condolences for your loss. Please know that we are grieving with you.

  85. I am so sorry to hear about Gracey. Please accept my condolences for your loss. When I get a chance I will plant a gingko tree in my yard in honor of your beautiful little girl.

  86. Awww….I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much she was in every moment of your day. I haven’t had to say goodbye to a kitty yet, and can’t imagine the sadness. She will be missed by many.

  87. Carolyn Schellhardt says

    Oh Joanne and Paul. I am so very sorry to hear of Gracey’s passing. I loved her so very much. So did everybody. Hard as it is to imagine, she is now over the Bridge, pain free and playing with all of her friends who are there to welcome her. She will now be safe and cancer free and will be waiting for you at the Bridge when it’s your time. Bless you both for sharing her with us.

  88. I am so very sorry to hear about sweet Gracie.I loved to read the posts and stories.I am housebound in winter and it gave me such sunshine to read her posts during the drudgery of winter and couldn’t wait for warmer days ahead to read more.She will be terribly missed by all.RIP,Sweet Gracie,sunshine kitty fly free.. :'( makes me want to cry,knowing what heartbreak this brings you.

  89. Janet Collins says

    Thank you so much, Joanne and Paul, for sharing your Gracey with us, …she will always live on in my heart, and I am so blessed because of her!!! She has inspired so many wonderful works and has touched so many lives…we will never forget, and will always be here, helping you carry on the work she started…please take time for yourselves, knowing, we are not going anywhere! We love you all!!! And, AS ALWAYS, LOVE TO GRACEY!!! xoxox With loving tears and hugs!!! Thank you Gracey, for your personal touch to all your friends!!!

  90. Shirley Schaeffer says

    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost 2 of my 6 cats in the last 6 months. Two I had the longest. All my cats are rescues. I had a small rescue group I founded from 1998 to 2008 and we were able to help a few hundred cats, feral and domestic and a few dogs, however it got to be too much, just me and another girl doing most of the work. I could not handle the stress. I am now on Canada Pension Disability. I had to close my group a couple years ago. I have my 4 babies left and they are my life. I wish all people felt that way about their pets. They give me a reason for living.

  91. Oh no! I am so sick and sorry about this. Purrs to you both.

  92. So sorry to hear about Gracey. I follow her in the UK and have loved her stories and antics with Lazy Leopard. My thoughts are with you…

  93. OMG I am so sorry and god bless Gracey and so would my patches be waiting to greet her at the bridge.

  94. My heart is heavy and my words fail me. I am here for you. Gracey will never leave you. xoxoxo I am so so sorry.

  95. Careycats says

    I just discovered your Gracey today. What a beautiful soul she was, as are you. Bless you.

  96. Prayers are going out to you and Paul. I will miss her dearly.

  97. katboxjanitor says

    I have enjoyed her stories and the fact she inspired so much interest in the wild cats of the world – their plight, their power and inspiring bits of action.
    I am so sorry to hear of her death…but she has left you a LOT of love to treasure as you heal & celebrate her life.

  98. Sincere condolences on your loss. I know habit will continue to remind you of your grief for a while and lead you to expect her to be where you have so often seen her. Each time you realize again that she is gone, it will be like a blow, but the blows will become less frequent and less powerful with time. People often say you get over your grief, but the truth is that you never do. You only learn to accept and live with it. It seems the pain of loss is what we pay for having these special animals in our lives. But it’s worth it for what they give us in return, isn’t it?

  99. I’m so so sorry to hear of the loss of your Gracey. She was an inspiration not only to you but to those with whom you shared her story and mission. May your memories of her provide solace and comfort during this difficult time… and may you know that you do not grieve alone. <3

  100. So sad for your loss. God bless you and Gracey for all the good you have done.

  101. I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Gracey – she will live in all of our hearts and never be forgotten

  102. So sorry for your loss – she’ll always have a special place in your hearts, and as long as she’s in your heart she’ll be with you. I’ve enjoyed reading of her “exploits” on the TTT FB page, and I’m sure she was a wonderfully sweet kitty.

  103. I am very sorry to hear about Gracey. Amazing how these special little
    souls bring so much love, friendship, compassion and trust into our
    lives. She will live on through the wonderful work you do with “The
    Tiniest Tiger CCC” Gracey’s love will never leave you and I hope in time
    all of the cherished memories and special times you shared will be of
    some comfort to you. Luv, Dee, Mr. Jingles, Tony Cat and Cheeze.

  104. I’m heartbroken, too, and she wasn’t even my cat! I am so sorry for you. She touched a lot of lives and i’m glad you are planning to keep up the good work done in her name…after having a chance for a good, long cry.

  105. Thank you to Gracey for being a daily part of our lives. You have inspired so many people to do better for animals, and helped so many cats big and small. We will miss you so much but will carry on your work.

  106. Barbara Skabar says

    I am so sorry for your lost, Year ago I lost my Sweet Maddie, she was 20 years old, I am still heart broken. She would go camping with me every weekend, sleep on my head, and lick my tears when I was sad. I have taken in 3 strays, that would come to eat outside, I got them to come in the house, and now they never go outside. They are happy and play all the time, This has helped alot, but will never forget My Maddie.

  107. My heart is breaking for you. I am so sorry for your loss.

  108. Sherree Smith says

    This is breaking my heart–I can’t stop crying. I have felt like I knew Gracey–she has been such an inspiration to us all! I have so many things with her picture on it–I even have her picture framed on the wall. I have the book, the coloring book, the key ring–so many memories of Gracey that I cherish every day. I know you did everything possible, but God had other plans for Gracey. She is an angel that will live on in the hearts of so many people. She was a blessing in our lives. Please take all the time you need to grieve the loss of your sweet girl–we will all be here waiting. Right now I must go light a candle for Gracey. :'(

  109. We sends love and peace to you, and wishes Gracey a joyful journey to Rainbow Bridge and her new body. What a lucky girl she was to be yours!! She was an extra special cat, and we thank you for sharing her with us. <3 Felisha and her Mama, Lexington KY

  110. So sorry for your loss of Gracey. Thank you for allowing us to share a part of your lives & passion for cats, big & small.

  111. Bless you and Gracey, and the good work you did together. Her legacy (and good works) will be continued by all of us who cared for her. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this heartbreaking time.

  112. May GOD comfort you at this time. A candle has been lit for her.
    Thank you for introducing her to me and bringing her mission to my attention.

  113. God bless you, and God bless Gracey for all of the work she inspired. Her light will shine on. I know that my Panda and Oreo were waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome and play with her.

  114. Rebecca Hendricks says

    I am so sorry for your loss. She was clearly an adorable cat, quite wonderful in the way she inspired you to do all you did in her name. Take care.

  115. Maranda Mink says

    I am very sorry about Gracie. You guys
    were lucky to have each other.

  116. Mc Walker says

    Praying for you all. Thank you for ALL you do and continue to do. It is because of you and your plight and love for Gracey that this world is a better place. <3

  117. I send you comforting energy Joanne. Thank you for giving Gracey a good life, and thank you Gracey for paying it forward many times over. xxx


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  2. […] reported, “We have lost a shining star ~ little Gracey, of The Tiniest Tiger, has sadly crossed her Rainbow Bridge.  If you have not yet had a moment to stop by her blog to […]