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How An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night Came to Be

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Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Bearwitch Our Winner of An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night.

An Ordinary Toad's Extraorindary NightOne of the requirements of the  Master of Zoology program was to write a master plan about how we thought we could  make a difference in the world.  My master’s journey began with the inspiration from an article by Peter Slovic: “If I look at the mass, I will never act”: Psychic numbing and genocide.” This article discusses how the phenomenon of psychic numbing paralyzes humans and prevents them from taking action to help others in need. I thought if this was true for humans suffering, wouldn’t it be true for the big cats too?

Andrew sitting on rock


I wondered if we could deliver a message of hope instead of desperation, of success instead of failure, through compelling storytelling could we lure others into caring about the world around them?  If I could get people to care about one tiger, could I get them to begin to care about all tigers and motivate them to save the entire species?

My master plan focused on big cats and they are considered charismatic megafauna.   The term charismatic megafauna refers to large well-known animal species that garner a disproportionate share of the public’s attention.  The tiger is the world’s most popular animal according to a survey conducted by animal planet. The big cat even beat out the dog for the number one position. These species have the wow factor that grabs the public’s attention to rally to try to save them. The koala certainly is charming, but a small toad….perhaps not.

During the peer review process of our master plans one of my colleagues asked me a compelling question. Tim asked, “How would the results be different if you picked a less cute animal or a non-charismatic megafauna? There are many people that like tigers, but how about something that they do not make stuffed animals or commonly occur in Winnie the Pooh cartoons?  Toads need help too.”

This is an important question. What about all the living beings that aren’t cute and cuddly or fierce and admiredDriving one day, I thought about toads.  Then I wondered why frogs seem to be the preferred amphibian.  I imagined a young toad named Andrew. I wish I could tell you why his name is Andrew but I honestly don’t know. But I began to tell Gracey, she was a great listener, the story of a Andrew the young toad that wondered if his life might have been better had be been hatched a frog.  And that is how An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night
came to be.

Andrew WalkingWhat is your favorite non-feline animal?

I thought it would be interesting and perhaps fun to find out what your favorite non-feline animal might be.  It can be any creature big or small because The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club cares for all animals.  When you leave your comment you will be entered to win signed copies of our new book An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night.

How to enter:

This contest is now closed.  Don’t worry though, we have other exciting giveaways planned.  Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

Just leave a comment below this post telling us your favorite non-feline animal and why they are your favorite.

This giveaway is open to everyone in all countries.

The Rules:

This contest will end on June 30, 2013. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages.  Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say An Ordinary Toad Winner  Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. Carolyn Schellhardt says

    I was afraid that I was too late!!! Got out of the hospital yesterday!!! I am crazy about hedgehogs!!! I’d really like to have one as a pet, but don’t know the first thing about them!!! But that’s what the Internet
    is all about!!!!!

  2. Ann James says

    I like lizards. They remind me of miniature dinosaurs. I especially like watching the one who blow up their red-skinned throats.

  3. Martha Barco Worth says

    I have learned a lot about…Bats lately. Yes Bats. They are misunderstood and persecuted by humans. A mother bat and her young are a beautiful sight. A type of bat…The Flying Fox…is a beautiful creature. Please look them up!

  4. Owls. Definitely.

  5. Martha D says

    I’m an animal lover, generally speaking 🙂 While all cats are my favorite, I also love horses, owls, foxes and wolves. All very clever and graceful creatures, just like kitties 😉

  6. rose saunders says

    I love rabbits.

  7. Sheila Smith Sasser says

    I am fascinated with wolves. Their eyes are so human like and very expressive! You can see into their souls and understand them.

  8. Angela Butz says

    A non-feline animal, I would say horses. They are majestic animals and they are a lot smarter than us humans think.

  9. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Our favorite non-feline animal would be anything in the equine family! We love our horses and burros.

  10. Linda Wheeler says

    asking to name one is very, very hard – really impossible – As I think of one and why – another pushes in my mind and says me – me!! My favorite animals are hummingbirds (beauty/strength to fly in adverse & windy conditions & I garden with their needs in mind), horses (have always loved them, their beauty, history), squirrels (raised and orphaned injured one in my teens), dogs(loyal, devoted friends/companions), ferrets (fun loving/clownish animals – hard to be sad around one), otters – same thing, and the list can go on & on ….,

  11. Karuna Williams says

    I have a deep fondness for squirrels. I feed them all year and have taught many to take food from my hand. One of the cutest things I have ever seen was a juvenile squirrel playing with a twig just like a kitten would. It was adorable! The squirrel played happily, throwing and attacking the twig and rolling around with it for a good 5 minutes.

  12. queencatlady says

    I pick crows as they are often seen as evil, pests, or associated with being bitter, picky, annoying, when they are quite friendly, cute, are fiercely loyal to their families, and their intelligence is higher than many species twenty times their size. I love a good story that engages people as well as educates and inspires them to change their often ignorant and misguided viewpoint for the better.

  13. It’s difficult to choose! I love animals more…than people! A part cats
    and all feline animals I would say the lizard for the freedom to run
    away! Chameleon too such an ancient animal, so intriguing.

    In the
    Museum of Natural Science of my town (Turin – Italy) there is a giant
    picture of a chameleon, he has a glaze on his eyes I couldn’t stop
    looking at it!

  14. Bearwitch says

    My favorite non-feline animal is the wolf. They’re beautiful! And although many people may see them as dangerous predators, they are actually very social animals! They can be very gentle and loving animals. Much like other social animals, they really are much like an extended family unit. I think they are very misunderstood by many people!

    • Super Hurrah and Congratulations! You won the signed copy of our new book. Please watch for an email from us. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  15. Heather Rossi says

    My favourite non-feline animal is a penguin. They are just so cute!

  16. Margaret Patterson says

    I have always had a fondness for squirrels.

  17. Koalas, or Flemish giant rabbits

  18. Anne Castellano says

    I love birds of all types, from pigeons to parrots to raptors.

  19. Casey Tripod says

    Gorilla like CoCo

  20. Carole J Smith says

    My favorite non-feline animal would be the horse. Of course, I do have a horse, and he truly is my serenity. But, I choose the horse because to do what we ask of them they must have absolute trust in us. Imagine a average person 150-170 pounds or so asking a creature who weighs 1000 pounds to do something they normally would not do. We ask this animal to let us ride on their backs, to carry us, to dance with us (Dressage), to jump with us, to run down the trail with us. In complete harmony. Without trust this could never happen.

  21. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    I guess my favorite non cat animal is bunnys 🙂 I think they are adorable !!!

  22. I love dogs they are such good companions besides the feline of course. My daughter wants a dog so she will not be alone in the city since she left home after college. She is looking in the local shelter so she can give that special dog a forever home.

  23. jackietweed says

    Hummingbirds – just love them. But Lil the Cat loves them too. So, it is hard to get them to come around our house to feed.

  24. sandy weinstein says

    i have lots of frogs in my yard, they come out at night, drives my 3 little girls crazy….when they try to catch them, the frog sprays something….bitter…..they come on my deck….the bunnies have also laid a nest in the trees and flowers next to the pen, drive the girls crazy as well, they would be okay if they would not eat my flowers….favorite not feline are dogs and horses.

  25. Shari Larsen says

    It’s hard to pick just one, but lately, I really enjoyed watching a rabbit that has been hanging around under one of my bird feeders early in the morning.

  26. Billie-Renee Knight says

    My non-feline favorite animal is the hamster. I love their furry little faces and stubby little legs when they run in their wheels.

  27. Karma Lynn Hurworth says

    Raptors because of their beauty and intelligence.

  28. Butterflies are my favorite non-feline animal. They are glorious!

  29. Theresa Spaid says

    No only do i have 3 cats I have 3 dogs that I love very much also. I just love animals.

  30. Diane Owens says

    my non cat animal would have to be a dog.

  31. Kimberly_SavingMoreThanMe says

    I would have to say any type of dog!! They are so loyal and so much fun.

  32. I love birds and fish. They are so peaceful to listen to and watch. My favorite non-feline creature is a hedgehog. they are so CUTE and just look like they want to say something to you.

  33. This is a tough one to answer! I love African elephants. I love their commitment to family and the way the matriarch’s knowledge goes back so far that she will get her herd across borders to find water during droughts. Elephants mourn elephants from their own herd when they die. Their deep rumbles and sonar abilities never cease to amaze me.

  34. Raja Mitchell says

    I guess my favorite non-cat animal would be a turtle… They are cute, generally small, and carry their own houses. I miss Gracey… She was a beautiful cat.

  35. Debbie Catlady Daly says


  36. Debbie Catlady Daly says

    I love everything to do with help in saving big and small cats.

  37. I would have to go with a Dolphin…they are increadably smart and love to have fun !!

  38. Melba Worley says

    I love baby elephants, because they are so cute and loving. I am just so enamored by them, and love to see them at the zoo. I like stuffed ones, figurine ones, and reading about them.

  39. Lisa Taron says

    Dogs first for sure! Next in line are my tadpole babies!

  40. Orangutans (or the cute little cottontail I saw hopping in my yard last night).

  41. Would have to say the Koala Bear. They look like cuddly teddy bears. I would love to read this book to my grandson.

  42. Hokiebrat says

    My favorite non-feline animal is, hands down, the turtle. I’ve spent years stopping traffic moving them to the other side of the road. When I was a kid, I used to find them in the woods and was fascinated to watch them meander along stretching their necks out and up to snag a tasty leaf.

  43. My favorite non feline animal would be great white shark. They are so strong and powerful. I just think they are beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway. Your book sounds wonderful.
    Sue B

  44. Lynda Schmidt says

    I can’t wait to read this new book to my granddaughter, Ella. She loves stories about cats since she now has her own kitty, Marley!

  45. Heather Gonzales says

    My favorite non-feline animal is the dog. They can teach us what true unconditional love is 🙂

  46. jeanwhiddon says

    Favorite non feline? Dogs. Have to say dogs.

  47. Jenny Rainville says

    My favorite non-feline would be the the octopus. They are mysterious, intelligent, and just a little bit cheeky! They are graceful, but not afraid to blow ink in your face if you venture too far into their comfort zone. And they’re shy and kind of cute, too! Mollusks for the win!

  48. catchatcaren says

    my favorite non feline animal would be a Dolphin. They are playful, smile all of the time and are one of the most intelligent!!! Not to mention they get to swim ALL day!

  49. Elena Shi says

    Rabbits and hares 🙂 They are the closest to cats. Little balls of fur ^_^ And they can also heal humans, etc.
    Also, sea mammals – sea lions (because they are lions 😛 ), seals, dolphins, killer-whales…. So adorable ^_^ So beautiful ^_^

  50. Danielle Murgia says

    My favorite animal that is not a cat is a turtle. They are slow and persistent but get the job done. One of my favorite books to read to my students is ” old turtle ”

  51. Christine Palmier says

    Rabbits are my other favorite pet besides cats. mine were rescued from a park

  52. Shirley Lalonde says

    Non-feline ok i will have to say a skunk they are so darn cute. lol And beside one my late cat was friend’s with a family of skunk and they would all lie in the sun together. lol

  53. Allison Colony says

    I think my favorite non-cat animal is the Panda bear. They are so sweet looking, and such an interesting type of bear. Of course, nothing tops a cat of any sort, but the pandas are a good second choice!

  54. Lisa D Acord says

    It’s too hard to pick an non-feline animal! I love them all! But if you’re going to make me, I’ll go with a baby sloth. Have you seen how unbelievably cute they are in videos?!

  55. I love guinea pigs. My family had an albino (Mr. Nibbles); he would squeal when we rustled the wrapping of a head of lettuce. He would make that guinea pig noise (m MM! m MM!) and a purring-type noise when we rubbed his head, and push his head up to throw our hand off him. And he would run in circles in his cage like a race car!

  56. I love bunnies, because their just as comforting and fun to have, as much as a cat is, but unfortunately allergic, as I found out 2 years ago.

  57. Sharon Korsberg says

    Bears. I love bears. Bears have this inner strength that is conveyed with an almost regal dignity. We have traveled far and wide to see all types of bears. For me, my answer is definitely the bear.

  58. My favorite non-cat animal is the hippopotamus. Hippopotamus is the Greek word for “river horse.” When hippos are emerged in the water and just the top of their heads peek out, they look like horses. When I was a kid volunteering at the Bronx Zoo, I had to specialize in one animal. I picked the Hippopotamus. I was surprised to learn that despite their large bulky size, they can be fast on their feet.

  59. Sedona Cole says

    Enjoying life and embracing opportunity. What more is there? Such a great story! I found an exceptionally inspirational book at the site (with same name for book) http://www.audacityofsuccess) that pretty much spells out the steps discussed in the book (in non-animal talk 🙂 What a great read! God bless! P.S. My favorite non-feline is tied between my puppy, dolphins, and eagles. Just can’t make up my mind and don’t want to have too!

  60. hoppytoad79 says

    Frogs. Absolutely LOVE frogs.

  61. Ooooo,of course the Mountain Gorilla…majestic x

  62. I have an appreciation for all animals and my favorite non-feline animal would have to be dogs, but I also must give a nod to rats. I had four pet rats before and they were just the sweetest things. Gotten young and given love, they really make a wonderful pet.

  63. My favorite non-feline animal is the ring-tailed lemur because of their boundless curiosity and big orange eyes. Not to mention their active personalities and penchant for play-time!

  64. Chris Lane says

    Otters know how to enjoy life and never let an opportunity to play go by and bask in the grace of nature with an optimism unparalleled and embrace the subtle wonders of the world. They read between the lines each and every day finding the poetry of the moment in the middle of storm.

  65. TXLadyPatriot says

    My favorite non-feline pet is the bunny rabbit. I love how the “pounce” around the house. Rabbit-speak for pounce is “binky!” LOL

  66. Sheila Smith Sasser says

    My favorite non feline animal is a Guinea pig. They are full of personality.

  67. Whalehugger says

    My favorite non-feline animal is the killer whale/orca. So beautiful!

  68. Susan Smith says

    My favorite non-cat animal is the frog. They are neat because the name for amphibian comes from Greek and means two lives, they live two different lives.
    Also, there are frogs that shed their skin and then eat it. Super gross and super cool!

  69. I love hummingbirds. They are so beautiful, so tiny and I love their humming sound!!

  70. Shirley Lalonde says

    A non cat animal. Mmmm, i would have to say white tailed deer. I love them so much and i love to go to this one place where you can go and actually walk among them.

  71. I love rescued retired racing greyhounds. They are so elegant and sweet. Big old lovebugs. They live such an awful life at the tracks that they are truly grateful when they get adopted into a forever home. They are so happy and funny. The wonderful “45 mph couch potato!”

  72. Daphne Hunter says

    Canada Goose – they are majestic creatures – they mate for life and always find their way home from migration – I love their sound and grace when they fly.

  73. Laura Davis says

    I love raccoons. They’re incredibly smart and it’s pretty amazing to watch how ingenious they can be at solving problems. Oh, and they’re adorable, too!

  74. karen wernham says

    its my 17th wedding anniversary and we were out and about and spotted a
    local fete, one of the stalls had different animals and omg i have
    really fallen in love with this skunk called memphis lol.. their fur i
    thought was always soft its was wiry, the lady said we only let a couple
    of people hold him as he can spray if worried. i asked if i could and
    stroked him first and then cuddled him, he was so relaxed, his claws
    were massive and his little face, apparently in the uk you can have them
    as pets but cant have their glands altered, so he could spray if
    nervous, this little chap was nuzzling into my top.. i could have really
    gone home with him, lovely and today learnt something new about skunks
    and how gentley they can be x

  75. Margaret Justice says

    The otter either sea or river. I love to watch their fun loving antics.