Compare and Contrast How The Tiniest Tiger Began

How The Tiniest Tiger Began

Over the last three weeks, we have spent some time reflecting on Gracey’s life with us and I couldn’t help but reminisce about  the beginning of our The Tiniest Tiger community that started out on our facebook page. In those first days we talked a lot about the differences and similarities between Gracey and her big cat cousins.  One of our first photo albums on Facebook was Compare and Contrast. Do you remember this post?

Compare and Contrast

Amur Tiger

This beautiful tiger lives at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Notice the stains on her pink nose.

Gracey with pink stained nose

Notice my stains on my pink nose?

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tiger resting in evening

Tiger resting in evening

gracey profile

Me again. I know it is hard to tell us apart.

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tiger in stone cave at columbus Zoo

I wanted a stone cave like this at my home.

Gracey on stone floor

At least I got a stone floor.

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tiger paws Columbus Zoo

One of two magnificent tigers at Columbus Zoo. They are rotated between habitats. They are a little too feisty to be in the same space right now.

Gracey sunning herself

Hazel and I had to be separated for awhile. She was a little feisty too. Eventually she tolerated me.

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Tripp Braden's photo of tiger

This stalking tiger was photographed by our friend Tripp Braden, Artist’s Light

stalking Gracey

I know you are confused but this is really me Gracey in my stalking mode. I look just like the tiger don’t I?

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lioness at Columbus Zoo

Female Lion at The Columbus Zoo


This is like an eye exam, isn’t it? Which is the lion, previous photo or this photo?
Ok, this is me…Gracey.

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leopard at Columbus Zoo

Leopard stretched out in the grass at The Columbus Zoo

Gracey looking at the grass

I am stretched out looking at the grass

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Pallas cat

This Pallas cat is about my size

Gracey on blankets

I have it rough too. These blankets are not as soft as you might think.

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cheetah at the wilds

This sleepy cheetah lives at The Wilds. Nice eyeliner.

sleepy Gracey

That photo made me sleepy. I think my eyeliner is one of my better features.

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Gaia at Cleveland Zoo

Gaia, our beautiful Amur tiger cousin from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, after her Thanksgiving snack.

Gracey with tongue out

Me, in my habitat, after my Thanksgiving snack.

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Thank you for joining us as we begin to celebrate Gracey’s life with us.

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  1. What a blessing, thank you for sharing these happy memories of Gracey.

  2. Those are wonderful memories. I didn’t find you till later so a lot of these are new to me.
    Sue B

  3. Carol Lynn Wallace says

    Your tabby cat ‘Gracey’ looks just like my ‘Pumpkin’. Ever since I got her I see more & more cats that look like her. The ultimate cat. Love her.

  4. TXLadyPatriot says

    This is the first time I have seen the original blog post. It’s amazing how far we have come since those days. Thank you for sharing Gracey’s life with us! ~ Diane Milligan 🙂

  5. I see another children’s book. Gracey being a big cat.

  6. Sherri Hildebrandt says

    I love this! I so remember the early days when Gracey also had contests for us to name a certain breed or kind of unusual animal. The pictures of Gracey just made me smile; after all the tears it felt good.

    • Thank you Sherri. We loved Name That Animal too. Then facebook changed the rules and we were not permitted to have contests directly on the page. I am so glad this post made you smile. We will be sharing more very soon….and maybe even a few contests too.

  7. katboxjanitor says

    Such a lovely post. I have often been struck by the similarities of our domestic felines to their wild cousins. Postures, physical traits and fur coloringpatterning.

    • Thank you for reading. When we first adopted Gracey and I couldn’t sleep at night, I would often think about the similarities between her and the big cats. That is what led to writing and the Master of zoology degree. We love all cats big and small.

  8. Amy Palmer says

    I didn’t see this when you posted it originally so I’m very glad you shared it again!

    • Thank you for reading Amy. The early days of our facebook page were a lot of fun too. We will be sharing more and maybe even some games and contests too.

  9. Love it! I do remember this post from its original appearance. Great to take the walk down memory road with you!

    • Super Hurrah! I am so glad you remember too. We will keep walking down memory road with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.