Cat Turf Wars Battle for the Top of the Cat Power Tower

The Battle for the Top of the Cat Power Tower

Eddie Prince of CPT

Annie and Eddie have a lot of fun playing together. Running, playing tag, chasing the red dot and more recently the battle for the top of the Cat Power Tower.    Eddie has been the reigning ruler of the top of the tower for the past couple of weeks but lately, Annie seems to be plotting a takeover.

Annie and Eddie turf war

In the middle of their afternoon nap, Annie decided that it was her turn to rule the top level.   She made it clear to Eddie that she was coming up but he wasn’t quite ready to share the penthouse suite with his sister. He quickly stopped her in her tracks. Cats are smart, we all know this, and they have a pretty good memory. Although Annie’s takeover attempt was thwarted, she certainly didn’t surrender. She simply jumped over to the sofa and waited. She waited knowing at some point nature would call Eddie down from the top of the tower. And when nature called him, she would be ready.

Annie sticking out tongue

Annie the Gate Keeper

And just as she had planned when Eddie descended his throne and headed for the litter pan, Annie leapt into action and claimed the middle level of the Cat Power Tower.  Now she was the gate keeper.  Eddie would need to get by her to regain control of the top platform.  Upon Eddie’s return he was surprised to find his sister blocking his path to the top of the tower.  He must not have known the right password because when I checked on them a little later, Annie was stretched out on the top level and Eddie was curled up on the sofa.  I had to laugh a bit as I walked back into the office.  Maggie was sleeping beside me on the desk.  She wants no part of the kittens shenanigans.

Annie on top of Cat Power Tower

 Sweet Vicotry!

Annie was quite proud of herself and took the jump up to the top of the tower, sprawled out and declared herself the Princess of the Cat Power Tower.  But as any big cat will tell you, victory is sweet but terribly short lived.  So Annie was unable to sleep knowing that her brother was more than likely plotting to overthrow her at any moment.

Annie and Eddie on top Cat Power Tower

Room for Two?

Annie was wise to sleep with one eye open but the moment she relaxed and closed both eyes, Eddie was on his way to the top.  He quietly jumped to the middle platform and then pounced onto the top startling Annie.  And when she moved, he claimed his station on top of the tower.  Now it does appear that there is enough space for both of them, well at least until they grow a bit more, but the look on both of their faces tells the story, doesn’t it?   Look at those expressions.

Annie and Eddie sleeping on cat power tower

Peaceful Co-Existence

The kittens decided that it takes a lot of energy to do battle and since they were both sleepy, the best decision was to curl up and enjoy a peaceful co-existence on top of the Cat Power Tower.  And Maggie quietly slipped past them to enjoy the rest of the afternoon watching the birds without interruption.

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  1. katboxjanitor says

    Ahhh, these two are so sweet and funny!
    Some time ago I read a summary of a study of domestic cat territoriality in a multi-cat household. Apparently they used video to observe 7×24.

    The results indicated each cat had preferences and ‘rights’ to specific areas in the space and had a fairly specific schedule worked out. The prime ‘top shelf’ would be occupied by some of the cats and usually the same time of day. I cannot recall where the study was performed, but I thought it was intriguing.

  2. What a delightful tale!

  3. I am so in love with Annie and Eddie and their “tails” of adventure! Such adorable little furry children! I am so happy they have a home with you.

  4. They are growing up fast. So cute. Looks a fun place to be.
    Sue B