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As you know, our Gracey had feline diabetes as a result of pancreatitis.  We were so grateful that we were able to provide her insulin, checkups and medical needs.  Now that we have three cats, we started to wonder what would happen if our pets medical bills tripled.

We all would do anything for our feline family members, and if you are like us, you might be worried that a sudden illness or long term condition could mean thousands of dollars in your pet’s health care costs down the road.

PetCareRx released a preliminary Pet Healthonomics Results and found that 3 out of 4 pet parents are concerned about the rising costs of pet health care and that 82% of pet parents would consider paying almost any amount to keep their pet healthy.

This was so important that PetCareRx has decided to expand on the survey and they need your help.

Get a $10 Coupon and a Chance to win $100 in Pet Supplies

Just fill out the quick Healthonomics Survey- in less than 15 minutes- and automatically receive a $10 coupon for Plus, you will be entered to win $100 in pet supplies.

Make sure you complete the survey before midnight on Tuesday, October 1 to qualify for the coupon and sweepstakes!  That’s tonight!

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