Smart Cat Peek a Prize Toy Box Giveaway

Peek-a-prize with cats

Smart Products for Smart Cats

Cats are smart.  As cat parents, we know this, right?  So in order to meet our cats mental and physical needs we need to provide them with puzzle toys that challenge then and keep them engaged.  Your cat has the natural instinct to stalk, pounce and ambush so to keep your cat entertained and happy provide them with the right types of toys that will allow your cat to release their inner wildcat.

When I received the Peek-a-Prize Toy Box in a package from 1-800-Pet-Meds, I knew this would be a  great product to offer to one of the friends of The Tiniest Tiger.  Annie, Eddie and Maggie have a Annie Hunting Platformhunting platform on the Cat Power Tower and they put it to good use.  Annie especially loves to attack the toys that are hidden inside.  All cats have an instinctual desire to watch  when they know that something is hiding just beyond their sight.

The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box is designed to build on your cat’s instinct by partially hiding some of your cat’s favorite toys, and your cat will love fishing them out! Peek-a-Prize is especially great for those times when you have to leave your cat home alone, because this toy will keep your cat occupied for hours.

Be sure to switch out the toys in the box so your cat  is always searching for something different.  The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box can also double as a puzzle feeder.  Just place a few treats inside and your cat will enjoy the hunt for her treats.   We like the toy box for a lot of reasons and here are a few:

Features and Benefits

  • Encourages cats’ natural predatory behaviors
  • Stimulates indoor-only cats to keep them mentally and physically fitPeek-a-Prize box
  • For food-motivated cats, drop kitty treats into the toy box for cats to retrieve and eat
  • Works with virtually any appropriately sized cat toy or catnip
  • Durable wood Toy Box will last for years and looks great with any furnishings


To Enter our Peek-a-Prize Toy Box Giveaway:

Enter your information in the contest widget and leave a comment below telling me how you think  your cat would benefit from having a puzzle box.

The Rules:

This contest will end on October 20, 2013. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say Peek-a-Prize Winner!    Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. I have two very rambunctious and playful cats who love love playing with toys. They also love to eat and have treats 3 times a day so I know that if they had this it would get them to exercise and be more active. Come on Coco and Stormy win that prize!!!

  2. Krista Davis says

    My cats r curious and love being on the prowl. They would love this!

  3. katboxjanitor says

    Marbles (and a future mature friend to be identified later) would benefit from a toy with more than one function.

    She likes to ‘hunt’ but I think her arthritis hinders her enjoyment of the pounce toys.

  4. My cats would love this and They definitely need the exercise and mental stimulation it would provide!

  5. Melinda Nesbitt says

    I’m doing this for a friend with my email address as his Kitten tends to like to get it’s self into trouble when he isn’t home and this would keep him out of trouble hopefully. He has tried a lot of stuff and nothing seems to work. I just hope that I can win this for him even though I don’t have a cat or Kitten.. Mike has had this kitten since June and has just moved into a new place so this could be why Tigger is getting into things since there is a lot more room.

  6. Because he never sleeps! Hoping this will tire him out so I can sleep!

  7. Melissa White says

    My cats (all 4) would love playing with this!

  8. Laura Davis says

    All of our guys would love this for different reasons. Timid Pebbles would love being able to sneak up on it. Senior Piglet is a bit…ah…leisurely in his play, and would enjoy laying next to it and sticking his paws in. Young hooligan Ziggy will probably jump into it with all 4 paws, then roll over with it!

  9. My cats are desperately in need of a toy that interests them. They are all on the older side, and a few of them have developed serious weight problems from not getting enough exercise…unless the motivation is treat motivated, which defeats the purpose.

  10. Mags Germann says

    I know my cats would love this.. 🙂

  11. We have 5 cats and I think all 5 would benefit. It will help burn off a lot of their excess energy.

    Linda Meyers-Gabbard
    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  12. Russ Kawecki says

    how to keep 12 kitties busy..this would help!

  13. our 9 rescue cats would be delighted playing together with this fun, creative toy.

  14. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says

    My cat is an inside cat and he gets bored easily

  15. CatLadyZhills says

    We adopted a blind Bengal kitten who loves challenges. I think this would be perfect for her! We also have four other rescued cats who are playful and curious. Thank you for having this givewaway!

  16. Have some very bored cats since I had to move; I know they’d love this!!

  17. My cat could benefit from the additional motivation to play. Thanks!

  18. Linda Hammonds says

    I have a Bengal cat that loves to be challenged. I’ve read about how good these are for both cats and dogs. Little Boy would love this.

  19. Lisa Acord says

    I’m sure that out of my 6 kitties, at least a few of them would love to play with this!

  20. Martha M. Rowald Pearse says

    We have 5 cats and I think they would love this. They get along great and this would give them more together time.

  21. I think my cat would benefit from this when I am not at home to play with her. She needs to be a little more active to help lose some weight. She plays with the laser pointer but she needs something when I am not around.

  22. My fat cat does nothing. I guess he’s too smart. Lol. He could really benefit from this toy.

  23. Patti Schmidt says

    I have 5 cats and I think it would aid their play time immensely! I would love to see them playing together with this toy!

  24. Another distraction for an active cat that is not my arm.

  25. Marielle Durand says

    So Jazz will have a special toy of her own, to rival any dog toy

  26. Wanda Bergman says

    It would keep him agile, healthy and happy.

  27. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Wooohooo! More places to hide and seek our toys. Thanks for a chance to win this. xoxoxo Comanche and the SDR Clan

  28. My cats really need something like this – and I think thay would love it. They really need something new to get them motivated!

  29. Angela Miller Dejesus says

    Boredom buster!

  30. Danielle Murgia says

    I think my Reese’s would love this because she is constantly tearing magnets off the fridge and clothes out of drawers. Maybe this will keep her from destroying the house.


  32. My girl would love this toy! At the moment she only has a toy mouse named Martiniko, who’s all beat up and missing a couple of legs…I have been unemployed for a while and unable to buy her more toys so this would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  33. We have 2 cats. We work and it would be great to have something to keep them busy when we are gone. They love batting balls around but by time we get home the balls are under the couch and chairs and we have to fish them out when we get home. They love playing with toys.

  34. It seems like my girls have more toys then a 2 year old lol but I think something new every so often keeps them on their toes and helps keep their minds sharp

  35. Theresa Spaid says

    Hopefully keep them busier instead of just laying around and sleeping

  36. Susan Pike says

    I have 2 older cats 14 & 18 plus a 5 year old and I hope this would get the older cats to play more. I know the younger cat would like it also.

  37. Our cats will love this

  38. Cynthia Amber Downer says

    to keep her getting-to-be-senior mind engaged!

  39. One of my kitties needs a lot of interactive toys as he never runs out of energy and gets bored easily. I think this would be really fun for him Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  40. I think Truffles would be crazy about this! She’s very curious and I think it would be great fun watching her enjoy it 🙂

    My email is

  41. This is AWESOME!!!! Shmoosie would adore it!

  42. My kitties love playing…they may be older, but that is exactly why we need a new toy! They need to keep on their toes for the new kittens we foster now! The fosters would also love to have a new toy to learn!!

  43. Patricia Byron says

    I’d love to give this to Lucy – she has a ball-go-around that she has loved since she was a kitten about 10 years ago… Now she needs, absolutely needs something new to catch her attention and stimulate her to play. Please, please help Lucy win this!!!!!

  44. My cats are all older so a new toy would be great to provide new stimulation; a break from boring routine.

  45. My 2 cats would love to win this toy! In particular my cat Jack, he is super smart & always getting into trouble…this puzzle toy sounds like a positive outlet for all his energy!

  46. Pleshette McGrady says

    I have so many that would love this. Then they would stop harassing the little one that doesn’t like to play rough.

  47. Marilyn Hamill says

    I’d like to see several of my cats playing with this together. I think it would foster teamwork. (That’s the most liberal thing I have ever said! lol)

  48. Denise S. Wright says

    My Baggie gets bored being an indoor cat until we move in January and he loves to explore and stick his paws in everything he can. He would love this so much!!!

  49. Margaret Justice says

    Now that I finally have a job again my three kids are home by themselves alot. All they do is sleep. They need some EXCITEMENT!!!!!!

  50. oana for marley &co says

    It’s 3 of them and they all get ‘busy’ separately or end up engaging each other, but this one could bring them all together and striving to ‘win’ 🙂

  51. My 3 girls get bored really fast and love to do puzzles or anything new. Would love to win something that would challenge them more! Thank you for the giveaway.

  52. Allison Colony says

    My Siamese kitty needs something to keep her occupied while I’m at work – she’s actually starting to play on her own some now, so this would be something new for her to check out. We all know that meezers are smart kitties!

  53. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    Tess would Love this she is always attacking something LOL !!!

  54. Maria Kamieth says

    i have 3 cats and it would keep them busy for ours

  55. As an only pet, and being indoors alone, this would help keep my Eesa’s mind happy and healthy!

  56. Jennifer N says

    This toy box would stimulate my cats’ minds and provide good exercise!