Cat Health Depends on a Balanced Diet

Balanced nutrition is the key to your cats good healthIdeal Balance Commercial Image

How often have we heard that for the best in life, we need to keep everything in balance. Work and family life balance, exercise and rest and of course eating a balanced diet.  When I was in Kenya, I saw the limitations on the availability of clean water.  I have not been able to turn on the water at home without thinking about how precious this resource is and how fortunate those of us are that take clean water for granted every day.

We know we need water and we also need to eat a balanced diet to maintain our health and this is easier said than done at times.  We can select our food choices but our cats rely on us to choose for them and this can be daunting at times.

We know that our cats need key nutrients just like us to maintain good health and energy.  Those nutrients include protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But what if any one of those nutrients is too high or too low?  We humans have tendency to think that if a little is good, a lot will be even better. you have seen supplement tablets that boast 1000% of your daily requirement. Is that really a good idea?


Protein is a vital nutrient that helps support lean muscle tissue for adult cats. Kittens  require protein to grow muscle tissue.  If your cat is not getting enough protein, it could lead to inadequate growth and if your cat is getting too much protein, the liver and kidneys need to work too hard to get rid of excess nitrogen.  Yes, your cat is an obligate carnivore, but she can only absorb a certain amount of protein, anything in excess must be processed by the liver and kidneys and this overtime affects these organs.


Fats in the appropriate levels are great for healthy skin. Fats nourish the skin and make it soft and contribute to a luxurious coat and shiny fur. And we know what happens with too much fat: weight gain.  But if there is not enough fat, your cat might have a dull, dry and flaky coat.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are also important in your cat’s diet. Vitamins support the immune system, minerals help kittens grow strong muscles and healthy teeth.  If there is a vitamin deficiency, your cat could experience fatigue or weakness.  If vitamins are too high, this could lead to organ stress. If the minerals are too high, your cat could be at risk for bladder stones.


Fiber is great for healthy digestion but if your cat’s diet is too low she could experience loose stools.  And too much fiber can lead to gas.  Not good for your cat or you.

Are you feeding your cat a healthy, balanced diet?

Ideal Balance Tool for cats

When choosing a food for your cat, make sure that each of the nutrients is in balance.  For your cat’s best health, choose  a food that provides proven, perfectly balanced nutrition. Find out if your cat’s food contains properly balanced nutrition and how to make a change if it doesn’t. Pounce here:  Ideal Balance for cats



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