Sherree’s Cat Angel. Feline Friends Friday

Sherree's Cat Angel

Sherree’s Cat Angel

Sherree is a member of our The Tiniest Tiger community.  We wanted to share Angel’s story with you.

“Angel was the pet of a family that moved in next door to us. They got her as a kitten and had kept her for a couple of years, as an indoor/outdoor cat. They were not responsible owners, and didn’t have Angel spayed, so she got pregnant. When the kittens came and then grew enough to start running around, the family tossed Angel and her three babies outside for good. When I found out, I  offer my assistance to help them take care of the cats. I even bought them a bed and house for outside, but they wouldn’t even put it out for the cats. When the weather turned cold, one of the kittens was killed while trying to stay warm up under their car, or at least that is what I was told.  One of the other cats somehow had its teeth knocked out and a hole in it’s mouth. At that point I went over, took Angel and her babies, and dared them to ever try and get them back!

I took them all to the vet for shots, exams, and altering.  I found out  they were all leukemia positive, so I knew it would be tough to get them adopted so  I decided to keep them. I wasn’t afraid, because I had raised several positives before that lived among my negative cats and never had the disease passed once.

We brought the kittens inside, but Angel would have no part of it.  She wanted to be with the family that she had grown up with next door. She loved them and she didn’t understand why they didn’t want her anymore. So I started putting food outside for her, and bought her a doghouse that I lined with carpet and an insulated bed, and hoped for the best. Over time Angel realized her family didn’t want her anymore, and became a member of our family. She lived outside for the remainder of her life, and was content.

The kittens grew up to be two of the sweetest cats we have ever owned, but unfortunately we lost both to feline leukemia  within a two week period at age 5. Angel, however, carried the dormant disease her entire life without incident. She lived with us for over 10 years, and was happy with her life outdoors. When the weather would get bad we would leave our garage door up a little and let her get inside where she had a bed and food waiting on her.

This was her life, and she loved it. She was very sociable, and loved to stroll the neighborhood and visit with the surrounding neighbors. her favorite past time was laying in a chair next to me when I would sit outside photographing the birds and squirrels. Angel was one of the sweetest cats we have ever owned–and we have owned many–and I thank the people that put her out. She was definitely an Angel, and she was a blessing to us–they don’t know what they missed.”

Outdoor Cats Aren’t Homeless. The Outdoors is Their Home.

Not long after I returned from the Alley Cat Allies conference, I saw Sherree’s  update about her cat Angel.  Although we prefer to keep our cats indoors there are some cats that are better suited to the outdoors.  These are not homeless cats, the outdoors is their home.  I want to share with you the update that I saw when Sherree lost Angel.  I think it eloquently sums up  the feelings of love when caring for a cat that chooses the outdoor life.

Sherree's Angel

Sherree’s Angel

“We have 3 cats. Our cats have never seen the outside world because we don’t want them to fall victim to the cruelties that the world contains. But, we had one cat, Angel, that was an outdoor only cat–not my our choice, but by hers. She was raised living outdoors, and after we took her in we tried to bring her inside but she would have no part of it. She loved the outdoors and that is where she wanted to be. So I worried–like a mother worries about her child, I worried. Does she have enough food? Is she warm enough? Is she in out of the weather? I did all that I could to keep her safe, happy, and content. But it wasn’t enough. I couldn’t find Angel this morning when I went outside to feed her–I looked for her all day, calling for her and watching for her–but she never came. I didn’t know where she was–until a little while ago, when I found her lifeless, cold body. I did everything I could for her, and she knew she was loved, but it breaks my heart to know that she left this world without anyone holding her, comforting her, telling her how much we loved her. Rest in peace my sweet Angel–I sure am going to miss you.”

Our hearts go out to Sherree and her family during this difficult time.

Feline Friends Friday

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  1. katboxjanitor says

    Oh, how lucky Angel and her babies were to have Sherree!
    Angle knew love and respect for her preferences and that is incredibly powerful.
    She left as she lived…and touched the lives she needed to.

    Thank you for sharing her story.

  2. Ann Hartley says

    It is hard to love an outdoor cat–one who cannot be coaxed into the warmth and safety of ones home. I am in Miami now, so I need not worry about frozen kitties, but there is danger out there just the same–illnesses, cruel people, predators. There is the sweetest marmalade tabby outside, sometimes at my campsite, often with others. How I would love to take her into my home. But were she to escape after I have left Miami it would be disaster. She is warm enough here and relatively safe. I shall take her for immunizations and say some prayers for her. How I love cats!

  3. What a beautiful kitty. Sorry for their loss.
    Sue B