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After a successful test market,  we are ready to take our Triple T Studios line of  uniquely designed handbags and accessories to the next level.  What began as just an idea about two years ago, is now developing into an exciting plan that will enable us to help global conservation projects.  Fashion with a passion is how our company was described at the gifting suite for the Academy Awards. You might remember our Red Carpet Cat Events and all the fun we had.

Losing Gracey was terribly hard on us and it has taken us some time to put the pieces back together. Now, we are feeling renewed strength and the best way to honor her life is to carry on her mission.   As we develop new products and update our site, we would love your opinion on some new images that we are considering for Triple T Studios.

Triple T Studios Images

The first image is the Banner for the Triple T Studios Site.

Which do you like the best:


original shopify banner

or B)

Triple T Studios new Banner

Tell Us Which You Like Best

Triple T Studios Photo Slider Images

Image 1

slider panther cat test


Image 2

canine sider image test


Triple T Studios Product Images

Product images are so important and we are trying to decide which images are the best for our handbags.  We have three images  we are considering and would love your feed back on which one you like the best.



Hipster with small cat image



Hipster image




hipster with larger black cat image


 Which Product Image Do You Like Best?

hipster images to compare


The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Giveaway

To Enter:

Pounce over to Triple T Studios.   Come back and leave a comment below this post telling us which product you like best or what product you would like us to make next.
Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your hipster bag if you win.

The Rules:
This contest will end on March 22 , 2014. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Winner! Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. Christine Johnston Dutton Beeh says

    I love all TTT products but the crossbody bag is fabulous for when I am volunteering at my local shelter

  2. Thanks for the giveaway…my daughter loves the Princess Gracey Hipster

    Brian E.

  3. The Tiniest Tiger Hipster! Definitely my favorite.

  4. The Tiniest Tiger Tote is the one for me.
    It looks fantastic!

  5. Buddy Garrett says

    The Canine Cool Tote is my favorite.

  6. Misha Estrada says

    I love the
    Princess Gracey Hipster.

  7. Marcy Strahan says

    I like the
    The Tiniest Tiger Tote but I LOVE the Tinest Tiger Hipster!

  8. Karen Gonyea says

    I LOVE the Hipster 🙂

    ktgonyea at gmail dot com

  9. The Hipster is on my wishlist!!!

  10. Leah Sophia says

    Tiniest Tiger Hipster still is my fave!

  11. I like the canine cool hipster
    Melanie MOntogmery

  12. susansmoaks says

    i like the canine cool tote

  13. Canine Cool Hipster. (Gianna)

  14. Carolyn Daley says

    I like the The Tiniest Tiger Tote.

  15. Janice Crespo says

    Nice products – I like the Canine Cool Tote

  16. dmricciardi says

    You have beautiful things !!

  17. I like the tote bag. Thank you

  18. Angela Winesburg says

    I love The Tiniest Tiger Tote!

  19. virgil poore says

    the tiger tote is pretty cool and think the wife would really like it

  20. i like the tiniest tiger tote

  21. Lauren Eggers says

    I like the tiniest tiger tote. I’d like to see a backpack

  22. Jamie Hamilton says

    I honestly like the Tiniest Tiger Hipster best!

  23. I like the Canine Cool Hipster

  24. kathy pease says

    I love the

    The Tiniest Tiger Tote

  25. I love The Tiniest Tiger Tote!

  26. Jaime Cummings says

    I like the Princess Gracey Hipster

    • Hi Jaime! You are the winner of The Tiniest Tiger Hipster! If you would prefer me send you the Princess Gracey Hipster, just let me know and I can swap it out for you! Thank you for being part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  27. My fav is the The Tiniest Tiger Hipster def!

  28. MARIA simon says

    the tiniest hipster thanks for offering 🙂

  29. My fave is the Princess Gracey Hipster 🙂

  30. Karrie Millheim says

    I love the Gracey Cosmetic Bag

  31. I definitely like The Tiniest Tiger Hipster but the Canine Cool Hipster is just as nice. I like the designs & would like to see change purses as well.

  32. Web Designer says

    Canine Cool Hipster
    Increasingly I have always had a use for such an item. This was accomplished when / if I had / have the opportunity to win one and show it to everyone I know!

  33. Rhe tiger Hipster

  34. jennifer57 says

    The Tiniest Tiger Hipster

  35. Mariah Hawkins says

    I like the gracey comsmetic bag. Hard to choose one between the two though!

  36. Lorayne Gothard says

    I really like the gracey cosmetic bag. Good idea for birthdays

  37. I like the The Tiniest Tiger Hipster

  38. Richard Hicks says

    I like their
    Gracey ID/Key

  39. Karen Drake says

    I love the Gracey Cosmetic Bag.

  40. Princwss gracey hipster

  41. Serena Powell says

    I like the The Tiniest Tiger Hipster

  42. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I love the hipster. I would love for it to be just a tiny bit bigger.

  43. mc walker says

    I would like anything with cats as the theme!

  44. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  45. tableclothes, thanks

  46. Mihaela Day says

    I love The Tiniest Tiger Tote. I love that it’s made it the USA!! YAY

  47. Tejas Tavernie says

    every thing about this bag is cute!

  48. Love my The Tiniest Tiger Hipster! Would love to have the The Tiniest Tiger Tote. The SDR Kittehs love their Gracey Shaker (just wish they hadn’t thrown it in one of the water bowls)!

  49. I prefer the Princess Gracey hipster as well, but it is a close call.

  50. angelabailey says

    I like the Princess Gracey Hipster. Next, I’d love to see shopping totes!

  51. Clare Pachuau says

    I like the Gracey Cosmetic Bag 🙂

  52. Clare Pachuau says

    I like the Gracey Conmetic Bag the most

  53. babscorbitt says

    i love the canine cool hipster, second to the beautiful bag you are giving away. love it!!

  54. kibbyster says

    I would like to see a duffle bag or a computer bag.

  55. I just purchased the tiniest tiger hipster bag and it arrived in a week to the UK, it is a beautiful, roomy bag for your daily essentials including 8 or 10″ tablet. I got this in memory of my black cat that went to sleep forever the day before. A suggestion for improvement, a zipped secure pocket on the inside would make it perfect!

  56. Megan Bower says

    I’m a huge fan of the Canine Hipster. An easy addition would be zip up ipad/tablet sleeves.

  57. truckerofbc says

    I have no idea what to choose. So many choices so little time…Im confused, Im dazzled I want em all!!!!!!!

  58. Marilyn Nawara says

    I love all of your items but my favorite is Canine Cool Tote. I think you should add a nice line of t-shirts to your store.

  59. I like the Princess Gracey Hipster

  60. queencatlady says

    I love the Gracey Cosmetic bag and the Princess Gracey bag too. The hipster is my classic fave though. I would like a small purse with handles, or Doctor’s bag style- with lots of compartments inside. The outside being the same black color and cat stitch of the hipster.

  61. My favorite is the Princess Gracey Hipster.

  62. I would love for you guys to make some sort of interactive cat toy, perhaps with the Lazy Leopard theme.

  63. Christina Barnes says

    The Gracey cosmetic bag is adorable!

  64. Everything is so creative. I love the Gracey Cosmetic bag.

  65. katboxjanitor says

    I own a hipster with the dog imagery from a Red Carpet event (Baylie Dog!!!).
    I am impressed with how well it is wearing and love it when I hear a sudden ‘That is a really cool bag!’.

    Great opportunity to spread the word and share my love of our domestic and wild furries.
    I am still coming to terms with the reptiles, crawlies and the like.

  66. ana georgievska says

    I love princess Gracey Hipster

  67. Emilia D. says

    I love the Gracey cosmetics bag!

  68. I like the Princess Gracie hipster.

  69. The Gracey cosmetic bag is adorable!

  70. Paula Ball says

    I like the canine hipster

  71. I would like the Tiniest Tiger Tote. i already purchased the hipster.

  72. Ariel Carman says

    I would like a bowling bag style small purse. I have one in this style with a cat on it and would love one with Gracey.

  73. Danielle Murgia says

    I love the tote bag. I could definitely use that.

  74. @beenrockjammin says

    I love The Tiniest Tiger Tote. I love that it’s made it the USA. Wonderful as gifts to.

  75. Shirley Lalonde says

    I have been trying to win The Tiniest Tiger Tote bag for a long time now so now i am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  76. TigerChampion1 says

    I like “The Tiniest Tiger Tote” bag. It’s very elegant looking, it’s functional and I like the black color that doesn’t show dirt and wear. Very nice!

  77. Ann Richter Hickox says

    I love the Gracey Cosmetic bag 🙂 I think a shaker with Annie and Eddie on it would be cute, too 🙂

  78. sandy weinstein says

    i love the current bag, the laptop bag, i use it for my small laptop. i have the doggy one. how abt a bag that has both dogs and cats on it.

  79. Linda Szymoniak says

    I really like all their current items, but two things I’d love to see from them are a laptop case and a courier bag.

  80. Martha D says

    Love the Tiniest Tiger hipster. So cool and functional! 🙂

  81. Theresa Spaid says

    I really like the Tiniest Tiger Tote Bag.

  82. Judy Thomas says

    I love The Tiniest Tiger Hipster 🙂 Next I would love you to make a backpack 🙂

  83. Joyce Ackley says

    I like the Tiniest Tiger Tote.

  84. I love the TTT Hipster!

  85. fatmeatloaf1 says

    ZThe Tiniest Tiger Hipster is my favorite product.

  86. Allison Colony says

    I do like the tote bag, though the green mice would be great for my meezer cat Star.

  87. llinda29 says

    I want The Tiniest Tiger Tote

  88. paigechandler says

    I like the Canine Cool tote best.

  89. Mallory Bailey says

    My favorite is the Tiniest Tiger Hipster.

  90. Judith R. says

    I like the Princess Gracey Hipster the best but I’d prefer to have it in purple tones where the pink tones are.

  91. firewolf3251 says

    i love the tiniest tiger hipster!

  92. my cats would love this!

  93. Carol A. Mathews says

    I like the Gracey Shakester. I know my kitties would love it.

  94. The hipster seems really nice.

  95. cool

  96. Julie McDonough says

    I love the Tiniest Tiger hipster. A wristlet with the pattern would be great too.

  97. Martha M. Rowald Pearse says

    I love the Tiniest Tiger Hipster!

  98. Margery Jones says

    I like the hipster.

  99. Riley0100 says

    I love the Tiniest Tiger Tote. 🙂


    I really like the princess gracey hipster. That one’s new since I shopped here last!

  101. Laura Davis says

    I LOVE the TT hipster and tote! I would also love to see at the Gracey print on an eyeglass case!

  102. i like
    Princess Gracey Hipster

  103. Love the tiniest tiger hipster!

  104. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I LOVE the The Tiniest Tiger Tote!

  105. Jacqueline Weiskopff says

    I love the Tiniest Tiger Hipster.

  106. I think I like Image B.

  107. I love the Princess Gracey Hipster. I would love to see a Princess Gracey tote or umbrella. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  108. I love the Tiniest Tiger hipster bag. It look to be the purrfect size to carry what I need 🙂

  109. Kathy Luman says

    I also like the Canine Cool Hipster and the Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag.

  110. I like the Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag!

  111. Love the bag!

  112. I loved option B ! I think it’s beautifully made and would be honored to sport it !

  113. Patchycat says

    My fav is the Tiniest Tiger Hipster

  114. Mary Vantil says

    I love this bag!!! Thanks for the chance!

  115. Lisa Cummings says

    Adorable cute bag, absolutely love it!!! Black goes with everything!!!

  116. Allison N Greene says

    I like the larger cat design crossbody bag

  117. The hipster is very nice. Would like to see a roomier tote bad in the same design.

  118. Love the Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag. Purrfect size!

  119. I would love to see a messenger bag with a cross-body shoulder strap.

  120. I would like to see Tiniest Tiger “comfey” Beds and pet carriers. AWESOME products!!!!

  121. Lisa Mills says

    I absoultly love that stitching on the Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag but would like something a little bit bigger, flat bottom, purse style.

  122. Kathleen Burke says

    My favorite is the Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag !!! Purrfect size 🙂

  123. Rebecca Hendricks says

    I like the Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag best. I like bags that aren’t too big but have multiple compartments, and that appears to fit the bill.

  124. Melissa White says

    I would like to see Tiniest Tiger aprons (pinafore style) for adults and children. Perhaps oven mitts, too!

  125. Carol Bletl says

    It’s fantastic

  126. fortheloveofbeagle says

    I love the hipster bag. I am looking for something that would be light and easy to carry at the dog park or when I am out walking dogs

  127. I would love to see a larger “satchel” style handbag. I love the smaller crossbody, but a satchel would be purr-fect for everyday use!