PDSA Cat Insurance Gives Peace of Mind and Helps Pets in Need

Mercy waiting at the Vet

Mercy at the Morris Veterinary Clinic

It is important to take your cat for health check ups.

Recently a friend told me their cat had stopped purring.  He wondered if I thought it was a sign of a serious health problem. I told him  the best thing to do any time you think something isn’t quite right with your cat is to have them checked over by your veterinarian.

He paused for a bit and said he was worried about the cost at the moment. He went on to say that things had been tough the last few months with unexpected expenses and he was hoping that maybe he wouldn’t need to take his cat in right away if it didn’t seem serious.

This story  might sound familiar to you.  Do you know other cat parents that worry about the cost of taking care of their cat’s health?  We experienced high costs with Gracey over the years and  you also might remember when Mercy lost his meow and it turned out to be a sore throat!  We have insurance for Annie and Eddie.

Protecting your cat is becoming more important than ever with the advances in veterinary science and medicine. Cats, like us, can develop many chronic health conditions and life-threatening diseases. Cat insurance may provide coverage to help with veterinary bills that can be in the thousands.

Maggie Gets a Wellness Check

Maggie getting a wellness check

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals

My friend lives in the UK and has access to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals: PDSA for pets in need of vets.  PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity, caring for more than 400,000 pet patients belonging to people in need.  There is also PDSA Petsurance, the  PDSA’s own affordable, top quality pet insurance,  The PDSA launched cat insurance because  they understand the stress and worry for both parent and cat  when there is illness or injury and know that it is sometimes difficult to have the financial resources available for veterinary fees.

PDSA Cat Insurance

In order to protect your cat and you against unexpected veterinary bills you might want to think about covering your cats against illness and injury accidents.The benefits of PDSA  Petsurance are:

  • For every policy, PDSA received vital income to help pets in need.
  • Up to 5% online discount
  • Pay monthly at no extra cost
  • Cover your cat against ongoing conditions
  • No upper age limits apply
  • Access to a range of pet helplines such as vet finder, pet legal and bereavement counseling.

You can learn more about PDSA Cat Insurance on their website pdsa for pets in need of vets.

Perhaps the best part of all about Petsurance is that for every policy taken out, PDSA received vital income that directly helps sick and injured pets.


This post is in partnership with PDSA 

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