Jackson Galaxy Base Camp Combo and Toys Giveaway

JAckson Galaxy Base Camp combo

Jackson Galaxy Base Camp Combo

Spring Fun For Cats With Jackson Galaxy Toys!

Spring is here and Annie, Eddie and Mercy wanted to host a giveaway of some of their favorite Jackson Galaxy toys. I say some of their favorites because Eddie is not willing to share his Comfy Cocoon.  See how worried he looks?

Eddie in comfy cocoon looking forward.

It’s true. I don’t want to share my Comfy Cocoon.

But, don’t worry.  We have a great bundle of fun for your cats in this giveaway.  We are giving away the Jackson Galaxy Base Camp Hub Combo and three additional toys too!

Jackson Galaxy Base Camp Hub Combo

Build up your cat’s confidence with the Jackson Galaxy™ Base Camp™ Hub Combo. This is an amazing cat playground and superhighway for fun, plus a safe haven. Comes with a solid green nylon tunnel that zips on to the Hub to encourage stalking and exploration. There are additional zippered portals so you could add more Cat Crawl™ tunnels in either mesh or solid nylon styles.

You can place soft bedding inside the base camp to create a cozy safe haven for your kitty.  You might want to add a few of your cat’s favorite toys too.

Jackson Galaxy Toys Too!

Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice

Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice

Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice

A set of three  bright and colorful cat dice. These lightweight and irregularly shaped dice are sure to provide non-stop, unpredictable fun for your cats.
Jackson Galaxy Puma Paws

Jackson Galaxy Puma Paws

Jackson Galaxy Puma Paws

The Puma Paws are packed with U.S.A. grown catnip and wrapped with nylon in alternating patterns to create unpredictable bounce, keeping your cats engaged.

Jackson Galaxy Velvet Bobble

Jackson Galaxy Velvet Bobble

Cats love unpredictable play and this soft bobbler provides just that as it to tips and tosses teasing your cat with the feather-topped fun.

The Jackson Galaxy Base Camp Combo and Toys Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will win:

  • One Base Camp Combo
  • One Package of 3 Cat Dice
  • One Package of 2 Puma Paws
  • One Velvet Bobbler

How To Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us which toy you think your cat will like the best.

This giveaway is open to USA addresses only due to the weight of the Base Camp Combo.

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  1. Theresa Spaid says

    Thank you so much! They are going to love this!

  2. Sheila K. says

    I think my kitty-boy will like the velvet bobble!

  3. lmurley2000 says

    I think mine would like the dice

  4. sarah oswald says

    He would love them all but if I could only choose one it would be Jackson Galaxy Velvet Bobble

  5. Lisa Pecora says

    My cats would like the Jackson Galaxy Velvet Bobble

  6. Teresa Taylor says

    The Base Camp

  7. Dawn Bennett says

    My cats would love the Base Camp Combo

  8. Jana Leah says

    My cat would love the Base Camp Combo. Thanks.

  9. Connie KittyBlog says

    anything with feathers

  10. Rebecca Lynn Hicks says

    My boys would love the tunnel, they love to hide and stalk each other and pounce. They would also love the puma balls, they like to bat things around and chase them.

  11. Mary Jo Krause says

    My cat would like the puma paws the best I think as they love to chase things.

  12. My cats would love the hub combo the best. We already have a mesh tunnel that is worn out, so they would be so happy to get another. My youngest cat would really have fun with the Puma Paws.

  13. Lisa Ruble says

    My little rescue kitty Katie would love any of the toys. I haven’t found a toy yet that she didn’t love. She plays with them all over the house including the bedroom. She evens brings her stuffed lamb to bed with her to cuddle up with beside me. She is awesome and I love my little Katie bug so much. Before I found her, I had been two years without a fur baby. My last one, Goofey (14 yr old Ragdoll) lost his battle with diabetes. It broke my heart to let him go and I still miss him everyday. I finally got to a place that I could get another, went to a shelter, and a little orange kitty meowed and blinked at me. That’s all it took. She came home with me the same day and I have enjoyed every minute so far.

  14. Jan Vail says

    I have three cats, and they all have different toys they like, but I think they would all enjoy the base camp hub combo.

  15. I think my cat Winston would love the dice best, because he loves batting around every small object in the house! (And maybe he’d leave the elder cat in the house alone!)

  16. Eduardo Shih says

    base camp combo 🙂

  17. What cool prizes.

  18. Darcie Hall says

    Loki would looooove the base camp combo! She’s my little cave dweller <3

  19. Lorena Yohn says

    My cat would love the tunnel cause he likes to surprise the dogs and other two cats in the house. When he gets out of the vets from his blocked urethra these toys would help get him moving again. 🙂

  20. Jean Hase says

    puma paws because they look like thy can throw them around and chase.

  21. Just A Commenter says

    My cats Wesker Whiskerton III and Doctor McMarshmallow XIII will love the dice the most. They are very simply kitties! Well, thats not true lmao.

  22. Rachel Jury says

    My cats would love all of them but I think they would enjoy the comfy cocoon the most!

  23. Rhonda Powers says

    My pride, Shadow, Whiskers,Ginger,Mork & Mindy love of this kind of stuff!! Any of it would be well played with!!

  24. my cats would love the dice or cat paws to play with. I love Jackson and watch My Cat from Hell every Saturday.

  25. Amy Finnerty says

    My babies would love the velvet bobbler.

  26. Tori Gonzalez says

    Velvet bobble 😉

  27. Dana Radu says

    My 4 babies (Bart, Zeke, Charlie, and Lily) would love the base camp combo

  28. Base Camp Hub Combo

  29. Jessica Heise Pinkard says

    My cat would like the base camp combo the best!

  30. Jackson Galaxy Puma Paws

  31. Frances says

    My Kitty (cuz that is her name) would love the base camp combo or the comfy cocoon. She really doesn’t play with balls unless they have catnip in them.

  32. Ellen Manahan Noll says

    My cat, Patches, would love the puma paws! <3

  33. Jessica Hanson says

    My sjofn would like the puma paws!

  34. Christine Petersen-Grosse says

    My 3 cats would get the most fun out of the Puma Paws, however, I can totally see them fighing over eho gets to be in the Base Camp Condo!! I love everything Jackson Galaxy

  35. Karen Berriman says

    My Jaspurr would love either the Base Camp or the Comfy Cocoon.

  36. ldstarr18 says

    velvet bobble

  37. I think my 3 kitties would love the base camp condo.

  38. I have 15 bad cats and they would love the base camp or the puma paws…..and it may distract them from my shoes and Emory boards!

  39. Katie O'Halloran says

    I think she’ll like the puma paws best

  40. Lisa Quimby says

    The Puma Paws would be a favorite for the kittens I foster for the local animal society #CASNoKill2015

  41. Shanda Vance says

    I think my guys would like the puma paws or the velvet one. I have one that would be terrified of the tunnels and closed in spaces so if I won that would be donated back to the rescue that I got them from 🙂

  42. Vickery says

    I think Bandit would like the base camp, Zoey would like the bobble & Holden would like it all!

  43. Maureen Rattigan says

    My furbabies would love the Base Camp Condo! I rescued both of my girls one is 5 1/2 yo and the other is 10 1/2 yo. They love their toys and tunnel.

  44. tough question….yoda would like the base camp and dice. safera the dice or puma paws. my old girl monnay would like the velvet bobble 🙂

  45. AMartinez20 says

    I think Harley would like the puma paws.

  46. Ila Clark says

    I think they will love the camp combo!! Anything to do with outside is a winner!!

  47. Base camp is great for traveling with furbaby 🙂

  48. Heather E says

    Definitely the Base Camp.

  49. Karin Magnuson says

    Penny would hang out in the Base Camp…Pistachio would “attack” the velvet bobbler with glee…and Eli would play “soccer” down the long hallway with the dice!

  50. kendra5258 says

    I think my cat would love the velvet bobble!

  51. L Robbins says

    Lucy would love to have our house catified!

  52. Alexa Mc says

    I’m a new Jackson fan; I don’t watch much TV, but a My Cat from Hell marathon kept me going during a recent hospital stay. I learned so much about my cat! Lola, a blue point Siamese, is a rescue who was not only abused but declawed by her former parents. So she bites. A lot. Since watching Jackson’s show, I’ve employed catification, expanded her territory, and watched her body language. She has her own areas where she won’t be disturbed and other areas she comes to for interaction. Not one bite since! Keeping her entertained is the next step. Aside from interactive, human-directed toys, she likes hiding and pouncing best, so I’m eyeing the Comfy Cocoon for her!

  53. Laura Hipolito says

    My cat would love the velvet bobbler!

  54. Lora.boys2 says

    My babies would love the velvet bobbler.

  55. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Mew! We would like the Puma Paws the best! We LOVE catnip. xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan.

  56. Peri Koester says

    KitKit loves to bat toys around and climb through tunnels.

  57. My cats would enjoy the cat dice. My Gus carries his “roadkill” birds around in his mouth constantly.

  58. My cats would love the Cat Crawl tunnels!

  59. My kittens will love the base camp and the tunnels!

  60. Karen L. MacLeod says

    With 4 cats, they’d love everything, I’m sure. They do too much sleeping.

  61. BayouGentry says

    Our kitties would have a blast with every one of those toys, but I think the base camp combo would be a real treat for them. That looks like a wonderful place for a resounding game of Chase-the-Kitty. 🙂

  62. Allyson LeNorman says

    I think my Lunafish would LOVE the Puma Paws! 🙂 Anything with feathers & catnip is a win!!!

  63. Cassandra Moran says

    My kitties would LOVE the Base Camp Combo!

  64. Kristi Hébert says

    My three would be base camp fans 🙂

  65. Angela LaFollette says

    My kitties would love all of them.

  66. Catsinthecityny says

    my foster kittens would love these items!

  67. Jean Bowden says

    My high energy Lincoln would love the Puma Paws or Cat Dice. Anything I can throw so he can run after it and bat it around.

  68. Puma Paws! Catnip rules with my two rescues!

  69. Brandi Fletcher says

    Aww maybe this would make my elder cat hate the cat carrier a littile less?

  70. Amy Prast says

    My three kitties would love the Base Camp, they love it when I bring boxes home from work to run through and chase each other. They take turns hiding and pouncing on each other!

  71. Katie Witmoyer says

    Jenny would love the Puma Paws, she loves anything to do with catnip

  72. I have 7 kitties so I’m sure all the toys will become favorites, however I think the Puma Paws and Cat Dice will get played with the most.

  73. I think my senior kitty would love the base camp and my young kitty would have fun with the dice.

  74. Linda Wilkinson says

    The kids will love the Puma Paws (and hide them all over the house)! I’m loving the base camp idea for some fresh air!

  75. Tiffany Munoz says

    Puma paws!

  76. Victoria Rose Patnode says

    My little Chauncey will go nuts over just about any of the toys. But I can just picture him chowing down and really getting at the puma paws!

  77. Shelly Sarnelli says

    My cats would go nuts over the Puma Paws!

  78. Barbara Wells says

    The puma paws will be a great treat!!!They love these toys! But I think all of these toys will be an added bonus!Thank you

  79. savagegoldie says

    onw of my cats loves to play fetch, those little puma paws look like good fetch toys 🙂

  80. Stormi Wolffe says

    I think Solomon would love the puma paws……. 🙂

  81. I think Romy would really like the dice and the puma paws while Mugi would prefer the tunnel hub and bobble since he likes feathers and tunneling.

  82. Eleanor would really like the dice or puma paws. Then she could stop trying to play with and chew the dog’s Kong, which is as big as her head!

  83. Sierra M. Koester says

    I think my cats would really love these – especially the Puma Paws, because they love catnip! (By the way, we are Fur Everywhere).

  84. Sharon A. Allen says

    My Mini would love the Base Camp Combo. We love that you can purchase more to add on to it. He also would love the Velvet Bobble Toy to run around & chase.

  85. Patchycat says

    The cat dice!

  86. The Base Camp Combo would be loved by most of my cats, I’m sure!

  87. U pick, my cats love all. It will be more exciting not to know, we just want to win.

  88. The Base Camp Combo will create a great adventure for him

  89. Julie McDonough says

    Although my kitties would like all the toys, I know they would like the Base Camp Combo the best. Thank-you for the opportunity to win these great toys.

  90. The Island Cats says

    We would love that tunnel! Or any of the toys. We have some of Jackson Galaxy’s other toys and they are fun.

  91. My cats would love the dice hands down. I have regular pillows folded in half and stuffed into a pillowcase for the dogs to sleep on (one has throat issues) and I often find the cats burrowed in the fold of the pillow. It’s hilarious when the dog looks at me ever so pitiful because the cat took his favorite spot! Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win something so unique!

  92. I think my cat would like the Velvet Bobble toy the best! She loves chasing around mice toys.

  93. I have six, all rescue, and the three youngest are all Bengal mixes. I guarantee that one would like each toy, but the base camp, and puma paws would top the list.

  94. To be honest, I would likely donate the toys to The Doney Clinic since Amelia is uninterested in anything that doesn’t jingle or have a tail and (for obvious reasons) we do not encourage her to play with anything with feathers. I DESPERATELY want the base camp for our upcoming road trip across the country, though, so I really hope to win!

  95. Susan Pertierra says

    My cats love to bat any kind of balls around so the Cat Dice or Puma Paws would be a big hit (until they disappear under the furniture). They love feathers so they’d also love the Velvet Bobble.

  96. Sara Kallenbach says

    my five cats would love the velvet bobble! Actually they would like any of the toys.

  97. They will love the Velvet Bobbler.

  98. Base camp combo. They love tunnels!

  99. Toby would love the base camp because he loves shooting through small spaces and the dice would intrigue him with their unpredictability.

  100. Holly Thomas says

    Oskar would love the Puma Paws!

  101. Theresa Spaid says

    They like batting their little stuffed mouse aroumd so maybe the balls so the can hit them across the room

  102. I think mine would love the base camp the best. I love how colorful everything is.
    Sue B

  103. My two boys, Prince and Dusty have already gone thru 1 set of the dice I got them for Christmas! They just loved playing with them and chewing on them! I plan to get them another set!

  104. Lisa Mills says

    I think my girls would actually like the crate part of the Base Camp combo the best ha ha Yeah they are a little weird but they love to curl up and take a nap in 2 of the 3 that I have out for them. They seem to have lost interest in one of them for the time being but a fresh fluffy fleece blanket will change that, especially on a chilly night!

  105. Linda Szymoniak says

    Oh, our Arata would love the Base Camp. I have two cat tunnels – I bought a second, larger one in hopes that our Maine Coon would use it, but the only one of our cats who really uses them is Arata. And BOY does he use them. He would love the Base Camp. He likes to run through one tunnel and then to the next. I’d love to see him with this one.

  106. Pat DeWald says

    My cat Esmeralda would love the base camp. She loves to explore and this would be uncharted territory for her.

  107. Shelley Joy P says

    I think my cat would like the Velvet Bobbler the best 🙂

  108. I think MaggieMae would love the Puma Paws. She loves to throw balls (overhand) down the hallway and I think these would be great for her to get her paws on.

  109. Nancy Blue Moon says

    What a great giveaway Jackson! Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. I think the Puma Paws would be the biggest hit around here!

  111. My cats would enjoy all of these items but I think the Puma Paws would be a big hit.

  112. Francine would love the Puma Paws; she loves things she can bat and chew

  113. Dana Rodriguez says

    I think my Scooter would love the Jackson Galaxy Velvet Bobble.

  114. Judy Simon says

    Oh Boy, we would love the comfy cocoon or the base camp!! Boy would they have a ball! 12 cats can use more to do!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  115. I think Leonardo might really enjoy the Jackson Galaxy Puma Paws, they look like good fun!

  116. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Definitely the base camp combo. We love tunnels and getting into things.

  117. the Velvet Bobbler – but then again, who knows until the toys actually get to your house?!

  118. Allison Colony says

    looks like some cool cat toys