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Annie and Eddie Tiny Hats for Tidy Cats

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Tiny Hats To Ring in The New Year

Tidy Cats teamed up with Adam Ellis, the creator of Tiny Hats for Cats, to help cats ring in the New Year in style.  You can check out Adam’s tiny hats on his Instagram account.   Adam created a tiny hat for Annie, Eddie and Mercy to wear to help us get into the spirit of 2016!  With such a festive hat, Paul and I decided we better do a little party planning of our own.

New Year’s Eve Party Plan!

Tiny Hats for Tidy Cats

In preparation for the big night, we carefully planned the party menu.  We decided the Meow-tinis with fish shaped ice cubes were just the thing for Annie, Eddie and Mercy.

Meow-tinis for New Year's Eve

Meow-tinis with Fish Shaped Ice!

Paul and I will be enjoying a nice white wine while wearing our own Happy New  Year hats! To make sure I got the recipe purr-fected I invited the cats to do a taste test.

Tiny Hats and Meow-tinis  make for a Purr-fect Party

Mercy and Eddie Meow-tini

Mercy approves! Eddie can’t wait to sip his Meow-tini.

The menu is set now for New Year’s Eve and our hats are ready to wear.  With all of this excitement, Annie decided she must take a cat nap if she is expected to stay up until midnight to ring in the new year.

Annie Tiny Hat

Annie takes a catnap

The Tiny Hat and One-Year-Supply of Tidy Cats Litter Giveaway!

tiny hat tidy cat giveaway image

Tidy Cats asked Adam Ellis to create a hand crafted tiny hat just for us. One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win not only the tiny hat, but  a one-year-supply of Tidy Cats litter (in the form of 12 product coupons) 

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Leave a comment below this post telling us:  How will you celebrate New Year’s Eve with your cats?

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  1. My kitty, Noonie, got a new multi level perch for Christmas so we will spend the New Year watching her play with that and hiding from the fireworks 🙂

  2. We actually stayed home this year and watched the ball drop with our cat Trouble..lol yes his name is Trouble!

  3. Our kitty got special treats and a gift!

  4. Paige Jagan says

    My cats were lazy..they didn’t make it up past 10:30!

  5. katboxjanitor says

    I prepared a nice evening meal that would help Kai stay cozy and relaxed and content for his 1st Gotchaversary! We had a rousing 10 minutes with daBird and after a bit he climbed onto my fleecy blanket covered lap while I read.
    Music played throughout the night until the amateur fireworks stopped. Sure beat his state of mind as 2015 arrived!

  6. Peggy Rydzewski says

    they let us stay home and watch movies and eat popcorn.. they.. slept..

  7. amy deeter says

    We stayed home on New Years. when the clock struck midnight, i gave my cat Fluffy a hug.It was so cute

  8. Betty Curran says

    The cats and I went to bed early and slept through the New Year’s celebrations. They stick close when they know I’m feeling under the weather.

  9. Lisa Davis says

    Watching TV

  10. I just sat around having a drink and petting her while watching TV.

  11. Terry Cross says

    We just spent a quiet evening at home, no special celebration

  12. Joni Dolniak says

    We just hung out on the couch together with the dog too.

  13. I had to calm one down due to the fire works, and my other cat was just fine : )

  14. I spent a quiet evening at home with our cat and my husband,

  15. By trying to keep her calm due to all of the fireworks going off.

  16. Carolyn Daley says

    I was not home to spend New Years with our cats, but they were well taken care of with treats and toys. We have a Siamese Lynx Point that loves to eat and a very playful Snowshoe Siamese.

  17. Lorena Keech says

    Our cat is very, very shy so we don’t see much of him. We put out some fresh goodies for him, but he didn’t join in our celebration.

  18. Jennifer R45 says

    We celebrated at home with a family game night that included cuddling on the couch with our pets including our very diva like cat Mimi.

  19. Sandy Klocinski says


  20. Beth Klocinski says

    My cats and I spend NYE snuggled up on the couch while I watch the ball drop on tv.

  21. give them some treats and extra grooming

  22. mail4rosey says

    We just adopted a one-eyed adult cat. He’s a little spooked still and we had a house full of people over, so we celebrated with him by putting him in my room to relax in peace while company was over (instead of him hiding under the couch 😉 ).

  23. cpsnsamples says

    spent it curled up on the sofa

  24. Leslie Davis says

    I spent it cuddled with them and the dog.

  25. All my 6 kitties will be tucked away at home by the time 12 am rolls around. I will feed them wet food and usher them to bed 🙂 (Not that they will listen.) One of my cats will be looking out the window at us hanging out outside.

  26. I was sick, so I celebrated New Years snuggled up in bed with my cats!

  27. Stephanie Larison says

    We made them a special snack and cuddled.

  28. jamie stanley says

    I will feed them the best food!

  29. Jahan Peregretti says

    My cats and I will bring in New Years relaxing on the couch together!!!

  30. Dana Murphy says

    We all celebrated quietly. Me and my husband watched movies. The three foster cats we have right now slept in their beds by the fire. Until the fireworks started at midnight it was quite peaceful.

  31. Tracy Shafer says

    We will probably be watching tv with the cats drapped all over us for warmth..just like any other day!

    • Super Hurrah! Congratulations Tracy!! You are the winner of the Tiny Hats for Tiny Cats Giveaway!! Your Tidy Cats Coupons and your hat will ship directly from Tidy Cats. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community!

      • Tracy Shafer says

        Thank you so much!! This just made my day! And will come to such good use for my 3 furry girls 🙂

  32. With a tuna party!

  33. melissa Resnick says

    well we went to bed early but im pretty sutre i heard my 3 cats running around screaming happy new year

  34. susansmoaks says

    my cats and i rang in the new year in bed sleeping, we don’t stay up late

  35. Judith Taylor says

    My boyfriend and i spend New Years Eve at home. We celebrated with our two furr girls, Ashlyn and Lola. They had some new toys, cat treats and Fancy Feast to ring in 2016.

  36. Barbara Consbruck says

    Well, it’s already New Year’s Day but my cats all hid away for New Year’s Eve because there is lots of loudly booming fireworks in my neighborhood that they DO NOT LIKE.

  37. Bonnie Owen Day says

    My pups and cat watched Pitbull’s New Years Eve show and then we all went to bed My cat sleeps with the dogs on my bed

  38. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Happy New Year! Love the tiny hats for cats. You all look pawsome! Xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  39. We cuddled right up to the new year. 🙂

  40. sarah oswald says

    My cat could care less about New Years but I buy him a can of wet food on holidays for a treat for him since he eats dry food and he loves it.

  41. Mike Zivny says

    Batman and Mama Beans enjoy New Years in their usual manor, curled up with us on the couch watching tv

  42. wetnosegang says

    We’ll have a family feast, play laser tag, watch fireworks on tv, and then snuggle.

  43. Sandra Day Wheeler says

    Love all five of my cats, plus the three or so of the ones outside that I feed! Happy New Year to all!

  44. Kim Henrichs says

    We played with mini garland and balls!

  45. Erica Carnes says

    I have to work so we won’t be celebrating.

  46. just going to stay home with the cat (and family)

  47. We are chillaxing watching reruns of The Walking Dead, one at my feet and one at my side.

  48. Celebrate with the cats….that is funny. My cats will be asleep, just like they are now.

  49. Catherine R says

    We are going to do what we do best…Sleep In!

  50. Like we do every night. We’ll hang out on the couch.

  51. Cindy Loohoo says

    My kitties and I will spend the evening watching the Times Square ball drop on the TV and bundled up perhaps with a bag of cheese popcorn. 🙂

  52. jules mcnubbin says

    new years day is actually my kitty’s birthday so right after the ball drops on tv, we open up a can of food and stick a candle in it and sing him happy birthday! 🙂

  53. valeriemabrey says

    We will be hanging out at the house together
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  54. sandy weinstein says

    idont have cats, just 3 little girls (dogs), every yr we watch the ball drop and mom kissses them all at 12m and wishes them a healthy happy long life.

  55. My cat and I will be sound asleep when the ball drops.

  56. Just me and my 2 kitties spending more quality time together.

  57. Alison James says

    Why snuggled up in bed all warm and toasty with my fuzzy babies watching the ball drop in New York City.

  58. I’ll be spending time watching my kitten bully my two dogs into playing and stealing there food

  59. We are just going to watch movies together and they will be enjoying their toys and cat nip from Christmas.

  60. My kitties always get extra treats and I check on them to make sure they aren’t stressed out from fireworks being set off in our neighborhood.

  61. Jeanette Tuminaro says

    I plan on cuddling up with my babies while we watch and listen to the nearby Las Vegas strip festivities tonight.

  62. Nancy Nemer says

    My husband and I will be sitting at home, safe and sound, with our 10 cats, watching the ball drop on TV. We would much rather stay home snuggling in a warm bed with our fur-babies than to risk it out on the highways with all of the amateur drunks on NYE.

  63. Mary Jo Krause says

    I will just chill with my cats and my dogs alone and probably not even make it till midnight!!!

  64. My 4 kitties will have a special treat with extra canned cat food & cat nip on New Years Eve!

  65. Marilyn Hamill says

    We will stay home and listen to gunshots and fireworks in the neighborhood and be glad we are inside.

  66. We will all snuggle up on the couch and watch the ball drop together.

  67. Cindy Ajanel says

    With party hats and confetti

  68. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Watching a little television then going to bed so I can get up early and hit first Friday in the West Bottoms of Kansas City.

  69. Heidi Shuler says

    7 pusscats and their friends – word spreads fast about the 24 hour buffet and catnip

  70. Robin Wilson says

    We will be at home taking it easy, bringing in the New Year with peace and quiet…hopefully. But with 3 cats wanting attention just as you lay you head down to sleep who knows! 🙂

  71. My cats hate the fireworks noises, so we’ll chill inside under the sheets.

  72. My 5 got a new ball track and scratch toy and have been loving it. We’ll be enjoying the time playing with them and adding some more catnip to the scratcher for added craziness!

  73. We will be spending the evening at home trying to drown out the noise from the fireworks that the neighbors will be inevitably setting off. One of our boys is just terrified of fireworks, but loud storms do not bother him in the least.

  74. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    Tess and I will spend a quiet night at home , and watch the ball drop on tv lol

  75. We will be staying home watching the ball drop together.

  76. We are low-low-low key New Year’s Eve folks over here. We’ll stay inside where it’s warm, cuddle with the kitties and watch a fun movie (and TRY to stay up until midnight…lol!)

  77. da tabbies o trout towne says

    ewe guys R rockin yur hats !!!!! we loves em…..N de fish shaped ice cubez R total lee awesum !!! happee new yeer annie, eddie & mercy; heerz two a happee, healtheee 2016 ??? for ewe ~~~ N mom & dad two ~~~

  78. I’ll be staying home with my fur-kids, cuddling & reassuring them that the world’s not ending when all the fireworks start. ?

  79. The kitties and me will be ringing in the New Year watching TV.
    Sue B

  80. My 14 yr old son adopted 2 kittens a few months back. Spending time with them has been a blessing since losing our cat one year ago today. My son calls them his kids so we will be at home making sure they get through their first night with our firework crazy neighbors.

  81. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna says

    I work until 5 p.m. and then I will celebrate New Years with my cat Patrick and Aggie at home. We will enjoy some food and a glass of wine and chill by the fireplace until midnight.

  82. jalapenomama says

    On New Year’s Eve our cats get a good dose of catnip and treats!
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  83. My two cats really loved the Thanksgiving turkey, so I think we’ll have turkey for New Years, curl up with a cuddly blanket on the sofa, and watch Puss in Boots!

  84. We will spend it snuggling on the couch watching the NY special on TV with lots of snacks and fun.

  85. I am certain that no matter what mischief I get into on NYE, I will rest & rise with my now one baby girl Pocahontas my constant companion! She sleeps in every morning like she’s hungover too Lol! Simple blessings!

  86. Well, for New Years the cats get Bumble Bee tuna in water for dinner and Jazz and Jasmine sit by my husband and I and watch the ball drop. At the end they both get hugs and kisses and a couple treats. We always say something positive for the year and how lucky we are we have them. We rescued them, but they rescued me!!!

  87. Sharon A. Allen says

    I am happy to say we will spend a quiet mew years by sitting by the tree. Mini will be in his favorite spot under the tree & playing with his new toys Santa Claws got for him.

  88. Nancy Blue Moon says

    We will be trying out some new catnip toys and enjoying some yummy treats…

  89. My furbabies and I shall be curled up watching movies all of New Years Eve. There will be yummy finger foods for the humans and tasty treats for the fluffy ones. Especially since my sweet Solem has finally decided that her howling sister Brownie is alright.

  90. Holly Thomas says

    We will be fast asleep at midnight.

  91. Roxanne Coryell says

    I plan on spending a nice, quiet evening at home with my cat–or as quiet as Tommy will allow 😉 There will be special treats for him, of course! It will also be a time of reflection and remembering. I lost my sweet Gracie in July, and my world is different now. I miss my little cat <3

  92. The Island Cats says

    Our peeps will probably go out to dinner earlier in the evening and then come home…hopefull with some leftovers for us…and spend a quiet evening ringing in the new year.

  93. Susan Pertierra says

    Kit & Caboodle and I will be dancing and partying all night long! Ok, not really but we’ll be watching it on TV.

  94. We’ll all be asleep by midnight! We’ll catch the new year the next morning with our usual morning treats.

  95. Sheree Harrell says

    The little hat is adorable!! I would LOVE for my cats to wear it! We are all just staying home and watching the ball drop on TV, then to bed.

  96. Kris Gilley says

    I will be at home with my brown tabby, Shamrock. If I watch the ball drop on tv, she will probably jump when the crowds cheer since she’s a little skittish.

  97. Since the furmily got a brand new SmartCat scratcher and a new Drinkwell Fountain, I’ll be happy to know they’re enjoying these, plus the boxes they came in 😉 and a rip-roaring catnip pawty!

  98. We are invited to a wedding on New Year’s Eve, but you better believe it when I say I plan to rush home to be with me cats. I would rather stay anyway. I’m not a party person and don’t like going any place that night.

  99. My cat and I will be celebrating by just relaxing at home together! We’re not much for partying, haha.

  100. Vickie Kohn says

    Star Wars movie marathon!

  101. Elaine Bray says

    I’ll be celebrating with my cat at my side, on the couch, as usual.

  102. Dana Rodriguez says

    I will be celebrating with my kitty at home on the couch…pretty much like every night!

  103. Linda Szymoniak says

    The one daughter of mine who is still living at home is having friends over for New Years, so I’ll likely spend the bulk of the evening watching TV and cuddling with my four dogs and three cats. I’m going to make some special treats for them for New Year’s Eve, too, so I can have my own snacks without them feeling left out.

  104. Theresa Spaid says

    I have to work that night so when I come home in the morning the kids and I will happily wish each other a Happy New Year!

  105. All 13 of us, Troy, myself & the 11 kitties will be having catatizzers, fish shaped & flavored pate’, Checkin wing dings for da kitties and we love your idea for Meowtini’s, since those are my fav anyway 🙂 We will turn down the TV when every starts to scream, as to not scare our kitties, they will watch the ball drop & I am sure, Tinkerbells will be right in front of the TV, with Alice, trying to catch that big ball! Happy New Year! ps Eddie already looks like he has hit the meowtini

  106. Same as usual. We will be hanging out together (my cats & dogs), watching the ball drop on tv & having party snacks.

  107. I will have one cat on my lap, one cat on my legs and one cat beside me on the back of the couch while I am knitting

  108. I will be celebrating the New Year with my cats by my side on the couch while we watch tv and enjoy snacks – kitty treats for them!